Christmas Love

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young disabled man fights to find his true love.

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It was a long five hour drive from the hospital. Seven year old Tim had bee n a constant visitor with his father, going there to see his mother since she had been diagnosed with cancer last spring.

Tonight was Christmas Eve, and it was snowing very hard. They had to get home before Santa came. Tim was very excited about Christmas, even though his mother wouldn't be home. Spending the day with he r had helped young Tim a lot. They took h er many kinds of wonderful presents they had bought, along with the nice things that Tim had made for her in school.

"Daddy, ismommy going to get better soon?" Tim ask ed his dad.

He hated lying to Tim but what do you tell a seven year old kid ?'No, your mom my is so eaten up with cancer that we'll be lucky if she's alive by morning.' It killed Rob to lie.

"Well Tim, mommy is real sick and it's going to take her a long time to get well."

Tim sighed, "I sure do miss her not being home."

Rob watched the road with careful eyes. The roads were getting very slick, and many were beginning to ic eover. "I know.I miss her too." Rob said in a sad voice.

The roads began to worsen and there wasn't any place to pull over for an hour, or longer. This was the hardest part of their trip home. A thirty mile downgrade that was full of very sharp and dangerous turns.

"Are you buckled in tight?" Rob ask ed his son.

"Yes! I'm all nice and buckled in tight, daddy, " Tim replied.

Rob had slowed the car down to a 'snails pace' and that was still to ofast.

'We should have found a motel. 'Rob thought to himself.

The snow was falling harder and ice was forming on the windshield of the car. It was becoming harder t o peer out and Rob needed to see the road. It was hard enough to follow the outline of the small road with all the snow that had already f allen.

Tim was looking out the car window trying to see if he could s pot any Christmas stars. That's when he saw the large light coming towards them.It was coming fast, "DADDY! LOOK OUT!" Tim screamed.

Rob spun his head around to look. He slammed on the car breaks but it just slid into the path of the accelerating freight train.

"OH! GOD, HELP US PLEASE!" Rob fell across his son, trying to protect him from the speeding locomotive.

Tim scream ed out, "DADDY!"

'BUZZBUZZBUZZ, ' the alarm clock went off, awakening young Tim Johnson from his terrifying nightmare.

He pulled his bent, crippled body from the bed. The cool mornings really made it hard for him to get up. His muscles became so tight and rigid from the cold night air. More often than not, he had to crawl from his bed to the bathroo m.

This morning; he slowly limped across the cold floor to the bathroom, turning on the water for a shower. The hot water always made him feel so much better. He took off his pajamas and looked at his body in the full length mirror.

He had nice thick, black hair. His eyes were big and brown; eyes tha talw ays mirrored a gleam of happiness. He looked down at his chest.

He had a good torso; some thin baby hair covering it but he wanted more. Like the hunks he saw on the T.V. 'Girls love lots of hair on their men, ' he said to himself.

Then he glanced at his arms. His right arm was so strong ;he lifted weights every chance he had. Then his eyes moved to his left arm ;it was small and very weak. He could feel things with it, but he could n't use it after the accident.

Tim turned side ways before the long mirror. He looked at his back which had also been damaged in the accident. It made him bend over ;slightly leaning to wards the left. The l ong, ugly sca r was visible; running from his neck down to his tail bone.

It made Tim feel sick to look at it. His left leg had also been crushed that night, ma king him limp for the rest of his life.

There was one asset that he really never thought about. He was gifted with a long, thick

manhood that would be the envy of any man and wanted by many women. It hung half way to his knee ;with a bi g velvety fat purple head. When it became hard, it would stand rod like; the thick blue veins pulsating with the blood running along its shaft.

Tim loved his morning showers; the hot water running down his crippled body as he stepped into and under the warmth. Besides waking him up, it brought his sore and sleeping muscles to life; bringing forth sweet thoughts of his dear sweet Lynette.

His mind filled with visions of her, causing his manhood to pulsate; his one strong hand squeezing his hardness, bringing his huge member to life. Tim's right hand was large, able to fit around the shaft and as he stroked the long, fat shank, he thought of Lynette as he stroked himself faster.

Tim hated doing this to himself. He needed someone to love and someone to LOVE him. So many nights he la yin his lonely bed, wishing and praying for love. All of his dream sfilled only with visions of Lynette holding him and loving him.

His mind raced as he stroked his shaft faster and faster, thinking of all the pretty ladies at work and any other woman that had turned him on. His massive shaft was covered in warm soap; the thick veins filled to their limit, his hot blood pumping visibly to its large purple head.

Faster and faster, his hand went up and down the thick shank. He was so close, all the built up fluid was about to be released. He thought of sweet Lynette again, her wonderful smile, pretty eyes and her tight little bottom.

"OH YES, OH LYNETTE. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU." Tim yelled the moment his massive member released its seed.He came so hard that morning ;spraying his fluids al lover the shower wall, coating it. The hot liquid shot from his young body like a garden hose.

He loved the smell of fresh ly cut wood, and that morning was no different when he limped into the furniture factory as he had for the last six years. That morning a large shipment had just arrived.

Limping past the workers as they unloaded the truck a big man; about six feet six inches in height, weighing about three hundred pounds plus with bright red curly hair and forever sporting a big smile bellowed out in a deep voice across the loading dock, "Hey Tim, how's it going today?" His name was John Stone and Tim liked him a lot.

Tim waved his good hand to him. "I'm good, John. Don't work t oo hard."

"You know me. I just can't get enough of work." John laughed.

Tim continued on his way through the factory, past the large cutting and grinding machines. These machines would shape and form wood into a variety of pieces. The craftsmen would then assemble them to create furniture.

Brenda White was standing there as Tim limped his way into the office. She had long blonde hair which trailed down to the middle of her back and deep blue sexy eyes. She had a fantastic body with full 38 inch breasts, pointed nipples clearly showing through her blouse; a thin waist and an ass that any man would die for to grab a hold of it.

"Well, good mornin' handsome. How's my man today?" she asked, hugging him.

He loved her morning hugs; she always made him hard.

"I'm fine now, " Tim hugged her back. "And how are you today?" he asked, reluctantly pulling away from her well contoured, sexy body.

Putting her hands on her sexy hips Brenda said, "I'm feeling great now that my man is here."

She had once been a prostitute; using drugs and on her way to jail. All that changed when Mr. Woods gave her a job, as he had with many others in the factory; opening up a whole new life for them and her. She was such a teaser, but Tim loved her.

At about he same time, Tim heard Mr. Woods' voice ringing through the factory.

"GOOD MORNIN, ' GOOD MORNIN, ' Merry Christmas all!"

Making his way to the office, he boomed out, "How's everybody today? It's a wonderful day to be alive. It's only one more week before the Christmas vacation!"

He beamed with happiness. Greetings were returned and everyone went about their daily work.

Mike Woods was a very wealthy man. All his years of hard work as a federal prison guard had paid off; he had made some great investments over the years, enabling him to live out his dream of making furniture and to helping people. He was a very religious guy; many a time when Tim passed by his office he would see his boss on his knees, praying.

Some of Tim's light duties included emptying the trash cans and sweeping the work areas of the factory. He always started of with the office trash, hoping to see Lynette. She wasn't at her desk today, but Tim went about his work knowing that she would be coming soon.

A soft sweet voice whispered in his ear, "Hi, Tim. How's my sweetheart today?"

Turning fast on his heels to see her, his crippled leg became tangled and he fell flat on his face.

He looked up and there she was. Her petite sexy body was covered in a floor length dress that looked like it had seen better days. In fact, a lot of her clothes looked like she had bought them 'used.' Her light auburn hair was laid across her slim shoulders; pretty green eyes looking through her little silver glasses. Her thin, sensual lips wore a sweet smile.

Lynette was like so many others at the factory Mr. Woods had helped. She had been taking care of her mother who had been ill for the last ten years of her life. Being a religious fanatic, her mother had never allowed Lynette to date or dress in anything new.

Her mother's favorite saying was, "The plainer you dress, the less you have to worry about sinning with a man."

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