20 Minutes with Cathy

by Finc

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Best friends slut wife blackmailed and gets a blow job to remember.Short to the point story.(Ignore the score, decide for yourself. I like it! Finc

I rang the door bell of my best friend's house and stood there a little nervous. Jack wouldn't be in. In fact he was due to meet me the other side of town in twenty minutes time. He was a big man who didn't fuck around and I had thought long and hard before deciding to make this visit. The door opened the beautiful brunette vixen in front of me was a little surprised. The woman was Cathy, Jacks wife. She was medium height with olive tanned skin. Her dark massacred eyes matched her long straight almost black hair. She was beautiful in a sexy, sluttish sort of way; wicked glinting eyes, high sucking cheekbones and a fabulous curvy figure.

"You're meant to be with Jack?" She asked her head cocked to one side.

"Yes I am." I replied then putting more steel in my voice I added, "But we need to have a chat."

She looked a little confused, shrugging her shoulders allowing me inside. She then followed me into her living room, short skirt showing her tanned heeled legs to perfection.

I didn't waste any time." Cathy I saw you yesterday in the mall with that man." She looked shocked and nervous. "Don't deny it. I was there." Her expression change quickly to one of anger." That's nothing, he's just a friend. What the fucks it got to do with you?" I shook my head in disapproval. "Remember I've got one of those mobiles that can take pictures. Well yesterday I found a use for it." I produced the phone showing three different digital pictures of Cathy and the man appearing to kiss and be intimate. It was then her turn to shake her head.

"It's not what it seems, he's a friend. He was getting too frisky I set him straight. You must have seen that surely?" I nodded remembering how she'd nearly slapped him, before they both parted a little embarrassed. "Yeah but these pictures I have don't say that, do they? He's your boss isn't he?" She nodded. I continued. "Look Cathy, Jack and I are life long friends If I show him these and say you were all over him what will he do?" Cathy's mouth opened in shock." He'd do something crazy before anyone could stop him." I agreed. Jack had been in prison for assault before, he'd definitely do time for beating the shit out of her boss and maybe even Cathy.

She sat down legs tight together skirt riding up." Why? Why would you do something like that?" I continued feeling my confidence strengthen at the sight of her nerves. "Listen honey I've got a solution why don't I just erase theses if you do something for me." She looked up nervously, "Like what?"

I went for broke. Me and Jack lets say didn't quite live on the right side of the law. We had wealth and excellent lifestyles. But there had been a price; both of us if needed knew where to get and how to use an unregistered firearm. If this went wrong I'd need to find one pretty quick. His trophy wife looked up her glamorous make cupped face waiting for my answer. "I'll erase the pictures and never mention it again if..." I paused before adding,"if now this minute you get on your knees and suck my cock!" There I'd said it. All those times I'd thought it I'd finally said it. Cathy understandably was appalled. "But you're his best friend.I... we... etc, etc."I repeated my offer more firmly adding I've got to meet him very soon." She put her head in her hands." I can't believe this is..." I interrupted her moans." Do it honey, let me see what you've got." Suddenly my phone rang. I answered, it was Jack! Cathy froze in fright as I spoke.

"Yeah sorry I know... I'll be there soon I... Yeah, yeah... ok. Oh remember that phone I was talking about, well... yeah ok." I finished the call. "I smiled" He's pretty pissed with me, but wait until he sees what I've got to show him."

Cathy gulped as she began to get up from the chair. "You dirty bastard you know I can't let him see those pictures," She hissed as I took the signal she would agree to my deal." Good girl, lets get on with it then." I said suddenly gripping the neck of her T-shirt with both hands ripping it open her fantastic hard tits springing out. "Uh, what the fuck!" I pushed her commandingly to the floor, her domes bouncing as she went. Her tits were bronzed, nipples dark and fat." Let's go, time to save your marriage Cathy." I unbuckled my pants letting them drop, quickly followed by my boxers.

She looked nervously as if unsure what to do with my hairy limp maggot. I grabbed her head pulling her closer her hands reaching up the long nails caressing the wrinkled flesh.

"Oh god Cathy, uhh that's its baby." Her hand pulled back my foreskin the cock beginning to harden the purple head popping into view.

"Pull the skin back uhhh ohh, ahhh" I began to slowly pump, my cock getting harder and harder her hands cold on the flesh. I pushed her head from behind forcing her full lips towards my scrotum. "Suck baby get both balls in your mouth." She grunted in disgust but then I felt her lovely mouth envelope my sack. Instantly my cock began to buck reaching it full fat erection. Her fingers caressed my heads rim then her nails touched my tip. My cock was no great length; in fact it may have only just been 6 inches. But what I missed in length I made up for in girth. It was like a veined aerosol can, stubby but inches in diameter. Cathy's eyes widened as she looked up at my cock.

"Yeah that's right baby its fat isn't it? You're gonna need all of that big kissable mouth to swallow this."

Her head rose higher, hand still slowly caressing the length and bulbous head as she moaned. "Oh God no this can't be... oh God!" Her finger put pressure on my spunk hole.

"Uggghhhhhh oh, fuck! Yeah that's it push your nail down my eye hole uhhhhh!" Her finger nail pressed harder on the slit; the manicured tip painful but arousing. "Agggggggggg." The hole was wet already, a small stream of precome smearing her finger tip, Cathy whimpering at the sight of it." Lick it off; push your tongue down into it now."

Her head moved closer still, her long tongue tip touching my head pressing. I gently pulled her hair to one side letting it cascaded over her bare shoulder so I could see all the action."Ohhhhhhhhhh Mhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I pushed forward and with my hands on her head she had no choice but to open up my cock entering her mouth.

Straight away she coughed and tried to pull back. Her painted lips only just seemed to stretch enough to let the fleshy tube into her mouth. My cock head pushed her tongue back and I grimaced as her pearl teeth scrapped along the exposed tender eye hole.

I eased the back of her throat onto my cock. She was swallowing the full length. Her cheeks sucked as I continued to pull her onto me. Suddenly her hands gripped my butt the nails pressing in. She was struggling." Just a ugh little more uuggghh!" My cock was no school ruler I knew she could take its full length till her lips pressed around its base.

I was all the way in! Her nose and lips pressed against my hairy pelvis, my weeping head touching near her tonsils, a full deep throat. She gurgled, the large width making her feel like she was swallowing a hero sandwich in one bite."Mmmmmmffffff!"I began to pump her mouth, her wet lips smearing my appearing and disappearing length with hot lubricating spittle.

I grunted with satisfaction my best friend's wife choking on my cock." Ugh suck it down yeah, Aggggg. You dirty sexy bitch. Oh baby I'm gonna pump your mouth so good!"

Cathy could only gargle and cough her hands pressed on my waist pushing back trying to relieve the thrusts."Mgggg! Mgggggggg!"

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