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Desc: Sex Story: I'm a bit of a pervert, there no end of the naughty things I forced my lovely wife to do.

I'm a bit of a pervert, there no end of the naughty things I forced my lovely wife to do. It helps that she has this problem with drink, give her a couple of strong ones and she anybody's. We met while at College; I was attracted to her immediately, a well built young girl with a lovely smile. We hit it off and soon we were an item. I was on a 'sandwich' course from my work, so by comparison with other students, I had plenty of money and even drove my own car. The advantages of this became obvious fairly quickly, her clothes were stripped off on my back seat and her virginity surrendered to my ardour. We spent many long summer afternoons on that back seat, exploring each other minds and bodies.

Very soon I found out, not only did she love my hard seven inches, she also loved being pushed into doing naughty things. On of the first of many naughty things I made her do was for her to go braless sometimes. Now Janice is not small up top, a good 'D' cup, but even with the firmness of youth, this was not going to go un-noticed. I can still remember when we were at this Pop concert, with her dressed in a T-shirt and Jeans, every male in the place noticed her, much to her embarrassment, but later it heightened her lust on my back seat. Over the next few weeks, all I had to do to bring on her orgasm, was to mention all those guys lusting after her swaying unfettered tits.

One other memorable thing I made her do, while we were at college, was to pose for the end of year 'Rag'. It was not quite a Playboy picture, but she was just dressed in her bikini bottoms and an un-buttoned shirt; her half-hidden tits looked magnificent.

Up to now I had exclusive rights to her body, no one but me had even fondled her tits, let alone fuck her; this was about to change. We got engaged after a year together and to celebrate, I invited her to go on holiday with me to Sunny Spain. I was fantastic sleeping with her, it was definitely a holiday of sun, sea and sex. Her large tits, trying to escape from her bikini top attracted a lot of attention from local and other holidaymakers alike. There was a small crowd of us Brits there, including Colin and his girlfriend Jamie, and a couple of guys from Newcastle.

Jamie was a slim girl, with smallish tits, and nearly always went topless on the beach. The two Gordie lads would often comment about Janice's large tits and when was she going to get them out for them. It was all very light hearted and friendly, but at night, while I thrust between her spread thighs, I would tell Janice that soon I would make her go topless in front of them; this always had a positive effect on her passion.

By the end of the first week, we were all very comfortable in each other company, so one night after the bar had closed, we were all invited back to Colin and Jamie's room to plunder their Duty Free drinks. By two am, Janice was well past her limit and was totally gone; the rest of us weren't in a much better state. Colin had past out on one of the beds, while I was having a smooched with Jamie; the two Gordie lads were taking turns dancing with Janice. Jamie and I kissed for awhile and when I looked back over at the others, I could just make out in the dim light, that she was now being sandwiched between both of them, her head was back on Bill's shoulder as he stood behind her. At that moment Jamie pulled my head down to kiss her again and I brought my hand up to fondled her small tits through her thin top; Jamie never wears a bra. When I came up for air, I looked again and could see Bill hands were all over Janice's tits, it looked like he was given them a good mauling. I could see Trev's hand under her short skirt and by the movement of his elbow, he was fingering her between the legs. My cock suddenly became hard, Jamie, of course, thought it was all down to her, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me on to the other bed.

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