Virgin Fellatrix of Cabot U.!

by Arthur Kay

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Humor, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: WHEN a college woman sucks off five guys at a party, she shouldn't be surprised if she gets a reputation the very next day, and one and all now know just what she did. And to whom. While this might upset some women, Mavis Conrad isn't like most women. She believes in turning a negative into a positive, and just going with the blow...

MAVIS CONRAD looked at the image of herself in the mirror, and thought: In spite of what you did tonight, Mavis, old gal, it doesn't show on your puss. Well, shit, hon, what did you expect? A stigmata in the shape of a large red capital A? Actually, babes, a capital C would be more appropriate, don'tcha think?" Her mirror image nodded. Mavis thought some more, now watching herself very intently.

I must have been totally out of my mind, girlie! What the hell was I thinking, anyway? Oh, yeah, sweetie, I was a bit drunk, but that's no excuse. I know better, even when drunk. Don't I? Again, the mirror face nodded.

Then why did I do it, for crissakes? Don't answer. I know the reason. Because I felt like doing it. Yeah, you heard me right. I felt like blowing those four guys at the party. So fucking there, my evil twin. Go suck on it if you don't like it! The mirror face made a sour face, and stuck its tongue out at her. Mavis giggled.

You were there, you bitch, so why don't you tell me how it all got started, hmm? The image shrugged its shoulders at her. Shit, you don't know, either! I guess, ha ha, you were as drunk as I was! But once it got started, it was fun, wasn't it? The mirror face nodded, but looked unsure of itself.

Come on, you slut, admit it. You liked sucking Paul's cock. And Jerry's, too. And Chuck's fat thing. Shit, girl, you even enjoyed sucking off that skinny ass Jack's big banana. Fess up, child, don't try to fool momma, now.

The mirror face tilted its head, and rolled its eyes. Mavis giggled again, and thought, At least it was fun until Tad showed up. Shit, I didn't even hear him come in! All I heard was the door open and close. Oh, I sensed someone standing there, for sure, just watching me as I deep-throated Jack's super hard erection. But did I care? No a fig! Not even when Jack yelled, 'Here it comes, Mave, swallow it all, baby!' Which, as you also know, I did, and with relish, I should add.

Next thing I know there's a new cock in front of my face, a fifth one, a big and long and thick one. Soooo big! Soooo long! Bigger and longer than any the other four guys had, that's for sure. Eh, chummy? The mirror face nodded up and down, in a good imitation of a bobble-head doll.

Shit, I didn't even know it was Tad, until I heard him say, 'I never would have guessed, Mave, that you were a cocksucker!' And there I was, palsy walsy, with his big dick head in my mouth, and looking up at his handsome face. My heart went pit-a-pat so furiously, I actually felt like telling him, so stupid, 'Oh, Tad, don't you know I've loved you ever since I was ten?'

Mavis moved her face closer to the mirror, and said out loud, in a conspiratorial tone, "That, my dear Mavie twin, would have gotten a big laugh out of them all, don'tcha think?" She giggled, and watched the mirror face giggle, too. She sat back in the chair, and thought some more.

Oh, God, I was so embarrassed and mortified I wanted to run and die. But Tad grabbed my head so firmly, I couldn't have moved if I had wanted to. Could I now? So, what's a girl to do? Huh? As you know, I sucked him off, as I'm sure you, you old slut, would have done given the same odd circumstances. The mirror nodded, but just once, as if it was afraid to admit to the obvious.

Yeah, right, Mavis thought, but you can't fool me, you sly dog. You would have shown him just how much you loved him by massaging his balls, squeezing his ass cheeks, and slobbering on his dick so much it would have shrunk. Hee hee, which is, as you well know, you bastard, were the very things I did! Mavis saw the mirror face laughing back at her. Then, suddenly, it frowned.

Don't remind me. I've tried not to think about it, but you and I have to face facts. By tomorrow, there won't by anybody at Cabot College who hasn't heard about my fellatio feat. No one. Remember that Debra chick? Shit, she only blew two guys in the back of her father's old Buick, and it was all over the place like white on rice. The mirror face nodded, remembering.

Before you knew it, she was doing everybody! Rumor had it that all a guy had to do was get her alone, and say, 'On your knees, Deb!' She sure became very popular real fast now, didn't she? The mirror face just smiled, reserving its nod for another time.

Remember the nickname they pinned on her? The mirror face nodded. Then, as if to make it seem truer, Mavis said, out loud, "Debby Downs-It-All! Shit, friend, what will they call me? Mavis the Muncher? Munchin' Mavie? Mavis the Meateater? I can hardly wait! The mirror face scowled at her.

But, hey, let's look on the bright side! I'm still a virgin! At least from the waist down. You listening, Tad? Or doesn't it matter you'd be marrying a virgin after you've seen her suck all your best friends off? C'mon, Tad, lighten up! Think of all the COCKtail parties we could throw for your buddies. I bet they tell you that you have the best COCKtail parties in town! And just think, Tad, we could even film it, and have something to watch in our old age, along with the grandkids. Ha ha! The mirror face frowned at her again, as if very displeased with her cavalier treatment of it all.

She said, out loud, "Fuck you, what the hell do you know about, anyway?"

The mirror face put on a hurt look face. Mavis said, "I'm sorry, old gal, it ain't your fault I screwed up big time with Tad. But, shit, he never paid me any attention anyway, so what's the problem? And besides, if you and I are totally honest with each other, I have to say, being honest with you now, that I absolutely loved doing it! I never knew sucking cock could feel so delicious. So sexually exciting. Christ, my pussy at the time, was Niagara Falls! And, and, and, being a slut added something wickedly wonderful to it all. Know what I mean? The mirror face nodded, knowingly. Mavis now talked to the mirror out loud.

"When that first cock, I think it was Paul's, or maybe it was Jerry's, ha ha, who remembers now? Well, anyway, it sure felt good in my mouth. And knowing the others were watching, well wow, what a trip! And when he came in my mouth, boy was I surprised! What a load! I had to swallow three times... if I didn't want to drown, that is." Mavis laughed, and watched her twin do the same.

"As you know, hon, that was my first taste of cum. As you also know, I loved the taste! Like salty onions, only nicer. When the next two also came in my mouth, I was in cum heaven, woman! Ooohweee! Cum heaven! I even liked the taste of that loser Chuck, third, I think who by the way, spurts so hard it hits the back of the throat with enough force to send it right down into your stomach. But look whom I'm telling that to! You were there! You saw it all." The mirror face nodded.

"Tad didn't. He only saw Jack mouth fucking me, and cumming in my mouth, but I bet the other guys filled him in with all the details by now. Men being such kiss-and-tell types, and all. You agree? The mirror nodded.

"Christ, even before I left that bedroom, the rest of the gang probably knew what I was doing in there. The looks they gave me when I finally came out! Oh, yeah, they knew, all right. Paul probably told them all. I remember he left the room, to get a new beer he said, just before I was munching on the fourth guy, Jack. Oh, yeah, he blabbed all over the fucking place, no mistake about it. You agree with me? The mirror nodded, and looked sad.

"Well, fuck it! What's done is done. We can't change that, can we? So, you old cocksucking cunt, what do we do from here on out? Eh?" The mirror face looked at her quizzically. "Cat got your tongue, pussy?" The mirror face laughed at her. "Well, you may not know, you dummy, but I do! I'm just gonna go with the flow, and enjoy myself. And suck off any guy who wants it! All he'll have to do is get me alone, and say, 'On your knees, Mave!" She grinned at the mirror face.

"And I'll say to him, quite haughtily, 'What, no friends?' "

Mavis laughed, the mirror face laughed, and then she got up to go in and take her shower...

THE NEXT DAY offered few surprises. The looks, the whispered comments, said it all. The word was out about the newest cocksucker on the block, Debra's replacement. All Mavis was waiting to hear was what nickname someone had chosen for her. In less than twenty minutes of her arrival on campus, she heard it. From some guy she had never even seen before.

"Hey, guys, look! Isn't that Mavis the Mouth?!" Some other guy shouted out, "Oh, yeah, but watch out! She's been known to mouth a guy to death!" As the laughs and guffaws followed, Mavis smiled defiantly at them, and said, "You said a mouthful, boys, I always leave 'em limp and dying!" She turned, walked away, and marveled at how quiet they had all become.

Shit, she thought, nothing works on a pack of idiots as well as a direct, frontal attack. She knew what she had said would only increase her cocksucker reputation, but that was exactly her point in saying it. None of this play it coy shit, as Debra had probably done, for her. Mavis wanted to suck cock, and lots of it, and she didn't care who knew it.

Not even her best friend, Carol, who rushed up to her and said, with her eyes saucer like, "You didn't, Mave, did you?" Mavis simply smiled at her, and said, "I did!" Then Carol, a look of utter amazement and shock on her face, wanted every juicy details, which Mavis was only too happy to supply.

"Jeezus, Mave, all five of them? Tad, included? I thought you loved Tad?"

"Oh, I did, Care, still do, but let's face it, he wasn't ever gonna return it. So fuck it, Care, you could say, in a way, he's now out of my system. For good."

"For sure! But what a way to go about doing it! My God, were you drunk?"

"Not that drunk. I knew exactly what I was doing at all times. And, you know what? I liked doing it! That's right, I liked it. All of it, even sucking off Tad's big schlong... and you were right; he is hung like a fucking horse! How'd you know?" She grinned at Carol, who now looked a little red around the ears.

"Oh, not the way you're thinking! Our friendship means to much to me, and I know how much you care about him, for me to ever... "

"I know, stupid. But tell me, just how did you know?"

"I saw it! You know Chloe, the one I tutor in math?" Mavis nodded. "Well, a window in her room looks right down into Tad's room. I was there one day, when Chloe says to me, 'Look! He's doing it again!' Well, I went over to the window, and there he was, wanking away on it as if he didn't have a care in the world. Chloe, that character, hands me a pair of binoculars! She'd been ogling his ass for months. Well, let me tell you, with the binoculars I had a real good close up of it. In spite of his hand.

"Chloe and I estimated it to be at least ten inches long, and two inches in diameter. Tell me, where we close?" Carol looked bug-eyed.

"Ha ha! Very! It's at least ten, and maybe even wider than two, if you can believe that." She laughed again.

"Oooh, that's a monster! Humongous! Did you choke on it, or did those things we read about deep throating help any?" She had to know.

"Hee hee! Not only helped, I swallowed him whole like an anaconda does with a large pig! Whole hog, you could say. Ha ha ha!"

Carol roared, "Ha ha ha! Now we know where that term comes from! Ha ha ha!" They were having a grand old time.

Carol said, "Did he also cum in your mouth, as you told me the others did?"

"Oh, yeah, a big one, too. But not quite as big as the first guy, whoever the fuck he was!" She laughed heartily. Carol followed suit. "With him, whoever the fuck he was, I had to swallow three times!"

"My God," said Carol. "Wasn't the taste yucky and nasty?"

"Au contraire, Mon ami, if anything, it was fabulous! Though, I admit, one of them was a little on the pungent side... as if it needed more aging!" She laughed.

Carol laughed, too, and then said, "Don't you just hate that? When the cum is poured without a long decanting?" They laughed so hard, both had tears in their eyes. It was especially funny to Mavis, for she knew Carol had yet to even taste cum.

Mavis fumbled out, "The dummy didn't know cum has to breathe a lot first. But he did get one thing right?"

"What was that?" Carol was holding her sides in now.

"He served it at room temp!" They both laughed so hard they fell to their knees on the grass, and started pounding the ground.

"Shit," said Carol, still pounding the grass. "No one likes cold cum!'

"I know I don't!" Mavis gave the grass a few good whacks. "It's so... so gauche! Everyone knows cum has to be hot out of the spigot!"

Carol looked at her, a lopsided grin on her face, and then said, "Let's ask Martha Stewart! She'd know..."

"Yeah, she'd probably say, 'That's a good thing... ' "

WELL, soon after, the men started coming round, pardon the pun. In less than two weeks, Mavis had given head to twenty-two different guys. And shared it all with Carol. No detail was too small to be omitted. It ran the gamut from the size of the guy's prick to the amount of cum he had ejaculated to a full description of his balls. And Carol was all ears as she listened night after night:

Mavis: "Derek's cock head was so big, I could hardly get my mouth around it. He had to jerk off to cum."

Carol: "Holy shit! That big!"

Mavis: "Tonight, I sucked off this guy Tom, and his two friends. Right in their dorm room."

Mavis: "Tonight, I did Paul again. You know, Paul from the party? He had me suck his balls until I got them soaking wet. Then he mouth-fucked me until he came."

Mavis: "You know the Dean's assistant, Rod? Well, let me tell you, he lives up to his name! I got a ruler and measured it! Eleven inches, plus a good smidgeon. I felt like a fucking sword swallower!"

On one occasion, Mavis handed Carol a small jelly jar. Carol asked, naturally enough, "What's this?"

"Sperm! I had Paulie and a few of his buddies cum in the jar for you. You could call it a souffle! Some people do."

"You told them it was for me?" Carol looked panicky.

"Yeah, right, as if! No, stupid, I told Paulie I wanted to have something to taste while I diddled myself. He said it was cool! Ha ha!"

Carol held the job up, and inspected the contents. "It looks frozen."

"It is. Paulie kept it on ice while he was... hee hee... harvesting it! I told him to do that, as I wanted it to stay fresh. You could call it freeze-dried cum!" She giggled. "All you gotta do is nuke it to thaw it out a bit. Ha ha!"

Carol laughed. "Mavie, you're one hot pistol! But what the fuck... " She unscrewed the jar's cap, tossed it on the coffee table, got up, and headed toward the kitchen. A few minutes later, she returned. Mavis noticed the cum in the jar was bubbling slightly. Mavis reached out, and touched the jar. It was hot. "Shit, Care, I said thaw, not cook! Souffle was an euphemism, not a cookbook direction. I hope you haven't burned out all the natural flavor!"

Amazingly, she hadn't. After it had cooled down, Mavis tested it for taste. She gave it the thumbs up sign. Carol tried it. "Mmm, just as you said, salty onions." She swallowed. "And, man, it tingles the throat!" Without taking more, she swallowed again. "And it sure stays with you back there, I can still feel it stinging."

"Yeah, and that can last for hours and hours, if you don't drink anything. I like the effect, it reminds me of my suck job, and one can wank to it, too."

Carol offered the jar to Mavis, who said, "No thanks, this one's for you."

Carol lifted it to her mouth, and said, "Cheers, and down the hatch!" She swigged half the remaining contents, swallowed, licked her lips, looked at Mavis, and quickly downed the rest. She said, "Mmm, mmm, it's good!"

"Right, but you shouldn't chug-a-lug it like beer, Care, you should sip at it, like fine wine. Stretch it out to enjoy it more. Sheesh, Care, you've so much to learn!"

On another occasion, Mavis said, "Guess what? Tonight I had Tad again. After a few minutes of blowing him, he said he wanted to fuck me, but I laid down the law on his sweet ass. I told him I no fucky fucky, sailor, only sucky sucky. Ha ha!"

Carol said, "And then he retreated from this position, and came in your mouth?"

"Is a bear Polish... ?"

AS CAROL LISTENED to these lurid tales of fellatio, night after night, she found herself feeling the urge to just bust out, and try it for herself. She had read stories, many written by women, extolling the joys of cock sucking, and now Mavis was telling her, over and over, the stories were based on a whole lot of truth.

"I envy you, Mave, I really do. It all sounds so deliciously exciting. I wish I could try it, but if word ever got back to my dad... you know how chummy he is with dean Witter... well, father would pull me out of here so fast my head would spin, and then I'd be carted off to a nunnery. In Nepal!"

Mavis seemed about to say something, but Carol went on. "As it is, your well-earned reputation is rubbing off of me. Chloe told me some people are now referring to me as Mavis' Minion Mouth, or 3M. Cute, huh? Half the college crowd reasons, if you're doing it, and I'm your best friend, ergo, I'm at it, too."

"Geez, Care, I'm sorry. Is it getting too rough for you?"

"Shit no! I can take it. Besides my ultra goody-goody image is so embedded in everyone's mind, very few believe it could be true. Christ, I could start saying I sucked off the entire football team, and no one would believe me!"

"They would if you described the coach's cock! It's six-inches long, and has a distinctive star-shaped birthmark on the left side." She grinned.

"Coach Hames? No, you didn't? You did! Shit!"

"Yeah, but he doesn't know it was me. I sucked Hames off at the Halloween party he threw at his house. Remember how I was made up as a clown, with all that clowny makeup on my face?" Carol nodded. "Well, when he asked me to dance, I knocked his mind right out of the old ball park!"

"What did you do? Did he recognize you?"

"He didn't know me from a football. Oh, I was using a clowny voice on him. Anyway, it was one of those slow dances, and coach kept running a hand over my ass. That didn't turn me on, but feeling his erect cock against my thigh, did have an effect on me. I could feel its stiffness even through my baggy clowny pantaloons. So, I whispered in his ear, 'I don't fuck, coachie, but if you can find somewhere private, I'll suck you off.' " Carol gasped. "Well, Care, he got me off the dance floor so fast, I had a new appreciation for Einstein's ideas on the speed of light!"

"Where'd he take you? One of the bedrooms? A bathroom?"

"No. He took me outside, and then to a gardening shed, you know, trowels and bags of cow shit, and such." Carol nodded, picturing the shed. She had been in there herself the times she helped Hames plant some flowers. He hadn't even hit on her. Of course, she hadn't whispered in his ear.

"Well, there I was, kneeling on the damp concrete, with him fishing out his dong. That's when I saw the birthmark. In the moonlight, it stood out from his pale white skin like a tattoo.

"I sucked him off, giving him the full Mavis Mouth treatment, and after he came, and had pulled out, he said, 'Is that you, Mavis?' Hee hee, I guess my reputation preceded me! Anyway, I told him, in my best Bozo voice, that my name was Charlotte, and I had never even heard of this Mavis dame."

"You think he believed you?"

"Who cares?"

"Why haven't you told me about this before? I mean coach Hames is... "

"I dunno. Hey, wait! I sorta told you, didn't I? Yeah, I told you I did five guys at that party. Sure I did. Don't you remember?"

"I remember that, but you never mentioned that one of the guys was the coach."

"Ha ha! I guess he and his little cocky wocky with the star-shaped tattoo got lost in the huddle. Ha ha!"

"Yeah, and you were just clowning around that night!" They both laughed.

"But you know, Care, that does give me a good idea if you really want to try your hand, or I should say mouth, on a cock, or two. Or three or four. We could make you up so your own mother wouldn't know you. Eh?"

Carol thought a moment, and then said, excitedly, "We could, couldn't we?"

"Absolutely. I could tell Paul that my cousin is visiting me, just for the one night, and if he could get, oh say, ten or twelve guys, my cuz and I would give them all blowjobs. He'd jump at it. And, being Paulie, I know he wouldn't risk ruining it with a bunch of probing questions. Right?"

"Right. What name would I use?"

"How about... Lola. That sounds kinda vampy trampy doesn't it?"

"Yeah, Lola, I like that. Oooh, Mave, this is getting to be fun. It's just like weaving a magician's illusion." A large grin formed on her face.

"Yeah, it is, isn't it? And as part of that illusion, you should spread the word, early on, that you have to go out of town for that weekend. Actually pack a bag, and then drive out of town. I'll pick you up a few miles down the road, and sneak you back. Oooh, you're right! It is getting delicious."

Carol bounced her knees up and down as she sat in her chair. "Oooh, oooh, oooh, what fun! And just think, my first blowjob! Oops, I should make that plural! Whee!" She bounced and bounced her legs.

"And, Care, to add to the mystique, and to help prevent the guys from figuring out it's you, I'll tell Paul we want to do it as a glory hole night. Remember we read about those? And those pictures?"

"Oh, yeah, but Mave, you can't expect Paulie to cut two big holes in one of his doors now, can you?"

"He won't have to. We can rig up an opaque shower sheet, with two holes at cock height, and actually hang it in their shower."

"Won't that be a little rough, not to mention cold, on our knees?"

"Pillows, my dear Watson!" Mavis, it seemed was thinking of everything.

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