House in the Woods: Joshua and Katy

by Shakes Peer2B

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Reluctant, BiSexual, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, School, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Joshua coerces Katy into visiting Mike Brenneman after having heard stories about the House in the Woods, but once they arrive, things don't work out quite the way he planned.

© Copyright 2003

This is a story about a sexual FANTASY written for consenting adults. If you're not both of those, don't read it. Characters in a FANTASY don't get sick or die unless I want them to. In real life, people who don't use condoms and other safe-sex techniques do get sick and die. You don't live in a FANTASY so be safe. The fictional characters in my stories are trained and experienced in acts of FANTASY - don't try to do what they do - someone could get hurt.

If you think you know somebody who resembles any of the characters here, congratulations, but you're wrong - any similarity between the characters in this story and any real person is purely coincidental, since all of these characters are figments of my dirty little imagination.

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"Oh come on Katy! Let's just see if he'll do it!" The athletic young man tried to drag a brown haired beauty from the cab of his SUV.

Struggling to release her arm from his grasp, she responded sharply, while trying to keep the volume of her voice down, "I've been telling you all the way up here, I don't want to do it! Why won't you believe me, Josh!"

I let the dogs out but signaled them to hang back, and approached the young couple.

He was so engrossed in getting her out of the vehicle, and she in staying in, that neither saw me coming until I was right on top of them.

I was right behind him when her glance warned him I was there. He spun around, but had nowhere to go since my body filled the gap between the opened door and the side of the vehicle.

"See if he'll do what?" I asked evenly. I was well within his personal space, and he didn't like it at all.

"Oh, uh, hey! You must be Mr. Brenneman!" He stuck his hand out to shake. "I'm Josh Kingman!"

I ignored his hand. I had already recognized him as the quarterback for UI in Moscow. "See if he'll do what?"

He tried to read my expression while his hand hung awkwardly between us. Finally realizing that I wasn't going to shake it, he dropped it nervously to his side. "I uh, that is, we, uh... Well you see, Mr. Brenneman, a girl I know at Washington State told me about how you helped open up her, uh, shall we say, uh sexuality, and, uh, well, uh we, that is, uh, I wondered if you'd, uh do the same, you know, uh, stuff, for uh, Katy here."

He must have had pretty good lungs to get all that out in one breath, but more than his lung power, I marveled at my restraint in not having hit him before he finally spit it all out.

"Who was this girl?"

"Um, it was, uh, Cassie. Cassandra diCarlo." He looked smug, thinking he now had the inside track. I was thinking, however, that Cassie was going to learn a lesson about discretion on her next visit, and that she'd probably never speak to him again.

I turned to the girl, still sitting half out of the SUV. "Katy, I gather you aren't going along with this voluntarily?"

She was still pissed, and it showed in her voice, but it didn't override her manners, "No, Sir, Mr. Brenneman! He said we were going for a ride, and then, when we were on the highway, he drops this bomb on me about coming to see somebody who would 'open me up'! Seems I'm not submissive enough in bed!"

"I see. So you," I pointed at him "came here of your own free will, but you" I pointed at her, "did not. Is that accurate?"

They both nodded, though his nod was somewhat more hesitant than hers.

With my left hand, I grabbed a handful of his shirt, near his right shoulder, and said, "OK, you can stay." I looked at Katy and said, "If you want to help or watch, come on in, otherwise come back for him Sunday night."

Katy looked alarmed, as did Joshua. "Help or watch what!?" She blurted out.

I smiled up at her. "Don't worry, Katy. I won't do him any permanent damage. I just think it's time he learned what it's like to be the one NOT in control. To be at someone else's mercy. Want to help?"

An evil grin slowly crept across her face, but she wasn't completely stupid, "You won't do anything to me?"

I grinned back and tightened my grip against her boyfriend's escalating struggles. "Not unless you want me to - this is just a little attitude adjustment for our boy here."

Josh was finally getting the picture. He hadn't had any luck getting free of my hold on his shirt, partly because he was trapped between me and the door of the SUV, and partly because I wasn't trying to hold him in place, I was just holding on to him, and my hand followed along whenever he lunged one way or another, then pulled him back into position. He was about to take a swing at me, though the cramped space and my grip near his right shoulder hampered him somewhat, when I zapped him with the Taser I'd been holding behind my back. His body stiffened then started twitching as I held him upright against the door.

Katy gasped, then showed an uncertain smile when I displayed the Taser for her inspection. "That's just to make him a little more, shall we say, malleable."

I took a pair of handcuffs from my back pocket and secured his wrists behind his back, then stooped and let him fall forward across my shoulder. Adjusting my grip and standing upright I got him in a fireman's carry and started toward the house.

I looked back at Katy with raised eyebrows. "Coming?"

She wasn't too sure about my methods, but finally curiosity and the chance to turn the tables on her pushy boyfriend won out and she followed me into the house.

I wasted no time taking them through the hidden door in the pantry and down the stone stairs to my dungeon. She stood in the middle of the room, gawking at the fixtures, machines, tools, and toys neatly arrayed around her, eyes wide with shock and wonder, while I replaced Josh's handcuffs with padded shackles that were suspended by chains from a pair of overhead pulleys.

He was starting to come around as I removed his shoes and socks and locked similar shackles around his ankles.

Fingering the remote in my pocket I located the correct buttons and took up the slack in the chains until Josh's feet were spread wide and his arms, also spread, were pulled above his head supporting at least as much of his weight as were his legs. He jerked at the chains a few times before realizing that not even his football muscles would have any effect on them.

"What the hell are you doing! I didn't come here for this! She's the one you're supposed to be working on! I'm gonna report this to the cops as soon as I get outta here! You... !"

I stuck the ball gag in his mouth as he was tuning up for the second stanza of his tirade.

"Katy, there's a knife in a sheath on that bench over there. Will you hand it to me, please?"

She did as I asked, but the skeptical look on her face didn't start to fade until she saw me using the razor sharp blade to cut off Joshua's jeans, sliding the back of the blade up each leg while the fabric parted around the edge. Even the seams of the tough denim offered little resistance to the keenness of the blade. Josh started to struggle again as I started up the second leg and I paused long enough to remind him of his predicament.

"Given the sharpness of this blade, and how close it's going to come to your favorite toy, are you sure you want to increase the chances of my hand slipping?"

His movements subsided, and when the cut parted the waistband on that side, the cloth fell away, exposing his little white briefs and muscular legs. I made short work of his shirt and undershirt, then turned to Katy. I pointed the knife at Joshua's briefs then raised my eyebrows in silent query as I offered it to her, handle first.

She grinned devilishly and approached her boyfriend from the rear, where he couldn't see the expression on her face. "I don't know, Mr. Brenneman. I mean, I've never done anything like this before! What if my hand slips?"

Sweat broke out on his face as she slipped the blade under the leg band of the little white garment, very near the bulge of his flaccid penis. She allowed her hand to shake theatrically as she slowly made the upward cut, finally parting the elastic of the waistband.

"Oh, that wasn't so hard!" now she moved around to the front "I bet I could do this one with my eyes closed!"

He couldn't see, as I could, that she left an open slit between her apparently closed eyelids, and his eyes bulged as she boldly stuck the blade toward his crotch. After a couple of false starts that only served to heighten his fear of castration, or worse, she finally worked the blade under and up, neatly slicing the band of fabric in one motion that had Josh cringing in his chains, expecting to feel the blood start down his legs any moment.

Grinning, she handed the knife back to me. "That was fun! What now Mr. Brenneman?"

"Since we're going to be working on this 'project' together for a while, maybe you should call me Mike, OK?"

She smiled her best cheerleader smile and replied, "Sure, Mike!"

I smiled back then turned to study her boyfriend. As quarterback, he didn't carry the bulk of muscle and bull neck required of linemen, but there was no extra fat on his body, and his musculature was well defined. His chest and shoulders were well developed as were his thighs and calves, and his slender waist framed a six-pack mounted atop a thick black V of pubic hair. His cock was a respectable size, though it's current flaccid state made it hard to judge just how big it could become.

He had one of those rakishly handsome faces that fairly screams "I'm trouble!" and attracts women like flies to a dung heap. His short black hair formed a sharp widow's peak in the middle of his forehead, and his beard was so dense that, even though he was clean shaven, you could swear it was growing while you watched.

There were a few scattered hairs on his chest and fine black hair covered his forearms and lower legs. I walked around him as he hung suspended and Katy followed me. The musculature of his back was as well defined as the front and his glutes protruded nicely below his waist, forming two bubbles separated by a hairy ass crack.

I went to the same bench that held the knife and retrieved the straight razor and shaving cream. I offered them to Katy, but after some hesitation she shook her head. I showed them to Joshua.

"I'm going to shave you now. I strongly suggest that you hold very still during this process."

He shook his head wildly, but I had no doubt that his sense of self preservation would prevail.

As I lathered his crotch I spoke conversationally with Katy. "I wonder what he'll tell them in the locker room next week."

She giggled at the thought. "Probably make up some story about strange sex with a wild woman!"

I made short work of the shaving, and despite Josh's trembling, didn't even nick him, though it took a good deal of care to shave his shriveled sack, stretching it smooth enough to get the hair, but not enogh that the follicles protruded. I think he passed out while I was shaving his ass crack. Katy watched the entire procedure with glassy eyes and parted lips. When I finally cleaned him off, my handling of his privates had given him half a hardon that stuck obscenely out of his naked crotch.

I took Katy off to one side and whispered my plans for the next part to her. She could hardly contain herself and kept rubbing her thighs together as if trying to bring herself off. She nodded eagerly when I asked her if she was ok with what I wanted to do.

I moved a table up behind the athlete's ass and used the remote to manipulate his chains until he was lying on his back, hands shackled to the table above his head, legs splayed over the table's sides and shackled in place. Two broad leather straps, one over his chest, the other across his hips, ensured that he wouldn't be able to move during what was to come.

He screamed and his muscles spasmed when I pierced his nipples and installed heavy, stainless steel rings. I thought Katy was going to cum right there.

The rings I used were my own design. The ends snapped together with a little effort, but could not be pulled apart without destroying the ring. If Josh wanted them off, he'd have to cut them off.

Next, I placed a cock and ball harness on him that consisted of a single adjustable ring tightly encircling the base of his cock and scrotum. Attached to this ring was a T-shaped piece whose top bisected the ring between the penis and ball sack and whose vertical tail, when attached to the bottom of the ring and tightened separated his gonads. The material was stainless steel cable tightly sheathed in soft suede. When properly adjusted it left him with three very vulnerable protuberances.

Katy had watched over my shoulder as I installed and adjusted the harness. I snapped a padlock through the locking mechanism and hung the chain with the keys to the lock around her neck.

All this handling had made him hard, so I turned to Katy and, indicating the tumescent staff, asked "Want to go for a ride?"

She thought for a while, apparently reluctant to disrobe in front of a stranger, but her arousal apparently overcame her modesty and she started undressing. While she was getting her clothes off, I leaned over so Joshua could see my face.

"Look at me, boy!" when his eyes turned in my direction, I held up a small bamboo rod. "You are a dildo. Katy is going to use you until she's done with you. Dildoes don't cum. If you cum, this is what will happen to you!"

I rapped his exposed balls sharply with the rod. His eyes crossed and he sucked in a long breath and turned pale as his abdomen spasmed, trying unsuccessfully to curl into a fetal position.

When he had recovered a bit, I continued. "That was just a small sample. If you cum, I will do that ten times, twice as hard. Do you understand?"

He nodded desperately.

I pulled a foot stool up beside the table to allow Katy to mount him more easily, and watched as she straddled his groin, settling herself on the still-hard staff of his erection. She had a lovely body, about five-five, breasts a bit bigger than I like, but firm and nicely formed. Her legs, though, were stocky, muscular columns topped by slim, almost boyish hips and a smallish ass.

Her eyes closed as she slid easily down the larger-than-average shaft, and began slowly rocking back and forth, massaging her clit on his pubic bone while the column of his dick rubbed against her G-spot.

I smiled as I realized what she was doing. Her motion stimulated her important places, but did little for him.

She looked at me through hooded eyes. "Mike, can you take the gag off him, but make sure he doesn't talk?"

Once again I bent over our victim. "You heard the lady, Josh. No talking, or else!" I rapped his balls again, sliding the cane under Katy's butt to give him a slightly gentler tap, then unstrapped the gag and pulled it from his mouth.

He worked his jaws a bit to relieve the stiffness, then, ignoring my warning, "You... !"



"Now, Josh! Let's not forget what we've learned, shall we!"

He nodded desperately, his face an interesting mottling of green and red.

Katy, excited by the action, started pistoning up and down on his groin. Had his legs been together, each of her downward thrusts would have crushed his balls. As it was, they bounced off her ass each time, reminding him of their vulnerability, though not really hurting too much.

The increased friction got Joshua's motor going, and I had to tap him a couple of times to remind him of his role.

As she approached her climax, she hooked an index finger through each of his nipple rings and started yanking them. Since he was still sore from their insertion, the pain must have been excruciating. He gritted his teeth and held out for a while, but when she came, Katy gave a particularly vicious jerk that had Josh screaming like a little girl.

After her climax, Katy fell forward on his sweaty chest, spent, with a dreamy smile on her face.

A few minutes later, she smiled lazily in my direction. "Oh, Mike!" her speech was slurred as if she'd had too much to drink. "I've never had an orgasm like that! I mean, I like sex as much as the next girl, but that's the first time I've ever had it the way I wanted it all the way through."

I held out a hand to steady her as she righted herself, and smiled back. "Ready for round two?"

"You mean there's more?"

"Most women I know can have as many orgasms as they've got the strength to endure, and you look pretty healthy to me. I have a suggestion, though..."

She looked at me quizzically.

"If you'll move up to his mouth, I'll take your position, and we can share him."

Her eyebrows shot up to her hairline and her mouth formed an 'O', but she recovered quickly and lifted herself off Joshua's penis, still hard as a steel bar.

"Do you want me to turn around, or face away from you?"

"I'll leave that up to you. If you face me, we can find ways to increase each other's pleasure while we ride him, but if you'd rather get all your pleasure from him, you can face the other way."

She thought for only a moment before turning around to face Josh's feet. "I've got to see this, and hot as I am, I don't mind a little extra pleasure!"

As I started to mount the table, he finally caught up, and started to protest. She silenced him by planting her buttocks squarely over his mug.

"Now remember, Josh, you're still a dildo. Since I'm not in a position to whack you if you lose control, I've come up with another way of making sure you don't forget!" I reached behind me, tightened a loop of parachute cord around his exposed balls, and gave it a sharp yank. His moan confirmed that he understood.

His cock was already slimy from Katy's discharge, but it was too large to take chances with, so I applied some K-Y to my ass before lowering myself onto his shaft.

There are two things that make me bisexual. The first is that it's as much fun to top a male as it is a female, though with males, it's a different flavor. The second reason is that I love getting fucked in the ass, and warm flesh beats cold plastic or rubber any day.

I had to concentrate to relax my sphincter enough to let the purple head of Josh's cock through my opening. Once in, it was smooth sailing until the bulbous tip passed through the inner sphincter into my colon. Once those spasms passed, I looked up to see Katy staring fixedly at the point where my ass joined our captive's pelvis, while grinding her pussy against his face.

"Is he doing a good job, Katy?"

She shook her head. "The bastard's got his mouth closed!"

I jerked the cord in my hand to get his attention, and said "You'd better do your damnedest to please her, boy, or you'll go back to Moscow a eunuch!"

From the look on her face, I guess he must have started doing something right. "Move your ass to where you want his tongue Katy, and tell him what you want him to do. If you want his tongue up your ass, make him do it. You can use his nipple rings to punish him if he doesn't do what you want."

My suggestions apparently appealed to her. She moved toward me a couple of inches, grabbed one of his rings while steadying herself on my shoulder, and tugged it.

"Yeah, you dildo! Get that tongue as far up my ass as you can!" Her eyes closed and she shuddered as he followed her instructions.

"Oh, yeah! Come on you hot tongued bastard!" She yanked harder. "Go deeper! Deeper! Clean my ass out with your tongue! Oh damn! That's hot!"

She moved back again, to give his tongue a chance to work her clit while I started fucking myself on his cock and jacking off.

"Oh, yeah! Right there! Work my clit! Yeah! Faster!" Katy was really getting into it, forgetting that the nipple ring was supposed to be for punishment, she tugged it spasmodically. "Now do my ass again! AAAAH! Damn you've got a long tongue! OOOH Yeah!"

She kept him moving back and forth between her pussy and ass, almost forgetting that I was there until I started lightly tweaking her nipples. Katy glanced up at me through a fog of arousal. "OOOh, yes! Do that harder!"

I pinched and tugged at her brown nubbins, carefully watching her expression for signs of excessive pain. Though I detected the occasional wince, she continued pushing her chest toward me, and I squeezed the hard little marbles flat, jerking them rapidly back and forth and rolling them between thumb and forefinger.

Her hips were going ninety miles an hour on Josh's tongue. I doubted if he could even hear the breathless whispers of her instructions, but his tongue was doing its best to keep up with her.

Suddenly, she emitted an ear piercing shriek and jerked upright, almost tearing her overextended nipples off in my grip. Her pelvis slammed the helpless football player's mouth and chin several times and I had to grab her wrist to keep her from twisting the ring right out of his nipple. She stiffened for several seconds, then collapsed into my arms.

I let her rest until Josh's feeble struggles announced that he was having difficulty breathing, then pulled her toward me, onto his chest.

"Ohmigod!" she panted, "That was unbelievable! Thank you, so much, Mike!"

I had been so engrossed in Katy's climax that I hadn't paid much attention to Josh's reaction. It wasn't until I had helped her off the table and unplugged myself from his still rigid poker that I realized he had cum in my ass.

"Well, boy," I said as I climbed off my perch, "It looks like you forgot what you weren't supposed to do. What a faggot! You didn't have any trouble controlling yourself in your girlfriends pussy, but, despite my orders and threats, you couldn't help but cum in my ass! Well, I told you what would happen if you didn't hold it!"

I attached his ankles to a pair of chains dangling from overhead pulleys and used the remote to pull them back to his ears, leaving his genitals accessible for the promised punishment. I picked up the bamboo rod, but as I approached his ass, I had a better idea. Instead, I handed the rod to Katy.

She was eager to get started, but I held her back. "Ten, hard, on the balls. But remember, you have all the responsibility for his safety. I'll let you know if I think you're too hard or too soft - we want pain, not injury, understood?"

She searched my face for a long moment, then solemnly nodded her affirmation. The rod was thin and light, but swung hard enough it could do some serious damage to those tender organs, and she was not a shrinking violet, at least not any more.

As she brushed past me, I asked her, "Do you want me to gag him, or do you want to hear his screams?"

She paused and looked at me over her bare shoulder. "I think I want to hear him scream, at least at first. If it gets too annoying, we can put the gag in later."

I reminded myself not to piss this girl off, lest she later get the upper hand on me!

She took up position just to the right of his ass and measured the distance and stroke like a golfer taking practice swings. She backed up a few inches to let herself get a full-armed swing, and measured again.

Josh's eyes were wild as he watched her draw the rod back behind her shoulder, and when she took the first cut, you'd have heard his scream in the next county, had I not taken the precaution of soundproofing the dungeon. It was a good stroke - maybe a little tentative, but hard enough to make him feel it and then some.

She looked my way and I nodded encouragement.

She stuck the little finger of her left hand in her ear and shook it, as if her ear hurt. "Maybe you'd better stick something in his mouth, or we'll be deaf before I'm done."

I nodded, "I have just the thing."

I took a large ring gag from its hook and jammed it behind Josh's teeth before he knew what was happening. Using the remote, I dropped the leaf of the table that supported his head, and allowed his head to drop backward over the resulting edge. Katy watched with interest, still not sure how this was going to quiet him, until I stuck my precum-dripping shaft through the ring gag into his mouth. Beaming at me, Katy readied herself for the next stroke. As her arm descended, I plunged in until my cockhead was lodged at the entrance to his throat.

The vibrations from his scream on the most sensitive part of my glans were indescribable. Once they stopped, I pulled out far enough to let him take a breath, then drove back in as Katy's next blow fell.

She was more interested in what was going on at my end than at hers, and the rod just clipped the bottoms of the exposed testicles, causing perhaps more pain than a direct stroke, and leaving a red stripe across the backs of Josh's thighs.

I reminded her to watch what she was doing. She dutifully returned her attention to the task at hand, and by the ninth stroke, I was ready. As she delivered the final blow, I ploughed all the way down the poor boy's throat, the vibrations of his scream this time expending themselves on the middle of my shaft. It didn't matter. I exploded deep in his esophagus, the pulses of my ejaculation oddly synchronized with the spasms of his throat as he struggled not to vomit.

When the flow of my cum had abated, I withdrew - just in time to keep him from passing out. Josh drew a ragged breath and emitted a soul wrenching sob, not just because he had just been mouth fucked while his girlfriend beat the crap out of his most prized possession. I was betting that the fact that his chest and belly were coated with his own ejaculate and the realization of what that meant had as much to do with that sob as did our abuse of his body.

He was lost in his misery, and gave us no trouble as we cleaned him up and moved him to the cot in the corner, shackling him spread-eagle on his back.

Katy and I collected our clothes and ascended to the main part of the house, closing the dungeon entry from the pantry behind us. I showed her my guest room which has its own shower, then retired to my room to perform my own ablutions. It was a warm day for this part of the Pacific Northwest, so after my shower, I just threw on some briefs and a ragged pair of denim shorts.

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