by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Somebody has fed-exed a videotape of the shennanigans that occured at a batchlorette party one year ago. The husband is not amused on this their first anniversary.

"What could I do?"

"I don't know - something anything but, but - how could you have done that?" Tom stalked back and forth in front of his wife.

"Tommy, I was drunk. I was handcuffed and tied to a chair. I didn't have much of a choice."

"You certainly looked like you were enjoying it." Tom glanced and then nodded at the still image on the TV screen

"I guess that in the context of the situation - I suppose I was."

"In the context of the... we were getting married the next day." Tom felt a wave of unchecked anger sweep through him.

"Actually, given when that happened it was our wedding day."

"Jeezzasfucking... ! What am I supposed to do Brittany? Just laugh this off like it's no big deal." Tom looked down at his wife. She sat primly with her hands in her lap. Despite the obvious expression of contrition on her face and in her body language there was a certain light in her eyes that said quite the opposite.

Tom walked behind his wife slowly easing his belt out of its loops. He moved quickly and decisively.

"What are you doing? Tommy, stop this right now!'

Tom watched as his wife struggled against his belt. She was now secured with her arms pined to her sides. He walked to the VCR and rewound the tape. He slowly removed every stitch of his clothing. He pressed play.

Tom's wife watched as he approached her - he was fiercely erect. Behind him the videotape of her bachelorette party began to play. Tom slowly unbuttoned her blouse in much the same way that the stripper had, rubbing her tits and then unbuttoning a button. Tom removed her bra similarly.

Tom kissed and pulled on her nipples in a way that he had never done before. But it was the way the stripper had kissed and pulled on Brittany's nipples that night.

Tom did everything to her that the stripper had done. He matched every action of the TV image, with one noteworthy exception.

Tom looked down at his wife, as a slight trickle of his cum dripped from the corner of her mouth. "Don't you dare spit it out! From here forward if I come in your mouth you will swallow it- is that clear?"

Brittany swallowed noisily. "Yes Tom."

She hadn't swallowed the stripper's cum and she wouldn't have even if he had cum in her mouth, which he didn't, because she had told him that if he did she'd bite his cock off. The stripper did cum all over Brittany's perfect breasts. On the videotape there were catcalls, cheers and randy comments from her friends. Then above it all clear as could be, Jan her best friend and Maid of Honor could be heard saying, "Don't wash that off Brit. Make it a special treat for your husband to be." Tom's wife-to-be Brittany had smiled drunkenly at the camera.

"Tommy. You know I didn't do that to you. I did shower, you know I did. I'm sorry you had to see this. I can't imagine what you must think of... what are you doing?"

Tom straddled Brittany's legs and reached behind her to loosen the belt. He made a loop in it and placed her hands inside the loop drawing it snug. He pulled her to her feet and walked her to the front door. He made a knot in the other end of the belt and opened the door enough to slide the belt over the transom. He closed the door.

"Tommy... Tom? Please don't do this. Someone could see me here." The front door was half beveled glass panels and anybody looking in would be able to see her. The thought both appalled and excited her. Tom pushed her forward so that her naked breasts were flattened against the cool glass. She couldn't help think that if her nipples got any harder they might actually scratch the glass.

He moved around behind her and finished undressing her until she stood naked, her arms overhead. He slid his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh. He was shocked at how aroused she was - she was literally dripping wet. Her scent was frighteningly powerful and his head spun with desire. He pushed two fingers into her and slowly worked them back and forth. With his other hand he reached around and diddled her clit.

Her head swung side to side as her husband... was this her husband? What had happened to her dear sweet Tommy? Tommy treated her like a queen. Tommy was concerned about her every need. Tommy was always kind and considerate. Tommy was a perfect gentleman.

This man didn't care about her concerns. This man ignored her needs. This man ignored her complaints and threats. This man was using her and she could hardly imagine enjoying it more. She began to buck her hips against his hands she could feel a tremendous orgasm coming.

He stopped! He simple stopped stimulating her clit and pulled his fingers from her cunt.

"NO! Oh God Tommy, please! I'm so close. Tommy!" She was desperate for stimulation. She tried everything for stimulation. She pulled against the belt with no success. She tried to rub her thighs together but without effect.

The fingers returned to her cunt and resumed their rhythmic movement. The wet sound of her cunt was deliciously obscene.

"Listen carefully can you hear it?" Tommy's face was next to hers as his fingers continued. "Listen to the sound your wet hungry cunt is making, can you hear it? I can hear it loud and clear... slut... slut... slut... slut... slut. You're a slut aren't you? You've always been a slut, haven't you? Slut... slut... slut... slut... Say it. Say it..."

"No Tommy... please don't."

"Say it Brittany!" Tom stopped again as Brittany teetered on the edge of orgasm. "What if I never make you cum again? How would you like that?"

"AHHHHH!" The frustration Brittany struggled against with was maddening. She had certainly been wild before marriage. She'd enjoyed more then her fair her share of men. Yet she had never loved any man before she met Tom. She knew from the first time they kissed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. And in the one year of their married life she had been 100% completely faithful. Yet she knew, by Tommy's definition, probably by most people's definition, she had been a slut; she was a slut who desperately loved her husband.

Tommy took her to the edge again and again. "Say what you are, say the word, say it!"

"I am a... I'm Tommy's slut." It just popped into her mind and suddenly everything was so clear. "Yes, I'm Tommy's slut. I belong to Tommy. I'm his slut. I'm your slut Tommy. I belong to you. Your slut needs fucking Tommy... your slut needs to be fucked real real bad."

Tommy spun her around and thrust up into her so hard that he lifted her feet off the floor. Again and again he thrust into her. He was fucking her hard; harder then he ever had. He was fucking her hard like she needed. Even as he came he continued to thrust into her until she came too.

She hung against the belt as her orgasm continued to echo through her. She whimpered as her husband removed his softening cock from her.

Tommy leaned against the door and sank down to the floor, breathing heavily. Brittany hung limp from the belt, her legs splayed wide.

"Tommy... sweetie, I'm making a mess here. Tommy... Tommy!"

She loved him so much. She loved the way he listened to her, talked to her, touched her and loved her. She loved the way that he kissed her nipples, the way he licked and suckled her cunt. She loved the way he held her. She loved the way he would bring her a warm washcloth and clean her.

But this - today. She loved this most of all. She had turned Tommy's down request for complete blowjobs countless times. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it, she did. It was simply the expression of her power to dominate him. To have her way with him.

Tommy had forced his cock into her mouth, compelled her to take it into her throat, to swallow his cum. Tommy had fucked her, slammed his cock into her - until her knees had buckled in orgasm.

Tommy stood and brushed her damp hair from her face. He leaned his head against the door and gazed into her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Tom. I love you so much. You know I do - you know that." Her eyes welled with tears. "I love you Tommy, I love you with all my heart."

"I know Brit. I love you too. But this... what am I supposed to do about this?" He nodded his head in the direction of the TV. "You realize I can't just ignore this."

Brittany nodded her head as Tom helped her to her feet. He turned her to face the door again and reached up to release the belt. In reaching up his cock pressed against the crack of her ass. He paused, and then stepped back.

Her cunt was messy with cum. He rubbed his finger along the open seam of her cunt until it was slick with their juice.

"I've never had your ass have I?"

"Tommy, please don't. I know we need to talk about a lot of things, but..."

He circled her anus with his finger and pushed it slowly inside. He smiled as Brittany stiffened her legs. "Please Tommy, let me down and we'll talk." She was starting to squirm.

"I've never had anal sex Brittany." He slowly worked a second finger into her ass.

"No Tommy, please."

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