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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sister gets blackmailed by her two younger brothers, but then starts to enjoy it.

Louise was a tall blonde girl, slightly under 5'10" in bare feet, and built to match. She was twenty two years old, and as far as her family was concerned, she was a hairdresser, and a very good one at that. What none of them realised, was that for the previous three years or so, she had been a photographic model. At first, this had been fairly discrete, but within about six months of starting, one of the photographers had managed to persuade her to go topless. She'd been reluctant to do this before, and even reluctant to do much lingerie work, however, the extra money he had paid her had soon changed her mind, and within another eight months, she would open her legs, to the camera, for anyone prepared to pay for it.

Being a very pretty girl, with a superbly fit body, she had quickly got a small but growing following of photographers, all of whom had got her to virtually fuck the camera for them. It had never aroused her particularly, though she made herself a little aroused for the cameras, and she'd never been interested, sexually or romantically, in any of the men, for all the photographers were men.

Six months previously though, a new photographer, Don, had come to see her. They'd met in a pub not far from Charing Cross station, and after he'd taken a couple of photographs just up the road, he had paid her almost five times as much money to go to a professional photographic studio with him.

There she'd found a younger girl ready to do her makeup, a slightly older boy who seemed to rush around and do a lot of prop changing, and shifting of lights. She'd been a bit daunted by this at first, but when she found that all three of them treated her completely professionally, with no gawking from the boy, who seemed to be barely seventeen, she began to relax and enjoy herself.

Normally she didn't see the photo's taken of her, though a few of her normal photographers occasionally gave her copies of some of the better ones. This time though, he had come to see her, and brought contact prints of nearly one hundred photo's, and ten by eight blow ups of about twenty. She was surprised by just how beautiful and sexy, she'd been made to look, and how erotic they were.

"I want to publish some of these," he had told her.

She'd gulped, and gone a bit faint.

"I don't know," she said. "I don't want anybody I know to find out about this."

He'd smiled slightly. "Well it depends on what sort of magazines they buy."

"If you can guarantee they won't be available in this country?" she asked after a few moments.

He'd shook his head. "I'm sorry, I can't guarantee that absolutely, but I can guarantee you won't be on the front cover."

"I still don't know."

"Do you remember that contract I got you to sign?"


"Did you read it?"

She'd shaken her head, a sinking feeling in her stomach."

"Well I did tell you to." He reached into his bag and brought out a copy. "Here, read."

She did so, and by the end knew that he could have just published without asking her permission.

"Why ask me? You don't need my permission," she'd said abruptly.

"Because I want you to come and do it full time. Be a professional model. You'll get to travel the world, a bit. It's not like the catwalk models, they get paid silly money to wear clothes, and they really do travel all over. If you decide to do this, it'll make you a comfortable living, but you wouldn't be a millionaire. Not unless you were very lucky and became the next Sam Fox or Melinda Messenger. I suppose if someone like Playboy had got to you first, you could have become a dollar millionaire with a bit of luck, but because you already have lots of photos like these knocking around, they wouldn't touch you unfortunately."

He shrugged. "Look, think about it. These are going to get published shortly anyway. The pictures editor has already seen them, and wants to publish, and I'm just going over there now to decide which ones, and an appropriate fee."

"You'll get paid for them?"

"Of course. I paid you four or five times over the odds for a simple private photo shoot, because I wanted them to be very good, but for that sort of layout, I need a return. And yes, I'll make a profit out of it."

"Do I get any of that?"

"No. You've already been paid for this set, but if you come in and do some more, we'll negotiate a suitable fee. Interested?"

She'd thought long and hard about it. Another three payments like the last one and she'd be able to move out of her parents home and into a decent flat of her own. "Okay. I agree. When?"

"Next Thursday afternoon?"

"Yes, that's do-able."

"Okay, you know where my studio is, be there about two thirty."

Over the intervening months, she'd been in to see him four more times. At the moment she was keeping up her hairdressing job, and even most of her current photographers, but the first set of photographs had just hit the streets. Within forty eight hours of the official publishing date, no less that fourteen of her regular photographers had called her, some to congratulate her, some to try and book her for another session, one even to try and sell his negatives back to her. The implication being that if she didn't buy them back, he'd sell them on.

She'd said she would think about it, and had promptly rung Don. He'd advised her to buy them at the original cost of the session, give him a formal receipt that expressly forbade him from selling any of the photographs he had left, and if he did, to hammer him for 1000% damages. He'd dictated out two contracts for her, one of which said that the photographer must not sell any photo's on, the other to say that they could sell them on, but only to reputable magazines or photo libraries, not to top shelf magazines. Obviously the latter would cost any photographer a lot more.

He'd also put her in touch with a proper agent, who would help to protect her from that sort of problem in the future, but for the time being, she hadn't bothered. Instead she decided to do some evening classes at the local college in business studies, accounting, and basic contract law.

That evening, she got in, went up to her room and stopped in fright.

Her two younger brothers, aged nineteen and sixteen were sitting on her bed, naked, masturbating over her magazine pictures. It was also quite obvious that they'd been hunting through her room, presumably to see if she had any more hidden away anywhere. She hadn't, and it was obvious that they'd got frustrated by that fact. All her underwear, particularly the more expensive stuff, was spread over the bed, and they were using it to masturbate into. She could already see three pairs screwed up on the floor, quite obviously covered in their spunk.

"Get out of here. Now. Get out, get out," she screamed at them, panicking.

"Sure," said Iain, the older, and to her mind, the nastier of her two brothers. "Once you've fucked us." He deliberately picked up another clean pair of her knickers and wiped them over the sticky head of his erection, smearing them with his spunk.

"Yeah," said Gary, the younger, and more easily led.

"What? Are you out of your tiny minds?" she screamed.

"I think it's you who must have been out of your mind. You must have known we'd find out, and how long do you think it'll take for mum or dad to find out."

"You wouldn't tell them?"

"You've only got to fuck us."

Louise wasn't a virgin, she'd lost that shortly before her seventeenth birthday, and she had sex with her regular boyfriend once or twice a week, so sex itself wasn't a problem. The thought of fucking her brothers though was extremely distasteful to her, and not because they were her brothers, but because Iain at least was so unpleasant.

"No. Get out."

"Oh well, we'll just have to tell dad."

"Yeah, and I'll tell him what you were doing in here, and what you wanted me to do."

For a moment there was an impasse. "You screw Graham up here all the time, we'll just say that it must be his."

That was another thing her parents didn't know. That she brought Graham home occasionally, when they were out.

She looked at her brothers, and said sarcastically, "and if I fucked you, you'd not say anything? Nah, you're both too much of a shit to do that. I wouldn't trust you, so I'd rather simply face dads wrath."

"Oh we wouldn't tell anybody, that'd be the whole point. It'd be no fun if other people knew," said Iain.

Louise just smiled slightly. "I don't think so. Surely the whole point of fucking your sister is so that you can brag about it."

"Yeah, but who'd believe us?"

"You'd only have to show them one of those photos, and they probably would."

"In that case who's to stop us from telling anyway," piped up Gary. "If they'd believe us just 'cos we show them a photo, you might as well."

"Yeah, if you don't, we'll tell people you have, and you've just told us that people will believe us."

Louise took a deep breath. Her heart rate was slowing down again now from its initial panicky state of two minutes earlier. She was also beginning to think that the only way out of this was to do as they wanted, distasteful as that might be.

"And what's to stop you telling even if I did?"

"We promise. We'll even sign a piece of paper to say that we wouldn't."

"That would be meaningless. Even if you did sign such a piece of paper, it couldn't be produced without getting us both into very serious trouble, far more trouble than even your malicious tales would cause. No, I still think I'm better off with dad."

The two boys looked at each other, and in that moment, Louise knew that she'd beaten them after all.

"We'll pay you," offered Gary.

Iain nudged his younger brother to silence just as Louise started to laugh.

"I'm not a prostitute. I'm a photographic model. I've never fucked anyone who's taken any pictures of me, apart from Graham, and he's not a photographer."

"We could make your life a misery."

"You already do," she said coldly.

Iain picked up another pair of her knickers. A white lacy pair that had cost her almost twenty pounds just the previous month. She grimaced a little as they were one of her favourite pairs. "You know," he said conversationally, "men's underwear costs only a few quid for a pack of five. Often less than a pound each. Women's seems to be the other way round. Over a fiver each. I bet these ones cost a bit more than that? A tenner maybe?"

"About twenty," ground out Louise.

"You're quite tall for a girl, but even so, these ones are probably too small for me," he checked the label as he spoke. "Size ten. I bet I'm about a size twenty. I wonder what would happen if I tried to put them on."

"They'd stretch."

"Yeah, but not ten sizes. I bet they'd rip in two." He started to pull them on, and Louise winced as he gradually got them higher and higher up his thick thighs.

"Alright, stop.You've made your point. You'll damage them beyond repair. That still doesn't mean I'll fuck you."

"In that case." Iain simply pulled them the rest of the way up. They were stretched beyond all recognition,

"Take 'em off, I'll do it, but not if you damage them."

"And Gary."

"Yeah, and Gary." Her sigh of defeat was obvious to both boys.

Very carefully, Iain removed the knickers he was wearing, and passed them over. "See not damaged."

"But you've damaged all those," she said pointing at the ones one the floor, covered in spunk.

"That'll wash out."

"If it doesn't, you'll buy ... No. Whether it does or not, you can buy me five new pairs, one to replace each of the ones you've spunked over, and one to replace these. Both of you."

"You want five more pairs of knickers?"

"Off each of you. Ten in total. These ones are only a month old, so you should still be able to get these ones exactly. The others, just get the nearest you can find." She pointed at three of them. "Those three came in a pack of six that cost a tenner. You'll be able to find similar packs in Marks. Those other ones are from BHS I think, and they only cost a fiver. For these one's you'll have to go into Oxford street, somewhere like John Lewis, or Selfriges. In my hand by Saturday evening, or a near equivalent. That's about thirty pounds each. Now go."

Gary started to move, but Iain stayed put. "And once we've got them, you'll just forget your promise."

"I have never broken a promise to anybody, ever!" she told him coldly. "But you do, regularly. If I was to fuck you now, you'd forget your part of the bargain."

"No. It wouldn't be in our interest to do that. We WANT to fuck you, so we'd not break our side of the bargain."

Louise, to her surprise, found herself believing him, despite all her experiences of his promises in the past. "All right, I'll believe you, so you'll just have to believe me."

"Please," said Gary, "Can't we just do something now, on account sort of."

"Yeah, alright. I'll let you touch and stroke me now, 'on account', but you don't get to fuck me now, and you go and have a shower first. You're both dirty and sweaty. Gary, you go and shower, now. Iain, you tidy up all the mess you've made whilst we're waiting for Gary." She turned to look at Gary who was hovering by the door. "Go. Five minutes."

Gary went, and moments later they both heard the shower going.

Louise turned back to Iain. "Well, what are you waiting for. Tidy up." She picked up all the obviously clean knickers, and dropped them back in her drawer. After a moment though, she put them all in the wash basket with a shudder.

"What's the matter?" asked Iain. "They were clean."

"Maybe, but I'll just wash them to make sure. When you go for your shower, take those four with you, and rinse them carefully under the cold water tap. Squeeze them carefully dry, and then bring them back here. Don't, don't," she said, emphasizing the second "don't", "Absolutely do not wring them out. Do you understand? Just squeeze them like this." She demonstrated on a clean pair.

Iain nodded.

"Good, now put that stuff back where it came from."

A couple of minutes later, Gary came back in, wrapped in just a towel. His clothes were still in Louise's room anyway.

"Oi," snapped Louise as Iain made to leave the room.


She pointed wordlessly at the slimy knickers on the floor.

He scooped them up and left.

Louise wasted no time. It took her barely thirty seconds to get down to bra and briefs. "Sit there," she said, pointing at the foot of the bed. He did so and she took hold of his cock, feeling it grow and become rapidly erect. It was harder than Grahams, but also a bit smaller, she decided. Mind you, there was eight years between them.

Pulling the crotch of her knickers to one side, she straddled him, first stroking the tip of his prick against her opening, and then slowly sliding down onto his pole, taking him inside her.

"I thought we weren't going to do this today?"

"We're not." She answered.


"We're not, do you understand?"

"Er..." Gary looked at her and then a small grin appeared on his face. "Yeah, I understand."

"I'm not absolutely sure you do. This is just a reminder of what you'll get if you do keep your promise. Understand now?"

"Yeah." He looked a little resigned now, his grin faded to nothing.

"Good, and don't tell Iain about this. I want you to keep me informed of how enthusiastic he is at keeping your side of the bargain. Just remember, this is what you'll lose out on if he doesn't keep his word. And I want you to ensure he keeps his word about not telling dad, or anybody else. Okay?"

He nodded, "Yeah, sure," he managed to croak out. At that moment they both heard the shower click off. Louise gave her hips a little shimmy, and pulled free of him.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked him as she put her jeans and tee-shirt back on.

"Not now," grinned Gary.

"That doesn't count. You didn't come. Are you still a virgin?"

"I guess so."

"Well just remember that fact. Unless you lose your cherry to someone else before Saturday, you're still a virgin until then."


"Good, just remember all that I've said."

She began to do a little bit more tidying up, and reluctantly Gary helped her until Iain showed up a minute later.

For a moment they all looked at each other. "Stand by that wall, both of you," ordered Louise. They moved with alacrity. "First off," she continued, "If I even think you've told anybody about this, I'll rip your bollocks off. Do I make myself quite clear?"

Both boys nodded.

"Good. Now remember, five pairs of knickers, each, by Saturday evening otherwise again I'll rip your bollocks off."

And if we do you'll let us fuck you." Said Iain.


"'Cos if you don't..."

"Iain" growled Louise.

"Sorry. What for now?"

"You can look, but not touch."

"You said before we could touch," pointed out Gary.

"Hmm, maybe."

She stripped down to her underwear again, and was gratified, and more than a little amused to see both her brothers getting serious hard-ons.

She knelt down in front of them and took hold of the two hard cocks in front of her. Both boys gasped. Stroking them both slowly, she kissed first Iain's, and then Gary's, taking Gary's prick into her mouth to suck lightly on the end. Although Gary could be just as obnoxious as his older brother, when he was on his own he was much more pleasant, and he was a lot more intelligent, for this reason she had decided to allow Gary a little more than Iain, for today at any rate.

Gary gasped and moaned a little, so for that matter did Iain, watching as his younger brother got a blow job. After a minute or so, Louise moved to Iain's prick. Although she licked and lapped at the tip for a while, she didn't take it into her mouth, despite discrete prompting from Iain.

After a couple of minutes she let go and moved to lie down on her bed. For ten minutes she gave both boys the sort of show they might have got had they been present at one of her photography sessions. She stroked herself all over, slipping her hands inside her knickers, her bra, writhing around to show off her figure, and her suppleness. After a few minutes, her bra started to come off, first one shoulder, then a breast, both boys moaned a little at this, then the second shoulder and breast, and finally unfastened and thrown over her shoulder.

"Stop wanking," she said as she spotted both boys with their hands clasped to their huge erections. "Stop, or I'll stop."

With some difficulty, both boys stopped. Louise stood up and approached them. "Hands behind your backs," she ordered. They did so, and she rubbed her large breasts up and down against both boys chests. Stooping a little lower, she allowed them to brush over Iain's cock. Moving to Gary she did more, slipping his cock between her breasts and mashing them together for a moment. She felt her youngest brother start to move and pulled back without a word.

Sitting on the bed she began to play with her knickers, sliding a finger into the crotch as if to pull it to one side, then removing it and pulling the side down a little. Over two minutes she teased them, gradually lowering the waist band until her pubes were revealed. She turned sideways and slid her knickers down her legs. At this point all the boys could see was a hint of pubic hair, and the curve of her bum. She rolled onto her back, her legs away from them, her head over the edge of the bed and watching them, and slowly pushed her hips up. This was the clearest chance they'd had yet to see her pubic mound, but still her pussy lips were hidden from them. With a sudden flick and twist she was on her feet and walking swiftly towards them.

Pressing herself against Iain, she pushed her crotch against his prick. He tried to look down but her torso, pressed firmly against his, was blocking his view, but he could feel her warmth and her pubic hair against his cock. She moved to Gary and did the same. But this time she raised one leg, and allowed her slightly damp pussy lips to slide the length of his cock. She skipped backwards again and bent over to pick up her knickers from off the floor, deliberately bending over in such a way that they both got a clear glimpse of her crack and a perfect view of her firm bottom.

She sat down, stared at their avid faces for a moment, and then lay back, spreading her legs as wide as they would go. Both boys gave a soft moan at the sight of her clean shaven cunt, spread out before them, and for the first time they realised that the magazine was not quite correct. In those photo's she'd had a thin thatch of downy pubes all over her pussy lips, but since then the makeup girl at Don's studio had carefully shaved just her pussy lips, and lightly trimmed the rest of her pubes.

Pulling her knees back to her chest she revealed even more of her self, but it also allowed her to slip her knickers back on, and moments later she was covered again. Her bra was swiftly on, and then she walked towards them.

"If you want to feel my breasts, through my bra, you can, but only for a few seconds."

She let them cup and fondle her bra covered breasts for a moment and then backed off again. Slipping on her jeans she bent over the bed. "Now I'll let you touch my bottom if you want."

They did, and for another minute or so the stroked her firm bottom. When one of them, Gary she thought, but wasn't certain, tried to slip his hand between her legs she stood up and turned around.

"Against the wall."

They moved backwards and she picked up and slipped on her tee-shirt once more. Kneeling down in front of them, she took the erect pricks one in each hand and began to fist them slowly up and down, rubbing her thumb over the tip of Gary's prick.

"Go," she said, and stood up.

She wouldn't let them take the magazine though, and after they had left, carefully tore out all the pictures of herself, and then left the remainder in a semi prominent position in Iain's room in the hope that their mother would find it.

At her first opportunity, she destroyed those pictures by fire, and for the moment at least, she thought herself pretty safe.

Two evenings later, on Friday, there was a discrete knock on her bedroom door just after eight in the evening, as she was getting ready to go out. Remarkably her brothers had been more pleasant to her in the last two days, than in the entire previous year, but knowing that they still liked to play nasty games, she assumed it was them.

"What?" she growled.

"It's only me love," came her fathers voice, "can I have a quick chat."

"Give me a mo."


She quickly pulled on her large dressing gown, for she was wearing no more than her sexiest lingerie at that moment, and opened the door.

"Have you got five minutes."

"'Course. Come in."

Her father didn't look around her room, he'd stopped doing that about five years ago when he'd realised from the expression on her face one time that she didn't like it, instead he simply sat on the bed and looked directly into her eyes. "Look, there's really no easy way to say this, but the lads at work showed me some pictures. The name under them isn't yours, but are they you?"

"What did you tell them."

"I agreed that they looked remarkably like you, but I pretended that you have a scar from an old operation, so it couldn't have been you."

"Don't forget that with modern photographic techniques, something like that could be removed anyway. Eye colours can be changed slightly, all sorts of touching up can be done."

"So is it you?"

"Yeah. Look, you're not going to get me into trouble are you?"

He shook his head. "No. I wish you'd told me before hand, at least I'd have been prepared. Are there going to be any more?"

Louise nodded slowly. "At least four more. But they may not be in the same magazine."

"I was afraid of that. How much did you earn for that one set?"

She told him and he gave an appreciative whistle. "Not bad, you couldn't quite live off that, but with one commission a month, along with your hair dressing job, you could live very comfortably."

"You're not cross with me?"

"Yes and no. I'm more cross that you didn't warn me than that you did it. Do you plan on doing any more?"

"No. Not at the moment anyway. I'll see how it goes, but I don't plan on it."

"Okay. Good. Do your brothers know."

"I don't know. They've not said anything."

"Well if they do say anything, you let me know, alright."

"Like what?"

"Well, even if they just say good luck, I want to know, because it means that Gary, who don't forget is still only sixteen, can get hold of stuff he's legally too young for. And if Iain tries to blackmail you, or anything like that, you let me know at once, because I'll kill him. I might not like what you've done, but it's your choice, and I won't have them spoiling it for you."

Louise smiled. "Thanks dad. You're the best." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed a little, and then blushed even more as Louise's dressing gown swung open and he saw what she was wearing.

"I'll leave you to your ablutions," he said. "Take care," and with that he left in a hurry.

Louise smiled to herself, and finished dressing for her evening out.

Saturday evening, round about the same time, there was another knock on her door.

"Who is it?" she called.

"It's us," called Gary's voice.

"Come in."

She was being picked up a little earlier this evening, so she was virtually ready by now, just finishing off her makeup, and putting her earrings in.


"We've got them."


"Your undies."

"Oh. Just put them on the bed." She didn't look at either the boys, or what they had brought her. "You still here?" she asked moments later.

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