by tRafe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Rape, Mind Control, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about a dark figure who has finally plotted his rise to this world.

Chapter 1

"She'd never been what anyone would consider an 'ideal' daughter, for any parent. Holly could easily be described as being a bit of a brat. She was 17 years old, with beautiful green eyes, and dark brown hair. She had a body that most men would die to get their hands on, and she knew it. Often in high school, Holly would use her charms on any guy she wanted, and never seemed to have a problem getting whoever she targeted. Sadly, Holly hardly ever found a guy worth being interested in, and only seduced guys who were dating girls she didn't like.

One of her proudest conquests happened less than a week ago, when she'd managed to seduce her ex-best friend's boyfriend into fucking her on the bed, right beside his passed out girlfriend! Just as he'd reached orgasm, he pulled out and shot his hot cum all over Holly's face, not paying any attention to the fact that his girlfriend had just awoken, and was watching him cum! She'd laid there in shock, not knowing what to say, until Holly's cum-covered lips took her by suprise. Holly kissed her lover's girlfriend, smearing his cum all over her face! This wouldn't have been so bad, but the girl she kissed was still a virgin, and believed the whole situation to be gross.

It was highly immoral acts such as this, that would ultimately be the end of Holly. What she didn't know was that the karmic wheel was spinning, and she was about to get more than what she deserved.

"Look at that slut!" Paris said, standing beside her closest friend, Dawn. "She's always thought she was the hottest thing in town." She hissed, as she held her books and walked out of the main entrance to their high school. "Well, she's about to get hers."

"What are you talking about, Paris?" Dawn asked, just noticing her friend's ramblings.

"Haven't you heard? Every girl in school is out to get her. Somebody slashed her tires, this morning while she was in first period." Paris said, pointing to Holly's little sports car, out in the parking lot. "She had two teachers helping her change her tires, and one even gave her his spare tire! The little bitch probably fucked him for it!" Paris growled. "I wish someone would just haul off and kill the little slut."

"I know she's mean, Paris. Just ignore her, she's not even worth getting upset over." Dawn replied, trying to kill the tension she was feeling from her friend.

As they both continued walking out to Paris' car, Holly's sports car came flying by, just barely missing Dawn. With a squeal, both girls jumped back, dropping their books as Holly raced out of the parking lot, with two guys in the car with her. After a sigh, Paris and Dawn knelt down and began retreiving their books from the ground. "That bitch." Was all Paris could manage to say.

In the back seat of Holly's car, Warren sat in silence, realizing that he was the only one who noticed the two girls they'd nearly hit. He wasn't sure how he'd managed to get a chance to sit in the car with the one girl every guy in school wanted, but he knew he wasn't going to mess it up. The speakers in the car were blasting one of Holly's favorite hip hop stations, as they drove. It was enough that Warren knew he was going to have a headache before they got to where they were going.

"You alright back there?" Warren's friend, Hank yelled from the front seat.

"Yeah, just chilling." Warren strained to yell back, over the music.

"Don't worry, baby. We'll be there in a minute." Holly yelled, grinning at him from the rear-view mirror.

They continued to drive until they made it to a deserted portion of the beach. Holly turned off the engine of the car, and jumped out, pulling her top off to reveal her beautiful breasts, covered in a string bikini top. With a giggle and a squeal, she went to the back of the car, opening the trunk to give everyone access to the two coolers of beer. Warren and Hank got out of the car, and joined her.

They spent the next two or three hours drinking, and hanging out. Sunset had finally arrived, and the night sky enveloped the beach, but Holly paid no mind. She continued to drink and flirt, eventually giving Hank a blowjob, and letting him fuck her on the hood of the car, while she jacked Warren off. By the time they had finished, it was almost 11 o'clock. "Oh shit!" Holly gasped, looking at her watch. "My dad's going to kill me!" She yelled, as she started putting her clothes back on, as soon as she found them.

She finally managed to get dressed, and got in the car with the guys to take them home, and go home herself.

After finally dropping off Hank it was almost 1. Holly was finally able to start home, racing her little car as fast as it would go. She drove so fast through the dark streets, that she had no idea that she'd just fallen into a speed trap. Behind her car, red and blue lights began flashing as the siren on the patrol car howled into the night air.

"Oh, this is great." Holly thought out loud, before deciding to try and outrun the patrol car. She dropped the car down a gear, and put the gas pedal to the floor, and watched as the speedometer eased past 120MPH. "You're not getting me, tonight, you son of a bitch." She mumbled to herself, watching the cop in the rear view. Her eyes flashed back to the road once more, before darting them back to the mirror, to make sure she was getting away. Suddenly, she heard a blood-curdling scream and everything turned a blinding white.

Holly found herself standing in what she believed to be a white room, with no visible floor or ceiling. If it were in fact a room, there was no way of telling how far from her the walls were. The white almost blinded her. That was when she heard heavy footsteps in the distance, coming from behind her. Startled, she swung around to look in the direction of the sound.

"What is this?" She asked, before catching a glimpse of who was walking up. He was a tall and slender man, with dark hair that touched his shoulders. Caught completely off guard, Holly found herself instantly attracted to the man. She stared at him, as he slowly walked up, wearing a black suit. His eyes never left hers, giving her the distinct feeling that he was staring right through her. Feeling shy for the first time in her life, she looked towards the floor. This was when she noticed that she wasn't wearing what she was a few minutes ago. Instead, she was wearing a beautiful black dress that she'd often seen Spanish dancers wear in the movies. She put her hands across her chest, and felt a diamond necklace hanging from her neck. She felt her hair and realized that it was put up elegantly, with a flower carfully petruding from it.

"Holly DeMancy?" She heard the man say, as he took the last few steps toward her. Caught completely by suprise, she just nodded. He gave a small polite smile, and took her hand and kissed it. "I apologize if I've inconvenienced you, Miss DeMancy."

"Uh, no. But where am I? Who are you?" She asked, looking at the area around her. "Oh no, my father! I've got to go!" She started to panic, once again.

"Don't worry, time has no relevance here. A second in your world would be an eternity here." He said, appearing extremely comfortable with the strange things around him. This helped to calm her down. "Actually, your father is exactly why I brought you here, Miss DeMancy." He stated, his voice calm and sophisticated.

"I don't understand." Holly replied.

"I'm sorry, I realize this is all very strange. Perhaps you'd like something to drink, to calm you down?" He smiled, gesturing into the distance as if to invite her to walk with him.

"Uh... y-yes, please."

In an instant, she found herself sitting across the table from the man, in a beautifully decorated restaurant. "Let's see if this doesn't suit your taste, Miss DeMancy." He said, before taking a bite from his plate. "Mmm! Delicious!" He seemed to relish in the food. Holly still seemed uneasy. He noticed this, and laid his fork down. "Please, now. You're going to have to calm down. You're here simply because I required it. Now, for the moment, you have absolutely no reason to worry about a thing, so please relax and eat. I'll explain myself."

This seemed to relax her, and she carefully tasted the Mexican meal in front of her. With a look of pleasure, she swallowed her first bite of food, and had no problem going back for more.

"Oh God! Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me so hard!" Paris screamed, as she was rammed from behind by her boyfriend. With a handful of her hair in one hand, and his other hand slapping her ass, he was pounding her with everything he had. In complete sync, she was bucking her hips back to meet his, using the muscles of her pussy to massage his throbbing dick for everything it was worth.

"You like that, Paris? You love that dick, don't you?" He said, riding her wildly.

"Fuck yes! Give it to me!" She screamed, as the bed shook wildly under her, from his movements. Suddenly, she felt him pull it out of her, and wildly, she wiggled her ass in the air, as she felt him explode all over it.

"Jesus!" He yelled, spraying his hot load all over Paris before landing beside her in an exhausted slump. "Oh my God, that was great." He mumbled, catching his breath. Quietly, Paris grabbed a tissue and cleaned her butt off, before standing up and putting her hair back up. "Where are you going?" He asked, watching her.

"I need a shower." She said, and smiled at him before she left the room. She knew his parents were going to be gone over the weekend, and she had already told her parents that she was going to be spending the night at Dawn's, so she was free to do what she pleased. She went into the bathroom, and reached in the closet to pull out a towel, before locking the door behind her. After a couple of minutes of adjusting the water, she stepped into the shower and let the water run over her body. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the heat of it.

The water felt so good that she never noticed the black tentacles that were slowly working their way up from the drain, beneath her. The three tentacles slowly worked their way up, until they completely encircled her legs, not touching her, but hovering just inches away from her flesh. A fourth tentacle silently caught up with the first three, as Paris silently washed her hair. Without warning, one of the tentacles rammed into her mouth, filling it so full she couldn't speak.

Instantly opening her eyes, Paris attempted to scream, but instead slipped in the tub, and landed flat on her back. Two of the tentacles wrapped around her legs, prying them as far apart as they would go, while the third one forced it's way inside her cunt. With an insane amount of force, Paris slowly realized in horror that she was being fucked by these disgusting black tendrils. The one in her pussy pounded relentlessly, and before she knew it, the one in her mouth had begun fucking her throat. Slowly, the fight she was putting up, was slowing, as she began going into a slumber. She continued to squeal in shock, as the world around her faded away.

Before she knew it, everything had gone black, and all that was left was the disgusting pleasure that she was getting by these huge black tentacles.

Chapter 2

"You see, Miss DeMancy, your father currently sits in a seat of unbelievable power. Power that he, himself, would've never acheived without my help." The mysterious dark-haired man said, still eating his beautifully prepared Mexican meal. "Quite frankly, your father owes me a fairly hefty debt."

Almost in shock, Holly decided it would be smarter to stay quiet. She knew that her father had just been elected a seat on the United States Senate, but wasn't sure what this had to do with her. Usually, her parents' business was just that, and she never cared to be apart of it. After all, being only 17, one wouldn't be expected to find politics that appealing.

"Miss DeMancy, your father has yet to pay that debt." She heard him say from across the table. But wait, wasn't she just magically 'popped' into this restaurant by this guy? Before that, didn't she just magically appear in that white room? Who was this guy, exactly? What did any of this have to do with her?

"Alot." He said, smiling at her.

"Alot of what?" She said, lost.

"It has alot to do with you." He grinned wider, deliberately informing her that he knew everything that was going through her mind. "I've been watching you for awhile, Holly, and I've got to tell you. I'm quite impressed with you're work." He continued grinning, pausing only to sip at the drink beside his plate. "You're quite a vindictive little slut, aren't you?"

In shock, Holly started to rise from her chair, only to be forced back down by an invisible force. "What the hell is this?" She asked, almost in a panic.

"Hell is exactly what this is, Miss DeMancy." He smiled, as several large black tentacles came from under the table, wrapping around her slender young body. They encircled her tiny figure, binding it to the chair. "You see, as I've already said, your father owes me a debt. Since this appears to be a debt that your father can't or won't pay, I'll simply make you pay." He smiled, crossing his arms across his chest, and leaning back in his chair.

"What the fuck are these things?" Holly asked, terrified for her life, as they slid across her body. Suddenly, one began to slide up her skirt, under the table. She felt it's cold, slimy texture work it's way up the inside of her leg, as she frantically looked around the restaraunt, to see if anyone was aware of her situation.

"Nobody can see either of us, Miss DeMancy. As far as these 'things, ' as you put it, they're going to help me take my payment." He watched in enjoyment. Holly's face began to blush as the long black tentacle inside her dress worked up the inside of her thigh, and began to slime it's way into her pussy. "I've been in need of a wife for a very, very long time." He leered at her.

"What? No, I--" Holly's sentance was cut short, as one of the tentacles swung up, violently, and ripped her dress, revealing her breasts. It then wrapped itself around her breast, and began massaging it, using the tip of the tentacle to wrap around and pinch her nipple. "This is sick, make it stop!" She began to cry, another tentacle wrapping around her throat before plunging into her mouth. Holly struggled to move her arms, to try and defend herself, but they were bound to the chair by more of the disgusting black tentacles.

"Why would I, Holly?" He continued to smile.

As the long shaft of the tentacle under her dress began fucking her, uncontrollably, the area around the table began to fade to black, leaving nothing but her, the table, and the mysterious gentleman sitting across from her. And, of course, the dozens of tentacles that were fucking her relentlessly. Holly's pussy began to burn with the heat of ecstacy, her clit throbbing with pleasure. Her body finally betrayed her, when it allowed her it's first orgasm, sending her head back in excitement. Her chair was soaked with the fluids escaping her womanhood, as more and more tentacles came from nowhere, ripping her clothes off of her, and began to ravage her.

"I thought you liked being a slut. Is it so wrong to take pleasure in what you do?" He smiled, as he stood from the table and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Everyone should enjoy their position in this world, or any other. And while we're on the subject, Holly, why shouldn't others enjoy you for what you do?" He grinned as his face began morphing, horribly.

His clothes began to shred on his body, giving way to a set of blood-red wings and a long snake-like tail, as his face turned blood-red and sprouted horns. Holly was lost in a mixture of pleasure, pain and terror, now being fucked in the ass by one tentacle, and watching the horrors before her.

"Why shouldn't I get to enjoy you being a complete and utter slut, too?" He growled to her.

Alone, naked, and in the dark, Paris walked through the pitch black room, using her arms to try and hide her nudity. The humidity was unbearable, and the ground was rough-feeling to her feet. It felt as though she was walking on rock, as sweat dripped down her body.

"Where the hell am I, and what the fuck was that in the shower?" She mumbled to herself, scared out of her wits. It didn't take her long to realize that she wasn't in a room, but a large dark cave. As she continued walking, she began to see a red light at the end. Not sure what to expect, she followed the light to the exit. To her shock, what she then saw was worse than she could've ever imagined. She stood, overlooking a sea of blood, fire, and demons. Paralyzed in fear, she couldn't help but watch as the majority of them used crude tools to chip away at the rock. Scattered throughout the area were women, hanging from chains, completely nude. Their bodies were bruised and battered, showing signs of physical as well as sexual abuse.

"Holy shit." She muttered, and slowly tried herself inside the mouth of the cave, just inside the shadows.

Below, one of the larger demons raised it's head, it's ear twitching. It let loose a low, gutteral growl and sniffed the air, before discarding it and going back to work.

Inside the mouth of the cave, Paris took a moment to try and calm down. "How am I going to get out of here? I don't even know where here is." She muttered to herself, between the raspy breaths the humid stench-filled air allowed her. From the depths of the cave, she heard the sound of something scratching on rock. Unsure what to do, she walked back into the cave before the sound began to grow. Soon, she realized that the growing roar of this noise was in fact, a stampede. In horror, she caught her first glimpse of what was coming down the tunnel.

Speeding in her direction, Paris watched as hundreds of strange demonic creatures stampeded through the corridors of the cave. They looked to be two-legged creatures, their skin a solid black. Their legs looked incredibly strong, and their arms were very short, but at the end of each arm was a claw that could easily oust a tiger's in deadliness. Losing control, Paris screamed in horror, only to find that the echo of her screams had alerted the demons outside the cave of her presence.

Stuck inside the cave by countless thousands of demons, outside, and hundreds of these black dog/rat-like stampeding demons, Paris did the only thing she could think of... duck. Dropping her nude body to the ground, on her knees, she quickly covered her head with her arms in hopes of avoiding getting pummeled. To her suprise, one of the closest creatures quickly mounted her exposed ass, instantly ramming a hard 4 inch-thick cock into her. "No!" She screamed, raising her head to see her assailant. Before she could turn her head, another of the stampeding demons had mounted her from the front, and rammed it's throbbing black dick into her mouth. Choking on the invader, she began feeling the monster behind her slam into her with more fury than she's ever imagined. Each thrust was harder and faster than the last, the head of the demonic sex organ slamming into her cervix with each Earth-shattering blow. Betrayed by her own body, Paris found herself enveloped in orgasms so hard they hurt.

By now, Holly had begun enjoying the unholy fucking she was enduring. Time and again, her young body was racked with orgasms, and just as often, she felt her body accepting the seed of these long, black tentacles. She couldn't help herself anymore, being invaded in every orifice, she began squealing and moaning with pleasure. Beside her, the newly-transformed and demonic figure of her captor, the Devil himself, grinned as he watched the show.

"Yes! Accept it all! You will pay your father's debt to me, Miss DeMancy. And when you've paid me in full, you will partake in the plans I have in store for you. As everything in life is, Holly, this too is your choice to make. Do you accept the pleasure that I can provide you?" He watched her, intently.

Holly nodded underneath the hard, long tentacle, pumping away into her mouth. A tear of pleasure streamed from her eye, as she looked up to her captor, almost lost in ecstacy.

"Then it begins!" He bellowed, before cackling a long and hideous laughter.

Chapter 3

With a small gesture, Holly had given way to a devious scheme that had been over a millenia in the making. Constructed by the Devil himself, this plan would be sure to change Holly, amonsgt many others, forever. His large, blood-red figure hovered over her, rejoicing in the successful temptation of the young teenager before him. He looked on, as her small figure was fucked into a state of unconscienceness. It was time to re-make her the way he saw fit.

"Take her away!" He yelled into the darkness, surrounding them. With impecable speed, the long black tentacles that were fucking her moments earlier, removed themselves from her slumbering body, and wrapped themselves around her. They drug Holly's limp body into the darkness, as he calmly walked away from the scene.

Hours later, Paris found herself awakening with a severe aching in every hole. Slowly, her vision began to clear, as the overwhelming pain throbbed within her. As sweat glistened down her nude frame, it stung at the small cuts and bruises on her small ravished body. This is when she realized the severity of her situation. She moved her arms, only to find them bound over her head by chain. Still dizzy, she realized that she had been captured and chained in the belly of the valley she was overlooking from the mouth of the cave. The endless sea of demons surrounded her, none seeming to care of her presence as they worked on.

Suddenly, the army of demonic creatures stopped work, and turned in unison to face her. She watched, unsure of what to expect, as flame erupted from the cracks in the caverns, and the lakes of blood began to boil. Then, every demon en mass began to kneel, giving sight to one man standing in the distance.

Unknown to Paris, it was the same beautiful man that had earlier approached Holly. Both intreagued and in fear, she watched as he confidently and with no fear, walked amidst the demons. His eyes were locked on hers with an unwavering intensity. Before she knew it, he had reached her.

"Paris Kline, you seem to have found yourself in a highly questionable situation." He said, their surroundings not bothering him in the least. "Afraid, are you not?" He asked, calmly, his eyes giving her full view to his maginificent intellect. Slowly, she nodded, still unsure what to think of the man before her, who despite the seltering heat, wasn't sweating at all. "I understand, and believe me, that fear is with good reason." He smiled, politely.

"Who are you?" She finally had the nerve to ask, still weary of her surroundings. His eye contact with her never waivered.

"I am but a saint among a sea of evil, Paris. I would like to speak with you, would you allow me that privilege?"

Slowly, she nodded again, still sore.

"Good, I have alot to discuss with you. Have you ever watched that old game show, 'Let's Make a Deal?'" He grinned, before whisking them both out of the caverns.

Quietly, Dawn put her books in her locker, selecting only the few she would need for her first class. It was Monday, and she already knew that something didn't feel quite right. Saturday night, she had called Paris at her boyfriend, Mark's. Strangely, there was no answer. Nor was there an answer Sunday. When Dawn has gone to Paris' house to drive her to school, her mother told her that Paris already had already left with a ride to school.

This was definately not their routine, seeing as how Dawn had driven Paris to school almost daily, since she had gotten her license. 'Why didn't Paris call to tell me she already had a ride?' Dawn thought. Quickly, she buried such thinking deep inside her. Mark had probably driven her, since they'd already spent the weekend together. But if she left for school before Dawn did, why wasn't she there yet? She closed her locker and turned to head toward her first class, when the entrance doors to the school opened. Paris entered, followed not by Mark, but Holly DeMancy.

"What the fuck?" Dawn muttered to herself, as she watched a sight so odd she questioned if she were still at home, asleep in her bed.

Side by side, Paris and Holly seemed to glide down the hallway, looking not at all like the enemies most people in school knew them to be. They walked as though they were on a mission, and stopped when their paths forked, pausing only long enough to look at each other with a wicked grin, and give each other a long sensual kiss. Dawn's jaw dropped as she watched her somewhat gothic and long-time friend, Paris, plunge her toungue deep into Holly's mouth. A gothic teenage girl making out with a upper class prep girl was strange enough for her to watch, always being timid about the subject of bisexuality and lesbians. The fact that the two kissing were also well-known rivals left Dawn in shock, not to mention the way Paris has spoke of Holly, Friday.

Holly caressed Paris' curved and well-dressed body, before pulling away from the kiss. With a grin and an excited gleam in her eyes, Holly walked off to her class, books in-hand. Paris did the same, almost ignoring Dawn's presence, completely.

Quickly, Dawn ran to catch up, unknowingly passing the beautiful, dark-haired man who was leaning on a row of lockers, who had watched everything with a grin while remaining invisible to all.

"Paris! Hey, Paris!" Dawn called, as she finally caught up with her alleged friend. Acting as though nothing was different, Paris turned her attention to Dawn.

"Hey, Dawn." She smiled and said in a non-chalant tone, still walking.

"What the hell was that?!" Dawn asked, rather loudly. Quickly, she lowered her tone when noticing that her language had managed to get her glared at by a near-by teacher. "What was that? You're kissing Holly DeMancy, now?"

"Are you jealous?" Paris asked, almost giggling.

"Ew! No!" Dawn replied, not sure whether to be outraged or just confused. "You know I think same-sex relationships are sick!" She said, causing Paris to stop dead in her tracks. Enraged, the young goth turned to Dawn.

"Dawn Lynette Williams, personally I couldn't care in the least what your ill-conceived definitions of disgusting or pleasure are. The fact that you walk up on me, and speak to me in the arrogant tone you've just taken sickens me." Paris said in a frighteningly calm and quiet tone, to her friend who stood in complete shock. "I made a discovery this weekend, Dawn. It's a discovery that has enlightened me to my true nature, the people in this town, and, quite frankly, you. You're all overrated, arrogant people in dire need of either a good lay, or swift and brutal genocide."

"Paris, I don't understand." Dawn fought to say, as tears began to stream from her eyes.

"Of course you don't, Dawn. You operate on a level that would need to climb two rungs of the evolutional ladder to compete with a maggot. You, and the people in this town are beneath me. Now, I suggest you run along to class, like a good girl, okay?" Paris said, ending her rant with a smile that the sheer existence of, mocked Dawn's entire being.

"Please, Paris... don't..."

"Go, little girl. Go." She continued to mock, almost in a sing-song voice. Finally breaking down emotionally, Dawn ran from the scene.

At the end of the school day, Dawn quietly walked out the door of the school, into the courtyard. Instantly, she noticed Holly, with whatever guy she'd managed to get that day, walking towards her little sports car, in the parking lot. Paris quickly joined them, and together, the three left.

Disgusted and hurt by the sight, Dawn fought to ignore it. It was a fight she knew she'd lose, as she watched the car race out of the parking lot and away from the school. At that moment, Dawn realized that she hadn't seen Mark at school, today. She quickly looked and found his usual parking space taken by another car. Fearing the worst, she turned and ran back inside the school. As she jogged down the hallway, she finally found a payphone, picked up the receiver and searched her pockets for the small amount of change she had, left over from lunch. Suddenly, she spotted something moving in the corner of her eye. Startled, she turned her head and gasped.

"Can I help you?" The beautiful, dark-haired man asked with a polite smile on his face. He'd been leaning on against the corner, by the payphone. But why hadn't she seen him before?

"Uh, no." Dawn replied, unsure of what to think of the man. He was a highly suspicious character, but his charms were astonishing to her. "I'm just fixing to make a call." She finished, still eying him.

"Very well. Do you have change?" He asked, his hands resting in him trouser pockets. His eyes felt like they were looking deep inside her. This made her very uncomfortable.

"Yeah, I've got it. Thanks, though."

"No problem. I'll be off, then." He smiled, and turned to walk away. Behind him, Dawn stared momentarily, and continued to search her pockets for the change she knew she had. Her fingers dug inside her pockets, but she could only feel cloth. How could she have lost the change she knew she had? Wonderful.

"Excuse me, Sir?" Her voice echoed down the empty hallway. Almost to the doors, the dark-haired man turned around, not suprised. "I'm sorry, I guess I lost my change."

"How odd." He grinned, before turning to walk back to her. As his approached her again, he pulled a brand new quarter from his pocket, and rolled his between his fingers. Smiling, he handed it to her. "Can I ask a question?" He asked, politely, already knowing her answer.

"Uh, sure." She replied, still more nervous than usual.

"Is everything alright? You seem upset." He asked, his eyes piercing hers. Quietly, she looked at the quarter in her hand, contemplating how she would explain what was happening to her friend. After a moment, she looked up at him.

"My friend, Paris, is just acting very strange. And her boyfriend never made it to school, today." She answered, failing to hold back the tears of pain and confusion she was feeling. Slowly, the man extended his hand and wiped a tear from her cheek. Her eyes met his, and she felt overwhelmed.

"Perhaps you'd like to discuss it, it might help you understand your situation fully. Maybe you'll even find a way to rectify the problem." He smiled warmly to her, his hand still on her cheek. Quietly, and obviously still shaken, she nodded a soft 'yes.' "Then come with me, and we'll talk. I have all the time in the world, and I'd love to spend a portion of it with you." He replied, his charms taking their toll on her. He turned to walk away, and she followed him, like a lamb into slaughter.

On the hood of Holly's car, parked on the abandoned beach, Paris and Holly had already disrobed and were caressing each other's body as they kissed, passionately. Near the front of the car, their male counterpart watched in amazement, the bulge in his pants growing, rapidly. The two young girls, gothic and prep, made love to each other, appearing almost like animals as their hunger for each other was visible in their eyes.

He watched intently, looking for any invitation to join them, as their moans of lust filled the air. Paris kissed and caressed Holly's flawless skin, as she used her hands to massage and knead the young teen's firm breasts. Slowly, Paris made a trail with her toungue, sliding from between Holly's breasts, down her stomach, and between her legs. As Paris found her target, Holly's back arched in pleasure. Holly opened her eyes, and looked directly at the young man. The lust in her eyes were the only thing visible. With an erotic precision, she used her finger to wave him to her. Almost as if he were in a trance, he did as he was requested, and slowly positioned himself on the hood of the car. Carefully, her hands unzipped his jeans and pulled his manhood out, immediately planting it into her mouth.

Between her legs, Paris' head worked with amazing skill. Her toungue fluttered across Holly's soaked pussy, sending chills through the young girl's body. Arching her back, and cooing with pleasure, Holly sucked intently on the guy's throbbing cock, knowing it wouldn't take much to get him off. She shot a knowing look to the gothic brunette between her legs, hungrily lapping at her flesh. Paris returned the same look to Holly, as Holly's tongue and mouth milked the boy to climax.

With a loud groan, his eyes closed as his face tensed. He exploded in her mouth, as she simultaneously was thrust into orgasm. She swallowed magnificently, as her back arched across the hood of the white 'vette. As his body went limp, he pulled himself from her mouth and slid off of the hood, zipping himself back up. Quietly, behind him, the two girls began to dress, themselves, as he lit a cigarette.

"Tony?" Paris called, seductively, behind him. Finally regaining his composure, he turned to her, the cigarette dangling from his mouth. "You belong to us, now." She smiled.

"What do you mean?" He asked, taking a drag from his cigarette, as the two beautiful girls looked at each other, grinning.

"Your seed will now fulfill the needs of our master. By succumbing to us, you have given in to one of the deadliest of the seven sins. Lust has whipped you into submission, and your sould now belongs to our Dark Lord. Do you understand?" Holly preached from behind Paris, her eyes hypnotizing the teenage boy into complete submission. Inside him, he felt himself changing. The cigarette fell from his lips, as his subconscience mind accepted the orders being given to him.

"Yes, Holly." He replied in a monotone voice. Furious, Holly slapped his face.

"I am now your Mother. As the new owner of Hell's throne of the Queen, I have become the Mother of everything demonic and unnatural. Now, who am I?"

"My Mother. I apologize, Mother." He replied, a shamed look on his face.

"Very good. Now, go. Find your girlfriend, Janette. Impregnate her with the Dark Lord's seed, but do not stop with her. You, like us, now have the power of ultimate seduction. Use it and help us build our Lord's army." Paris said, from behind her smiling 'Mother, ' Holly.

"Yes. I will go." Tony replied, before turning to walk from the beach.

Chapter 4

Dawn had finally given in to her desires, still not too sure how she'd managed to go from talking to this man about her friend's questionable change in attitude, to trying to seduce him in the middle of the after-hours school room. Passionately, she kissed him as she sat in his lap, behind her school teacher's desk. She rocked her small frame back and forth in his lap, using her weight to massage the bulge in his pants, as he sucked at her exposed breast like a starved animal.

"I shouldn't be doing this, but it feels so good." Dawn thought outloud, as her fingers swirled through the man's long, dark hair. His toungue flicked over her pert breast, his lips covering her nipple as he sucked and licked her firm flesh. Slowly, he eased one hand between her and him, unzipping his pants underneath her, allowing his massive cock to spring out, already standing at attention. With a gasp, Dawn eased her beautiful young body down onto the monsterous dick, her beautiful figure already half-undressed from the waist, down. Using his hand to pull the crotch of her tiny panties to the side, he guided her down, his hard dick stretching her teenage cunt to the limits.

"Mmm! Wow!" She moaned, arching her back as the invader filled her beyond anything she could've imagined. Slowly, and in some pain, it finally went in to the hilt. The man smiled at her, as her eyes locked on his, her jaw open in ecstacy.

"Yes, Dawn. Plant it deep inside you." His words hissed in her ear, as she slowly began working herself up and down in his huge erection. As they sat in the office chair, behind the teacher's desk, Dawn began sliding herself up and down the long, firm shaft of this huge vein-covered cock that pertruded so deep into her. The man kissed along her flesh, before tilting his head back to enjoy the tightness of this young teenager's glove-like pussy, sliding up and down his throbbing dick.

"Mmm... oh, fuck. Oh, damn. It's so fucking big, it fills me up. I've never had dick like this, that made me so wet." Dawn moaned, on top of him, as her body worked to pick up speed, thrusting down on his abnormally long manhood. "God, it stretches the walls of my pussy. I have to have it pounding into me." She squealed, still picking up speed. Before she knew it, she bucking wildly atop him, enveloping the huge invader, it's head pounding incredibly hard against her cervix. Inside her, his dick continued to swell, reaching a massive 4 inches in diameter, and over 13 inches in length. As Dawn felt in growing even more inside her tight box, she found herself unable to speak, but only squeal and scream in delight as his hands wrapped around her waist. He was taking control of the situation, firmly grasping her and slamming her down onto him.

Suddenly, he stood, using his girth and the grip around her waist to hold her in mid-air, her back still turned to him. Fucking her wildly, her threw her face-down on the desk, pounding relentlessly into her as she laid, bent over, her hands grasping onto anything she could find.

Dawn was unaware of the metamorphosis that had began on the man fucking her, the remainder of his clothes shredding off of him, his face twisting, until the blood-red form of the dark ruler of Hell, was left.

His demonic and massive form dwarfed her small body, as his massive cock finally reached it's mazimum girth, pounding into her belly. He was now slamming her small figure with all the fury of Hell, it's self, knocking the desk onto only two legs, with each thrust. Lost somewhere in ecstacy, all Dawn could do was hold on for dear life, and endure the huge waves of multiple orgasms that were washing over her sweat-soaked body. Finally, and with a deafening roar, he exploded inside her, his thick semen filling her belly, leaving her screaming as she fell victim to the final and largest orgasm she'd ever known.

As he pulled himself from her, she still laid on the desk, her body twitching as smaller orgasms flooded within her. She fought for air, feeling as though she were no longer in her own body.

"Now, my little slut." The Devil grinned, just out of her sight. "You will do my bidding, will you not?" He asked, his voice low and powerful.

"Yes... Master..." She managed, between breaths.

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