Losing Her

by tRafe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Swinging, Harem, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man's story about the events that led to his wife's departure. Simple description, complex story. ;)

Chapter 1

"Who's the newbie?" The young 20-something male patron asked the bartender, as he took a sip from the longneck bottle snuggled between his pointer finger and his thumb. He nodded to the far end of the long bar, at the man who sat, nursing a tumbler of hard liquor. The bartender turned and looked at the new guy with a look of pity on his face. He looked back at the college guy and motioned for him to stay quiet.

"Shh, not so loud. He's been coming in for almost a week, now. Always wears the same outfit, too." He said, referring to the extremely wrinkled dress shirt that was probably white at one time. His tie hung loosely from his neck, resembling something close to a noose. If only they knew how much he wished it were true.

"So what's his deal?" The college kid asked, being more nosey than concerned.

"Just leave him be, alright? He looks like he's been through hell. As long as he's got money, he's welcome here." The bartender finally barked at the kid, his patience running out. With a shrug, the young kid walked off, deciding to ask the guy for himself.

As he approached him, he noticed that he was in desperate need of a shave and a shower. He took a seat next to him at the bar, shooting the bartender a look of arrogance when he noticed that he was being watched with a frown.

"What's up, buddy?" He asked the unkempt man next to him. The man didn't respond. His brown eyes were distant, almost as if he were lost in a trance of some kind. The kid didn't know whether to peg him for a crazy guy, or what. "Hey, I'm talking to you. What are you, a nutjob?" He asked, his tone enough to cut through the man's heart. Slowly, the man turned to look at the kid, as the bartender watched from a distance. The kid was left in shock when the man didn't speak. He glared at the young kid with a face full of frustration, ready to be unleashed on anyone near him.

"First, my name is Brendon, not 'buddy'. Secondly, since you don't know who I am, what I'm about, or any of the things I've gone through recently, it would probably be alot more of an intelligent move if you were to at least pretend to be polite. Understand?" He said to the kid, in a stern and unrelenting voice. The kid just nodded a silent 'yes'.

With that over, he just turned back to the tumbler of whiskey, waiting for him on the bar.

"Listen, bud--" He caught himself, "Brendon. I didn't mean anything by it, man. I was just curious as to why you were looking like somebody just shot your dick off, or something." He said, a poor attempt at an apology.

"I'd rather not talk about it." Brendon replied, before drinking the whiskey in one gulp. He put his glass back on the table and nodded to the bartender. Silently, the man behind the counter walked up, pouring him another drink. When he finished, Brendon took a sip of it, before turning back to the kid and staring at him for a moment. "Goddamn, you're still here?"

The college kid just shot him a dirty look, still sitting there quietly. Brendon took another hard gulp of whiskey, and cleared his throat.

"You want to know why I'm like this, huh?" He asked, finally giving in.

"Uh, yeah. Kind of." The college kid replied.

"Fair warning, it's a long story." Brendon looked at him, his insobriety now visible in his eyes.

"Try me." The kid smirked.

"Well, it all started a month ago, today..."

Monday, June 4th, 2003:

She was laying on the couch, asleep when he came in the door from work. The thin sheet she'd covered herself with made the curves of her body easily visible. She'd been Brendon's wife of three years, now, but she still looked like the sexy little seventeen year old girl he'd fallen in love with, in high school. He quietly set his breifcase down, and undid his tie, as he stared at her. She was 21 years old, after deciding to accept his marraige proposal at the young age of 18. She weighed 112 pounds, with a very small frame that seemed to make her features even more desirable, Kate was always the envy of Brendon's friends.

He slid off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, a sly grin creeping across his face. Quickly, he dropped his pants to reveal his already-hard dick, dangling in front of him. Slowly, he eased his way across the room, before sitting on the edge of the couch, where she was sleeping. Quietly, he lifted the sheet to reveal that she was wearing only a spaghetti-strapped shirt and a pair of sheer-white panties. His grin widened at the sight. Softly, he touched the back of her thigh and eased it forward. He reached in from behind and hooked his fingers inside the crotch of her panties, pulling them to the side.

Her bald pussy was beautiful, squeezed tight between her legs. He raised his other hand to his lips, wetting his fingers with his toungue, before sliding them between her legs. Kate moaned softly, in her sleep, as he worked his fingers across her slit, slowly increasing the heat and moisture buried deep within her beautiful, tight cunt. As he continued, her hips slowly began to writhe in small circles, bucking back only his fingers.

"Mmm!" She moaned from her deep sleep, as Brendon's fingers began pumping faster into her sex from behind. Kate's hand softly gripped the blanket tightly, as she began to bite her lip, now working her hips backward, taking his fingers in as deep as they would go. Quickly, Brendon removed his fingers and lifted her leg, slightly. Steadily, he began working his firm 8-inch dick into her wet opening, fitting snuggly within the walls of her bald pussy.

Once it was all the way in, Brendon gripped Kate waist tight, working her on and off of his dick as she laid on her side. She was moaning softly, as he thrust it in as deep as it would go. Brendon was now getting really excited, noticing that she hadn't woken up. He pulled his dick from inside of her and began pressing it against her tiny asshole. The head of his cock pushed on her virgin anus, and a painful hiss came from her lips. Her hands swung around and grabbed the shaft of his dick, pushing it away from her ass. "No, Brendon." She said, now obviously awake. The disappointment in his face was just as obvious. This killed the mood, dramatically. "Goddammit." He said, getting off of the couch and grabbing his clothes on the way out of the room.

As Brendon stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, his glared at his reflection. This was beginning to be a normal routine, as Kate enjoyed sex but was very limited in what she would try. Time and again, Brendon had attempted to work her past her inhibitions, trying pathetically to talk her into the things he wanted in his sex life. Blowjobs, facials, and anal sex were things that Brendon's co-workers bragged about all the time, and with him having the wife everyone stayed jealous over, it infuriated him to not be able to tell them that he'd done these things with her.

As he finished dressing, Brendon has a hard time calming down his frustration. He and Kate had gotten into a number of arguements over this issue, and he knew that if he didn't calm down, this time would be no different.

This is when an idea began to form. Brendan had talked with Kate numerous times about having a threesome, and though she knew most of the time he wasn't serious, she had said that she would agree to one. His anger began to fade away as his thought about it more. A grin washed over his face as he thought about the large black man in the mail room at work, who women were always drooling over. By paying him $100 and giving him the opportunity to fuck his wife, Brendon knew he'd agree. Brendon also knew that he always bragged about being able to de-virginize many women, anally.

As Kate sat in the living room, watching television, she tried not to think about the event that had just happened. Suddenly, she heard Brendon exit from the bathroom. She knew from experience that this would be the beginning of the arguement. He walked into the room, fully dressed. "Hey, babe." He said, before entering the kitchen to get a drink.

She raised an eyebrow, confused. "You okay?" She asked, as he re-enterred the room with a soda. He sat on the couch and put his shoes on.

"Oh, I'm fine, babe. I'm sorry about earlier, I knew you wouldn't like it and I shouldn't have even tried." He said with a sincere tone. She was more confused now than before. As many times as they've been through this routine, Brendon had never been this nice afterwards.

"It's alright, just please don't do it again." She replied, still trying to maintain a little control over the situation. Brendon smiled and leaned over, kissing her softly on the forehead.

"Don't worry, I won't." He grinned. "Hey, I forgot that I had to drop by a co-worker's house and pick up some paperwork. You going to be okay?" He asked, straightening his tie.

"Yeah, sure." She said.

"Great, then I'll be back in a little bit." He smiled and walked out the door. As he started the car, he began to imagine how the big black guy from work would penetrate Kate in all the ways he's ever wanted to, leaving her with no excuse not to allow him to do them to her. Brendon's cock began to swell inside his pants, as he imagined the things that his wife had coming to her. He continued to think about this as he drove across town, before finally arriving at his house.

As he walked up to the door, Brendon couldn't help but be suprised by the high-priced neighborhood this guy lived in. Quite nice for a young black man who says his only work experience is what he's gotten in the mail room, at work. Removing his sunglasses, he rang the doorbell of the suave three-story house. After a moment of silence, a beautiful brunette answered the door, wearing little more than a pair of panties and a tank top. Brendon was in shock as the young girl smiled at him, looking to be no more than 19 years old.

"Hi, sweetie. Can I help you?" She asked, still grinning at him. Brendon continued to stare, before answering.

"Oh. Uh, yes. Is Jack in?" He replied, as his eyes fixated on the place where her beautifully shaped tan thighs met her tiny white-lace bikini-cut panties. This wasn't helping to hide the bulge in his pants, he thought, as he continued watching her every move.

"He sure is, he's out by the pool. Let me show you in." She said, before turning her back to him and using her sexiest walk to escort him into the house. This gave Brendon even more of an opportunity to watch her, in awe. This was a girl who obviously belonged doing modelling gigs, not answering doors. Slowly and seductively, her young tight ass shook from side to side, and before he knew it, he had followed her through the house, out the back door, and to the pool.

"Brandon?" He heard the man's voice, from within the pool.

"Brendon. What's up, Jack?" He asked, still drooling over the young brunette, who was now leaving his side to re-enter the house. Her eyes stayed locked on Brendon's, as they stared at each other until she was completely out of view. Her constant grin at him left Brendon extremely horny, and a little flustered.

"Oh, shit. The same old thing, man. What brings you over?" Jack asked, as he climbed out of the pool and was thrown a towel by a young blonde, tanning nearby. This was when Brendon noticed the multitude of women that surrounded the pool.

Brendon was amazed. Counting the young beauty that escorted him in, there was at least eight women here, and there wasn't one of them that wasn't just as attractive as the last. "Well, actually, I had kind of a proposition for you, if you were interested." Brendon said, as he attempted to regain his sense of composure.

"Alright, let me towel off and we'll step inside. You drink?" Jack asked, as he dried himself vigorously with the towel he'd been given.

As the through the large glass door to enter the house, Brendon managed to see his surroundings for the first time. The house was huge, with a large screen television sitting in the middle of the large living room area. On either side sat two speakers, standing at least five foot tall. As Brendon looked around, on his way to have a seat with Jack, he began to notice the large bar built in to the living area wall, a huge circular aquarium, and a sound system that would've easily set anyone back about $3, 000.

"Make yourself at home, man. You were one of the last people I ever expected to show up here." Jack said, as he walked to the bar. He turned to the wall and pushed a small red button on the intercom and spoke into it. "Kim, please bring me some dry clothes." He said.

"On my way, baby." Brendon recognized the voice as the same one that belonged to the hot brunette who answered the door. Jack just smiled at him, before pouring himself a drink at the bar.

"So, what's on your mind, man? What you need?" He asked, now pouring Brendon a drink.

"Well, I feel kind of stupid about all of this, but I was curious about something you've said at work, and I wanted to ask you a favor." Brendon said.

"Sure, what's that, man?" Jack asked, as he brought their drinks over to the main seating area.

"Well, you remember when you were talking at work about some of the girls you get to sleep with, and how you can get them to do anything you want?" Brendon asked, just as Kim entered the room, bringing Jack a clean change of clothes. She smiled and winked at him before handing Jack the clothes.

"Thanks, baby." He said, taking the clothes from her. As he looked at Brendon, he began to notice something that seemed wrong. "Just a second, man." He told Brendon, before turning and talking very quietly to the beautiful brunette in front of him. Brendon looked on, very curious, noticing that the more the two talked, the more they both grinned.

Suddenly, the two turned back to face him, as Kim began walking in his direction. "Lean back on the couch, man. Relax and tell me your problem. Kim's going to help you with your little problem." Jack said, grinning, as he dropped his swimsuit right in front of Brendon, and began changing into his dry clothes.

Brendon covered his eyes, quickly, as he saw the beautiful brunette take a seat right next to him, on the couch. Before he knew it, she had leaned over and begun to unzip his pants. "Whoa, what problem is she helping me with?" He asked, as she continued grinning at him. Within seconds, she had unzipped his pants completely, and had fished his fully erect dick out of his pants and into her hands.

"That one." Jack said, pointing to Brendon's dick as he finished putting his shirt on. With one smooth motion, Kim had bent down and taken his dick deep into her throat. Brendon gasped in shock and pleasure as the girl beside him sucked his dick like it was her mission in life. "Come on, man. Talk to me about your problem." Jack said, taking a seat across from him.

"Well," Brendon said, still weary of the hardcore blowjob he was receiving. "I want to fuck my wife in the ass." He explained, as the very hot brunette fucked his hard tool with her throat. Jack smiled.

"And what do you want me to do?" Jack asked.

"Well, Kate said once that she would be willing to do a threesome. I know she wouldn't turn you down, you're too intimidating." He said, fighting between breaths. In his lap, the girl's head bobbed furiously as she cupped his balls in one hand, sucking him better than he's ever had before.

As Jack started to understand the situation, he agreed to Brendon's terms. Jack would fuck Brendon's wife, and in return, Brendon would get to do all the things he's ever wanted to do to her. Before long, Kim felt Brendon explode in her mouth, and swallowed everything he had to offer. When she rose from her duty, she did so grinning. The deal was sealed. This Friday night, Kate would succumb to everything her husband had ever wanted.

Chapter 2

Tuesday, June 5th, 2003

"Yeah, man. No, I've seen her. She's definately quality material." Jack said into the telephone while resting on the couch after coming in from work. In a black lace bodysuit, a very attractive redhead slowly walked up to him, exiting from behind the bar. She handed him a tumbler full of alcohol, and he sipped at it as he listened to what the man had to say, on the phone. "Nah, man. This is happening Friday night. I've got the address and everything." He said into the phone, as the young redhead took a seat next to him and crossed her long, beautiful legs.

"You should've seen this guy, though. He's pouting because his wife won't let him fuck her in the ass, or even suck his dick. He's pathetic as hell." He said, almost laughing at the situation. After another sip of his beverage, and a moment of listening to the gentleman on the other end of the line, he answered. "No, this isn't going to be anything like that Holly bitch you were telling me about. All I'm saying is, I want's half of the regular price when you get there. It happens at 8p.m. Friday, and the dumb fuck said I can do whatever I want to this bitch." Jack said. "So, we got a deal?" He asked. Obviously getting the answer he wanted to hear, he began grinning. "Alright then. I'm out." He said, still grinning. He pulled the cordless phone from his ear and hung up.

"Are you going to dephile another helpless victim, Jack baby?" The sexy redhead said, next to him, as she grinned. Carefully, he sat the phone and his drink down on the table, in front of him. He leaned over, pushing the young woman flat on the couch and grinning at her.

"Baby, I'm going to fuck that bitch to death!" He laughed, as his hands moved and grasped her firm young body. In a matter of moments, he'd managed to remove her from her bodysuit, as his finger explored her shaved pussy and tight ass. Left wearing only a pair of high heels, she smiled as she opened her long legs to welcome the attention.

"Mmm! You going to tell me what you're going to do to her?" She giggled as she writhed her hips around, thrusting herself on and off of the the long thick fingers that jabbed into her tight holes.

"I'll let you watch it for yourself, baby." He said, before removing his dick from his pants. It was monsterous, standing at around 11 inches, rock hard. Firmly, he pressed the head of his dick against her wet hole, rubbing it up and down as she moaned and writhed against it. "You think she's going to be ready for this?" He grinned.

"Nobody's ready for that." She grinned, before reaching between her legs and wrapping her hand around it, tightly. She began working his huge tool into her as she tilted her head back in pleasure. "Oh, God. It doesn't mean nobody wants it, though." She giggled.

Friday, June 8th, 2003

The night was finally here. Brendon had been lost within the limitless boundries of his own imagination, all week, with disasterous results. He knew that if he had misplaced one more file at work, he was going to be forced into one of those 'open door policy' confrontations where his asshole of a boss would dangle the threat of his career before him, grin like a wolf, and expect him to beg for another chance. Brendon knew he didn't really want to go there, but the thought of the things that Kate had coming to her was too great of a thing not to imagine.

Even Kate had noticed a drastic change in Brendon's attitude through the week, he was distant and always preoccupied, far more often than normal. And for a businessman, being preoccupied is their usual mindset. When she finally confronted him about it, Brendon clammed up. It didn't take long, though, before she's managed to get him to talk to her about the guest they'd be having.

Though she was upset when she found out that this man would be the person she'd have to live up to her request for a threesome with, a part of her was excited at the thought. Not that she'd let Brendon know. Through the week, he'd refused to tell her much about their mystery guest, other than the fact that it was a male. So when the night arrived, Kate and Brendon both had gone through extra measures to ensure that nothing would go wrong. While Kate had taken an obscene amount of time preparing the house, the food, drinks, and her apparel, Brendon had been busy strategically setting up a string of well-hidden webcams, throughout the house. While their presence remained a secret from Kate, Brendon had prepared his computer to record everything, from any angle he wished.

"What time is it?" Kate called from the kitchen, while Brendon made sure the pillows on the couch were in their proper place. The tone in her voice was a mixture of both caution and anticipation. Kate had no idea what was awaiting her.

Brendon straightened himself and took a glance across the room, peering at the lime-green digital clock on his VCR system. "It's 7:45!" He seemed to yell back, as he finished up with the pillows and started walking up the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Kate asked, looking around the corner.

"The bathroom." Brendon answered, before leaving her sight. Silently, he walked down the upstairs hall and passed the bathroom. He went into the guest bedroom/office area, instead. Cautiously, he sat in front of the computer and took a quick scan through the house with the webcams. Everything shot beautifully. With him finally sure that he'd set up everything to his liking, he sat a timer and shut off the monitor. He then left the room.

As he began walking back downstairs, he peered around the corner and from a distance, examined his wife one last time. With her beautiful black formal dress, her fancy high-heels and her hair put up, she looked more beautiful than ever. He grinned and before he knew it, the knock came at the door. It had finally begun. He answered the door to Jack, who had kept his end of the bargain.

"Hey, man." Jack said, from the doorway. He smiled at Brendon, politely.

"Hey, Jack. Come on in." Brendon replied, directing Jack into his home. As he walked in, Brendon closed the door behind him, and turned to the doorway into the kitchen. "Kate, our guest is here!" He called to his wife.

"I'm on my way!" She replied from the kitchen, as the two took a seat. When she entered the room, Jack grinned instantly.

"Wow, Brendon. I have to admit, you have beautiful taste in women." He said, as he rose from his seat, to greet Kate. "You must be Kate." Jack finished, before extending his hand.

"Yes, and you're Jack?" She asked, with a beautiful smile. She put her hand in his, and he leaned over to kiss it. She began to blush.

"The one and only." He grinned.

"Jack, Kate made snacks, if you're hungry." Brendon said, before gesturing to the kitchen. "She's just about to bring them out."

"Snacks sound great." Jack answered, his eyes still locked on Kate. With that, the two smiled at each other one last time before she turned to retrieve the food. As she left the room, Jack's laser-like focus seemed to scan over every inch of Kate's figure.

"Pleased?" Brendon asked, watching Jacks reaction to Kate.

"Very." He answered.

For the next hour, the three sat, ate the food that Kate had prepared, and drank several glasses of white wine. The time now was a little after nine, and the mood had lightened considerably. Kate had warmed up to Jack quite a bit over the last hour, and Brendon couldn't stop thinking of the things that were to come. Throughout the evening, Jack and Brendon had both made several sexual jokes and comments, in an attempt to work Kate up to what they both wanted, and Jack had decided that now was going to be the perfect time to strike.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" Jack asked Kate, from across the room. She smiled, politely, and shook her head in a silent "No." Brendon smirked as he realized where Jack was going with this.

"My God, you're probably one of the most beautiful women I've seen in my life." Jack grinned, his eyes darting across her body. "Would you stand up and let me admire you?" He asked, as Kate sat there blushing.

Hesitant at first, Kate carefully sat her glass of wine down, and rose from her chair. She slid her hands down her sexy frame, straightening her dress. Jack looked as though he was in awe, as he stared at her, but his thoughts were almost transparent to Brendon. Biting his lip, Jack rose from his seat and approached Kate, slowly.

"Gorgeous." He said, as he stood less than a foot away from her. "May I?" He asked Kate, as his hand reached up to feel the skin on her shoulder. Kate looked to Brendon as though she needed permission, but found him to be smiling eagerly. Shyness had crept back in, but Kate still managed to nod a "Yes." With that, Jack touched Kate's shoulder, and slid slowly across it. Her skin felt like satin to him, as he cherished every inch of it. Her eyes closed, as she was unsure whether to die from embarassment, or submit to the immense pleasure she felt from his touch.

His hand slid across the soft skin of her shoulder, before reaching her neck. Biting his lip, he carefully grazed the tips of his fingers up the side of her neck, and along her jawline. Kate's eyes closed, as her breathing began to increase heavily. Across the room, Brendon's erection was more than noticable, as he watched in amazement. But the ultimate turn-on for Brendon was when he watched the light reflect from a small drop of clear fluid that slowly trailed the inside of her leg, out from the bottom of her dress.

Kate sighed at Jack's touch, as his fingers traced the contours of her face, before his index finger finally came to a rest on her bottom lip. This is when her eyes opened, locking instantly on Jack's. Her lust was obvious. As passion took control, her arms flew from her sides, wrapping around his neck as her lips locked with his. Their kiss was long and sensual, but passionate, as Brendon was now openly rubbing the bulge between his legs.

Brendon watched in awe as Jack's hand began to explore other parts of his wife's body, and although his throbbing erection told him that he was excited, Brendon couldn't help but notice the knot that was building deep in his stomach. Pulling the brim of her skirt up, slightly, Jack's hand slid up the length of Kate's thigh, revealing her silky black bikini-cut panties to the room. As Jack's hand rested on her firm ass, Brendon's stomach dropped as he watched his wife's back arch in the pleasure of his touch. Kate's reaction to Jack was increasing in intensity, as his fingers hooked into the seat of her panties and pulled them to the side, revealing Kate's beautifully-shaped ass. Her hands were now exploring his body, as well. Brendon's jealousy began to fully set in when Kate's hand came to rest on Jack's bulging crotch. His stomach was hurting far worse, now, as he noticed that although his wife was cupping Jack's bulge, his package seemed to overflow from her hand, as it was too much for one of her small hands to cover.

"I can't go through with this." Brendon said, in a small voice. Neither of them seemed to notice his words, too passionate in their own embrace to focus on anything but themselves. Brendon took a moment to regain his composure, and said it again, in a much firmer voice. "I can't do this. Stop." Kate seemed to freeze in her current pose, as she turned her head to look at Brendon. Jack turned to look at him too, but his hands were still exploring Kate's body.

"Oh, baby. Don't be mad. I know I didn't want to, when you suggested this, but I was so wrong." She almost seemed to beg him. "I'm enjoying this so much, baby, please don't make us stop." She finished, as Jack continued kissing her neck. Brendon didn't know what to say. What could he say? He was the one who had started all of this, all for the plan.

"Okay." He answered, hating himself as the words escaped his lips.

Instantly, Kate began to grin with delight, as her petite hand that had been groping Jack's hard manhood began searching for his zipper. As she pulled it down, the monsterous cock within began to spring out, finally free from it's bindings. "Oh my God. It's so much bigger than I could've imagined!" She said, her eyes locked on his foot-long dick. Brendon watched them both, in utter disbelief. "Oh, honey. Would you please get us a condom? Please?" She begged Brendon in her most child-like voice. Brendon's stomach began to hurt that much worse.

"Fine." He snapped, before exiting the room via the staircase. His heart was pounding in his chest and his head throbbed with pain, as he reached the top of the stairs, and walked down the hall. Below, Kate and Jack couldn't be heard. Brendon felt his disgust of the situation begin taking it's toll on his body, as he entered the bedroom door, searching for the pack of condoms that he and his wife kept hid. The more he searched, the more he began thinking about his situation, and how it infuriated him to have that man's hands on his beloved wife. Even worse, the fact that his beautiful and innocent wife of three years was practically begging to fuck a complete stranger. Brendon's mind raced as he began searching even more frantically for the condoms he knew were there.

As he checked Kate's nightstand, he accidentally pulled the drawer completely out. As he watched in disbelief, the drawer's contents crashed to the floor. By now, his temper began to flare. He threw the empty drawer across the room, allowing it to crash into the wall. This is when he remembered... the condoms were in the guest bedroom.

There was still no sound that could be heard from downstairs, as he exited the bedroom and made his way down the hall to the guest room. As he entered, he made his way straight across the room, instantly knowing where the condoms had been put. By now, his head and stomach were killing him, as his pulse and breath increased greatly in speed. He opened one of the smaller drawers of the dresser and pulled the box of condoms from the number of other knick-knacks that rested within. He turned and started to leave the room, but when he did, he caught a glimpse of the computer. The wecams were still running, and he had forgotten. Slowly, he walked over and took a seat at the computer desk. He sat the condoms down and turned the monitor on. He was dumbstruck when the first visible thing on the monitor was his beloved wife.

"You like that dick?" Jack's voice came softly from the speakers, as his image stared downward at Kate, who was now on her knees, with her dress pulled down to reveal her breasts. Brendon couldn't believe it! She was sucking his dick! After all the arguements and fights, all the times she'd sworn against doing such a disgusting act-- even with her own husband!

"Mmm-hmm!" Her voice cooed from the speakers, as the monitor showed her beautiful cream-colored face, being penetrated by Jack's insanely huge cock. Her right hand was playing with his balls, while her left held a tight grasp on his thick shaft, driving it harder and harder into her welcoming mouth. Her eyes were locked on his, as she cooed with every thrust he made into her mouth.

"Yeah, suck that big black dick. Show me you like it." Jack ordered, as his left hand reached down, grabbing a handful of Kate's hair. "Show me how much you want that dick, bitch. Show me how bad you need it." His voice cut through the air. Brendon couldn't move. Time seemed to stand still as he watched his wife as she gave this stranger the pleasure she had forbid her husband from having. The room seemed to dim as Brendon watched, leaving nothing in his sight but the screen in front of him.

Kate took the hard cock from her lips and ran it over her cheek, and chin, leaving trails of her saliva and his pre-cum all over her face. "Oh God, Jack. I want that cock so bad. It's so much bigger than Brendon's, and it's exactly what I've been needing." Her voice seemed to echo. "Please fuck me with it. Do everything to me that my husband can't do. You've got so much more than him, and I want it all!" She said, her tone sounding surreal to Brendon.

"Oh, I will, bitch. You're going to show me how nasty you really are. I've been waiting for this shit since what we did at the Christmas party, and now you're going to get everything I've been saving for you." Jack said, grinning evilly.

Brendon was in shock! The Christmas party? What had they done?

"You think the wine's taken effect yet?" Kate asked, before planting Jack's huge dick back between her lips and plunging it down her throat once more. Brendon suddenly knew.

"Oh hell yeah. His ass is probably fast asleep." Jack answered, as his head tilted upward in enjoyment of Kate's hot, wet mouth. "I put enough drugs in there to knock out a horse. Now get up here and let me pound out that hot little ass of yours, one more time." He grinned. These were the last unbelievable words Brendon heard as the drugs took him into the deep, unwanted slumber.

"He betrayed you, Brendon." He told himself. "She betrayed you. Now you can't stop what's going to happen."

Chapter 3

"How long were you knocked out?" The voice of the college guy asked the unkempt man next to him, before drinking the last of his beer.

"Until noon of the next day." Brendon replied, standing from the bar and laying a couple of dollars next to his empty tumbler, paying for the night's drinks. He left the bar, giving no regard to the nosey college kid who'd practically begged to hear his story. Unfortunately, Brendon was only out the door and by the curb of the street, before the young kid decided to tag along.

"So, what happened next? Did you check to see what the webcams had recorded? Did you go down there and beat the guy's ass? What?" He asked, still annoying the hell out of Brendon.

Giving him the widely known 'Go to Hell' look, Brendon tried his best to ignore the annoying little punk. As he walked a small way down the dimly lit street, Brendon's concentration began to break, as the memories of what followed that event, came flooding back to him.

"You want to know what happened next?" Brendon asked the college kid.

"Yesh, man." The kid answered.

"Fine, come with me. You got a name?" He continued questioning the kid.

"Joe." He replied.

"Come with me, Joe." Brendon said, as a nearby taxi cab pulled over, next to them. Still staring at the kid, he dropped the hand he'd used to call the cab with, and opened the door, inviting Joe into the cab.

As the two of them took their seat inside the vehicle, Joe was still enthrawled in the story Brendon had been telling him. Having been left hanging, Joe had listened to Brendon tell him about his beloved wife, Kate, of three years, who had suddenly betrayed him by begging for sex with someone whom he'd thought was a complete stranger to her. To his suprise, it had turned out that Kate and this man, this Jack-- had made love once before. Drugged and sleeping, the two of them had betrayed Brendon, leaving him asleep, upstairs. Joe couldn't believe what he had heard. To know that this huge, deceptive black man, was downstairs with Brendon's wife begging him to take advantage of every hole on her young body. What a betrayal.

"As I said, I woke up about noon on Saturday." Brendon said, as the car took off, down the downtown street. "I had a hangover from hell, and I didn't remember a thing. But when I woke up, in my desk chair, the first thing my vision focused on was a note that had been taped to the monitor."

Saturday, June 9th, 2003

Groaning with pain, Brendon's head was throbbing from the immense drugs that had been slipped to him the night before. As his vision focused, the note on his monitor became visible. Brendon stared for a long moment, as the text became clear to him. "Press the Spacebar." It read. As his thoughts and memories flooded back to him, every memory from the night before, Brendon wasn't sure he wanted to see what had been recorded in his absence.

As he pulled the note from his monitor, he could see that the media player was open, giving a clear view of the living room from the night before. He also noticed that it was paused from the exact moment he had left the room. Those bastards wanted him to see it. They deliberately wanted to hurt him. He wasn't going to press the spacebar, at least, not yet. He rose from his chair and closed the blinds to the window, an attempt to block the sun that was helping to instigate his headache. Then he walked back to the computer and tried to launch a current feed from the webcams he had set up. "No feed available." The text read across the screen.

Looking to arm himself with something heavy enough to do some damage, Brendon was now on a mission. He was going to go downstairs and throw that son of a bitch out of his house. And if Kate wanted him so damn bad, she can go with him. As he opened his closet door, he used his other hand to reach inside and pull a golf club from within. It was a 9-iron, a Anniversary gift his wife had given him, last year. The pain of this betrayal was feeling much worse, now. Brendon decided that he just shouldn't think about it.

Slamming the door open to the guest room, Brendon was now on a mission. He marched down the hall, kicking doors in to every room he approached. Guest Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kate and Jack weren't in any of them. Brendon marched down the stairs, as he drew the golf club back, ready to swing. As he reached the foot of the stairs, he found his living room to be completely trashed. The furniture had been moved into the kitchen, and the only thing that remained was empty beer cans and bottles, full ashtrays, the remains of a number of marijuana joints, and several opened cellifane bags. Brendon was in shock. They hadn't drank beer last night, or done any of these things. What the hell had happened? Where was Jack and his wife?

As Brendon explored, he noticed a large area in the middle of the room, where the carpet showed signs of an unbelievable amount of action. It was worn down in this spot, with several stains on it.

"Oh, God, no." Brendon said to himself, as it dawned on him. He knew what had happened. He wished he didn't, but now he did. He turned to go back upstairs, and on his way, glanced at the front door. It was closed and locked, but the deadbolt wasn't locked. They'd locked up and left. But worse was that Jack chose to mock Brendon by leaving his wife's cum-soaked black panties hanging from the door knob. Brendon felt sick.

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