by starfiend

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Furry, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Set in the starwars universe, Leia and Chewie have crashlanded on a fairly primitive planet. Captured by the natives and held prisoner, what happens next is a surprise for everyone.

Set after Splinter Of The Minds Eye, but before The Empire Strikes Back.

Leia looked up in surprise as a large, bound and gagged, bundle of brown fur was thrown roughly into the cell. She sighed wearily and stood up. It had been bad enough to have been captured so easily, but then, she mused, being naked, even in front of completely non-human aliens, always put one at a disadvantage. She had been bathing on the edge of the lake, afraid to go particularly deep because she could not swim very well, but when she returned to her clothing, she had found it gone, and a large number of small lizard-like creatures waiting for her. That they were intelligent was evident from the fact that they carried bows and spears, and that they communicated to each other with a high pitched squealing.

The only good side to it was that her protector, the huge wookiee, Chewbacca, was still free and at large, however that now seemed not to be the case. She moved carefully over to him and began to untie his bonds. It wasn't easy, as their captors had wrapped him in vast quantities of rope, and it took her a long time and a great deal of swearing to finally free him. He was unconscious all the while, so when she had freed him, she quickly looked him over to see if she could see any injury. She couldn't, and with a great deal of effort, pulled him away from the door and towards the thin mattresses. Rolling him onto one, she sat on the other and watched him, feeling very self conscious about her nakedness. The wookiee, she knew, would not care about her lack of clothing, he thought humans looked silly enough with their clothes on, with them off, as far as the wookiee was concerned, they looked plain daft.

Mind you, she thought, looking down at her trim figure, small firm breasts, slim waist, flat belly, and great bush of pubic hair, at least Han appreciated her. She thought he did anyway, and began to cry a little as she thought of the man she was falling in love with so far away and unable to help her. Unknowing even of her plight. She cried herself out after a few moments, and then sat up. She was a princess wasn't she? A trained diplomat and negotiator. A little embarrassment like this was nothing compared to some she'd been through. And at least, she wasn't hurt.

She sat and watched him for a couple of hours, it was hard to tell because the light through the tiny barred windows didn't change, but on a planet with a day of almost forty standard hours, it would change gradually. His breathing was easy and light, and although he had a slightly musky smell it wasn't unpleasant, indeed, almost anything was more pleasant than the smell that wafted under the doors. The cell was fairly clean and dry, and at the moment it wasn't particularly cold, though that would probably change as it got nearer to evening.

She lay down, her back pressed against the wookiee's fur covered back, and tried to get some sleep. It had been a long day.

She awoke, suddenly and completely, listening intently to see if she could hear again whatever it was that had woken her up. She heard nothing, and after a while began to relax again. It was then that she realised that Chewie had moved. He had turned over and was now curled up behind her, his great arms around her, acting both as pillow and blanket. She snuggled back against him, and heard Chewie give a small grunt. It had an amused timbre to it, so she knew he was awake.

"Don't you dare tell anyone," she muttered.

Chewie just gave another untranslatable grunt. His fur was soft and silky, and it had an almost sensuous feel to it, so much so, that after a few minutes she began to rock herself very slightly, to feel the fur rubbing against her skin. It was a few minutes before she began to be aware that she was quite aroused, and once she was aware of it, in spite of her embarrassment, she couldn't dampen down her feelings, and her arousal increased. Surreptitiously, as if it was the most natural thing to do, she put one hand between her thighs, and slipped the tip of a finger inside herself, feeling the slickness.

Behind her, Chewie gave a slightly pained grunt, and she froze. Then, to her surprise and horror, she felt something start to dig into the base of her spine, and the top of her buttocks. A moment later, and at great speed, it forced its way between her thighs. Chewbacca had erected.

She could feel his thick penis against the back of her hand. It felt as furry as the rest of him.

In many ways she was still very innocent having had very little experience of sex before, and what she had was limited, albeit very briefly, to just two humans. She'd never even experimented with any of the sex toys or pleasure droids that had been available to one of her rank back on Alderaan. Before it had been destroyed. Consequently, she now wondered what a furry penis inside her might feel like, and the more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her, and the more she became aroused. Eventually she just had to scratch her 'itch'.

She pulled her hand away from her crotch and pressed Chewiee's hard penis against her gaping vulva, wrapping her hand around him as she did so. He felt so hard and hot. She slid her hand up and down it and realised that the very tip was completely devoid of fur. His penis wasn't as long or as fat as she might have expected from a being of a wookiees size, but then, even amongst humans, size varied quite considerably. Or so she'd been led to believe.

She stroked her thumb across the tip, and behind her Chewie whined at her. "Shut up," she whispered softly. "I'm horny, you're horny, let it just go at that." With that, she slid the very tip of the wookiees penis inside her. Again Chewie whined at her, but this time he also began to squeeze her a little. Grabbing his large hairy hands, she placed them on her breasts. The wookiee didn't pull away from her, but nor did he do more than rest his hands against her. She growled in frustration and pushed her chest against him, forcing him to put more pressure on her sensitive nipples.

She was starting to get a little desperate now, and with a sudden push, forced herself back and down, feeding his erect penis into her. Eventually she felt it nudge the opening to her womb and knew that she had taken in all she could. Her hands quickly told her that there was less than a centimetre of the wookiee's penis remaining outside her body. She stopped moving, and concentrated on the sensations inside her stretched vagina. The furry penis, as it had slid into her, had given her such delicious feelings, such beautiful sensations, that she was almost crying with the pleasure. She just hoped that Chewie was feeling the same.

She began to move her hips slowly back and forth, delighting in the new sensations that it brought to her tender insides, and began to orgasm almost immediately, giving a loud shriek as she finally came.

Chewie was still hard inside her when she regained her awareness, and, she realised with delight, he was now completely inside her. The sex having stretched her that final little bit to take the rest of the wookiees great penis into her. She loved the feeling of her crotch and backside pressed hard against his furry pelt.

After a very short while she knew she wanted something slightly different. Pulling quickly away from him she turned and looked at him. Chewie had an expression of worry and fear on his face. He whined at her, but of course she couldn't understand him. Where were Threepio or Han when she needed them. Just at the moment however, it wasn't either of them she needed, it was Chewbacca himself. She leaned forward and kissed him reassuringly, and then pushed him onto his back. Chewie rolled reluctantly. She climbed on top of him, realising that her arousal had started when she'd had to climb over him earlier to undo the ropes binding him. Taking hold of his penis again, she stroked it against her vulva, and then pressed it inside herself. With a sigh she allowed herself to slide down it until again it was all inside her.

She straddled the great wookiee looking with amazement down at him and at herself. Her dark, almost black, pubic bush almost completely covered by the wookiees much longer, thicker, fur. Moving her legs back and forth allowed Chewie's silky-soft fur to caress her thighs, bringing even more pleasurable sensation.

She began rocking her hips, and then bouncing a little, feeling his movements inside her as she did so. After a few moments, she rolled forward and lay on Chewie's chest, her face buried in his fur. Chewie's hands and arms began to caress her back and buttocks, and she began to orgasm helplessly, her whole body shaking convulsively against the furry body beneath her.

Neither of her two previous lovers had made her feel anything like this, so completely open and at peace with herself and everything. Only the sensuous feeling of the wookiee beneath her, and his great furry penis inside her were important.

Up until now, Chewie had just lain back and let her get on with pleasuring herself, but now, as she recovered from her second massive orgasm, he began to move inside her. This time it was Leia who just lay there, feeling the wookiee as he thrust into her. His movements were slow and gentle at first, but very quickly became more vigorous, until he was almost violent. But Leia didn't care, her whole body was on fire, she had never imagined that her body could feel like this. As she began to orgasm for a third time, she felt a sudden burning inside her, and knew that the wookiee had finally orgasmed, spilling his seed inside her.

The force with which he ejaculated into her, and the sheer pressure of the quantity spilling around inside her, almost physically pushed her off the wookiees penis, but she clamped down hard and held them together.

"Chewie," she said softly five minutes later, "I don't know what you did to me, but I've never felt so ecstatic in my life. I didn't know such powerful sensations were possible. Thank you. Thank you very much." She paused a moment, and then looked up into his face. "I hope you felt some pleasure..." she paused again. "I wish I could ask you how you felt..." she trailed off into silence, feeling the wookiees penis inside her slowly shrink, withdrawing itself from her body. As it finally pulled free she felt a rush of sadness, and even a fleeting moment of disappointment.

Chewie growled softly at her and gently pushed her off. He sat up and faced her, a look of pure misery on his face. "Chewie, what's the matter?" Asked Leia, and then banged her fists on her thighs in frustration as she realised that even if he told her, she couldn't understand him.

Chewbacca banged his fist on his chest and then spread his arms wide in a gesture meant to encompass something, though Leia wasn't quite sure what.

"What? Uh! This is going to have to be a twenty questions by the looks of it. Right, okay. You want to tell me something?" He nodded. "About what just happened?" He nodded again, slower this time. "Okay, another clue." He repeated the motion he'd made before. "Everyone?" she asked. He shook his head. "No, Oh, erm, us?" Again an emphatic shake of the head. He banged his fist on his chest again. "You?" He nodded and then repeated his initial motion, "and..." he should his head before she could continue, "males?" she asked tentatively, beginning to grasp at straws. No. "Err. wookiees?" This time there was an emphatic yes. "All wookiees?" No. "Just some wookiees then." He nodded and pointed at his groin. "Male wookiees?" Yes.

"Right," said Leia, after a moments thought, "You want to tell me something about male wookiees that has some bearing on what just happened?" Chewbacca nodded slowly.

He took hold of his penis and pulled it out from his fur. Now that it was soft, it was barely the size of her own thumb, and that wasn't exactly large. He began to make motions indicating growth and size. Then, banged again on his own chest, pulled out his penis and made more motions, this time indication small or shrinking.

She shook her head. "I'm not sure," she said.

The wookiee thumped his chest, threw open his arms in an encompassing gesture, touched his penis and made motions indicating large. Then he thumped his chest again, but this time, began to make motions indication small.

"Are you saying that for a wookiee, you are a bit smaller there," she nodded at his groin, "than other wookiees.

Chewbacca's look of misery returned as he nodded, making signs indicating tiny.

"Very small in comparison?" He nodded.

Gradually, in this manner, Leia slowly learned that not only was the wookiee's penis very small for his race, but that due to this lack of size he felt he would be ostracized by many in his clan and even a few in his family because he would never be able to father any sons because no female would want him for a mate. It was for this reason that he had left his home world, some twenty years earlier, while still, in Leia's eyes, little more than a child. He also revealed that he was still virgin.

When she realised this, she was filled with remorse. "Oh, I'm sorry. And what I've just done has brought it all back. You must think I'm really cruel."

He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook his head. No he was saying, and very emphatically. He opened his mouth and put out his tongue. He touched it to her forehead, her nose, and then bent down to lick her feet.

She was shocked. This, she knew from some of her diplomatic training, was the wookiee equivalent of an obeisance, a thank you for a very special gift, usually an unexpected one. Then she understood. The wookiee wasn't condemning her at all, he was thanking her. Thanking her for letting him make love to her, for helping him. He was now an adult in his own mind, even if he thought no other wookiee would ever see him that way.

"Do you want to do it again?" she asked.

Chewie looked down and didn't answer. Instead he began to wash her, from her feet up, with his tongue. This was also a traditional wookiee ritual, though she wasn't quite sure what it signified.

When he reached her crotch, he payed no particular attention to her vulva, but just treated it like any other part of her body. However, his tongue did, just briefly, slip inside her. She shuddered and moaned as his coarse tongue rasped across her clitoris. She was instantly fully aroused again. The wookiees sensitive nose detected this and he looked up at her in surprise.

"Oh, don't stop Chewie, do that again. That was beautiful" she gasped. Tentatively he reapplied his tongue to her crotch. She moaned and arched her back, spreading her legs as wide as she could, while he tongued her for another half a minute or so. Nobody had ever done this to her and it was more exciting than anything that had happened before. The power of the orgasm building up inside her was enormous.

Before she was ready, however, he moved his tongue up her body and continued to wash her. She quivered as his tongue slowly got higher, giving more moans as it rasped across her sensitive nipples, making them even harder. She tried to wrap her legs around him, but of course he was too large. All she succeeded in doing was to push her knees into his stomach.

They both gasped as her foot knocked against his dangling penis, still quite small, but then, even as her foot was withdrawn, it grew with amazing speed.

Chewie growled harshly at her. He grabbed her around the waist and picked her up as if she were a rag doll and turned her over. She screamed as his penis ripped its way into her vagina. But this was not a scream of pain, it was a scream of pleasure and delight as she came immediately.

For three hours, non-stop, they made love. Sometimes soft and gentle like the first time, at others hard and violent like the second. Sometime she straddled him, sometimes they curled up together like spoons, and occasionally he bent her over and took her from behind.

Once he even stood up and lifted her onto him, her whole weight, for he was too tall and she too short for her feet to reach the ground, her whole weight pushing her down onto him, forcing his penis deeper into her. The exquisite pain of his penis pressing against, and even trying to force it's way inside, her womb, was matched by the exquisite delight her stretched vulva and clitoris felt as they pressed hard against the base of his penis.

Neither of them stopped until they were exhausted, when they just curled up together and went to sleep.

The sound of the cell door crashing open woke them. Chewie leapt to his feet, and would have charged the three saurian creatures, all of whom were holding short spears, that had entered if it wasn't for the fact that behind them stood two more with drawn bows, both aimed at Leia. Leia stood up more calmly and looked at the creatures. She slowly held out her hands, trying to show friendship and lack of violence or animosity. The creatures however, none of whom were much over four foot tall, just jabbed their spears at her, holding her back. A few moments later another one entered carrying her clothing, this was followed by another carrying a tray with two large bowl of steaming stew. The clothing and the tray were left on the floor, and then all left with the cell door being pulled shut behind them. Chewie charged the door as soon as he safely could, but it was already bolted firmly closed, and even his immense strength could not budge it.

"Leave it Chewie, they've left us something to eat." She picked up her clothes and carefully looked over them. "they've only brought my robe," she said in annoyance, "there's no underthings here. No underwear or under robe." She gave a resigned shrug and pulled it over her head.

"Look at this," she said appealing to Chewbacca, "it's completely see through."

Chewie just growled at her. He picked up a bowl of the stew, sniffed at it and began wolfing it down. He grunted at her to come and sit down and eat. She did so with a sigh, and picked up her bowl. "Mm," she said after a few moments, "this is delicious." Like Chewie, she too wolfed it down.

She leaned against Chewie's broad back and took a deep breath. She suddenly realised that he was rigid, and had barely looked at her since they woke up. "What's up Chewie?" she asked softly. "You're not regretting it are you? Because I don't, I will never regret it. If it never happens again I'll remember it for the rest of my life, but just between you and me I hope it's not the only time."

She gave him a little shake. "Do you understand me? It was very special to me in a lot of ways. You will always be very special to me." Chewie relaxed a little and as she finished turned around to face her. He growled and whined for a minute, telling her something which she could not understand, but at the end of it, he draped his arms gently over her shoulders and touched her forehead nose and feet with his tongue.

She gave a light laugh. "Thank you. Now would you care to tell me what you said?" She laughed again. Chewie grinned at her and put an arm companionably around her shoulders. She leaned against him. "You know," she said after a few minutes of companionable silence, "Your fur is so soft and silky. That's what turned me on so much yesterday." She stroked his hand where it lay on her shoulder. "Not like mine eh?" she asked with a sudden giggle.

Chewie shrugged and used his free hand to slide along her thigh underneath her robe. He did it so matter of factly that Leia was startled at first. He stroked her pubic hair for a moment and then withdrew his hand, shaking his head. Leia gaped at him and then laughed as she suddenly realised that he was checking the relative silkiness of her pubic hair.

She pulled her robe up, exposing her crotch and pubic mound, and gazed down at it in dissatisfaction. "Is it really so much more coarse than your fur?" she asked. Chewie grinned at her and nodded again. "It's always seemed all right to me, but my younger sister, well step sister really, once told me that it was much hairier than most girls. Perhaps I should have some of it removed. What do you think Chewie?"

Chewie looked at her for a moment, before examining her pubic mound. He nodded at her and made a scraping motion.

"You think some of it should be shaved off?"

Chewie nodded. He showed her his left middle finger, and made her touch the finger nail. It was extremely sharp for about half a centimetre down one side. He made a shaving motion with his finger and Leia looked at him in surprise.

"Will that work?" She asked startled. He shrugged and seemed to be asked her if he should try it. "Go on," she said, "see if it'll work." She lay back and spread her legs slightly, laughing softly to herself. Chewie settled down next to her and bent over her. She felt only a very slight pressure, but otherwise nothing. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, she raised her head to see what he had done. He had trimmed the top edge of her pubic bush by a little more than a centimetre, and was now working down one side, straightening and neatening the edge. She watched him for a few more minutes and then lay back, wondering where Han and Luke were now.

She'd lost track of the time when she felt Chewie move her leg to one side, raising the knee as he did so to expose the inside of her thigh. She watched him again, this time for longer, and realised that he was occasionally licking his finger to aid the process, almost using his own fur as a brush to apply a small amount of saliver to her skin for lubrication. She shuddered and felt herself start to arouse. Chewie looked up at her and grinned briefly before continuing with his work. The next time he needed lubrication, he dipped the very tip of a finger inside her swelling vulva and used her own secretions. She gave a nervous laugh. "Gods Chewie, I'm getting turned on again." He grunted at her and continued with his work.

It wasn't very long before she felt him start to work on her vulva, on the outer lips of her very sex. She gasped again and arched her back involuntarily. Chewie growled at her. "I'm sorry," she whispered, "but I can't help it."

Chewie suddenly moved to between her legs. He sat cross legged and grasped her thighs, dragging her towards him so that her bottom was now resting on his ankles, as she was leaning back, it pushed her crotch into the air making it much more easily accessible to him. She felt every move he made on her sensitive body and became more and more aroused, until she was gasping for breath and almost crying out with need.

Although she hadn't noticed it, the wookiee had long since erected, but was concentrating on finishing his task. When he had finished, he lifted her gently up and guided his hard penis into her gaping body. She gasped as he filled her, and this time, without her masking bush of pubic hair in the way, she felt his hairy penis slide slowly into her with a much greater delight. She took all of him into her, so great was her readiness, and then began rocking back and forth, her whole body shuddering in delight as his hands roamed all over her, stroking her back, her buttocks, even her neck and breasts.

Her orgasm, when it came, ripped through her, almost shaking her off him with its force. Even when it was over, she wanted more, and revelled in the feeling of his soft fur stroking against her newly naked crotch, and tried to force him even deeper into her, pushing her crotch even tighter against his. This time they orgasmed together, and Leia screamed out loud with the sheer agonising delight of feeling his seed forcing its way into her. She gave up any pretense of control and just let their mutual orgasm take over her whole body and mind.

She was in seventh heaven. In fact, did she but know it, so was Chewie.

As the previous day, they made love non stop for the next few hours. Neither of them could get enough of the other it seemed, and each time the wookiees great penis slid into her receptive body she knew it was where it should be, and when it pulled free of her, she felt desolate and bereft.

They were, temporarily, sated when the cell door opened again and the creatures came in with more food, but this time neither of the two captives moved. They probably couldn't have moved even if they wanted to, and it is certain that neither did, for although they had stopped making love for the present, Chewie's penis was still inside her as she lay on his chest.

They separated for the meal, but Leia did not get dressed again. Instead she examined herself to see what Chewie had done. Although she couldn't see it all, she could feel that he had completely cleared all the hair from around her vaginal opening, and she could see that her previous great untidy mass was now a much smaller neater triangle pointing down between her thighs. "Very neat," she said, smiling at him, "you've done a beautiful job."

Chewie grunted at her and finished his meal. "Can I have a look at your penis?" she asked him softly. "I've never really had a chance to examine any penis." Chewie paused and then nodded, lying back to allow her access.

Leia scrambled on top of him and carefully lifted out his soft penis. Soft it was little more than a thick lump of hair at the junction of his thighs. Even the hair free tip was no longer visible. As she handled it, it began to erect, slowly at first, but once about three or four inches were out, it suddenly shot forward at an incredible speed. She sat up hurriedly, throwing her head back, as the tip had only just missed poking her in the eye. Now that she was looking at it closely, she was shocked when she realised just how large it was. It was almost two spans of her hand in length, probably nearly a foot long, and maybe even longer. At the base she needed both hands to circle it, while one was still not quite large enough to encircle the narrowest part, just below the bulbous tip.

"Good grief," she said in shocked amazement, "how in creations name did I manage to get that inside me?" As she examined it, she slid her hand over it, feeling the rigid hardness underneath the soft silky fir. It was also very hot.

As she examined it, she remembered what Chewie's tongue had felt like on her genitals. Tentatively, she reached out her tongue and touched the tip of his penis. When nothing happened, she allowed her mouth to approach closer so that the very tip was between her parted lips. Chewie gave a strained grunt, and she felt him tensing a little. Slowly and carefully, she licked her tongue over the whole of the hairless tip, even forcing it into the small hole in the very tip.

Chewie was grunting much more strongly now, and she could feel him start to writhe underneath her. Over the next three or four minutes Leia slowly licked and sucked at the head of the wookiee's penis, stroking her hands up and down the great shaft, feeling and watching it all the while. All the time Chewie was getting more and more tense, until all of a sudden, and without any obvious warning signs, he ejaculated into her mouth. The powerful jet hit the back of her throat at speed, causing her to throw her head back in surprise.

Her gag reflex had caused her to try and swallow most of what had entered her mouth, but she coughed and spluttered, as it partially choked her at the same time. Most of it went down her throat, but the rest ended up on the palm of her hand as she spat it out.

She looked at it in surprise and then, tentatively, touched her tongue to it. It didn't actually taste all that bad, she decided, and quickly swallowed it down before she changed her mind. She also noted that the tip of Chewie's penis was now covered with the stuff. She began to lick it up, uncertain at first, but then with more relish as she found she actually quite liked the salty sweet taste.

When she had finished, she moved up so that she could look into Chewie's eyes. "Chewie," she said softly, "I've never done anything like that before, but I know that amongst some humans it's considered to be highly erotic. Do wookiee's do it as well?"

Chewie looked at her and then shook his head growling softly.

"But did you like it?"

Chewie growled again and shrugged.

"Come on, you must know whether or not you liked it?" persisted Leia.

Chewie looked at her and then nodded slowly.

"You liked it?"

He nodded again, this time dropping his eyes to the ground, almost in shame, thought Leia. This was getting frustrating, as soon as they got out of here she was going to get a universal translator, not a droid like 'Threepio, but a simple translating device, and she was going to sit down with the wookiee and get him to talk to her.

"Well I enjoyed it too," she whispered after a few moments, "and I 'specially liked it yesterday when you used your tongue on me."

Chewie looked at her and raised his shaggy eyebrows. When she nodded, thinking that he was asking her to confirm what she'd just said, he pushed her gently back onto the mattress, and spread her knees apart. She gasped as she realised what he was about to do, and then just lay back and let him take over.

Leia felt his tongue slide lightly over her vulva and then press gently inside. For the next few minutes he kept alternating his movements from a gentle thrust back in forth inside her, to laving his tongue all over her crotch and lower belly, even up as far as her navel.

Yesterday it had felt nice, even arousing, today it felt much more, and she felt herself becoming open and wet again. His tongue inside her was a wondrous thing. It was almost as long as his penis it seemed, but it was flexible, and it reached to every millimetre of her open vaginal passage, stimulating her as she'd never been stimulated before.

All her awareness was channelled to the exquisite sensations flowing around her body, but centred very definitely on her vagina and clitoris, stimulated by his tongue. Even her nipples were begging to be licked. She tugged at them, barely aware of it as she finally exploded into orgasm. Her vagina clamped down violently on Chewie's tongue, making him squeak in pain, but she was in too much ecstasy to notice. Her orgasm lasted for some minutes as Chewie wriggled his tongue frantically inside her, trying to escape the fierce pressure on it from her vagina, but all this did was to prolong her orgasm, and hence his entrapment.

Eventually however, her climax subsided, and Chewie could withdraw. He moved away from her, flicking his tongue in and out to try and relieve the pain. When he moved back to her, she was lying with her eyes closed, breathing deeply. He sat down next to her, and caressed her stomach lightly with one hairy paw.

"You are wonderful, Chewie," whispered Leia softly, "and so, so clever. That was something very special, you know that don't you." She put her hands on top of his, and gave him a squeeze.

"Come on," she said a few minutes later. "What are you waiting for? Get inside me." She pulled him on top of her, and for the first time they attempted to make love in the traditional 'missionary' style. Chewie's sheer bulk however made it uncomfortable for Leia, and even though she loved the feeling as his penis slid into her, her face was little higher than the middle of his chest. Despite the fact the wookiee was taking all of his weight onto his own arms, she still felt suffocated. So much so that after less than a minute she began struggling to push him away from her.

"Sit up, roll over," she cried, pushing at him, and then thumping him on the chest. He rolled onto his side, taking her with him, and they struggled into a more comfortable position before resuming their lovemaking.

The next five days went by in a blur. Three times a day, morning, noon and evening, the saurian creatures brought them in a meal. It was always the same unidentifiable stew, but it was also always warm and extremely delicious, and there was always just enough, never too much, never too little.

After that there was little else to do. Chewie had carefully examined every part of the room and concluded that there was no way out until they were let out, so they made love. And when they weren't making love, they were lying in one another's arms, or at least, Leia was lying in Chewie's arms, and often with his penis still inside her.

Once they tried an experiment. Whilst his penis was still soft, Leia inserted it carefully into her more than ready vagina. When he erected, the slow initial phase delighted her as he slowly expanded into her. The lightening fast second phase, when it came, caused her to stiffen in shock and pain. She slowly rolled off him and lay there, tears of agony streaming down her face. She didn't think she'd ever known such pure mind numbing agony, not even back on the death star in front of Vader's horrible mind probe. It was only because she'd been so aroused in the first place, and already well lubricated from a bout of lovemaking just minutes earlier, that prevented massive internal injuries.

It didn't however prevent the pain, and it was six hours before she could take him inside her again, and then only carefully and slowly, but it wasn't long before they were making long and ecstatic love again.

Leia had never known such sheer lascivious delight, and apart from that one episode, was content to make love as often as possible. Indeed she was more than content, she was positively basking in the delights of the wookies great penis and wonderfully flexible tongue. She couldn't get enough of them, or of her own orgasms, far more powerful than either of her two previous lovers had given her, or she'd ever managed with her own fingers as a callow, shy, teenager. Chewie it seemed could also not get enough of her. Though whilst on a physical level he quite enjoyed it when she took his penis into her mouth, he was never very comfortable with it. He did however rather enjoy licking her vagina, and often got as much pleasure from it as she did.

Their near idyllic sojourn came to an end at the start of their eighth day in captivity. They had woken from their usual deep overnight sleep, and Chewie was now lying on his back, Leia straddling his hips, and energetically thrusting up and down on top of him. They were both so far gone in their pleasures that for the first time neither of them heard the door open for their breakfast to be brought in.

Neither were they aware that the creatures were so astounded at what they saw, that rather than leave the meal and back out, all six came in and watched. Somehow a message must have been sent to others, because after they had both finally climaxed, and become aware of their surroundings again, there must have been some twenty or so of the little creatures standing there silently watching.

The two of them jumped up in surprise. All the saurians moved back, and a few produced spears as well, though none of them were yet aggressive.

"What's going on?" asked Leia, "Why are you holding us here?"

There was a slight stirring in the crowd, and one, quite a bit taller than the rest, pushed it's way to the front.

"T'sillan. Queen." Said the creature. "Who?" It asked pointing at the two of them.

"I am Leia, and this is Chewbacca, usually just called Chewie," said Leia introducing themselves. Chewie growled. "Chewies language is very different from mine, and even I only understand a tiny fraction of it."

The queen and one of the others began to confer in low, sibilant tones. After a while the second one made a hissing noise, and all bar two of the remaining creatures left. "This 'Tsarronne, sibling" said the queen. She ignored the remaining two who took up position on either side of the door.

The queen looked at the two of them for a moment, and then waved them down. "Sit, sit," she said. "Sit, you too high, hurt head," said the queen looking up at Chewie when neither of them made a move.

"Come on Chewie, they don't look as if they're going to hurt us. Not yet anyway."

"No, no hurt anyone." Said the queen firmly, then she too sat down, along with her sibling.

"Now," said the queen when they were all sat down, "why you here? Why you on this world?"

"Our space ship was fired upon by another space ship. We were damaged and needed somewhere to set down to make repairs. We didn't mean to trespass." Answered Leia.

The queen nodded once. "Off worlders not permitted on world. Old laws say you must not be allowed to live. New laws say we not kill. We put you in prison. We feed you. Maybe one day you die old age."

"What?" exclaimed Leia jumping up. Chewie roared and climbed to his feet. The two sitting saurians didn't move, but the two by the door raised their bows, both pointing at Leia.

"Wait, sit please. This not happen now. We explain. You sit."

"What? You will let us go free?" asked Leia.

"We ask you favour, you say yes, you go free." Answered the saurian simply.

"Alright, what do you want us to do."

The queen looked at Leia for a long time. "Sit please," she said eventually.

Leia sat down slowly, but Chewie remained standing. "What is it you want us to do?"

"Just you" said the queen. She looked at Leia silently for another minute or so. "You different species," she said waving at the two of the. Leia nodded. "He male, you female?" she demanded. Leia nodded again. "Why you mate male of different species?"

"What has this got to do with anything?" demanded Leia.

"We explain, you answer first."

"We weren't mating," said Leia, "not in the sense it normally means, we were just lonely and scared, and we were helping each other to ... well it's hard to explain really."

"But you like?"

Leia blushed. "Oh yes, he makes me feel so good."

"He like?"

"I think so yes." Chewie growled softly behind her.

"Good." The queen paused a moment. "We tell you about us, then explain favour. If you say yes, when done, you go home. We help."

"Fair enough. And If we say no."

"You not say no." said the queen matter of factly. "You human, yes?"

Leia nodded.

"We meet humans before. You breed very different from us Ssalls. I female, sibling male, warrior," she pointed behind her, "half males. Not full males. They not capable breeding." She paused for a moment. "We lay eggs, hatch from eggs. I mate with sire, produce many eggs, eggs produce drones, workers, warriors. When sire die, I mate with sibling, produce two eggs, then I die. Two eggs, one male one female. When female ready to mate, sire mate her, more eggs, more drones, more workers, more warriors. When he die, her sibling mate her, and new eggs for new queen and new sibling. It go like that for ever."

"Wait a minute," said Leia. "Are you telling me that this one is your brother? And that one day you will mate with him?"

T'sillan looked puzzled for a moment. "He my sibling. We have same sire. We hatch from eggs from last queen. Her sibling, our sire. He upstairs. He mate with me, I lay eggs, produce warriors." She indicated the two standing by the door.

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