Mandy Comes to Vist

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A sext niece goes to live with her handsome uncle.

'Ring, ring.' "Hello." I said into the phone and thought, who would be calling me this late at night. "Hello." I said again and still no answer.

"Uncle John, he hit me again." A sobbing voice came over the phone. It was my niece Mandy. "He hit me so hard I can't move my arm." She cried into the phone.

As I listened to the crying girl, I could see her pretty pudgy face and the tears that were running down it. "What happened baby?" I ask her, wishing that I could give her a big hug to comfort her.

She went on sobbing into the phone. "I made supper and his steak was over cooked. And when I told him 'next time cook it your self' he hit me right in my... my... Titty. It hurts so badly, Uncle John."

I all could think of was killing my own flesh and blood, my brother. "OK, this is the last time. You're coming to live with me. You're 18 years old. I can get you a good job here or if you want you can even go to the college."

I would do anything for my niece. She was the light of my life since the day she was born. I never married and had always loved my sweet sister in law and Mandy. I hated the way my brother treated them. For some reason he had turned into a very abusive person over the years.

"Thank you Uncle John. I love you so much." She sobbed into the phone. "I should have moved in with you when Mom died. I still miss her so much."

"I know Baby, I miss her too." I missed her more than anything. I loved her more than my brother ever did. And when she died of a brain tumor it about killed me. "It will take me a few hours to get there. You pack everything you can and I'll stop and get some boxes for you."

By this time her crying had stopped. "I can't wait to get out of here. It will be so nice not worrying about getting hit."

"The only thing you'll have to worry about being with me is lots and lots of nice hugs." I said into the phone. I thought of her pudgy body against mine and stated to get hard. It felt good I had not been erect in a long time.

Mandy sighed into the phone. "MMMM I can't wait for you to hug me. You promise to hug me a lot?" her voice sounded like a woman in heat.

"Yes! All the time. Let me get off here and get ready. I'll be there in about 4 hours." I said thinking of hugging my niece.

"OK, you drive careful Uncle John and I love you." She said in her new sexy voice.

"I will Baby." I said as I hung up the phone and started to get dressed and on my way to get the most important person in my life.

The drive to my brother's house went very fast. All I could do was to think about my sexy little niece being in my house. Having someone to talk to and to be with. As I pulled into the driveway of the old ran down house Many ran out of the door as fast as her short little legs would run.

I got out of my truck and she jumped into my arms hugging me hard. "I feel like all the fear I've ever had in my body just left me. I'm so glad you're here." She said as she sobbed with happiness.

My arms held her body close as I could. It felt like we had melted together and were joined. "Baby, you'll never have any fear again. Well, maybe the fear of me hugging you to death." I said as I pulled her tighter to me.

"Oh, that would be great. My handsome Uncle hugging me to death." She put her face against mine and said in a very sexy voice, "What a way to go."

I couldn't help getting hard when I heard her sweet words and with her half naked body my shaft was growing into her stomach. "Wow! I think we better get you packed and get going before we break a few laws."

"That would be fun to do with you, too!" she said pulling away from me.

I looked at her little body. She still had some 'baby fat' all around her body. She was 18 and looked about 12 at the most. Her brown hair was cut just to her thin shoulders. Her brown eyes always had a little sparkle for me.

"Let's get to work!" I patted her round behind and got the boxes from the back of my truck. "When will your Dad be back? I'd like to kick the shit out of him before we leave."

She laughed, "Not till late tonight. It's his payday." She bent over picking up a box and showed me her nice round ass. All she wore was a pair of cut off jeans that were cut up to her crotch. I could see a nice pair of red panties.

My shaft was going to enjoy her being around as much as I was going to. "So, do you think you'll like living with an 'over the hill' farmer?" I asked her looking to her nice 36 c breasts.

She started to the house with a few boxes. "Yes! You're not old. It fact, I think you're very sexy Uncle John." She said looking back to me. "It's going to be fun being with you."

We packed everything in the house that was Mandy's or her late Mother's. I wasn't going to leave a thing for my drunken brother. All of the years he mistreated his wife and Mandy, he didn't deserve a thing. It took about 2 hours and we had everything packed and loaded into the truck.

"That wasn't bad. We work good together, Uncle John." Mandy said moving into my arms pressing her warm body into my shaft. "I'm going to be hugging you, sitting on you and anything thing else I can think of to show you how much I love you."

I hugged her back, letting my hardness grow into her tummy. "I think I'm going to enjoy you being with me." My hands slid down her bare back to her rounded behind. I gave each of her full cheeks a good firm squeeze. "I'm going to enjoy you hugging me. I get pretty lonely sometimes."

"You won't be anymore." She said standing on her tiptoes and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. "My new goal in life is to make you a happy content man."

I gave her bottom any other soft squeeze. "Let's get going. My poor animals must think I forgot them. I didn't have time to feed them before I left."

We drove back to my farm talking about everything we could think of. Mandy sat right beside me as close as she could get. She had one arm around my back and the other inside my shirt caressing my chest. A few times I even felt her give my nipples a little touch.

With my arm wrapped around her body I asked. "Can you cook good? If not, we might starve to death with my cooking."

She caressed my lower stomach. "Oh yes! You'll love my cooking." She said with a smile and shifted her body so that my hand was now resting on her right breast.

She was so soft. My rough hands hadn't held anything so nice in years and I wasn't going to move unless she moved. "We'll need to stop at the market before we get home. I don't have a thing in the house to cook." I said as I started to reach for a cigarette.

"No! Don't move. I'll get you one." She said making sure she held my hand against her full breast. "This feels to good for you to move." She put a cigarette in my mouth and lit it. She made sure to put her hand over mine and squeezed my hand around her breast.

I loved feeling her young body in my hands. "You know you're killing me with all this hugging and letting me touch you like this." I said letting my fingers graze over her hard nipple.

Her back ached up and she moaned. "Oh Uncle John. That was nice. I told you I was yours. I love you, you can do anything you want to me." She said moving my hand under her tiny shirt to hold her bare breast. "Mmmm, I could really learn to like your strong hands holding me like this. I'm 18. I can do anything I want."

I just sat there looking at my hand down her shirt. I could feel the heat building in her body and her nipple getting harder against my fingers. I pulled my hand from her shirt and said. "I know you're 18 and can do what you please, but I need a little time to think this over. We're flesh and blood."

She looked up to me with her pretty, sexy brown eyes and asked. "Can we still hug and things like this, please?" she didn't even wait for my reply, she put my hand back under her shirt and on her breast.

"We need to take things slow, like this. Nothing else for awhile." I told her moving my fingers over her hard nipple. I could feel her breathing increase as I touched her.

Her soft moans of pleasure filled the cab of the truck when I started to gently roll her nipple in my fingers. "You like that Baby?" I asked her knowing she did. Little by little I took more of her wonderful breast in my hand teasing her as much as possible.

"Oh yes! Do it! Turn me on, Uncle John!" she begged me as I pleasured her breast. "You're so wonderful." She said smiling up to me.

I rubbed her nipple a little more then I told her. "Well, here's the store. Think you can help me shop?"

She looked at me with dreamy and said. "I think I can. I've been doing all of our shopping since Mom died." She sat up straight fixing her little shirt and shorts. "So, what all do you need and much freezer space do you have?"

"We need everything. Milk, butter, meat and anything else you would need in a house." I looked down at her as she fixed her shirt. She had pulled it up exposing one of her breasts. "Damn girl! You trying to blind me?"

She just smiled and said. "No, this will blind you!" she pulled the shirt completely up over her breasts. Showing me both of the beautiful globes. "How's that?" she ask with a sly smile.

"Real good! You're going to kill me, I can see it coming." I said reaching under her shirt with both hands and gave each nipple a good squeeze. "I can play that way too!" I jumped from the truck and ran into the store.

We finished the shopping and headed to my farm. It was a big place over 500 acres, 2 large lakes and a 200 year old house that I had restored myself. I had 2 very big barns for horses and my farm machinery.

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