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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Furry, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Set in the starwars universe, Leia and Chewie have crashlanded on a fairly primitive planet. Captured by the natives and held prisoner, what happens next is a surprise for everyone.

Set after Splinter Of The Minds Eye, but before The Empire Strikes Back.

Leia looked up in surprise as a large, bound and gagged, bundle of brown fur was thrown roughly into the cell. She sighed wearily and stood up. It had been bad enough to have been captured so easily, but then, she mused, being naked, even in front of completely non-human aliens, always put one at a disadvantage. She had been bathing on the edge of the lake, afraid to go particularly deep because she could not swim very well, but when she returned to her clothing, she had found it gone, and a large number of small lizard-like creatures waiting for her. That they were intelligent was evident from the fact that they carried bows and spears, and that they communicated to each other with a high pitched squealing.

The only good side to it was that her protector, the huge wookiee, Chewbacca, was still free and at large, however that now seemed not to be the case. She moved carefully over to him and began to untie his bonds. It wasn't easy, as their captors had wrapped him in vast quantities of rope, and it took her a long time and a great deal of swearing to finally free him. He was unconscious all the while, so when she had freed him, she quickly looked him over to see if she could see any injury. She couldn't, and with a great deal of effort, pulled him away from the door and towards the thin mattresses. Rolling him onto one, she sat on the other and watched him, feeling very self conscious about her nakedness. The wookiee, she knew, would not care about her lack of clothing, he thought humans looked silly enough with their clothes on, with them off, as far as the wookiee was concerned, they looked plain daft.

Mind you, she thought, looking down at her trim figure, small firm breasts, slim waist, flat belly, and great bush of pubic hair, at least Han appreciated her. She thought he did anyway, and began to cry a little as she thought of the man she was falling in love with so far away and unable to help her. Unknowing even of her plight. She cried herself out after a few moments, and then sat up. She was a princess wasn't she? A trained diplomat and negotiator. A little embarrassment like this was nothing compared to some she'd been through. And at least, she wasn't hurt.

She sat and watched him for a couple of hours, it was hard to tell because the light through the tiny barred windows didn't change, but on a planet with a day of almost forty standard hours, it would change gradually. His breathing was easy and light, and although he had a slightly musky smell it wasn't unpleasant, indeed, almost anything was more pleasant than the smell that wafted under the doors. The cell was fairly clean and dry, and at the moment it wasn't particularly cold, though that would probably change as it got nearer to evening.

She lay down, her back pressed against the wookiee's fur covered back, and tried to get some sleep. It had been a long day.

She awoke, suddenly and completely, listening intently to see if she could hear again whatever it was that had woken her up. She heard nothing, and after a while began to relax again. It was then that she realised that Chewie had moved. He had turned over and was now curled up behind her, his great arms around her, acting both as pillow and blanket. She snuggled back against him, and heard Chewie give a small grunt. It had an amused timbre to it, so she knew he was awake.

"Don't you dare tell anyone," she muttered.

Chewie just gave another untranslatable grunt. His fur was soft and silky, and it had an almost sensuous feel to it, so much so, that after a few minutes she began to rock herself very slightly, to feel the fur rubbing against her skin. It was a few minutes before she began to be aware that she was quite aroused, and once she was aware of it, in spite of her embarrassment, she couldn't dampen down her feelings, and her arousal increased. Surreptitiously, as if it was the most natural thing to do, she put one hand between her thighs, and slipped the tip of a finger inside herself, feeling the slickness.

Behind her, Chewie gave a slightly pained grunt, and she froze. Then, to her surprise and horror, she felt something start to dig into the base of her spine, and the top of her buttocks. A moment later, and at great speed, it forced its way between her thighs. Chewbacca had erected.

She could feel his thick penis against the back of her hand. It felt as furry as the rest of him.

In many ways she was still very innocent having had very little experience of sex before, and what she had was limited, albeit very briefly, to just two humans. She'd never even experimented with any of the sex toys or pleasure droids that had been available to one of her rank back on Alderaan. Before it had been destroyed. Consequently, she now wondered what a furry penis inside her might feel like, and the more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her, and the more she became aroused. Eventually she just had to scratch her 'itch'.

She pulled her hand away from her crotch and pressed Chewiee's hard penis against her gaping vulva, wrapping her hand around him as she did so. He felt so hard and hot. She slid her hand up and down it and realised that the very tip was completely devoid of fur. His penis wasn't as long or as fat as she might have expected from a being of a wookiees size, but then, even amongst humans, size varied quite considerably. Or so she'd been led to believe.

She stroked her thumb across the tip, and behind her Chewie whined at her. "Shut up," she whispered softly. "I'm horny, you're horny, let it just go at that." With that, she slid the very tip of the wookiees penis inside her. Again Chewie whined at her, but this time he also began to squeeze her a little. Grabbing his large hairy hands, she placed them on her breasts. The wookiee didn't pull away from her, but nor did he do more than rest his hands against her. She growled in frustration and pushed her chest against him, forcing him to put more pressure on her sensitive nipples.

She was starting to get a little desperate now, and with a sudden push, forced herself back and down, feeding his erect penis into her. Eventually she felt it nudge the opening to her womb and knew that she had taken in all she could. Her hands quickly told her that there was less than a centimetre of the wookiee's penis remaining outside her body. She stopped moving, and concentrated on the sensations inside her stretched vagina. The furry penis, as it had slid into her, had given her such delicious feelings, such beautiful sensations, that she was almost crying with the pleasure. She just hoped that Chewie was feeling the same.

She began to move her hips slowly back and forth, delighting in the new sensations that it brought to her tender insides, and began to orgasm almost immediately, giving a loud shriek as she finally came.

Chewie was still hard inside her when she regained her awareness, and, she realised with delight, he was now completely inside her. The sex having stretched her that final little bit to take the rest of the wookiees great penis into her. She loved the feeling of her crotch and backside pressed hard against his furry pelt.

After a very short while she knew she wanted something slightly different. Pulling quickly away from him she turned and looked at him. Chewie had an expression of worry and fear on his face. He whined at her, but of course she couldn't understand him. Where were Threepio or Han when she needed them. Just at the moment however, it wasn't either of them she needed, it was Chewbacca himself. She leaned forward and kissed him reassuringly, and then pushed him onto his back. Chewie rolled reluctantly. She climbed on top of him, realising that her arousal had started when she'd had to climb over him earlier to undo the ropes binding him. Taking hold of his penis again, she stroked it against her vulva, and then pressed it inside herself. With a sigh she allowed herself to slide down it until again it was all inside her.

She straddled the great wookiee looking with amazement down at him and at herself. Her dark, almost black, pubic bush almost completely covered by the wookiees much longer, thicker, fur. Moving her legs back and forth allowed Chewie's silky-soft fur to caress her thighs, bringing even more pleasurable sensation.

She began rocking her hips, and then bouncing a little, feeling his movements inside her as she did so. After a few moments, she rolled forward and lay on Chewie's chest, her face buried in his fur. Chewie's hands and arms began to caress her back and buttocks, and she began to orgasm helplessly, her whole body shaking convulsively against the furry body beneath her.

Neither of her two previous lovers had made her feel anything like this, so completely open and at peace with herself and everything. Only the sensuous feeling of the wookiee beneath her, and his great furry penis inside her were important.

Up until now, Chewie had just lain back and let her get on with pleasuring herself, but now, as she recovered from her second massive orgasm, he began to move inside her. This time it was Leia who just lay there, feeling the wookiee as he thrust into her. His movements were slow and gentle at first, but very quickly became more vigorous, until he was almost violent. But Leia didn't care, her whole body was on fire, she had never imagined that her body could feel like this. As she began to orgasm for a third time, she felt a sudden burning inside her, and knew that the wookiee had finally orgasmed, spilling his seed inside her.

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