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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Man and his wife are sexually comprimised by another couple, their good friends. It opens the doors to new levels of sexual exploration for both of them.

Maybe it was the boredom with sex after fifteen years of marriage. maybe it was the booze. All I know is that I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up in that bedroom with my wife laying next to me. That in itself might not be so unusual but the fact that my best friend was fucking her was. I then realized that his wife, Rose, was on the other side of my wife holding her left leg away from her hubby's thrusting hips so that he might have better access to my wife's pussy.

My wife's eyes were closed. Her mouth was open. Her body moved up and down with the force of his thrusts into her. I looked down. My wife's naked leg was was bent at the knee with her foot resting flat on the sheets. His naked hips were resting inside her leg. Her dress was gathered around her waist and her panties seemed to be pulled to one side. He haden't even bothered to completely undress her. He was fucking her thru the leg opening in her panties! My virgin bride who became my prudish little wife was being dearly fucked by my best friend and his wife! I felt my head clearing a bit and managed to focus my vision on the mounds of flesh moving about on the bed beside me. I glanced upward toward the face of my friends wife. She was staring at my wife's face. Her left hand seemed to be on my wife's knee holding it apart from her husbands thrusting body. Her right hand was pressed against my wife's shoulder as if to hold her in place on the bed while hubby drove his hips again and again against the soft mound at the joining of her legs. I eased my self down a bit and realized that I had a clear view of a very large cock pistoning in and out of my my wife's very wet pussy. I felt my own cock hardening as the sight of Jenny's pussy lips spreading and opening repeatedly to accomodate the girth of the fat cock plunging into her. My movement did not go unnoticed by the woman holding my wife's legs apart. I glanced up at her again to find her stareing at me with a look that said, "this is the way it is, its ok. I could see the naked belly of my wife rising and falling with her heavy breathing and her laboring to hold up the weight of the male form lying on top of her. Her belly was beautiful. I knew the skin on her bely right below her belly button to be so soft. I knew it was warm to the touch when I would lay my cheek against it. Now it glistened with the mingled sweat from his ripling stomach and her own. I gingerly reached my hand up and slid it between their bodies to feel the pulsing of both bodies and the heat of their sexual frenzie combined. John, that's his name, pressed his palms into the bed and eased his weight from Jenny's heaving chest. He turned his head and continued to thrust into her as he stared at me. a bead of sweat formed on his lips. He lowered his head and covered her mouth with his, grinding his lips and tongue into hers and covering her with his wetness. He looked up at me again, staring directily into my eyes. It was a statement, a challenge. I am fucking your wife. She is mine. I can do anything I want with her and do so right here next to you in the same bed.

MY cock was raging. I broke eye to eye contact and returned my gaze to that portion of their bodies where they were joined. I hand on her soft belly and slid it downward until it became trapped with the weight of his body each time he thrust into her. I wanted to somehow feel his cock in her. I pressed on her belly trying to feel his cock thru the soft mound of flesh surrounding her clitoris. He understood. He eased his body up higher, almost in a bow while keeping a part of his long fat cock sheathed in her pussy. I mo

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