Helping Hand

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man helps a grieving older woman.

© Copyright 2003

Matt Simmons stood by Mrs. Hammond, holding her hand as her husband's coffin was lowered into its rain filled resting-place. Matt held her sobbing body close as the rain poured down on the crying mourners. He had been killed in a horrible car accident only 3 days ago. Matt could feel Mrs. Hammond's body shaking as he held her delicate, mature hand. Matt and Mrs. Hammond had always been very good friends and the last 3 days had brought them even closer.

Mr. Hammond had been a much respected college professor at the local college. His students loved him more than any other professors. He and Mrs. Hammond had been married for 30 years. She had depended on him for everything. He handled the checkbook, paid the bills and any other things that needed tending to.

"What am I going to do, Matthew?" Mrs. Hammond sobbed on Matt's strong shoulder. "He did everything for me." She sobbed wrapping her arms around his back. She didn't care what any of the other mourners' thought she needed to hug a man.

Matt wiped a tear from her beautiful face. "I'll help you. I'll always be here for you." Matt felt a tear forming in his eyes as he watched this wonderful woman cry. She had been his first love and still was to this day. He would do anything for her.

"You're too good to me young Matthew. What would I do without my man?" she leaned to his face and placed a soft, loving kiss on his young lips. "Take me home, please." She gave him one final hug and started walking to her car.

Matt sat behind the wheel in the car, driving very carefully on the slick road. It had been raining for 7 days in a row and showed no signs of letting up. "If it doesn't stop raining soon, I'm going to buy a boat." Mrs. Hammond said with a little laugh. It was the first time in the last 3 days she had even thought of smiling.

"If you do, I want a seat on it." He looked at her smiling face. "If this doesn't stop soon we are going to get flooded again. " 5 years ago it had rained like this and the river became a ragging monster over night. Flooding the small town of Summerset.

Mrs. Hammond smiled at the young Matt. "Well, let's just pray it stops soon. I'm not up to sand bagging my house again." Matt turned the car into the rain filled driveway and drove towards the elegant home. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond were very wealthy and their home reflected it. "Will you have dinner with me?" she asked her young driver.

"I'd love to." He replied, reaching for her soft hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He loved to touch her and did every chance he had. It had always been her hand or maybe wiping something from her face, but he never touched her sexually.

She slid across the seat next to Matt, her arm reached around him giving him a tremendous hug and she burst into tears. Her body shook as the events of the last 3 days hit her hard. She was alone in life, for the first time in her life. She had married young and had never been alone. She had left her parents home and went straight into her husbands.

Matt opened the car door letting the pouring rain into the car. "We better run for it or we'll get even wetter." He said looking to Mrs. Hammond. Seeing that the tears were still running down her pretty face. He reached to wipe them off and she held his hand.

"You are the most wonderful and caring person I have ever known in my life." Mrs. Hammond said leaning to gently kiss him on the mouth. Her lips parted and her warm tongue carefully licked Matt's lower lip. Sending a warm rush through both their rain soaked bodies. "Thank you, Matthew." She kissed him again. "Let's go inside." She said with a warm smile.

The couple ran from the can through the heavy rain to the front porch of the rustic home. By this time they both were soaked to their bones. Matt pulled of his coat and laid it across a chair. "I'll be lucky if that dries before summer." He said laughing, and looking to Mrs. Hammond, seeing that she too, was very wet. In fact, she was so wet her black dress stuck to her body like it was painted on her. Her full breasts were open to Matt's view. Her thin bra did little to shield her beauty from his eyes.

As he looked down the dress, her thin hips and behind came into view. Young Matt began to get a massive erection and had no way to hide it from the older woman, he loved so dearly. "Matthew!" Mrs. Hammond yelled out with a bright red face when she saw his full, hard manhood pointing to her. "What's gotten into you today?" she had known of his love for many years. It made her get a warm rush between her slender legs seeing how hard this young and handsome man was for her.

"I'm sorry. You just look so good with the dress sticking to you like that. I couldn't help it." He said looking to the floor of the porch. He couldn't stand her being upset with him.

She walked towards him placing her hand under his chin and lifted his face up. "It's all right Matthew. I understand. This dress is very thin and being wet it is very revealing." She said. "Let's get inside so we can change for dinner. You can wear some of Mr. Hammond's' things if that's all right?"

"Sure, I don't think he'd mind." Matt said looking at Mrs. Hammond's wonderful behind as she walked to unlock the front door of her home. His eyes looked at every beautiful inch of her body. From her rounded hips, down the glorious crack of her behind and to her slender, long legs.

Once inside Mrs. Hammond slid off her wet jacket. "Will you help me Matthew?" she asked with a strange tone in her voice. He ran to her side helping her pull off the wet garment exposing more her fruitful breasts. His young eyes took in her beauties like never before. Her rounded breasts and hard nipples filled his eyes. "Matthew? Do you like seeing me like this?" she asked caressing his wet hair from his face.

"Oh, yes Ma'am!" he blurted out with a red face. He had always wanted to tell this woman how beautiful she was. He wanted her to here how much he loved her and wanted to be her lover. But, he was always so afraid she would reject him. Matt would die if this wonderful creature left his life.

Her sleek body pressed against his. "Matthew! You dirty boy. What am I to do with you?" she said with a little half smile and pressed her hip a little more into his hard erection sending a bolt of lightening between her legs. "Let's get changed and we can start dinner." She turned to face him, letting his young, full manhood press straight between her slender thighs. "My little man has grown into a very handsome and... such a big man." Her hips moved against his hardness, taking her breath away and making Matt all the harder.

She pulled from him and walked to her bedroom with Matt right behind her, looking at her breathtaking body. "What were you planning for dinner? I'm starving!" Matt asked as his eyes were still glued to her round seductive behind. How he loved to watch this gorgeous woman. Today was a sad day, but she looked so good in the black dress and the rain had made it even better. Showing her great curves even more than normal.

"I'm not really sure. What would you like?" she asked turning to see him again staring at her behind. "Matthew? I'm beginning to think you like staring at my ass." She put her hands on her hips. "Why do you spend so much time with me when you could be out getting any young lady you wished? You are one of the most handsome, intelligent and kindhearted men I've ever known." She moved towards him letting her long brown hair fall across her thin shoulders.

"Because I lo... like you very much." Matt stuttered out. "No! I lo... lo... I love you!" THERE! He said it at last. The truth was out and he was glad. He had been hiding his feelings for way to long. Now she knew.

She reached behind her back, unzipping her silky, black dress and let it fall to the carpet. Letting him see her see-through bra and her round breasts. A very small pair of bikini panties covered her gorgeous hips and that astonishing behind. Her velvety legs were covered with sheer stockings. "Is this better, my young man? Now you can see all of my old body." She moved closer to him. "Do I hold up to all of your many dreams?" she stood only a few inches from him, he could smell the soft sent coming from between her legs.

Matt's hands reached to each of her thin, seductive hips. He felt her jump with surprise at his touch. "NO! You look even better!" he said pulling her against him and his hard manhood went between her long silky legs. His arms wrapped around her smooth back. Her body trembled at his touch, but it made her burn inside, as he always did.

"Oh, Matthew!" she moaned out in the still room. Her body pressed against his harder than her late husband had ever held her. Matt made her feel like a woman. She had not been loved in over 5 years. She needed someone to make her feel special, someone to make her scream out in ecstasy. "YES! Hold me!" she moaned out again wrapping her arms around Matt so tight he couldn't breathe.

Matt reached a hand down to his pants, pulling them off as fast as he could, letting his bare hardness touch a woman for the first time in his 18 years of life. He pushed against her soft, wet mound, feeling the heat coming from her body. "You're so beautiful, Mrs. Hammond!" he moaned moving his hands to the soft, silk panties that covered the behind he had looked at for the last 10 years. Now it was his to love, please and so many new things to come.

She gasped for air as Matt's hardness went between her slim legs. She had no idea a man could be as thick and so long as he was. Her husband was less than 5 inches long and he could never keep it hard for more then a few minutes. So many times in the last 30 years she would silently cry herself to sleep at night, longing for a man to please her burning body. "I think it will be just fine if you call me, Meg."

"Oh, Meg!" he cried out. "I love you so much." He said as he began to move his long shaft against soft mound of love. His hands held her sexy behind as tight as he could without hurting her. Faster his hips thrust his hardness against her wetness, bringing them both near a wonderful release.

Meg pulled away and gently sank to her knees in front of him. "I've only tried this one other time in my life. I hope I can please you, my love." Both her hands wrapped round his long shaft and she still filled her mouth full of 'man meat'. She gagged the first few times he hit the back of her throat, but soon she was sucking his hardness like a pro. Her dreamy, brown eyes watched as she pleased her young lover.

His strong hands caressed her soft hair as she pleased his manhood. "Oh yes! I'm getting close." He moaned as her soft, wet mouth consumed his hardness.

She watched as she pleased her man. She could see the pleasure on his face as she sucked him deep down her silky throat. Faster she moved him in and out of her mouth. She wanted him to release so that he could please her better.

"OH GOD! MEG! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING!" he screamed as his massive shaft began to shoot so much cum into her mouth and down her throat Meg backed away gagging and spitting it out of her mouth.

Matt stepped towards her taking the long shaft in his hand and began pumping it. Shooting the remaining fluids on her face and all through her long hair. Squirt after squirt he continued to expel the thick fluids all over her body. He came with the force of a garden hose.

Young Matt fell to the floor, gasping for air and enjoying the wonderful feeling that the woman he had been dreaming of all his life had just given him. "Well, it seems like I need a shower." Meg said, licking a long strand of Matt's seeds with her tongue. "I'll be back in a second." She blew him a kiss and started to walk the shower.

"STOP!" Matt said to Meg. She froze in her tracks. "Can you keep that on or wear things just like them?" he moved his fingers to point to all of her sexy under clothing. She looked so sexy wearing the thin bra that covered her full breasts; the tiny panties just shielded her soft mound and her legs looked so, so good in the sheer stockings.

She just smiled at her new lover. "I'll make sure to wear things that will 'catch' your eye. Now, you go wait in the living room. I'll be there shortly." Meg gave him a sexy wave with her little finger and vanished in the shower.

Matt pulled himself from the carpeted floor and walked to the plush living room. He sat on the large sofa thinking of the wonderful thing that just happened and of all the many more things to come. He had dreamed of this elegant woman for most of his life, always thinking it would never be. But, tonight, she was his. He closed his tired eyes remembering the sad events of the day.

Meg sat on the edge of the sofa next to her sleeping, young lover. She looked down on his strong, handsome face and gently caressed him. She too, had been in love with him for as long as she could remember. It really started when his body grew into the strong young man he now was. Many times she would catch him stealing looks down her blouses or up her many short skirts, but she loved this young man looking at her with such lust.

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