Round One

by E

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Desc: Sex Story: Fantisy an ex-freind told me once apon a time.

It is a dark room. All that can bee seen is a faint figure moving across the room slowly.

"Are you all right dear?" the figure has stopped over another figure on the bed, who also cannot be made out very well. As the figure speaks it is clear it is female.

"Yes, a little nervous though." The other is a male, her lover, or soon to be lover.

"You know you don't have to do anything," her sentence is broken when her lips are met by his, "If you don't want to." He was not the only one who was nervous, she was shaking, but she wasn't going to let him know that. Heavens no. She is always strong, and yet she is a scared little girl again. She slides her hand over his chest and cuddles there for a moment listening to his heart beating. It is fast, and slightly irregular. She kisses his neck and squeezes his sides a little to reassure him that everything is fine. Soon the kisses turn into soft bites, then a little more than soft. A small moan escapes his lips and she backs off a little. Her only job is to get him turned on, nothing more, he is supposed to take care of everything else. He took that as his cue to start. He has been ready to start for a while now, but he always enjoys a little play time with her. He runs his hand along the outside of his jeans not really touching anything, just telling anything that was in there to be ready for some fun, in any form. He felt her hands again, but this time they weren't bringing comfort, they were bringing a blindfold.

"why?" his puzzlement was merely an act, he knew why, he was just being a brat. The blindfold on securely she leaned down and kissed him, and whispered in his ear "you really don't have to." Her hair tickled his neck, he kissed her again and made no motion to imply he wasn't willing. She climbed off the bed and sat at the side of the bed after lighting a candle. She placed her head on the side of the bed looking at him, broad shoulders, gentle-giant hands, and thinking how wonderful and perfect he was to her. She wasn't even really paying attention to what his hands were doing, until he made a little noise, then she knew and watched intently. Picking everything up to know what to and not to do later when it would be her turn to do this to him. The noise was caused by a cold hand meeting warm flesh. Both of his hands were now inside the crotch of his pants. She wondered how he had any room to do anything with two hands and a hard on in such close quarters. She watched as his hands moved around, how fast, or slow, which direction. Then she looked to his face, watched for some expression, pleasure was the most noticeable. When she looked back to the 'action' she found he had pulled out his cock, she though he would, you can only do so much while still wearing clothes. His hands moved, almost without any effort, over, around and along the sides of his hard cock. His moans and noises became louder and more often as his hands explored more and more. She was feeling brave, but did not want to scare him. She put her head by his and nudged him with her nose.

"Can, or would you be willing to teach me?" as she ran her hand down his arm, almost getting to his hands and his hard cock, and ran it back up to his shoulder.

"um... I guess, just don't hurt me." He smiled at her, it was only in jest, he knew she would never hurt him like that. She placed her hands on the outside of his with her fingers in-between his, she wasn't quite ready for the entire handful yet. Her fingertips were exploring the flesh of every part he took her to. sending new feelings through her body. Every time her fingers felt his flesh below she became more turned on by the whole experience. She moved her hands from outside his to the inside, making her hands the only things to touch his beautiful hard-on. She shut her eyes, registering every sensation to her brain to store it for later enjoyment. When she looked down she saw the head getting purple, and her lover was bracing for an orgasm. She had another urge, but was not sure if she should act on it or not. She decided she should, and took her hands away. He made a very loud, playful, somewhat hurt sound.

"I was close, are you ok? Did I do something wrong?" he sat up took off the blindfold and put his arms around her.

"No you didn't do anything dear, I'm going to do something to you, and I need to prepare myself for it." He looked at her questioningly.

"Don't worry I'm sure you will enjoy it." She made him put the blindfold back on and lay back down. After he was settled again, she positioned herself. She then worked up courage enough to start. She took her tongue and ran it from the space between his balls to the tip of his head.

"OH WOAH." Was his only response. She took that to mean he enjoyed it and so she continued. Only this time she brought her hand up and gently pushed his cock to the side of her cheek, she rubbed her face against it and then took a deep breath and plunged his whole cock into her mouth. She moved up and down his hard shaft and massaged every inch of it with her tongue. She was so focused on what she was doing she didn't hear his moans, panting, and screams of pleasure. When she relaxed a little she noticed what he was saying, not really words, but parts of words, moans and very heavy breathing. He managed to pull himself together enough to tell her to stop. She did immediately, thinking she was hurting him.

"God I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." She kissed the side of his sweat covered face.

"You didn't babe, I'm really, REALLY close, and yeah..." she knew what he was talking about, and decided she should try it at least once to know if it was something she liked or not. She kissed him again and went back to his quivering member. She pulled on it a little like he had her do before and put it back in her mouth. Every time she would pull up with her mouth she would do the same with her hands. She massaged is balls as well, it was fun, if for no other reason than the noises he was making were making her even hotter. In one jerk of his body and a loud moan she had a mouthful of his cum. She let it drip down the sides of his cock and drew away.

"Ok, I've done it, and now I know you can keep your bodily fluids in yourself or down there." as she pointed to her moist cunt. He blushed a little and got off the bed and wondered out. She sighed a little and rolled to her side of the bed. When he returned he snuggled in with her pressing his body to hers. His hands took to exploring her body as they normally do.

"aren't you tired babe?" she looked into his eyes as he shook his head and grinned. His hands went over her ribs to cup her breasts, followed the curve of her arm, the shape of her back, and finally he could resist no more. He slid his hand into the folds of her thighs and was investigating her pussy before either of them realized he was hard again. He however was ignoring that part of his body, it had gotten the attention it wanted, now it was her turn to have attention. His fingers new the way around this part of her, he had explored it many times. The hands moved across the edge of the lips and the clit. She was moaning, as he was when she clawed his back, what she could reach that is. He rolled her over to her back, she responded with a questioning look. His only reply was an evil grin. He kissed along her breasts and ribs, until he found her ticklish spot and she wiggled and laughed. After a smile and a kiss and a laugh he continued down her body. She brought her legs up and pinned him before he could get very far.

"I know what you are planning mister man," she looked at his innocent face "and I've had more than enough of that sort of thing." She grinned, as did he. She loosened her grip on him and he scooted up a little. Is cock almost entering her. She felt the near penetration and moaned again. They looked into each others eyes and smiled as they kissed.

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