Watching Jenn

by Interval

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Desc: Sex Story: This is another Jenn story. In this installment my girl Jenn is permitted to fuck another man.

Author's Note: As you read the adventures of my girl Jenn, you may wonder if she is real or just my fantasy. She is both. Jenn is a woman I met via the Internet. Although we had never met, she confided in me her most secret fantasies and I helped her explore them through my stories. She became my fantasy woman, my inspiration for writing erotica. After almost 18 months Jenn and I finally met one hot summer evening. Within five minutes we knew our relationship would never be the same. Many of my stories about us came to life that night. Jenn gave herself to me that night like no other woman had. Jenn is so open about her sexuality, so easy to trust, so easy to love.

I could feel my cum inside Jenn's pussy as the three of us sat chatting over brunch. Me, Jenn and the guy she wanted to fuck. If my memory serves me his name was Kevin. I had Jenn wear her short black dress so I could discreetly finger her while she made the introductions and guided the conversation. Our day started two hours earlier making love. Her makeup hid the lingering flush of exertion that came from putting her through her paces.

Jenn is my mistress. She is my lover and my slut. We share a rather unique relationship that works well for us. When we first started chatting it didn't take long for us to admit we could never be monogamous. We hadn't been for sometime, and each us knew we never would be again. When we started we believed this would be another short term fling. That night in Dallas, our first fuck, proved us very wrong.

We came to one another knowing we would never be exclusive. We didn't want to cheat. We were tired of the lies. We were tired of hiding, and the stolen moments of secretly fucking other people. One of her former lover's called it "front seat action." For us that term became code for hiding the fact we were going to fuck other people. We choose to build a sex life that works very well for us. I know who Jenn fucks, both men and women. I pass judgment and grant approval of each of her partners. In return, I never fuck another woman unless Jenn was either present, has knowledge or had set it up for me.

I told Jenn and --Kevin was it?--to take their leave. We were staying at the Westin downtown, near the start and finish of tomorrow's marathon. The two soon-to-be lovers left hand in hand as I picked up the sports section. The men's winner of the marathon tomorrow was expected to finish in roughly two hours and 15 minuets. If I caught a good day I might be at the a bit past the halfway point tomorrow morning when the winner crossed. At 42 and a former rather plump smoker, I raced for reasons other than winning. Most of my brethren in suffering and sweat raced for similar reasons.

Jenn and what-his-name (hell, let's just call him Kevin) were in bed when they heard the bolt click and the door open. Both of them knew I would be present. Jenn, as usual, wanted me to be there. This was one of our "things." She admitted afterwards that Kevin kept asking if she was sure she wanted me there and even went so far as to suggest locking me out of the room. Jenn told him he had just used only one of two strikes. She had explained the situation to him, in detail, well in advance of brunch. "If you are going to pussy out of this deal then right now is a perfect time," she told him in the elevator.

Jenn had found Kevin, as usual, on the internet. Sorting through offers was almost a full-time job for her. About 90 per cent of her offers never made the first cut. Even if you made it past round one your odds continued to drop. She would exchange email and talk on the phone with you to ascertain if you were truly committed to swinging, judge your degree of inhibition and see for herself if you were full of shit or telling the truth. Jenn has a keen nose for bullshit. Make it that far and you should consider yourself truly talented. If she wants to fuck you, then you get to prove your trustworthiness and honor to me. Make it that far and you are on your own to meet us and accept judgment. You need to bring your self confidence.

I entered the room as the two lay kissing and touching on the pristine white bed. Kevin would stole nervous glances at me as I poured myself of fresh coffee Jen had brewed for my arrival. I strolled over the chair and made myself comfortable. I never said a word and never acknowledged the existence of anyone else in the room.

Jenn broke the embrace and positioned herself to blow him. She took his hard cock and began licking up and down the shaft. He tried to push the head of his cock into her mouth, and in return Jenn moved to lick and suck his balls. Looking me in the eyes Jenn took his cock into her mouth. Our eyes were locked as she slowly worked his shaft into her mouth and down her throat. Her nostrils flared as she sucked his cock. At this point I must tell you that Jenn is an accomplished cocksucker. She loves the feel of a hard cock in her mouth and relishes the power it gives her. Slowly bobbing her head she never broke eye contact with me.

Jenn moved her ass towards Kevin and spread her legs indicating she wanted him to finger her pussy. Jenn told me later she would have moved into the 69 position but she had finally given up on expecting anyone to eat her pussy properly. For Jenn, I was the acknowledged master of eating pussy. She admitted that other men and women only disappointed her now. She even quit teasing me about finding my equal. That quest was fruitless for her. Not that I am the reigning world champion of eating pussy, but in Jenn's world I have the title belt. But to my credit, many of her girlfriends will acknowledge my prowess. If it cannot be me, then Jenn would rather have a finger or two inside her as she sucked cock or ate pussy.

Let me tell you a secret about Jenn's pussy; it seems to be elastic. Jenn's pussy looks and tastes wonderful, but the sensation of having it wrapped around your cock is beyond compare. Jenn was always going on and on about how tight she was. I took her description with a grain of salt and was quite surprised me the first time we fucked. At 4'11 Jenn is small to start with. I have wondered if her ex-husband and first fuck, were he to fuck her today, would find her as tight as she was at 15. Jenn has delivered a child, fucked some huge cocks and giant dildos but her pussy snaps back to its original very tight fitting form. It is simply amazing.

Jenn began to make her little noises as Kevin finger fucked her pussy (which, remember, still had my cum inside of it). Jenn was taking care not to take Kevin too close to the edge as she blew him. She didn't want his cum in her mouth. Jenn like the taste of cum, and not just my cum. But for whatever reasons she doubted his staying power. She slowly blew him while riding his fingers. After a bit Jenn took his cock out of her pretty mouth and looked up at me. I know the look. I reached into my pocket and took out a condom. I tossed it to her and she grabbed it in mid-air.

"You ready for some pussy, Kevin? Is your cock ready for me?" she asked him.

I kept my stone face as Kevin got ready to receive the second part of his half and half. I watched as Jenn opened the foil wrapper and rolled the condom over the head of his cock and down the shaft. Then facing me with her ass to Kevin she positioned her tight, shaved pussy over the stiff cock. Never taking my eyes off of me she slid down on his cock.

"I love you," she sighed as his cock split her lips and sank inside.

"What? You what?" Kevin exclaimed.

"Not you. I wasn't talking to you. You just need to keep that nice cock hard for me."

I smiled and nodded my head. Jenn began slowly bouncing up and down on the cock below her. Kevin began to tell her how good she felt and encouraging her to fuck him. Jenn paid him little mind and kept her eyes on me as she rode. I sat quietly and watched as my mistress, my lovely slut, rode the man she had just met. Kevin pumped her nicely and managed not to cum within the first few strokes. Jenn asked him to take his thumb and gently fuck her ass with it. When Kevin did not comply Jenn tried again. "Come on, baby. Wet your thumb and just put a little of it in my ass. I love the feel of a man playing with my ass when I fuck. Come on, pleeeeeze? You can do it. It makes me feel so good."

At that point I think Kevin was starting to feel as if the situation was a bit surreal. Maybe it was just too weird for him. Maybe Kevin wasn't nearly as kinky or open-minded as he thought. But he wouldn't do it. Jenn frowned and I finally made a sound. I laughed, just a little but I did laugh. Jenn looked at me sternly and mouthed "Fuck You!" I knew she liked to have her ass played with when she fucked and I knew just how to perform that act for her.

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