Losing Her

by tRafe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Swinging, Harem, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man's story about the events that led to his wife's departure. Simple description, complex story. ;)

Chapter 1

"Who's the newbie?" The young 20-something male patron asked the bartender, as he took a sip from the longneck bottle snuggled between his pointer finger and his thumb. He nodded to the far end of the long bar, at the man who sat, nursing a tumbler of hard liquor. The bartender turned and looked at the new guy with a look of pity on his face. He looked back at the college guy and motioned for him to stay quiet.

"Shh, not so loud. He's been coming in for almost a week, now. Always wears the same outfit, too." He said, referring to the extremely wrinkled dress shirt that was probably white at one time. His tie hung loosely from his neck, resembling something close to a noose. If only they knew how much he wished it were true.

"So what's his deal?" The college kid asked, being more nosey than concerned.

"Just leave him be, alright? He looks like he's been through hell. As long as he's got money, he's welcome here." The bartender finally barked at the kid, his patience running out. With a shrug, the young kid walked off, deciding to ask the guy for himself.

As he approached him, he noticed that he was in desperate need of a shave and a shower. He took a seat next to him at the bar, shooting the bartender a look of arrogance when he noticed that he was being watched with a frown.

"What's up, buddy?" He asked the unkempt man next to him. The man didn't respond. His brown eyes were distant, almost as if he were lost in a trance of some kind. The kid didn't know whether to peg him for a crazy guy, or what. "Hey, I'm talking to you. What are you, a nutjob?" He asked, his tone enough to cut through the man's heart. Slowly, the man turned to look at the kid, as the bartender watched from a distance. The kid was left in shock when the man didn't speak. He glared at the young kid with a face full of frustration, ready to be unleashed on anyone near him.

"First, my name is Brendon, not 'buddy'. Secondly, since you don't know who I am, what I'm about, or any of the things I've gone through recently, it would probably be alot more of an intelligent move if you were to at least pretend to be polite. Understand?" He said to the kid, in a stern and unrelenting voice. The kid just nodded a silent 'yes'.

With that over, he just turned back to the tumbler of whiskey, waiting for him on the bar.

"Listen, bud--" He caught himself, "Brendon. I didn't mean anything by it, man. I was just curious as to why you were looking like somebody just shot your dick off, or something." He said, a poor attempt at an apology.

"I'd rather not talk about it." Brendon replied, before drinking the whiskey in one gulp. He put his glass back on the table and nodded to the bartender. Silently, the man behind the counter walked up, pouring him another drink. When he finished, Brendon took a sip of it, before turning back to the kid and staring at him for a moment. "Goddamn, you're still here?"

The college kid just shot him a dirty look, still sitting there quietly. Brendon took another hard gulp of whiskey, and cleared his throat.

"You want to know why I'm like this, huh?" He asked, finally giving in.

"Uh, yeah. Kind of." The college kid replied.

"Fair warning, it's a long story." Brendon looked at him, his insobriety now visible in his eyes.

"Try me." The kid smirked.

"Well, it all started a month ago, today..."

Monday, June 4th, 2003:

She was laying on the couch, asleep when he came in the door from work. The thin sheet she'd covered herself with made the curves of her body easily visible. She'd been Brendon's wife of three years, now, but she still looked like the sexy little seventeen year old girl he'd fallen in love with, in high school. He quietly set his breifcase down, and undid his tie, as he stared at her. She was 21 years old, after deciding to accept his marraige proposal at the young age of 18. She weighed 112 pounds, with a very small frame that seemed to make her features even more desirable, Kate was always the envy of Brendon's friends.

He slid off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, a sly grin creeping across his face. Quickly, he dropped his pants to reveal his already-hard dick, dangling in front of him. Slowly, he eased his way across the room, before sitting on the edge of the couch, where she was sleeping. Quietly, he lifted the sheet to reveal that she was wearing only a spaghetti-strapped shirt and a pair of sheer-white panties. His grin widened at the sight. Softly, he touched the back of her thigh and eased it forward. He reached in from behind and hooked his fingers inside the crotch of her panties, pulling them to the side.

Her bald pussy was beautiful, squeezed tight between her legs. He raised his other hand to his lips, wetting his fingers with his toungue, before sliding them between her legs. Kate moaned softly, in her sleep, as he worked his fingers across her slit, slowly increasing the heat and moisture buried deep within her beautiful, tight cunt. As he continued, her hips slowly began to writhe in small circles, bucking back only his fingers.

"Mmm!" She moaned from her deep sleep, as Brendon's fingers began pumping faster into her sex from behind. Kate's hand softly gripped the blanket tightly, as she began to bite her lip, now working her hips backward, taking his fingers in as deep as they would go. Quickly, Brendon removed his fingers and lifted her leg, slightly. Steadily, he began working his firm 8-inch dick into her wet opening, fitting snuggly within the walls of her bald pussy.

Once it was all the way in, Brendon gripped Kate waist tight, working her on and off of his dick as she laid on her side. She was moaning softly, as he thrust it in as deep as it would go. Brendon was now getting really excited, noticing that she hadn't woken up. He pulled his dick from inside of her and began pressing it against her tiny asshole. The head of his cock pushed on her virgin anus, and a painful hiss came from her lips. Her hands swung around and grabbed the shaft of his dick, pushing it away from her ass. "No, Brendon." She said, now obviously awake. The disappointment in his face was just as obvious. This killed the mood, dramatically. "Goddammit." He said, getting off of the couch and grabbing his clothes on the way out of the room.

As Brendon stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, his glared at his reflection. This was beginning to be a normal routine, as Kate enjoyed sex but was very limited in what she would try. Time and again, Brendon had attempted to work her past her inhibitions, trying pathetically to talk her into the things he wanted in his sex life. Blowjobs, facials, and anal sex were things that Brendon's co-workers bragged about all the time, and with him having the wife everyone stayed jealous over, it infuriated him to not be able to tell them that he'd done these things with her.

As he finished dressing, Brendon has a hard time calming down his frustration. He and Kate had gotten into a number of arguements over this issue, and he knew that if he didn't calm down, this time would be no different.

This is when an idea began to form. Brendan had talked with Kate numerous times about having a threesome, and though she knew most of the time he wasn't serious, she had said that she would agree to one. His anger began to fade away as his thought about it more. A grin washed over his face as he thought about the large black man in the mail room at work, who women were always drooling over. By paying him $100 and giving him the opportunity to fuck his wife, Brendon knew he'd agree. Brendon also knew that he always bragged about being able to de-virginize many women, anally.

As Kate sat in the living room, watching television, she tried not to think about the event that had just happened. Suddenly, she heard Brendon exit from the bathroom. She knew from experience that this would be the beginning of the arguement. He walked into the room, fully dressed. "Hey, babe." He said, before entering the kitchen to get a drink.

She raised an eyebrow, confused. "You okay?" She asked, as he re-enterred the room with a soda. He sat on the couch and put his shoes on.

"Oh, I'm fine, babe. I'm sorry about earlier, I knew you wouldn't like it and I shouldn't have even tried." He said with a sincere tone. She was more confused now than before. As many times as they've been through this routine, Brendon had never been this nice afterwards.

"It's alright, just please don't do it again." She replied, still trying to maintain a little control over the situation. Brendon smiled and leaned over, kissing her softly on the forehead.

"Don't worry, I won't." He grinned. "Hey, I forgot that I had to drop by a co-worker's house and pick up some paperwork. You going to be okay?" He asked, straightening his tie.

"Yeah, sure." She said.

"Great, then I'll be back in a little bit." He smiled and walked out the door. As he started the car, he began to imagine how the big black guy from work would penetrate Kate in all the ways he's ever wanted to, leaving her with no excuse not to allow him to do them to her. Brendon's cock began to swell inside his pants, as he imagined the things that his wife had coming to her. He continued to think about this as he drove across town, before finally arriving at his house.

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