Return From Seven Oaks

by Scott Wolf

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Science Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size, Transformation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Forth in the Bounty Hunter series. A short story that gets our hero out of the woods and on the way home. Very little violence, sex is sparce. There's just so much a guy can get into out in the deep woods of East Texas. There's no place like home.

I had been in the wild for what must have been days after my stay in Seven Oaks. My appearance showed it. I was naked and in dire need of a bath. My body was covered with the dirt and grime of living wild and being unconcerned with appearances.

I didn't know where I was, but I knew I was alone and far from any discernable human entrapments. I knew where there was water and I felt I needed to go there to cleanse my body. My mind and spirit were immaculate.

I walked the trails of the deep forest, leading down into the expansive river bottom that had held me in awe as the sun had risen. Only half way down the mountain, hidden in a rocky outcropping, I found a small, crystal clear, spring fed pool.

I sat on the edge of the rocks surrounding the spring and waited for the nerve to drop into the cold water. Waiting didn't help. I plunged into the pool and completely disappeared under the deceptively deep water.

Regaining the surface I sucked in air and cursed silently as I sought footing near the edge to keep my head above water while I washed. Rubbing the dirt from my face I noticed my new beard. I was shocked and thought to myself, " Have I been here that long?"

The evidence seemed to confirm my suspicion. Judging from the hair on my face I estimated I had been in the wild for at least two weeks. The full beard would have to go as soon as I returned to civilization and found the nearest razor.

My reflection in the water told me the new look didn't suit me. The blue eyes that peered back at me from the wild tangle of sandy blonde hair had a menacing quality. The growth on my face just contributed to the look of a wild man.

After washing away the dirt I used a bundle of straw grass to comb out my tangled hair Indian style. I was felling much more human as I pondered which direction to travel in my search for civilization. I didn't have to ponder long. Civilization came to me.

"Don't move!" The words came from downwind. Whoever had come upon me was quiet enough to escape my keen senses and wise enough to approach from an undetectable direction.

"That's not a problem. I'm unarmed. You might have already guessed that from the fact that I have no clothes on."

"What the hell are you doing on my place?"

I remained calm and answered the unseen man behind me trying to calm any fears he might have of being attacked in the wild. " I didn't know it was your place. I just sort of wandered in from wherever it was that I've been."

"Where's that?"

"Well, if I knew that I could tell you what I'm doing on your place. I'm lost."

"That may be. Nobody comes here anymore. Not hikers, campers, government men, or anybody. So, what the hell do you want?"

"Not to be shot first of all. Secondly, I'd like to cover up my bare ass, and last of all I'd like to be pointed towards home, or at least town."

"That makes sense to me. Put this on. I have no desire to see a naked man."

"That's nice to know. My name's Scott Wolf. I'm pleased to meet you." I took the sniper type jungle suit that landed on the ground beside me and began the task of hiding my privates.

"We'll see about that. Get covered up and I'll lead you back to my cabin and you can find town from there."

"That's very kind of you. I appreciate your invitation and your help."

"If it will get you off my place quicker, I'll do it. Although, you seem to be doing alright without my help."

"You wouldn't have thought so if you would have seen me an hour ago. A bath and combing your hair does wonders for anyone's looks."

"That's another thing, you just took a bath in my water supply. I'm going to have to come back for water after the spring clears up. You've already been more trouble than you might be worth."

"I'm sorry about that Mister. I didn't know."

"Well you know now, so let's get on the road and get you where you out of my drinking water."

I turned for the first time to see the man who had managed to catch me off guard. He looked as wild I had just a short time before. He was a big man and dressed for the woods. He was traveling light for a man intending to haul water.

I stood and offered my hand in friendship and trust. He didn't take it.

"No offence, but I don't take to strangers right off. When I give you my hand it will because you've earned my trust and respect, not because of a custom."

"I can live with that. Where to from here?"

"That way." The man who I could only compare to a disheveled Grizzly Adams indicated with the barrel of his rifle.

I started along a path that led me back up the hill. Two hundred yards along the trail I saw the plastic jugs the man had intended to retrieve water in and stopped.

"Leave those there. I have no intentions to lug them back just to fill them later."

"How far is your cabin?'

"You sound like a kid on vacation. Just stay on the path and I'll tell you when we're there."

I felt no urge to debate this man. I turned and walked until I came to a fork in the pig-trail he called a path. I could scent he had come from the left but thought it would be best to play down my abilities. " Which way?"

"You tell me, Robison Crusoe"

I liked this guy. He had a sharp tongue, but I felt there was a reason behind his remark. I looked for sign of his passing and found very little of it. His footprints on the resilient vegetation would all but disappear in another hour. There were no broken branches or stems of the tender new tree growth twisting in the breeze.

This man moved through the woods like a ghost. I believe he had already noticed the same thing about me.

I took the left fork and continued walking without waiting for his confirmation. I got it anyway.

"That was pretty good back there. What convinced you?"

"You could use a bath yourself."

That brought out the first friendly sound I had heard since meeting this man almost an hour earlier. He roared in brazen, from the heart laughter. We both stopped and I watched as he chuckled down to a smile.

I noticed his buckskin moccasins and understood how he managed to avoid leaving the hard-edged footprints most woodsman leave behind. My own bare feet were no gentler on the trail then they would have been.

"What's your name Mister?"

"Ben Walker. No cracks about the bear. We're not related and I've heard them already. It's not much farther, keep moving."

We crested a hill and were just a little way down the lee side when the trail broadened into a real path wide enough to walk on without brushing the brush on either side. Only a few yards beyond that I saw his cabin.

If I had not been so near, and on the ground, I would have missed it. The pup tent shaped structure was supported at one end by a living tree. The sides were of logs and covered with dirt and flora that blended into the natural ground cover around it.

The backside butted into the side of the hill. A person not approaching from the right direction could walk onto the top of it and not know he was standing on someone's house.

The only obvious man made part was a rough-hewn door that hung on thick leather hinges. It closed on more logs in the end of the structure that were covered with honey suckle and trumpet vine. It looked like the home of a garden gnome.

"Nice place." I said with genuine pleasure.

"It keeps the rain off. Come on in and I'll see if I can't find you some real clothes."

Inside the low, wide structure I found the floor had been dug out and allowed a person to stand easily. It also added to the roominess of the dugout. The walls were covered with hides, traps, and other necessary items for human survival in the wild. Ben's bed was on one side of the hobbit-hole and a bench chair sat on the other, near the door.

"Have a seat. I'll get those clothes." Ben went about digging in a chest in one corner of his home.

I sat and waited. I saw that Ben was careful to keep his rifle near him and out of my reach when it was not in his hands. He produced a set of clothes a couple of sizes too big around but fit well enough in the length to make due.

"Thanks Ben. How far am I from a town and what town would that be?"

"You're as far from the nearest town of Naples as you can be, in this area anyways. Noone comes out this way anymore. It's all government land now, a wildlife refuge. Campers and hikers are steered to the other side of the river for recreation.

There's nothing but wildlife on this side. Dad and I built this hide away from Mom when I was a kid, before the government stole our land and made us move."

"How do you mean they stole it?"

"They called it immanent domain. They stole it is what they did. We didn't want to sell it so they just took it and said it was far the greater good. There's suppose to be money they put in the bank a few years ago, but they've probably taken that by now as well. I'm sure they have another word for that, but it amounts to the same thing. They steal when they can't get what they want any other way."

"I take it you don't think too highly of your government then."

"It's not my government! They stopped being my government when they robbed us and forced us off our place."

"So Ben, how long have you been living up here away from everyone?"

"Ten years, and they still don't know I'm here. They must have really needed our land to neglect it so badly."

I was about to speak when the back wall of Ben's house opened up and an angel emerged from the gaping cavern behind it and spoke to me. " I thought I heard voices."

"Sis, this is Scott Wolf. I found him in the spring washing his ass."

"You say that like it was a bad thing. You could use a bath yourself."

"That's twice today. I'm beginning to think there's some truth to it."

"Believe it big boy. You reek. Mr. Wolf I'm Lisa Walker, Ben's sister." Lisa said it but there was no malice in her voice. Ben just shook his head and sat on the bed. Lisa sat next to him and put her arm around her brother to console his mock hurt feelings.

Her rose high enough going around her brother's shoulders to open the front of the loose fitting blouse she wore. I was getting a free show as I stared at one of her breasts. Her nipples were small and the same color as her rosy pink lips. She was actually very well built and seemed well kept for a woman living in the wild. It had been a while since I had been with a woman and she was looking better every minute.

"So Lisa, have you lived here with Ben all this time?"

"Not on your life. I'm just visiting. I bring Ben the things that make his life easier. He pretty self-sufficient but needs special things now and then. His first aid kit is kept supplied anyway. I'm happy in town."

"I glad you come to see me Sis. I don't dislike everybody and your company is welcome anytime." Ben smiled and gave his sister a little peck on the cheek. Then squeezed her bared tit.

"Ben, not in front of a stranger!"

I closed my mouth only long enough to open it again," I've seen far stranger things. What you guys do is your own business. I'm thankful for everything that you've done for me. I don't intend to bite the hand that reaches out to help me."

"Just the same, you'd think he was raised by animals. He knows how to behave, he's just doesn't want to."

"Aw Sis, you know what you do to me. Give me a break."

"Well thanks to you, Mr. Wolf knows what I do to you too. I have my reputation to think about you know."

"She's a great lay. She's a wildcat in bed. It's a good thing she fucks me out here. In town someone would call the cops."


"If it's not true then slap my face." Ben bared his cheek and waited. He got a kiss, not a slap. When she was still leaning in to him he took her head in his hands and directed her lips to his. The slow, long, wet kiss was not sisterly at all.

Lisa's erect nipples were visible through the thin material of her blouse when she broke off the kiss. " Not now, Mr. Wolf is watching."

"Let him watch, he'll believe me when you howl like the animal you are."

"I'd better not guys, it's been too long since I've been with a woman. I'll wait outside." I stood to leave and showed everybody the tent I had made of the loose fitting pants I was wearing.

"Oh my, how long has it been?" Lisa's eyes bulged and badly as my pants.

"Far too long."

"I can help you with that, you know. You don't have to wait outside. You don't have to wait at all. Ben here usually comes in a couple of minutes and he's done for a while. You can have me after if you want. I don't mind."

"That's a very kind offer, but you've done enough for me already."

"I haven't done anything for you, yet. Ben, fuck me so I can take care of Mr. Wolf's problem when you're done."

"Aw Sis, I don't want to rush, you don't come around that often."

"Okay so fuck me then let Mr. Wolf have a turn then you can fuck me again if you need to."

Lisa stood and dropped all formalities, along with her pants. She was even better looking out of the rough hiking jeans. They hid her true asset. Her pretty little snatch just said, "Fuck me please", and I was listening.

Her pink lips peeked out of her bush. She had my attention when she stood in front of her brother facing me and grabbed her ankles. Her ass was in Ben's face and could not have been smiling any more than he was.

Ben responded to his sister's invitation by licking her slit from clit to asshole. He rimmed her ass for some time before returning to her clit and sucked it between his lips. Lisa began slowly grinding her hips as he tongued her from behind.

She was determined to involve me. She turned around and opened her brother's pants. Ben helped her by pushing them over his hips and as far s he could get them over his leggings. Lisa's wet slot was wet and ready as she looked at me once before bending forward at her waist and took her brother's cock into her mouth.

Ben leaned back and let her work her magic as she sucked him to his hairy balls. She spread her legs and fingered her pussy as I watched from my excellent vantage point. It could have been better, but I would have to get closer.

My legs were working of their own accord as they lifted me from the bench and carried me across the small room and then knelt behind Lisa. They put my face right behind her wet fingers as she pushed them in and out of her pussy.

I rimmed her asshole lightly and waited for her to shriek or freak. She didn't do either. She withdrew her fingers and pushed them into my mouth. She fed me her juices from her fingers before gently pulling me by my lower lip to her own lower lips.

I relished in the aroma of her cunt as she ground her ass into my face. She fed me her cunt and produced more lubrication than I had ever seen first hand. I lapped it all up and wanted more. I sucked her clit and tongued into her at a hungry pace. I wanted to fuck this woman, but I would have to wait until her brother was through with her.

Lisa wanted dick inside her. She was panting as s he rose from her brother's cock and turned to kiss me hard on the mouth. She held my hands as she backed onto Ben's lap. She guided his cock into her dripping wet slot and took him inside her.

She sat grinding on her brother and reached out to pull me by my cock to within reach of her face. She licked my balls as she rubbed her ass on her brother's. She rode up his shaft and back down slowly fucking him and reaching under her cunt as she hit bottom to message her clit with his balls.

Lisa smiled as she licked her way to the end of my cock and wrapped her lips around me. As she rose off her brother she leaned forward and swallowed me whole. She slowly fucked us both in and out until Ben groaned out in release and shot come deep into his sister's hungry box. Lisa sat all the way down on him and twisted her hips a she milked him of everything he had.

She rose off him only to turn and bare her ass for me as she went down on Ben and sucked their mixed juices from his faltering cock. I mounted her quickly pushing all she could take into her slippery pussy. She grunted around Ben's cock and leaned forward when I pushed against her cervix. I wanted to give her more and pulled almost out of her and pushed back just as deep.

Lisa's moan and exertion to control the depth of my thrusts forced her off her brother's cock and onto his chest. She clutched him to her as she tried to take all I gave her. She continued to crawl forward until she found her brother suckled to her breast.

She would go no further. Ben would not let her crawl away from him. He clung to her as I impaled her on my ridged cock. She groaned as I penetrated her to my fullest and wallowed my cock deep inside her. She pulled Ben's head to her breast as I quickened my pace.

I knew she was cumming when she raked Ben's shoulders with her nails and cried out like a wild animal. Her cunt tried to push me out as her contractions seized her. Lisa pushed her ass to me trying to get even more dick inside her ravaged pussy.

Her crying grew louder as her satisfaction increased proportions only she could know. Her orgasm continued for what seemed like an eternity as she rocked and rippled over my throbbing cock.

I released my load into her in huge jets. She felt the warmth and flow of my seed on her cervix as warm tears started down her cheeks. She looked back at me and smiled as her climax ebbed and she calmed her wild humping.

I slowed my thrusts to that of gentle love making as we both reclaimed our minds. I didn't pull out of her until I was completely limp and my cum was starting down the inside of her thighs to mix with her own abundant juices.

Lisa returned to her original position and gently cleaned my cock of every drop of fluid we had produced. Ben was even more of a wild man than I had thought. His sister's cum soaked pussy was too much for him to waste. He lapped and sucked her pussy clean, eating our combined cum from her gaping hole, savoring every drop.

Lisa's second orgasm was much milder than the first and she managed to not bite my cock off. She humped and groaned her appreciation of the through job Ben was doing of cleaning her cunt as my erection returned. Ben was kicking off his clothes and sporting a stiffening cock before he had wiped his chin.

"Sis, I know what you want. We've never had a third before. It's the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dream. I see Mr. Wolf is up for another round as well."

"Please, if we've fucked, it's okay to call me Scott."

Lisa smiled and stroked both our cocks as she considered her options. She was an ambitious woman if nothing else. " Scott would you mind so much if I wanted you to fuck my pussy, while my brother fucked me in the ass?"

"I'd love to. Make some room there Ben."

"Have my seat. If she will straddle you on the edge of the bed I'll have room to get behind her and ream her ass, but good."

Ben and I traded places and Lisa was on top of me before I had a chance to object to anything. She sank down over my cock and fucked me until her juices were flowing. Her brother waited patently as she prepared for a double entry.

Once Lisa and I were lubricated she rose off my straining rod to give Ben a chance to wet his meat in her gaping pussy. Ben had been busy while he waited. He produced a squirt bottle filled with cooking oil. As he pumped his cock into her he applied a few drops to her rosy asshole.

His sister cooed as she felt the warm oil saturate her. Ben pressed a fingertip into her ass and messaged the oil into her willing shitter. I watched her face as she accepted his finger and pushed back on it driving it all the way up her ass. Ben pumped it a few strokes as he added oil to another finger and slid it into the entrance to his sister's ass.

Lisa continued pumping his fingers as she relaxed. She was ready and wanted to fuck. Ben pulled his cock out of her pussy and rubbed the head on the rosy button that resisted only slightly as he entered her.

Lisa shut her eyes and gently bit her lower lip as he dropped more oil on his cock and let even more run down her crack and coat her asshole all the way around as he gradually feed more meat to her ass.

Ben stroked into her for several moments before she opened her eyes and reached for my idle prick that lay between us. She positioned my rod at the entrance to her cunt and waited until Ben pulled almost out of her. He saw what was happening and let his sister manage what went where and when.

Ben stayed lodged in her ass as she slid down my shaft. It was a tight fit but she managed to ride me gently as Ben slowly increased his depth. He was very gentle as he let her set the pace. With Ben standing behind her she could rise off my chest and slide onto both of us at once.

Lisa's coos became groans as she impaled her self on both cocks as much as she could take at once. The double stuffing she was taking stretched her to her limits. She couldn't take us both all the way inside, but once the pace was set it became our job to do the work as she lay between us and fucked both our cocks at once.

As time passed Ben's need grew as much as my own. Our timing had become alternating thrusts that allowed us to enter Lisa completely. As I withdrew Ben plowed into his sister's asshole. We both quickened our pace and Lisa groaned gloriously as her world was rocked.

She became very vocal as she felt the tingle of heaven approaching. Ben and I both were trying to be the first to blow our wad into the eager nymph fucking us.

When Lisa's contractions began and almost squeezed us out of her he was beginning to shoot his load. He pushed back into her as I thrust all the way to her cervix. Lisa cried out as she was filled to the hilt with two cocks pumping cum into her. Her climax spread through her to both the men inside her.

It became a three-way shudder as all of us pressed our bodies closer and deeper together. Lisa was in tears again as she fell onto my chest, exhausted.

It is a beautiful thing to see a woman sweaty from the exertion of sex with two men that alone could pleasure her better than most. Lisa rolled onto the bed beside me and Ben lay next to her. She was the image of spent passion. We all lay silently together until everyone's breathing had returned to normal in the stillness of the secluded cabin.

After some time Lisa spoke softly. " I want to take you home with me."

"I'll be glad to get back to the world. I'm sure there's someone looking for me by now."

"Are you lost?"

"I'm unaccounted for. MIA I guess you could say. I just need to let someone know I'm okay."

"I'll take you to town with me tomorrow. We'll leave at first light. It will take almost two days to get there. We'll have to make a camp. I have a nice place picked out that I used most of the time. Do you think you could share a sleeping bag with me for one night?"

"I can handle anything that doesn't hurt to much."

"Good. Hold me and let me get a nap. We have a long way to go tomorrow and I need my rest. You guys have drained me."

Lisa closed her eyes and cuddled beside me as she drifted off. Ben looked me right in the eye and said in a whisper. " My sister is going to be okay with you isn't she."

It was a statement more than a question. " She's as safe with me is she would be with you. I would never hurt her. She reminds me of my own sister. Sort of."

Ben grinned at the incest reference. " She would do anything for the right man. Threat her well and she would die for you."

"I don't think it will come to that." I said as I closed my eyes to join Lisa in a nap before the evening meal.

We woke rested and slowly stirred to make a meal of beans and biscuits. Ben was comfortable with me by the time we quit for the night. Water had been brought from the spring, his pantry was stocked and he had fucked his sister all by himself for most of the evening.

Lisa slept with him on the one bed. I was handed a blanket and led to a nest inside a shallow cave behind the wall of Ben's cabin. There were enough weapons, dynamite, and ammo to level the mountain we were on.

I hoped nobody ever came after him. It would be a bloodbath if they found him.

Lisa woke me before dawn the next morning. She meant to get back to the real world as soon as possible. I was ready to go as well. I had been away from home for almost a month. My job in Seven Oaks had ended when my target died in my arms.

I rolled to the floor and was ready in two minutes. I need very little to travel, and even less when I'm going home. I could have made better time without Lisa but I felt her and her brother's kindness should be returned in kind.

A night alone with her in the wild was motivation enough to keep me on her heels. The lack of trails made for hard travel through the ever-thickening river bottom.

Ben saw us off and as I turned to go he held out his hand. I took it and silently accepted his friendship and trust. Lisa's eyes were moist as she watched her brother accept something he had few of, a friend.

The trek to town began easily enough on the higher ground. Soon after it turned into a more arduous journey as the trails disappeared. We were ducking limbs and going around thickets most all the way.

I watched Lisa stoop and bend all morning. By lunch she was sweating profusely from her exertion as well as the heat of the day. We stopped at the river for lunch and swam naked to cool off before we ate the last of the trail mix Lisa had brought with her.

"I didn't plan on having company out here. We may be hungry before we get back to town and more food."

"I'll see what I can scare up for dinner along the way." I had walked by dozens of squirrels and other small game most of the morning that Lisa hadn't noticed. If I had known I would have a game bag full of fresh meat already.

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