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Desc: Sex Story: This was my first erotic story. I quite like it, but I'm told it's technically a little suspect :-(

Nancy was unable to shake the feeling that today was going to be special, but had no idea why.

She had tried to write some more of her thesis, but it was warm outside, and she couldn't find any motivation to sit here in front of the computer. This thesis had been much more involved than at first thought, and she was tired of the struggle. Maybe a walk would clear her mind.

Nancy had been staying in the farmhouse for two weeks now, and the quiet and seclusion had definitely improved both the quantity and quality of her writing, but now she was just bored.

Grabbing her running shoes, she considered her clothing for a moment. The tight tee-shirt was fine for around the cottage, but perhaps not for outside. Still, she was miles away from anywhere here, and she decided that it would suffice. It was warm enough for shorts, so that would do.

The cottage was surrounded by hills, and Nancy decided to climb to the top of one of the smaller ones, and get a better look around. Two weeks in the beautiful spot, and Nancy had only been down to the local store.

Finding a path heading up a hill, she strolled along, enjoying the sunshine and the quiet. The path got a little steeper in parts, but soon Nancy reached the top, and was presented with a view of the valley on the other side. This area could not be seen from the cottage at all.

Looking down into the valley, she thought she could see the glint of water in the sunshine, and strolled down the track toward the trees surrounding the water. As she got closer, Nancy could see that the water was a small lake, nestled in a ring of trees. Walking further down towards the lake, she could hear the sound of water as well, and she felt she had to know what the noise was.

As Nancy walked to the edge of the lake, she could see some large movement behind a clump of trees, and thought it might be a waterfall. She sat by the edge of the lake for a while, enjoying the sunshine, and the sounds of the birds and the water. The heat and the peace calmed her, and she forget all about the thesis for a while. Soon, She fell asleep, near the shore of the lake.

Waking with a start, Nancy realised that she had nodded off in the sun, and looked at her watch to see how long she had been dreaming for. Her watch suggested that she had been asleep for around an hour, and she certainly felt as if she had been in the sun for a while.

What had previously been a pleasant warmth had now become a stifling heat, and it was a struggle for her to sit up. Nancy had to cool off somehow, and she had the perfect opportunity just in front of her. The only problem was, she was normally rather shy, but didn't want to get her clothes wet either.

Considering the options for a while, Nancy decided that she was fairly safe. The cottage was fairly secluded way out here, and this valley was only accessible by the track. Nancy stood up in the hot sun, and decided to go ahead. First she removed the tee-shirt, which was stuck to her body with the heat. She didn't have a bra on underneath, and the breeze that had seemed awfully hot was momentarily cool against her breasts. It felt quite nice actually. Bending down to remove her shoes and socks, she was conscious of her bare chest, and hurried to undo the laces, and get the shoes off. Straightening up again, she put her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts, and wiggled out of them. Looking around once more, she quickly pulled down her brief black panties, threw them on the ground, and ran into the water.

The water was cold, but nice, and as she ran, the depth slowly increased, until her nipples were floating just below the water. Nancy felt relaxed again, and stopped to look around. The bottom of the lake was sandy and soft on her feet, and surface was crystal clear. Looking through the water, she could still see her breasts, though the sun blocked out most of the underwater view. The reflections were very bright, and the water was moving around in response to her entry to the lake.

Off to the right, Nancy could now see the cause of the water noises. A small waterfall fell into the lake, and the sun sparkled on its surface. She wandered around in the lake for a while, enjoying the cool water, and the wonderful view, and all of a sudden she remembered what she had dreamed about, while snoozing on the grass.

Nancy had previously been engaged to a fellow named Mark, and it was Mark's departure that had catapulted her back into the world of studies and essays. She had trouble coming to terms with Mark leaving, and had decided to throw herself into her studies in order to block him from her mind.

It had been a couple of years now, and Nancy thought she was over him, but it had been Mark who featured in her dream.

The details of the dream were suddenly clear...

Nancy and Mark had been to a movie, and instead of returning to his apartment, the two of them had gone for a walk in a city park, despite it being late at night, and very dark.

Mark had started to walk down a side path in the park when they both heard a noise in the bushes, and walked over to investigate. Down in a small clearing in the bushes, a squirrel had got it's foot caught in an exposed tree root, and was thrashing around trying to get it free. Nancy rushed into the clearing to try to help the squirrel, and Mark followed, more hesitantly.

As they reached the clearing, two things happened at once. The squirrel got away from the root, and Nancy tripped over nearby. She wasn't hurt, and was getting up when Mark reached over to help. She moved to stand up, and he accidentally ended up with his arms around her body, and his hands on her breasts. Nancy was used to Mark holding her breasts, but not in a public park, even if it was pretty dark out there. Actually though, it felt rather nice, and she didn't move away.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked worriedly.

"Oh, I'm fine Mark", she replied, thinking that they could stay like that for a while. "You know, it's quite peaceful here, isn't it?". She wriggled around until she was facing Mark, and they walked out into the clearing a little.

Nancy reached around Mark and grabbed his bum with both hands. "A kiss would probably make me feel much better", she said, turning her face to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked. He was about to add to this admittedly weak question, but found Nancy's mouth plastered to his.

"I have no idea why Mark, but I want you. Here. Now".

"What, out here?" Mark was reluctant, but Nancy was convincing him with her hands. Reaching down the back of his jeans, she grabbed his buns, and squeezed. At the same time, she reattached her mouth to his, which effectively squelched any objections.

"Come on Mark." Nancy appealed. "This grass is nice and soft, and it's a warm evening. Mark wasn't very adventurous this way, but Nancy's massages on his butt and mouth convinced him. He started to stumble in the indicated direction, not the easiest thing to do with her attacking him.

Nancy let go, and raced ahead of him, and by the time he arrived, she had removed her shoes and her dress, and was standing in the moonlight in her bra and panties. This was the final decider. Mark could feel his cock stiffening in his trousers, and hurried to reach her.

Dancing around trying to remove his shoes, he was watching Nancy swaying quietly, removing her bra, and rubbing her breasts with her hands.

Nancy looked at Mark, and said quietly to him: "I want your tongue in me Mark. I want you to make me cum with your tongue." Sitting on her dress, she helped him off with his shoes, and then undid his trousers. Mark's cock could be seen trying to burst out of his underpants. He crouched down, and Nancy put her hand down his pants, and gave his cock a quick stroke. He moaned quietly, and hurriedly removed his underwear.

Pressing Nancy back onto the ground, Mark started kissing her on her neck and shoulders, and slowly worked his way down to her nipples. They were hard and tight, and she made a strange grunting noise as he lapped them with his tongue. Moving slowly down her body, Mark stopped for a breather at her navel, and alternated licking and blowing it, knowing how Nancy felt about it. More grunts came from her, but as he moved further down her body, it was harder to hear.

Mark's mouth had reached the top of Nancy's panties, and he hooked his fingers in the sides, and slowly pulled them down her legs, and off her feet. Returning to the spot they had come from, he started to lick the tops of her legs, and quickly moved to the inside of her thighs. Nancy was still making strange noises, and now Mark could hear them without any trouble. Spreading her legs, he moved his mouth down to her vagina, and started to lick her labia. Feeling Nancy shudder somewhat, he moved up and started to lick around her clitoris, while gently sliding his finger into her. Nancy was incredibly wet and hot, and this was effecting Mark as well. He started to suck on her clitoris, and she started to moan. "Oh Mark. I'm cumming Mark. Faster. Faster."

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