Fun Time at the Movies

by 143chica

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A girl and guy decide to catch a movie but she is more interested in watching him. She figures she should show him exactly what she'd rather be doing and picks up an unexpected audience. (2nd person POV)

The day was filled with playful looks and touches, shy smiles here, and gentle caresses there. We decided to watch a movie that night. We held hands throughout the movie. I kept playing with your fingers, rubbing and caressing them. You intertwined our fingers and kissed my hand. It got cold in the theater so I snuggled up to you for warmth. I had my jacket but you willingly supplied your warmth and took me into your arms.

The movie was very good but I was more interested in watching you. To most, you would seem expressionless. You don't really display your emotions. It took me a long time to learn how to read you. It wasn't until the first time we made love that I understood. Your eyes, they are so expressive. I love how your eyes light up at a particularly funny part, how they can pierce through a person, enraged, when you felt the characters were being unjust. I crave the times they seem to smolder when you see something arousing. Just like how they were right at this moment.

You don't notice me studying you. Your eyes, heated, your muscles tighten ever so gently, your lips part. I am delighted when I see your tongue peek out between them and lick your lips... mmmmm. Just thinking about your lips gives me a shiver. You have sensual lips definitely made for kissing, made for sucking and to be sucked, gently, and bit, lightly. Your tongue darts out again as you wet your lips. I feel myself getting really hot. I can feel the heat rising from my body. Feel my nipples getting hard. All this just from watching your eyes and mouth.

I moan quietly shaking me out of this trance. I hope you didn't hear the moan. You heard. You look down at me and you recognize that look I have. I see your eyes smolder once again. You raise your hand up to my face, rub the pad of your thumb against my lower lip, and give me a knowing smirk. I open my mouth, take your thumb, and suck it gently. I hear you take a sharp breath. I circle my tongue around your thumb then bite it gently. I look up at you while I am playing with your thumb and your face is full of passion, lust, and heat. I let go of your thumb and watch your face slowly descend toward mine. I feel you restraining yourself, kissing me gently. One tiny nip, two, the third I feel your tongue lining my bottom lip. You put your hand under my chin to tip my mouth up to you. Your mouth touches mine once again and I kiss you back. This time I lick your bottom lip and gently suck it. My hand is on your chest and I can feel your heartbeat getting faster the harder I suck on your lip and line it with my tongue. I place my lips on yours and you part them with your tongue making the kiss deeper and hotter. It gets intense... we cant get enough of each other... it's as if I need to devour you and I want you to consume me. We break apart gasping for breath staring dumbfounded at each other. You lower your face close to my ear and whisper "Later." I'm still gasping because we are both out of breath from the kiss.

We are still very aroused. Your hand is on my back rubbing, tickling, and teasing, caressing the back of my neck. You occasionally bend down and take a nip at my ear or kiss my jaw line. I glance down at your crotch and see that you are still very, very aroused. Later huh? You don't notice when I place my jacket over your lap and lean more into you. You hold me tighter, you whisper, "Getting cold again?" I look up and smile innocently. You smile down at me unaware of my intention. I look up at you and put my hand underneath my jacket on your lap.

"Hmmm, Oh yeah my hands are a little cold. I'm gonna warm them up." You don't notice the glint of mischief in my eyes or the lusty depth in my voice and nod. I rub my hand lightly over your crotch and you jump suddenly in your seat. I giggle as I hear you catch your breath. Ahhh. You bite your bottom lip and your eyes glare at me as if to say OOOH just wait, little girl, 'til we get home. I look up at you and slowly lick my lips and mouth up at you, "Mmmm., I cant wait," and then wink at you.

I slowly unzip the zipper on your pants and you look at me a little surprised and overjoyed. I can feel your cock jump out from the restraining material. Ooh someone's freeballing tonight. I can feel myself getting wet with that knowledge. I look up at you, take my pointer and middle fingers, and lick them then put them back under the protective covering of the jacket. One hand gripping the shaft of your cock and the wet fingers circling its head. You slouch down further into your chair, grip the handles tightly, and close your eyes. Ooh baby you look so sexy. I move the cover away, grip your shaft harder, and stroke it slowly still rubbing the head. I stop rubbing the head and play with your balls. Your cock is throbbing in my hand.

I look around us and notice that there is only one other person in our section. He gave up watching the movie and was now our full audience. There is other people way in front of us but they are totally oblivious to our single captivated audience and us. The fact that he was watching us gets me even hotter. You grip your chair as I stroke and play with your cock. I watch the guy's face. I stare at him until he looks into my eyes. He was fully aroused as well. He is only two seats down in the row behind us, and I could see proof of his arousal. He was embarrassed at being caught in his voyeurism. I smile at him. Then I did something that I never thought I would ever do. I held his gaze, licked my lips, and knelt down in front of you. The whole time making sure that I had his full attention, making sure I had him enthralled. I stick my tongue out and gently lick the precum forming on the tip of your cock. I pull away so that it makes a long, thick strand of cum then suck it up until the last sip of it was swallowed. I wink at him and then gave you my attention. You watch me as I suck your cock.

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