Second Visit

by Bullet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Slut Wife, Interracial, White Couple, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: After the wild time on our first visit had to visit the theater again

Our Second Porno Movie Visit as a Couple:

It was Saturday afternoon late when my wife May came into the room and asked, "Want to go to the movies tonight?"

"Where would you like to go", I responded hoping it was back to that porno theater we had visited last week. I was excited and afraid of her answer. I wanted to take her back and play in theater but wasn't sure that was what she had in mind.

"I was thinking about going back to that nice little porno theater you took me to. That was such a fun night. You enjoyed it too didn't you darling? You certainly fucked me like a man possessed afterwards. Even though I tried to stop you from eating my pussy since it was full of another man's cum, you insisted on going down on me. God you made me cum so hard. You did love it too, didn't you?"

"Yes darling, I loved the night and yes I loved how you acted. Honestly I would love to go back and let you play again. It gets me so excited and hard."

"Darling I have been shopping all week and I think I found the perfect dress to wear. Want to see it?" Shaking with excitement, I nodded yes.

About ten minutes later May return looking like a beautiful slut. I loved seeing her that way. She wore a short black dress that buttoned in front and the top two and bottom two buttons were open. This showed a lot of legs that were incased in black stockings held up by garters. You could see her white legs above the stockings as she walked. Her top opened so much that her nipples were almost exposed and if she turned just a little they would pop out hard and begging to be sucked. All I could say was, "Wow darling you look good enough to eat".

"Honey, if you want too, you will get that chance before tonight is over", she said smiling sweetly as she sat on the couch. It was then I saw that she wasn't wearing panties and her wet open pussy was exposed completely to me. I was shaking with excitement

"Can I take my lovely slut to dinner?" I asked. She smiled and told me to get changed she was ready to go.

Dinner at Denneys was quite an experience. From the moment we walked in guys were staring at May Wives looked at her then gave their husbands a look that said don't you dare look at her. I know you want to fuck her but I am your wife. I was so proud of May.

Couple of hours later just as it was getting dark we arrived theater. This time we walked in slowly and every guy in the lobby was looking at May as a prime pussy wanting to fuck her. She smiled at them as we entered the theater.

Tonight we were not the only couple in the theater. There was a crowd around what appeared to be two couples. I whispered, "Want to see what is happening?"

May nodded and we stood behind the two couples at the back of the theater. May moved slightly in front of me so that I could hold her and move my hands up to free her tits and tease her nipples. I immediately unbuttoned all her buttons and dress opened slightly.

The two couples were sitting woman, man, woman, and man. Soon the middle guy turned to the woman with the man next to her. I figured that this guy wasn't married to this woman. He started kissing her and undressing her as the other two watched. The other guy rested the head of the woman on his should and kiss her and she was stripped. The guy then mounted her and started fucking her as the other two looked on. The guys crowded around to watch. Except for this one guy that moved next to May and me. May turned to our company and said no and the guy moved away dejected. My heart sank, I thought, May isn't going to play tonight. We watched the raw sex unfold in front of us. Men were masturbating as the two fucked like raw animals. Guys cumming on the floor as they stared at the naked couple fucking.

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