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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's best not described. It's scifi though, just so you know. And it's short. <br>Here's a quote: "Boys, here she is. Amy, these guys will hook you up. You know what to do?"

The frost-coated dull black ships sat lifeless, their phallic noses pointing skywards as if to punctuate an erotic black fantasy. A dozen giant Negro clones, each lying on his back with his dark manhood erect, complete with bulging testicles of engines and fuel, as you might expect. Hairless though. Shaved and primped, ready and waiting in the pre-dawn chill.

As the day slowly awoke, and sunlight melted the white frost from the tops of the towers, people started to arrive at the adjoining laboratory, white coats and suits mingling happily, preparations well under way for the momentous event. Delays for weather and technical hitches were unlikely in the final hours, and nervous chatter filled the operations areas.

Off in one corner of the campus, Amy Webber was unloading the rest of her personal items from the small car, and lugging them through to her new home. They called them apartments, but really they were an integral part of the lab. Her meagre set of belongings failed to fill up the rooms, or even to hide the ever-present technology that surrounded her. Amy had agreed to the arrangements, as they all had, but now the reality of it all was settling on her like a heavy blanket.

Dropping the last of the items inside the door, she was pleasantly surprised to see Seth strolling toward her, his handsomely chiselled face smiling as he approached. She brightened somewhat as she looked at him a little more, and realised that it was worth it. He was worth it. Damn it, so was she.

"Hiya Ames. Can I help with those?"

"No, I'll sort them out later. Give me a kiss instead. I didn't expect to see you this morning."

"Now there's a bargain. No lifting required, and I still get the kiss. I had a few minutes to spare, and thought I should see how you were coping"

"I have to make the most of it, you know. The kissing, I mean. Give me another one."

Seth looked at her then, his eyes sparkling and near tears, though his smile had not disappeared. "Don't talk like that Amy. You've known all along what was going to happen. Don't you want to go through with it?" He watched her worriedly, realising idly that she was still gorgeous, even if she wasn't too happy.

"Oh, of course I do," she reassured him. "It's just not the easiest day."

"Well, I have some news about that. I think it's good, rather than bad. The launch time has been set. We don't lift off until nineteen hundred hours."

"Nineteen hundred? Seven PM, right?"

"You know Ames, you're going to have to get your head around military time, or you'll get in trouble around here."

"Yeah, I will. Just not today. So you'll be gone until when, about five?"

"Yep. You ladies are supposed to meet in the main lounge for lunch, and have a final briefing. I think they want to explain some stuff to you. I'm sure you've heard it all already, but you'd better be there."

"Oh, I will. I haven't seen some of the girls for months. I want to find out what they've been up to."

"I would imagine it would be much the same as us Amy. Getting to know their partners, and resisting the urge to fuck each other stupid."

"Yeah, well today I'm not so ready to jump in the sack with you Seth. No offence, but it's not exactly my romantic fantasy come to life."

"It's alright. When I come back this afternoon, we'll forget the rest of them exist. Promise."

"You will, but what if I can't?"

"You'll be fine. It's just nerves."

"I hope so."

"I know so. Anyway, gotta go. See you at Five."

"Okay then, if you must. Love you."

"You too."

And he went out through the apartment door, and headed back to the lab. Watching his tight butt walking smartly across the grass, Amy knew she wouldn't have any trouble getting in the mood when the time came. God knew she had thought of little else in the last few months.

Seth reappeared at the apartment at exactly Five PM, as Amy knew he would. He strolled back through the open door, turned and closed it behind him, and visibly relaxed.

"Come through to the dining room honey. I've fixed you a drink."

"I'm not allowed any alcohol today, remember."

"Don't worry. It's an iced tea with fruit. Take a seat. The food's nearly ready."

And they sat and chatted for a while, until an electronic beep from the kitchen caused Amy to jump and check on the meal. She returned with two steaming plates, and the two of them demolished it all without speaking. Pushing the plate away from himself as he finished, Seth put his elbows on the table, and rested his head on them, smiling at his love, memorizing her features for later.

"Honey, we had better get moving, or we might be late."

"Okay Seth," she replied. "I'll just get these dishes out of the way and then..."

"No, leave the dishes. You'll have plenty of time later."

"So this is it?"

"This is it. You want to use the bathroom first?"

"Yeah, thanks. You take these plates out then."

"No problem. Yell when you've finished in there."

"Okay. I love you Seth."

"I know. And stop worrying."

"Okay. I'll try."

The bathroom was an electronic marvel in itself, but Amy didn't notice. She used the toilet and had a quick shower, then removed the chart from the cabinet, and placed the dots on her body to exactly match where they were marked on the picture. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she pressed the scan button beside it, and a strong light shone from behind the mirror somehow, and then a robotic voice asked her to turn around. The light eventually disappeared, and the voice returned, confirming that the dots had been correctly placed.

Amy wrapped a large towel around herself, left the bathroom, called to Seth to let him know, and then walked down to the bedroom. This room wasn't filled with obvious technology, but she knew it was there, nonetheless. It looked like any bedroom might, drawers and cabinets, pictures on the walls, a large window looking out onto the nearby lake, and an ornate antique-looking bed against the far wall.

Dropping the towel shyly next to the bed, she quickly placed her small, momentarily cold nakedness between the fresh sheets, and lay still, waiting for Seth to return.

The ever ebullient Seth came strolling into the room towel-less, his short hair bristling in silhouette; his muscled chest tightly packed; his muscled hairy thighs surrounding his manhood, flaccid but interested, swinging jauntily in time with his walk. Amy didn't even notice that he had a set of bright green dots which matched her red ones, engrossed as she was in watching his groin dance.

Throwing himself into the bed, he leaned over and gave his lover a quick peck on the cheek, and then looked at her for a moment. Lying here in the bed, she looked starkly beautiful. Her face without any trace of cosmetics, her long black hair lying neatly either side of her warm dark face, her nervous smile brightening as he watched him watch her.

"You know, I've been thinking about this for so long, I wasn't surprised to see you lying there?"

"I'm pleased you didn't think it should be someone else."

"Oh, it couldn't be, Amy. You and me. It was destined, and you know it."

The scientific reality was a little different however. Amy had applied to the corporation to be included in the project, and her acceptance had only been confirmed when the endless battery of tests had been completed, and she was found to be compatible with one of the pilots. Only then had she met Seth. But as the months rolled by, the computer simulations had proven correct for a change, and the two of them had grown close, neither wishing to part for any longer than necessary.

"You'd best give me one of those famous kisses then, just to prove it."

"Any time, my dear." And he proceeded to kiss her gently on her mouth.

As the familiar sensations whirled within her body, Amy slowly forgot the surroundings, the dots, the flight, everything except the pressure of Seth's lips, and then his tongue, caressing her mouth with a mixture of boyish enthusiasm and mature control. As their tongues entwined gently, and slid silently from his home to hers, only to return just as tenderly, Amy felt a warmth stirring between her legs, and knew that this time there would be no need to hold back.

Pushing Seth gently back on the bed, she climbed on him, straddling his hips with her legs, her knees pressing into his ribs, and lowered her face to his again. As she got reacquainted with his tongue, her hands roamed over his chest and stomach, feeling the muscles under the skin, and the small erect nipples. As she gently wound her fingertips over him, Seth reached up and took her breasts firmly in his own hands. As his thumbs touched her aching nipples, she jumped in shock, a pulse jumping from her breasts to the heat between her legs, and she sighed happily. Moving her hands further down his prostrate body, she rubbed his navel and the curve of his hips, and moved one hand down further, to the dark growth she had seen on his way to the bed, and discovered his erection, large, hard and ready, the tip hot in her hand, the length of it quivering with her caress. His groans as she felt her way along its length were just the encouragement she needed, and she lowered herself down his body until her clitoris and his penis were touching each other, and proceeded to move gently up and down, his hardness providing just the scratch her itch needed. As precum oozed from the tip of him, the friction decreased until the rubbing motion was just right.

Her supple naked body was finding its own rhythm on top of his, her muscles flexing lightly as he continued to stroke her breasts in time with her movements. Feeling she couldn't hold on much longer, and determined that he should erupt inside her, she moved her body up a little more toward his face, and with a little help from her hand, she pushed herself down on him, impaling herself, pulling him inside her, deep and hard, pressing against her cervix with the tip of his hot erection.

Taking hold of his shoulders now, she pulled him sideways and over until she was lying on the bed, and he was prone upon her, his legs between hers as she pulled him in closer, and pulled his head down to kiss him roughly.

"Now Seth. Fill me. Break me."

And Seth started to move his cock in and out, a little at first, and then both the distance and the speed increasing until he was almost withdrawing it completely, and then thrusting it back, accompanied by Amy's thrusts from beneath, and the voiceless press of her fingertips on his shoulders, digging into his skin as her need increased.

Pumping now with ferocious intensity, sweat pouring from his face, he felt a change in the tightness beneath him as Amy began to climax, her vagina clamped around him, and she groaned deep in her throat as her whole body shook. The pressure brought him over the edge, and his body tensed and stiffened above her as he pumped his seed deep within, his body slowing, the muscles relaxing as his penis continued a gradually weakening series of pulses inside her hot tunnel.

As the pulses stopped, he looked down at the genuine smile on Amy's face, and asked her what was so amusing.

"You know Seth, I completely forgot they were watching."

"They weren't really watching Amy. Monitoring, perhaps."

"They might as well have been. Heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature, sweat levels, hormonal counts, timing, brainwaves. If that's not watching, it's the next best thing."

"Well, maybe, but you shouldn't worry about it. Listen, it's time to go."

"Oh, not yet. You must have some more time still."

"No, I have to go. I'd love to stay too, but the mission comes first."

Suddenly Seth was all business again, and he hopped out of bed, gave her one last kiss on the forehead, and returned to the bathroom to wash and dress

Lying alone in bed, Amy reflected that it was a very satisfying goodbye fuck, but she still didn't want him to go. Especially as he wouldn't be back for twenty years, if at all.

As the pilots assembled back in the lab, and final testing of the lifesuits and monitoring equipment began, the ladies gathered slowly in the communal lounge, sad faces and tears the norm, voices quiet and sentences short. They were all thinking the same things, and they were the same things that women had thought for thousands of years when their men went off to explore, protect, fight.

There was a difference here though. These women were vital to the success of the project. It hadn't been nicknamed the 'pecker project' for nothing.

Mankind had discovered a means of faster than light travel and then struggled for a hundred years with the problem of communications. They needed a way for signals to be passed between Earth and the ships, and radio just didn't cut it. Then about ten years earlier, a study of sex and sleep habits had shown that in some partnerships, a form of telepathy was found to occur during orgasm. Further investigations had led to ways of electronically enhancing the effect to the point where it was possible for computers to pass information through this telepathic connection more or less instantaneously. A period of testing had proven the workability of the solution, if you put aside any social questions.

Two days later, Amy was woken by a somehow urgent bleep from the headboard of her bed and the simultaneous low-tech knock on her apartment door. She dragged herself to an alert state, and pressed the response button as the procedures demanded.

"Amy Webber. What is it?"

"Sorry to wake you Amy, but we need you in the lab right away."

"Now? I thought we had another week?"

"You should have had. We need to get some info to Seth's team immediately. An escort is waiting at your door."

"Yeah, I can hear him knocking."

"Throw a robe on and come down with him. Quickly."

"Okay Nes. I'm on my way. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, no worry, as long as we can get this data to them."

"Okay. Be there soon."

And she sat back on the bed, still trying to clear her head following the unexpected call. Finally awake enough to function properly, she jumped up from the bed in her nightgown, wrapped herself in her dressing gown, and threw her slippers on. Now covered in at least the bare minimum of clothing, she walked quickly out to the door, and opened it to the escort, who was nervously checking his watch as he waited.

"It's alright. Here I am. Let's go."

"Thank goodness. I thought they were going to make me come inside and get you."

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