Hi I'm Jax II

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I was sitting at my computer writing up a story sent to me by a reader, I've being getting a few of late, more would be nice. Anyhow there I was when the front door bell went. Shit the last thing I needed tonight was company, I thought.

I was sitting at my computer writing up a story sent to me by a reader, I've being getting a few of late, more would be nice. Anyhow there I was when the front door bell went. Shit the last thing I needed tonight was company, I thought.

"Hi," said Ann standing on my doorstep, with her was another girl, "we thought we'll come over and keep you company."

"Yeah, come on in," I said trying to be cheerful.

"This is Trish, by the way," she introduced her friend, "she at college with me."

"Hi Trish," I said giving her the once over.

Unlike Ann generous figure Trish was build on slimmer lines.

"I've told Trish all about you," Ann giggled and I could tell she had a few drinks before coming over.

"Oh yeah," I said, "and she still wants to meet me," I said with a smile.

"You may be a bit of a perv," Ann said, "but you're a good friend."

Well that depends on your definition of a friend, true I had spent some time between her shapely legs and have offered her money to help her out with her studies.

"Ann told me you write short stories," Trish said, her voice low and throaty.

"Yeah," I confirmed.

"Could I read any?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, "I'll boot up my computer and print off one or two, what sort do you like?"

"She into incest," chirped in Ann, "got nailed by her brother when she was young.

"Hey," shouted Trish, "I told you that in the strictest confidence."

"Don't worry about him," she said nodding at me, "he'll use your story like he has one or two of mine."

"Incest," I muttered, "got one or two here you should like."

I pressed the key and the printer started to buzz away. I handed over a sheets and then offered the girls a drink. After we had all sat down, Trish started to read while I and Ann chatted about her day at college.

"God this is disgusting," murmured Trish.

"Yeah good aren't they," agreed Ann, "which one's did you give her?"

"The first one is Young Sisters," I said.

"Oh yeah I remember," she giggled, "That's a good one, got me all wet when I read it."

While Trish continued to read I started on Ann for I could see she was responsive to my advances. I put my arm around her and we kissed, my hand becoming full with her plump breasts.

"Let's go into the bedroom," I whispered.

"Mmm, ok," she whispered back and together we got up and left Trish reading on the sofa.

She wasn't wearing much, jumper, skirt, bra and knickers and then she was naked. She was already wet so I plunged right into her bring and sigh from her lips.

"Yeah, give to me," she whispered.

This was an unexpected pleasure and I was determined to make the most of it. Slowly I thrust into her bringing her higher and higher until she at last froze and with a grunt, she came. A slight noise caught my attention and I glanced at the door and there was Trish starring at us her hand moving between her legs.

"Come in and join us," I offered to the big eyed Trish.

"Yeah Trish, don't be shy," said Ann from under me.

"No," she whispered and fled back into the lounge.

"Never mine," giggled Ann, "you can just fuck me again."

It was over an hour before we emerged from the bedroom, but in between bouts I had gotten up and printed off a couple more stories for Trish to read.

"Hi Trish, you ok?" Ann asked.

"Yeah sure," she said with a smile, "sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you guys."

"That's ok," said Ann, "you should have joined us, then Jax here could have written it all up in one of his stories."

"These stories are a bit rude," she said with a red face.

"Yeah good aren't they," Ann said, "makes me all wet when I read them."

"But there're not true, are they?" she asked.

"Some are," I said, "but most are the fantasies that people have written in to me at my web site."

"Oh," Trish said.

"What about you?" I asked, "with you and your brother."

Her head dropped and she said nothing for awhile.

"One thing I've noticed about writing up my own true stories and fantasies is that once there are written done they stop being so important. I would recommend that anyone who has say a reoccurring nightmare is to write it down and I can guarantee it will stop."

"Oh," Trish said her head still down, "I don't think I could talk about it."

"That's ok," I soothed, "come over anytime you want."

"Anyway time we were going," said Ann.

"Yeah thanks for having me," said Trish.

"But he didn't have you, you silly cow," giggled Ann.

Then they were gone leaving to my peace and quiet.

It took two days before she had enough courage to come back.

"Hi Trish," I said, "come on in have a cup of tea."

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