Raising Morale

by Rose

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story is about adventure of new MD in his office

As the first graduate trainee manager at the clothes factory, I got a lot of stick from female workforce on the production line. Two girls in particular, Lisa and Emma, would make sexual comments as I passed down the line. I didn't fancy them in the slightest, so I tried my best to ignore them. Just before the annual works outing, which consisted of a weekend in Scarbororough, I hated it as a kid. Rather than go in the works bus, I drove there myself, missing dinner in the process, and joined everyone else in the bar. I must admit, it was an eye-opener to see all the lasses tarted up instead of wearing their dreary work overall.

After a pint with the boss I went to check into my room, but the damned key wouldn't work.

"Can't you get in, Mr. Andrews ?" a voice said. Turning round, I found myself face to face with Lisa. Smiling, she said " You can put your bags in my room and call the porter later." She was wearing a black, see through blouse with a lace bra underneath, a micro-mini and black shiny tights. She looked fantastic. Maybe a bit of fraternizing would be good, I thought, and I followed Lisa into her room.

"Have a double one of these," she said. "It'll put lead in your pencil." I didn't need any lead my pencil, as at that moment it was as solid as a rock. Thinking her, I sat on the edge of the bed. "Call me Dick, Lisa," I said. "The MD says we have to fraternize." Lisa gave me a wicked look and, staring my bulge, said, Let's drink to a wonderful weekend. The MD is probably getting his weekend away right now !"

Lisa was showing a lot of thigh and making me feel very randy. "Do you know what the girls on the line call you ?" Lisa asked. I shook my head. Lisa made a rude gesture and said, "Big Dick, and I can see why." I had to laugh. Fuck me, that sexy blouse showed off Lisa's nipple and I was thinking about night to come. "What do you get up to in your spare time ?" I asked, trying to make polite conversation. Her big wobbled as she shook with laughter. "The works trip is one big shagathon," she said. "Right now the MD is probably shagging the arse off Emma."

I slid an arm around Lisa, feeling the warm, bare flesh between blouse and skirt. She pouted her lips, signifying that she liked it. My hand raced up her back and unclipped her bra. At the same time I kissed her and undid her blouse. Lisa fell back onto the bed, removing both blouse and bra. My God, what lovely tits and neat nipples. I felt obliged to kiss them. The look on Lisa's face was encouraging. I undid my pants and she delved into my briefs and freed my cock, fondling my knob. "I like them with helmets on," she said. Her skirt was easy to remove and we both giggled as I struggled with her tights and knickers. She had quite a bush of dark, crinkly pubes. My fingers traced their naughty way among them, finding her clit and stimulating it, as all the while she lovingly fondled my stiff cock.

As I put on the condom, Lisa cast a leg over mine. "For a change, I'm in charge," she giggled. My lips headed for her milky tits and she rubbed her naked body against mine. She knew what she was doing and guided my cock into a very juicy love box, riding me as I suckled on her delicious nipples. "I bet were breast fed," she chortled. I tapped her bum and rolled her onto her back, diving between her creamy thighs. " Ooh, you dirty bastard, I love it," she said, and she did, too.

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