Miss Kitty

by E

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: sci-fi kind of thing. lead lady is half Cat.

"Give Sam a lap dance." She saw Kale's face and sat up.

"Kale? I thought you said we weren't an item. Are you changing your mind now?" He looked down to the floor saying nothing. She stood; clearly the liquor was having an affect on her ability to stand. She fell into Magnus' lap on her way giving him a hard-on he couldn't do anything about. She straddled Sam then started moving her hips making it look like they were actually having sex. She grabbed the waist of his pants and leaned back still moving. He was biting his lip watching and feeling her on him. She felt his body reacting and leaned all the way forward putting her chest against his. Her hot breath on his neck finished what she was going for and he fell onto his back when she staggered back to her spot.

"Dude, you want to go change?" all the guys were laughing as a stain formed in the crotch of his pants. While Sam was gone Jarvis took his turn, "give Magnus the kiss of his life." Kale's leg touched hers when she straddled Magnus and he could hear her thoughts. 'Jealous yet Kale or are you just holing onto all of it to beat them up when I'm not around?' When she climbed off the couch she was laying on the floor staring at the ceiling, "ok anything else that requires one of you guys means you will have to come over here. I can't walk anymore." Sam got back, "take it all off." Kale stood up, his temper was getting the better of him, "no, she may be drunk but can we please leave her with her dignity." She sat up and looked at Kale as he sat down. She slid the pants off and crawled to where he was sitting. She rubbed her head along the inside of his thigh and worked her way up to his bare chest. Her body was still in between his legs and she was looking up with eyes he had never seen, they were dark blue now. She softly bit his chest and stomach while her breasts moved along the top of his pants. She stopped and looked at the stereo behind him. She pulled out a tiny disc from her pants on the floor and put it into the CD player. After punching a few buttons a slightly erotic song started and she went back to the position she was in before. The other guys had all bunched on the end of the couch to have a better view of what she was doing to Kale. She went back to biting him, but added her hands to massage of his pants. He watched her face as she moved. He was hard when she started on Sam and his cock was pushing against the fly of his pants begging to be released. Every time her hand or breast would moved along the top of his pants he wanted too just push her onto the floor and make her scream his name. There wasn't enough room for her to straddle him so she put one leg in his crotch and one on the other side of his leg when she moved up. Now her bites were getting harder and her hands weren't just gliding over the top of his fly they were massaging the very apparent bulge. She licked the edge of his ear, "You going to do what you are thinking or are you," she moved to his other ear nearer to the group of guys, "going to try and ignore what you want?" She sat up and didn't touch him clearly awaiting an answer. He didn't move or say anything trying to figure out what to do. She looked to the boys at the end of the couch then moved off of Kale and crawled toward them, "maybe one of you can quench my thirst." Kale pulled her back, "we are leaving." He stood and lifted her from the couch. She fought back and got away from his grip. She ran through the open balcony door and did a swan dive into the lake. All the guys ran to the rail and looked into the lake to find her. She threw her bikini top and bottom at Kale, "come get me big boy. You may just like what happens." He jumped into the water and swam out to where she was.

The water was shallow enough for their heads to be above the water line and she wrapped her legs around him while her hands unbuttoned his pants, "did it make you hard watching me on Sam?" She pushed off of him back into the black water. She resurfaced again closer to the dock by the cabin, she was leading him back.

"He grabbed her and forcibly kissed her, "Jealous." She laughed a little, "but you've had a hard cock ever since he passed out. You want me to do that to you?" He said nothing; he only looked at her, "now is not the time to be getting shy Kale. Right now you are the only one I want to be with. You better step up, or lose out." she pushed free of him and swam to the dock. She stood on the dock watching him, her naked body seemingly reflecting the moon light. She looked to the boys still at the rail on the balcony.

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