Time Sharing

by Darlene B. Sweet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, MaleDom, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kenna learns the true value of life and money after being raped.

"No problem, Mr. Campbell, " Seth answered his boss respectfully; "I will be more than happy to cover Larry's one o'clock appointment with Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Charles Stiles. I hope Larry gets feeling better soon. Go and enjoy your golf tournament, " Seth added quickly, taking the folder out of Mr. Campbell's hand. Seth opened the folder to read the little information inside while he walked out of his boss's office closing the glass door behind him.

Seth not hired as sales representatives, considered himself a team player and stepped in a few times to help when the company was shorthanded. He had been employed at Shoretimes Resort for over five years, his longest held job. For weeks now, Seth fought the urge to hit the open road and make a fresh start. He liked to travel around, see new places never growing attached to anyone or anything.

Although Seth came across, as a quiet, goodie two shoes by most of his co-workers who knew him, or rather, knew his name, he had a dark side to his personality he kept hidden. No one was aware of the true thoughts that ran rapid through his mind. No one realized he had a past and the strange pleasures he enjoyed.

With the small office completely empty, Seth sat confidently in the chair behind Larry's desk snooping through some desk drawers that were unlocked. Not finding anything worth his interest, he picked up the picture of Larry with his family. Seth looked at it a few minutes, deep in thought and then tucked it safely inside the drawer hidden from view. Next, his attention was on the brass nameplate with Larry's name engraved in large letters. Seth leaned back in the chair to prop his feet up on the corner of the desk, tracing each letter with the tip of his index finger. Suddenly, hearing the buzzer on the front door bell, Seth sat up and quickly setting the nameplate back to its original place on the dusty desk then rushed towards the door.

Proudly pulling a set of keys from his pocket, he unlocked the front door and opened it with a huge smile on his face.

"Hello! Come on in. You must be Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Charles Stiles. Pleased to meet you both, " Seth said reaching out his hand eagerly to greet the two standing inside the foyer now.

"I'm Larry Bennett. We spoke on the phone last week, " Seth lied without hesitation. "But please just call me Larry. Mind if I call you, Charles and your wife?" Seth questioned waiting for a reply offering her name, which was missing information in the file.

The man just shook his head in agreement to being called by his first name but never offered his wife's first name. Taking a step forward, she replied to Seth's question in a soft tone, "You can call me Kenna."

"That's a very unusually name, Kenna, " Seth said as he looked her up and down being careful not to let the doctor notice. Kenna wasn't the most beautiful women he had ever seen but there was something about her. Standing only 5'4" she walked with a confidence, carried an attitude of obedience and desire that any man would grow erect from encountering.

Her brown eyes were dark, mysterious and it was hard to tell she even had a pupil. Seth wanted to know the secrets her eyes beheld, he sense Kenna kept many much like he did. Her breasts were round, full and perky, the perfect handful. Seth could imagine griping them in his hands, pulling her nipples up to his open mouth to nibble on them until they grew hard.

Looking down, her legs were tan even being bare of pantyhose and he wondered if she wore panties underneath her skimpy sundress. Her delicate toes were painted red to match her long fingernails and they were tucked into dainty sandals tied around her ankles. Seth closed his eyes as he imagined removing her sandals and sucking on her big toe, his mouth watered and he swallowed hard taking deep breath. He could easily picture kissing her ankles, calves, thighs and moving slowly up her legs to taste her sweet pussy.

"My office is right this way, if you both will please follow me, " Seth said pulling his thoughts back to the task. He led them to Larry's office and they sat down in the two chairs in front of the desk while Seth confidently sat down in Larry Bennett's chair again.

As Seth showed the couple the pamphlets and explained the time-sharing procedures, he couldn't help but stare into Kenna's eyes. It took all his concentration to get through the sales pitch but he really didn't care if the good doctor purchased a villa to time-share or not. He wasn't really Larry the salesman anyways; he didn't work on commission and wouldn't benefit from the sale. Well, besides a few good words of praise from Mr. Campbell. Even that was of little importance, Seth knew shortly he would be taking off for the open road again soon, far away from Shoretimes Resort, perhaps even using different name. He all ready had three or four that he could pick from. It was easy, once you learnt how to adopt someone else's identity.

No, he didn't care about the sale at all. His real reason was underneath his hands, tucked safely inside the folder. The paperwork inside contained all the information Seth needed to find Kenna again. That was all he cared about, the moment they met and he couldn't wait for that day to arrive.

Seth gave the couple a tour of the different floor plans of the available villas that Shoretimes Resorts operated in eleven states nationwide. He took pleasure in walking behind Kenna watching her hip movement and the way her dress slithered over her firm round ass checks. He couldn't wait to feel her grinding those hips against him, to feel her pelvic bone against his. Oh yes, he would fuck Kenna. Whether or not she wanted him, it didn't matter. Seth was going to devour her. Take her and use her all up. Yummy! He licked his lips in anticipation.

Seth knew he was going to play with Kenna and he believed that deep down somewhere she would respond and actually enjoy herself. Pleasure she never experienced before with the good doctor. Seth watched the doctor closely. It was easy to notice Charles was selfish and didn't give his wife the attention she deserved.

Kenna would scream when she reached orgasm with him. She would probably beg him for more, wanting, no, needing to come again. Seth was very controlled and could hold his erection, prolonging his own pleasure longer than most males could. Women would quiver exhausted between his legs before he obtained his release. Seth couldn't wait to see Kenna's body all sweaty and exhausted waiting for him to come. How he would enjoy seeing the fear and then hunger of lust sparkling in her dark eyes.

After touring the last villa floor plan, the couple left taking the information and pamphlets, the man they knew as Larry handed them, to consider buying a time-share villa. They shook hands and departed the property.

Seth returned to the last villa they visited, breathing deeply the scent of Kenna's perfume still lingering in the air. She smelled so sweet but he craved a different smell. He wanted to smell her sex. He wanted to drive her crazy with desire and watch her juices flow like a waterfall from between her tan thighs. He wanted to stick his tongue inside her slit, suck and then swallow all of the fluid her body would produce just for him.

Seth watched both Dr. Charles and Kenna Stiles from a distance, noting any patterns or reoccurring schedules for many days. By the end of the week, he knew he couldn't wait any longer. He was growing restless. Kenna would jog alone in the mornings on the beach or on several local trails. Seth was familiar with all the locations she chose and decided it was best to approach her while jogging alone in the morning. He could hardly sleep dreaming of all the excitement the morning would bring to him.

Just like clockwork, Kenna was up in the morning for her early jog. She went to the beach today and Seth smiled as he watched her from a short distance back and then began to follow her closer. Seth watched her jog across the deserted beach, biding his time to approach her. She wore a white tank top and short gray shorts. Seth enjoyed the short glimpses of her round buttocks as they bounced up and down before his eyes.

Kenna had pulled her brown hair up off her neck and stopped for a moment to slip off her shoes. She slowed down her pace to a walk along the ocean's water edge enjoying the view. The perfect moment had arrived and Seth cautiously approached her. Kenna was wearing headphones and pulled them off her ears as she realized someone was beside her.

"Kenna, isn't it?" Seth asked giving her a friendly smile.

"Yes! That's right. Do I know you?" Kenna questioned him as her brain was searching for some kind of recollection of meeting him before.

"I'm Larry; we met the other day at Shoretimes Resort. I showed you the villa floor plans, remember?" Seth asked.

"Yes, of course, Larry. Hello!" Kenna replied picking up her walking pace and looking around to see if others were on the beach with them.

"I like to jog in the morning too, " Seth lied.

"Well, actually I'm done for today, " Kenna replied trying not to show the concern rising in her voice. "I need to get back before Charles wakes up, " she added nervously, wanting to remind him she was married. Kenna started to jog again.

"Hey wait up, now that's not very sociable of you, " Seth said while catching back up to her. "I was just being friendly, no need to get rude, " Seth said growing angry as he grabbed her shoulder pulling her towards him.

"Please, really I have to go now, " Kenna, said almost whining.

"Not so fast, I have something I want to show you first."

"Perhaps another time, Larry, " Kenna replied trying to pull away.

"It's right over here on the next path, " Seth said while holding tightly onto Kenna's upper arm and dragging her along with him in the opposite direction, she was headed before.

"I can't today, another time honest, " Kenna begged. But she realized Larry wasn't listening to her and wouldn't let her go. Kenna began to struggle unsuccessfully.

Each step he forced her to take towards the dunes and the isolated path he wanted to show her, meant danger for her. Kenna now in tears, begging to be left alone, knew she was in trouble. She couldn't believe Larry would force her to go against her will when she knew his name, where he worked and what he looked like. Maybe she was mistaken and he did just wanted to show her something. Perhaps if she relaxed and went along with him, everything would be fine. She had an over active imagination and watched too many movies, she assured herself.

They were almost to the dunes, leaving the beach area when Kenna found the courage to speak again.

"Listen, Larry. You can show me what you want on the path and then I have to get back. All right? Charles is waiting for me and will come to the beach looking for me if I am not back in a few minutes, " Kenna lied.

Growing more confident with no one around, Seth smiled. Quickly, pulling his hand away from her shoulder, pinching Kenna's mouth sides together spreading her jaws, which prevented any more words from coming out between her lips. Kenna moaned in surprise by this movement of his fast fingers.

"Don't lie to me. The good doctor doesn't keep track of you, Kenna. In fact, I bet you could be gone all day before he realized you were missing, " Seth boasted with confidence knowing the couple's daily routine and almost to the path he was searching for. He was feeling the power flowing through his veins again knowing once again he could have his way with the female of his choice. Kenna wasn't his first and she certainly wouldn't be his last slut.

"No, you're wrong, Charles will call the police when I am missing, " Kenna warned.

"Keep walking, we are almost there."

"Where, Larry? What do you want to show me?" Kenna asked not sure if she really wanted to find out the answer. She was hoping her instincts were wrong.

The two crossed over the wooden bridge protecting the dunes and ended up on a sand path leading into the woods. Kenna quickly turned around to face Seth realizing all of her fears were coming true seeing the blade now present in his hand. Kenna screamed but Seth was ready and covered her mouth quickly, letting the knife touch against her neck still holding her between his bent arms.

"Shhh, Kenna. Be a good girl and we can do this the easy way and both have a little fun. There isn't any one around to hear your screams anyways. The ocean waves are crashing on the rocks making plenty of noise and like you, the few joggers on the beach have on their earphones, remember?" Seth whispered softly into her ear before nibbling on her ear lobe. "You are so delicious and no match for me so behave. I am going to let you go now and if you do as I tell you, you will not get hurt. Do we understand each other?" Seth asked.

Kenna shook her head yes.

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