New Horizons

by Libro

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man and his wife enjoy sexual awakenings

The cabin was small. There was only one bedroom just large enough for a double bed to be situated on each side of the opening into the room.

When I first visited the mountain cabin as guests of Bob and Sarah I was uncomfortable with the lack of privacy. My wife Jenny seemed comfortable with it. She had been there several times before when work had prevented me from joining them. Bob and Sarah were in and out of the room while Jenny changed into The extra large T-shirt she used for a nightgown. It disturbed me at first and then I began to experience a little thrill at the idea of Bob seeing my curvacious wife in various stages of undress. The three of them were laughing and chatting and making little jokes like it was the most natural thing in the world for four adults to be running around half naked in front of one another. From the begining of the friendship Jenny seemed to be closer to Bob and Sarah. Work freqently prevented me from joining them but I ws happy Jenny has such good friends to keep Her company.

We spent the evening in the tiny cabin playing various card games and drinking margaritas. I was a bit surprised at the number of drinks Jenny had. She was not much of a drinker. It seemed like Sarah always had a new drink waiting for her as soon as she finished one. I turned in early. I think it was so I could get out of clothes and under the covers before the room was full of people. I dozed off with the murmer of voices in the other room lulling me to sleep. Something woke me and I realizd that Jenny and our hosts had entered the bedroom. They were whispering and giggling about something. Jenny moved onto the bed beside me, continuing her whispered coversation across the space between the two beds. I pretended to be asleep. Jenny must have continued with the margaritas after I went to bed. Her speech was very slurred. Bob and Sarah were giggling about that. Sarah kept asking Jenny to repeat what she had just said and finally Jenny got back out of bed and crossed the opening to their bed. The room was dark except for the dim glow of a night light. They could not see that I was watching them. Sarah, giggling, pulled back the covers and invited Jenny into bed with them. To my amazement, Jenny crawled in between them. Bob moved over laying on his back against the wall. Jenny situated herself between them. There was continued whispering and then soft giggles and the sound of Jenny's voice admonishing Bob. "Bob! Stop it". More giggles. Again, "Sarah, do something with your husband!" More giggles when Sarah said, "do something with him yourself."

I eased my head up silghtly to better seee what was going on in the adjacent bed. My imagination ran wild and my cock grew in my hand as I envisioned Bob feeling up my sweet, drunk, little Jenny. I was terribly jealous and emensly excited all at the same time. I had seen his huge fat cock in the shower. I imagined it penetrating and spreading my Jenny's sweet tight pussy. I strained to hear snatches of whispered conversation. the situation had become more serious. the giggling had stopped, replaced by tones of a more serious and cajoling nature. "Relax, doesn't that feel good?" "Slip these off." "It's ok, give me your hand, hummm, wouldn't that feel good if it was in there?" I could seeing bodies shifting. Bob was kissing Jenny! I could hear the sound of wet kisses. Sarah had her hand on Jenny's leg, holding it against her. Bob moved his body on top of Jenny. She was quite, just staring up at the face above her. Her one knee was traped under Bob's hip and the other was being held apart by Sarah. Jenny started to speak and Bob covered her open mouth with his. I felt my cock surging between my legs. I grabbed it and began to slowly pull at it as I watched the couple in the next bed seduce my wife. Sarah's voice, "Here let me help." "Does that feel good?" "Is it in?" Jenny tiny voice emits a long sigh, "Oh my God." Bob's lower torso has begun to move slowly about as if he is searching for the right spot. Jenny's voice, "Sarahhh, oh my God, Sarahhh." Bob grunts and moans,"that's it! thats good, ahhhhhh." I watch as his hips sink into the vally between my wifes bent knees and rise again as he began stroking in and out of her. My sweet little Jenny was getting fucked in the bed next to me! My cock is drippig pre-cum as I squeeze myself and slowly move from the bed across to the three people wrapped up in sexual union with each other. I needed to be a part of it. I eased down onto the bed on my knees. Sarah jerked her head over and stared at me her mouth open. I put my finger to my lips and smiled. She smiled back. I brazenly slid my hand up her inner thigh to her pussy and cupped her softness in the palm of my hand. She moaned and pressed against me. Jenny was facing away

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