Handy Guide to Threeway Sex

by Michael & Phoebe

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Desc: Sex Story: WRITTEN BY MICHAEL: It is my firm belief that when a man looks at a woman he is always imagining her as a sex partner. This may be a subconscious act, but it's still happening. The male of the species was designed to be the aggressive partner in procreation and genetically he can't help having those thoughts.

Written by Michael

Sorry in advance to the reader for any grammatical errors or typos, feel free to point them out to me.

This article is about swingers, specifically threeway or Tri-sexual relationships. I have purposely limited myself to the threeway theme because to try and cover the whole gambit of sexual swinger combinations would require writing a book.

My Personal Opinions:

It is my firm belief that when a man looks at a woman he is always imagining her as a sex partner. This may be a subconscious act, but it's still happening. The male of the species was designed to be the aggressive partner in procreation and genetically he can't help having those thoughts.

Because the male is the way he is, he will usually be the instigator in any sexual experimentation, while his female partner will usually be reticent or negative about experimenting outside of their monogamous relationship. Women are genetically designed to nurture, and their focus was to build a nest to care for the offspring that their mating has produced.

In this day and age the genetic rule no longer applies absolutely. Women have a sexual freedom that was unheard of only 40-years ago. Now there is true equality between the sexes in bed. Even in birth control.

It is my experience that the partner that instigates threesome sex is mostly the male. That old gene still rules a man deep down. The old urge to spread his seed far and wide makes the male more interested in multiple sex partners.

Here Are Some Facts About Threesomes:

The average couple looking for a third partner in their relationship has been together for more than 7 years and the male has not necessarily been completely faithful to his female partner in the past.

In a small proportion of couples looking for an additional partner, the female is the aggressor, (less than 2%) this is usually because the male is passive in their relationship and the female craves a more dominate male sex partner.

Couples who take in a third party usually break up within 3-years of their first experience. This of course is only slightly higher than the general public that shows that relationships for couples under 30-years old last no more than 4.5 years on average.

Statistics that I've compiled imply that over 75% of threesomes are two females and one male. Think about it. If the man is usually the instigator; most men want to have sex with more than one woman, so why would they chose another guy who would get to use his woman.

A Swingers International article some time ago stated that the United States had at least 750, 000 couples that "swing" at least once a month. That's a lot of couples. And out of those couples a good 60% were threesomes. Threesomes are an ever-increasing life style because when it works out right it is intense, exciting and safer. Much more so that partner swapping.

Partner swapping is a fast way to divorce. When you change partners and have sex, that most intimate feeling between couples transfers to a new partner, even if for only a short time. Repeat that experience with the same person several times and the bond grows even stronger.

Threesomes on the other hand can build a stronger couple relationship. I say this because a couple can accept a third person into their bed and share the intensity of their relationship with him or her without losing the intimacy between themselves.

How I Got Started:

My first threesome was at the age of 19 and I was in the military. I was stationed in Germany and was having the time of my life. Our base was outside a decent sized town and we generally never had to do any field exercises, so got to go into town just about every night.

I struck up a relationship with one of the girls that did the GI bar scene and soon began having regular sex. Her name was Angie and she was a very good-looking girl with dark hair and brown eyes and a wonderful smile.

One of my buddies was much more aggressive with the women than I was and was always talking about getting blowjobs in the park at night, and was always playing one girl against another to force them to go farther and farther out on a limp sexually.

He was my roommate at the time and one night I'd headed back to base early and was in bed and asleep when sometime later I was woken by someone coming in through the window of our room. It turned out to be my roommate and his latest girlfriend.

To make a long story short -- When he found that I was there, he invited me to join them. Apparently he had already discussed a threesome with the girl and she'd agreed in the forlorn hope that he would love her for it.

Looking back I realize how pathetic the situation was but being 19-years-old my hormones wouldn't allow any other response than to accept his most generous offer.

That night was the first time I saw another guy screwing a girl up close, and it was also the first time any other guy saw me hard, and having sex with a woman. At the time I felt awkward and embarrassed, but looking back on the experience the next day I realized it had been more exciting than anything I'd ever done before, and I never forgot it.

After that nightlong fuckfest I was always trying to repeat it. I think that's why I have been in so many three-way relationships since then.

I've been asked to give you some pointers, to share my experience, and that is where we're headed now. I don't think I can justify this type of sexual relationship other than to say that it is one of the most intense sexual experiences you'll ever have.

You know what it's like to have sex with your lover; it is the most intimate act you can perform with another human being, right? Well times 10 that feeling when you're in the right threesome. The keyword of coursed being, "right".

Why Would You Take A Third Person Into Your Sexual Relationship?

Remember how your sex was when you first hooked up with your partner? It was intense and satisfying every time. It was a magical time. Many couples accept that over time their sexual union will slacken and eventually become routine.

What if you met a great single guy or girl that you both really liked? What if you asked them into your bed to share your loving relationship? Would there be a new thrill to your sex? Well, would there?

The trick is to know how to ask them to join in and when it's time to move on, how and when to kiss them good-bye. Because if your relationship is to survive unscathed a firm exit strategy has to be agreed on before your even start.

There are many reasons why a couple will invite another in to their relationship and I won't try to guess what yours is. As I've said my reason has always been the excitement, the feeling of freedom in my relationships with women and the extra intensity of the sex.

Who Would Be A Good Candidate To Try Threesomes?

In short, you would. If you're reading this article you already must have some interest in trying it out. But before continuing on we need to weed out those who are just fantasizing from those who know they will.

You need to be able to accept the following facts of life about three-ways if you're determined to try it.

  1. Some of the time your mate is going to get used by the opposite sex. Don't expect your lover to only accept their own gender for your sake. You'll end up having to share them with someone who looks a lot like you. And that's a fact.

  2. Disease. There are all kinds. I've survived because I don't sleep around with just anyone. But it is a fear that pervades the whole experience. You should try to go with people you've known for a while, and unfortunately condoms are something that is just a why of life. But there are some really cool condoms (lambskins for example) that make the experience just fine if you're careful.

  3. Bisexuality. Sorry but you'll have to get used to that too. You will now have two lovers, and sometimes one of them will be your same sex. I never could understand the guys who think that their women should take to kissing and fondling each other, but when it was their turn to do something with another guy they ended up like vestal virgins, "Not me! No way!"

  4. Body fluids and excretions. If you get three people on a bed having sex there is bound to be messy stuff that you'll have to taste and feel and rub against. If being human bothers you, you should look for one of those plastic doll thingy-mah-bobs.

  5. If you're not ready to give as much as your spouse then you'll end up in big trouble and shouldn't enter into a threesome. (Unless it is for short-term gratification, and that of course would make you a jerk.)

Talk To You Partner First:

First you must discuss the three-way concept with your partner. He or she must agree to an experimental lesion. If you're dumb enough to spring it on them your relationship is headed for the rocks fast.

I suggest bring the subject up first during foreplay. Once your partner is obviously aroused tell him or her that you have this reoccurring fantasy about sharing. It can be right out of the blue and can even increase the sexual experience just by talking about it. You might want to pick someone for your "fantasy" you know your partner likes, a TV personality or movie star, or the hot neighbor next-door.

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