Hot Tub Adventure

by Darlene B. Sweet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Justice is served when Chelsea is caught trespassing for a morning swim.

The ringing phone awoke me from a sound sleep Saturday morning. I glanced at the alarm clock as my mind registered the early hour of 5 AM. Groaning, my hand instinctually picked up the ringing phone.

"Hello?" My tired, dry voice whispered into the receiver.

"Morning Chelsea, its Janet. Hey girlfriend, what's ya doing?" Janet asked cheerfully.

"Sleeping, Janet. I was out late last night, " I answered in a frustrated tone, yawning.

"Oh! Sorry I woke you up. I am opening the club alone this morning and I thought you might like to come take a morning swim and relax in the hot tub before the club opens up. It's been a while since you were able to take a morning swim and I know how much you use to enjoy it, " Janet said.

"Sure, that sounds great. I'll be there shortly."

"Great! I will leave the back gate unlocked and just lock it back once you're inside the courtyard, OK?" Janet replied.

"I will, see you soon. Bye, Janet."

I returned the receiver to its proper place on the phone, yawning and stretching, trying to wake up still. That was nice of Janet, I thought. Even though she woke me up early, a morning swim was worth it. Janet and I were friends since high school and even shared an apartment for a few years after graduation. A morning swim was our normal routine back then having a pool right outside the apartment door. Those were some good times we shared together. We're closer than most sisters, I realized after purchasing my own home. I missed her too lately. Yet, I like the benefit of owning my own home. Being able to decorate and fix things up the way I want. And who knows, maybe someday I will be able to install a pool in the back yard; I thought as I crept out of bed and headed for the shower.

I parked my car around back out of view of the main parking lot of the club and gathered my towel. I walked around to the gate and just as Janet had promised me, it was unlocked. I pushed it opened slowly and walked into the courtyard. The view was breath taking as I stepped inside the courtyard for the first time. The sun was just rising and the sky was clear of clouds, just a perfect color of blue.

I smiled as I looked around and saw the still water of the swimming pool like a sheet of glass. It looked so inviting. I tossed my towel and keys down on the first lounge chair I came to and slid off my sandals. I walked over to the edge of the pool and dipped my red painted toes into the refreshing water. It felt warm compared to the morning breeze and I jumped up, diving into the water causing a splash to ripple interrupting the stillness in the water below. The water felt cool and refreshing.

I did my laps and enjoyed having the pool all to myself. After about twenty minutes, I decided to get into the hot tub to relax. I pushed the button turning on the tub, watching the jets begin to swirl the water around and the steam rising from the warm water.

I wondered when Janet would come out and say hello as I climbed down the few steps and sat inside the hot tub. The warm water felt so relaxing after my swim and the jets massaged my body. I laid my head back, closing my eyes and relaxed. It was wonderful having the whole courtyard to myself and I allowed my fingers to caress my body enjoying the privacy. I cupped my full breasts and pinched my nipples a few times until I felt them pointing proudly outward through my wet suit.

I slid my fingers downward, scratching my thighs as I wiggled my index finger inside and touched my clit. I moved closer to a jet and squatted down to enjoy feeling the force from the water crashing between my spread legs. My finger rubbed my clit and I threw my head back as I felt my cheek reddening in heat as I climbed closer to obtain my orgasm. It was right there... oh God! It was feeling great.

I heard footsteps approaching and opened my eyes expecting to see Janet standing there. I knew she would be envious that she had to work and couldn't join in on the fun I was having. Instead of seeing Janet, my eyes met with dark questioning eyes from the man who stood looking down at me, watching me. His salt and pepper hair was the only clues giving away his age of probably around early forty something. He was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt that accented his firm body still in great shape. I removed my finger angrily, wondering how long he was in the courtyard and how much he had witnessed of my personal growing pleasure.

"Who are you?" I spoke harshly standing up quickly. "And what are you doing here, the club is closed?" I blurted out suddenly trying to hide my embarrassment at being caught touching myself and also trying to hide my disappointment being so close to obtaining my orgasm.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing, " he answered back ignoring my question of who he was. "You're right, it is closed. This is a private club and I know all of the members and know for a fact that you are not one! The gate may be unlocked but you are still trespassing. You can't just wonder in off the street because of an employee error in security, " he boasted back.

Damn, I forgot to relock the gate; I realized and bit my lip discovering my error in being noticed. I opened my mouth to reply but was uncertain exactly what to say. Who was this man, the owner? The manager? I didn't want to get Janet in trouble for letting me in. However, before I could say anything, the club building door opened and Janet walked out into the courtyard.

"It's my fault Mr. Bryant, " Janet spoke up. "I invited Chelsea to come for a swim before opening. I'm sorry; I didn't think it would be a problem with no one around." Janet offered him a humble apology.

"You know that is against company rules, Janet, " he scolded shaking his head side to side as if disappointed in her performance. "You read the employee handbook?" he asked Janet.

"Yes! Please Mr. Bryant, this is the first time and I promise I won't break the rules again. Don't fire me!" Janet pleaded looking from Chelsea and back to Mr. Bryant nervously.

Before Mr. Bryant could say anything else, I spoke up for my friend. "I am at fault, not Janet, " I spoke up quickly not wanting to admit to her that I forgot to relock the gate as promised which Mr. Bryant walked through to get into the courtyard in the first place. I moved across the tub to stand closer to them both.

"Janet was just being a good friend, knowing how much I miss my morning swim since I have moved out of our apartment and purchased a house without a pool, " I said looking up at them both and hoping Mr. Bryant would feel sorry for me. Fat chance, I thought, but continued.

"We really meant no harm to anyone. I will join the club and become a member if you forget this incident, Mr. Bryant, " I offered now climbing out of the hot tub to stand as an equal in height after realizing he was no longer looking at my face but looking straight down at my breasts that were in plain view from my position down in the hot tub.

Mr. Bryant looked me over slowly head to toe, as I stood on the cement now dripping water between the two of them, both standing there dry and fully dressed. Finally he spoke again.

"Janet, get back to work the club will be opening soon."

"Yes, Mr. Bryant, " Janet said as she began to walk towards the door of the club building, looking over her shoulder, giving me her, that was close look.

"Chelsea? That's your name?" Mr. Bryant asked me now giving me his full attention since Janet left the two of us alone in the courtyard. I again noticed he was looking directly at my breasts talking instead of looking into my eyes or at my face.

"Yes!" I answered feeling my embarrassment rising to my cheeks again from his staring at my wet body. I felt like I was a child back in school being caught in the act of doing something against the student conduct handbook that was handed out at the beginning of each year.

Janet was let off the hook too easily. I felt like I was going to pay the price for us both. What would my punishment be? I wondered. He didn't leave me to ponder too long.

"Seems that I interrupted you, Chelsea, when I walked in the courtyard earlier. Tell you what, you don't have to buy a membership we both know you would probably never use much. You finished what you started here and we can just forget about this trespassing issue all together."

A look of horror must have crossed my face. He laughed.

"Don't fret! I won't touch you. I will stay out of the hot tub and just watch you like before, I promise. Perhaps, tell you what to do now and then. Do you agree, Chelsea? Or perhaps you want to be arrested for trespassing? I can call the police." Mr. Bryant threatened me with a grin now showing on his face looking into my eyes searching for a response.

I folded my arm defensively in front of me, shocked. Who did he think he was? I wanted to say no way and maybe even slap him across the face, the dirty old man. What kind of a girl did he think me to be?

Yet, t he idea of someone telling me what to do was intriguing; perhaps just a little kinky which turned me on in my already wanton state. Also, this was Janet's boss or something; I still didn't know his position or title though it was obvious he was over Janet the way she addressed him and their conversation. I couldn't do that to my friend, so what choice did I have... I came back with a counter offer.

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