Mending Daddy

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: She began to read the story of a father that gave his sexy, teen daughter rub downs after her swim class. Anne started to feel her neglected body start to awake. She hadn't been loved by her over weight husband in months. All he cared about was beer, and food.

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Anne lay in her sexy undergarments, and stockings on the plush sofa. So many nights she would come home, peel off her work clothes, and down load a sexy story from her favorite web site. Tonight, she had seen a father, and daughter story that had caught her eye.

She began to read the story of a father that gave his sexy, teen daughter rub downs after her swim class. Anne started to feel her neglected body start to awake. She hadn't been loved by her over weight husband in months. All he cared about was beer, and food.

The story really began to turn Anne on. The father was helping his teen daughter masturbate. She thought of how nice it would be to have a sexy strong man to do things like that to her lonely body.

Her right hand moved to her large size 40 breast. As she read on she began toying with her hardening nipple. 'How could a father, make love to his daughter?' Her mind raced. Anne thought of her Dad. He was tall, dark, very handsome, he had a long cock, and he was a firefighter. She knew he was a fine looking man, but had never thought of him as a lover.

She closed her dark brown eyes, and let her mind wonder. She loved it when her Dad hugged her. He would squeeze her so, so tight in his arms. Many times she had gotten a warm feeling between her legs. But, never thought anything about it.

Tonight, the story made her start to think of her sexy Dad in a new light. She moved her other hand between her ignored legs, and began to lightly rub her hardened clit. Her Dad would know how to love, and pleasure a woman. Not like her 'fat' husband Bill, he didn't know the difference between his ass hole, and a snow plow.

Her hips moved with her hand, and she knew it was only a minute or so before she would be coming. Anne slid two fingers deep inside her lonely body. She was so wet thinking nasty thoughts about her father. Her hips bucked wildly around as her fingers went deeper, and deeper into her burning body.

"Oh yes! Yes!" Anne moaned. Her fingers moved rapidly in, and out of her body. Her love muscles locked on her fingers, this was it. An orgasm, at last.

The front door of Anne's house flew open with a loud crash. An antique lamp that her grandmother had given her fell from the hall table. It was Bill. Home drunk as a shit, and falling into the house. "WELL, FUCK ME. I DIDN'T LIKE THAT FUGLY LAMP ANY HO'S." Bill's foul mouth said.

Anne's mind came out of her trance, and near orgasm. She ran to the hall only to see the precious lamp on the floor. She fell to her knees, and burst into tears. "YOU ROTTEN MOTHER FU... How could you! I hate you! I hate you!" Anne's grandmother had gave her the lamp. It had been passed down five generations in her family. Now it was gone. Gone, because of a 'fat drunk.'

"Well... fuckin' sorrrry!" Bill said, as he staggered past Anne. He didn't care about the lamp or Anne. He wanted another beer.

Anne jumped to her feet, and slammed Bill into the wall making more things fall. "How could you? That lamp was close to two hundred years old!" Big tears ran down her face as she yelled at him.

Bill reached for the phone that sat on the table. "Don't you ever touch me again, BITCH!" Bill swung the phone hitting Anne on the side of her tear filled face. She fell to floor, he had knocked her out cold.

Three hours later Anne awoke. Pulling herself from the floor. Her face hurt so bad, and she felt something warm running down the side of her face. She moved her hand to her face. "Oh no!" Anne said, as she saw the bright red blood that covered her hand.

Anne walked to the bathroom to see what Bill had done to her. She slowly looked in the big, wood framed mirror. She saw a small cut beside her left eye, it was caused by the broken glass from the lamp.

She cautiously made her way to her bedroom, and began to pack some clothes. "This is the last time you'll ever hit me. I should have let Dad kill you the first time you did it." Anne said, as she looked at Bill passed out across her bed.

The drive to her Dad's house, it only took a few minutes. As she walked into his house, she froze in her tracks. There lay her father on top of a girl. A very young girl, twenty at the most. He was using her hard, and fast. Anne watched as his big cock went in, and out of the young girls moaning body like a jackhammer. "OH, YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, HARD!" The girl screamed, as she thrust her hips up to meet the long cock.

Buck Waters held her hips as he used the young, sexy girl, "I love your juicy cunt. It's so damn hot. It's so tight, your the best fuck I've had in years." He said, driving his cock deeper into the girl. He needed to cum in this hot girl. She had been driving him nuts for the past two weeks. Bending over in his face, rubbing her tight ass on his cock. Now she was getting all of the build up tension, and she was getting it good.

"Buck, make me cum. I need to so bad." She begged, as her hips matched his every plunge into her body, into her boiling pussy. He pulled her legs high in the air, spreading her as wide as he could. Giving his thick cock complete access to the young beauty's pussy. He drove in, and out of her inexperienced pussy as hard, and fast as he could go.

"OH, GOD! YES! YES! OH BUCK.! She screamed as her body exploded around Buck's massive cock. Her fluids rushed from her body, and the wonderful sound of sex filled the room.

Buck used the girl hard, in fact she was hurting. His long cock shaft drilled her pussy hard. It made it's way into her virgin womb, and it was going to fill her full of hot sperm. "You are so sexy. So fucking hot. I love being in your body. I'm going to cum." Buck pushed to her deepest depths, and he released his seeds. Filling her tender womb full of swimming little baby makers.

"Buck! I love you! Fill me up, give me our baby!" She moaned as she felt his cum shooting into her body. Her hips still matching his thrust into her body. She wanted to please this man any way she could, she loved him so much.

He looked up, and saw Anne. He jumped up to grab his pants.

She saw the biggest, longest, cock she had ever seen in her life. It hung half way to his knee, and the head was as big around as a purple grapefruit. She could see the large, blue arteries running down his thick shaft. And, his balls STILL looked like they were full of hot, steaming cum. She had watched him using her late mother, when she younger, but she'd never seen him like this. Her body tingled from head to toe, as her eyes took in it's beauty.

"Damn, baby. Don't you knock anymor..." He saw the stream of blood running down the side of her face. "What and the hell happened?" Her father, Buck, was also a part time medic for the fire department. "Did that mother... do this to you?" Buck was pissed, as he looked at his crying daughter.

She threw herself in his arms, and against his bare chest. Her trembling arms wrapped around his strong back. She cried, telling him about the lamp, and that Bill hit her with their phone.

"Well, girl that's it. You're not going back to him. You can move in with me. I could use a good, sexy woman around the house." Buck, caressed her large, firm ass as he held her.

By now the girl that Buck had been using was dressed, and leaving his house. "Buck, call me. I'll be going nuts by this weekend." She said with a big smile as, she walked out the door.

Anne pulled away from her Dad and ask, "Dad, who in the heck was she? She's a real young one, Dad."

Buck's face turned a light shade of pink, and he replied, "Her name is Lynette, she's a trainee. We liked each other, and... well, you saw the rest."

Oh and did she ever see the rest. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. Her mind went back to the story she was reading earlier that night. 'Maybe I could think of my Dad using me.' She thought to herself.

"Let's go get that cut fixed up." Buck said, leading her the bathroom. "You know since he hit you with the phone you should go get looked at by a doctor." He stated as he worked on her wound.

"I think I'm OK, Dad. He's such a big pussy, and he hits like a girl." Anne smiled. "I think I'm going to take a nice hot shower."

Her Dad hugged her again, "Well, I'll go get your old room ready for you, OK?"

"Thank you, Dad." She kissed him gently on his lips. And, he left her alone to have her shower. The steaming hot water ran across her plump body. With her big, brown eyes squeezed shut, she thought of her Dad's big cock. And, how it looked going in, and out of the young girl. How did it ever fit in her, she was so small. Anne's mind raced thinking of how it would feel ramming in, and out of her tight pussy.

Her body was close to exploding thinking of her Dad. Him taking her with that big, fat cock. Him sucking her big plump breast, as he used her hard, and fast. With one hand teasing her nipples, and the other servicing her pussy Anne was ready to cum. And, cum hard.

'KNOCK, KNOCK, ' "Your room is all ready when you're finished in there." Her Dad yelled through the door, breaking her trance again.

Anne moaned, as her body was left cold once more. She moved from the warm shower, and began to look through the Overnight bag she had packed. As she looked it dawned on her she had only packed a small see-through night shirt. 'Oh well, ' she thought. 'Maybe Dad will like seeing me half naked.'

She put on the small shirt, and found a matching pair of panties. Anne moved to the full length mirror that hung on the back of the bathroom door. 'I don't look that bad for being 30.' Her hands held up her full breast. 'My tits still stand up pretty good, ' she looked at her ass, 'My butt, and hips look good to.'

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