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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman is left at a bar by her married boyfriend, so "he" decides to see how far he can push her.

He watched her as she strode around with the man by her side, watching as he seemed to manipulate her. He grabbed her ass a couple of times and bent forward to whisper in her ear, he saw the wedding ring on his hand, but noticed that she wore none. He saw the grimace on his face as he reached for the pager on his side, then he whispered something in her ear and left her with a rejected look on her face. He saw his opportunity, but held back to see what transpired. Several men came up and hit on her, but he saw how she flatly rejected them, seeing that she was not into "nice" guys, so he decided to move in. He strode up behind her and roughly grabbed her ass, she immediately turned to see if her lover had reappeared, shocked when she saw that she did not know this man, but intrigued by his boldness. "Nice ass, Bitch, " he said matter of factly, "What's the chance I could get some of it?" and she stared at him in disbelief, she had found a bold man, someone who was not shy about asserting his needs on her, but she remained silent. "Grab your shit and let's go, I want to be tapping that ass of yours real soon, " and he grabbed her by the arm and led her out and to his car. He appraised her from behind as she walked ahead of him, noting the shapely legs and the fine ass that filled the short skirt, he could feel his cock stir.

He shoved her in the passenger side, elated at the view of her crotch as her skirt parted and she entered, thinking what a beautiful prize he had obtained, and still she said nothing. He got in and started the car, "What's your name, Cunt?" and again nothing, he reached over and twisted her nipple through her blouse, she cried out and then muttered, "Teri, " and he released the battered nipple, "That's more like it, I can see that you are not going to be easy." She sat silently as they drove and he stole glances at her tits as they rose and fell with her quickened breaths, then her thighs as they became more exposed as she squirmed nervously in the seat. He turned into a 7-11 and pulled up front, he turned off the car and turned to face her, his hands working at the buttons on her blouse, she made no effort to resist, then he pulled the blouse off of her bra cups and kneaded the soft flesh. Then he unfastened the front hook of her bra and marveled at the hard nipples that presented themselves to him, he bent forward and bit one, she screeched at the pain and as he withdrew, he noticed the tears on her cheeks. He looked up to see a group of three young guys at the front of the car, watching with intensity at the exposed woman on the front seat of his car. "Don't be shy, little Teri here likes to show off, come closer, " and he watched as she cringed at the thought of her exposure and the three walked up to her side of the car.

"Ten bucks and you can feel them yourselves, " he said and she cringed even more but said nothing, then a ten passed through the window and a pair of hands roughly grabbed her tits and squeezed. She could see others watching now and felt very exposed, but said nothing as the hands got rougher with her tits, pulling and squeezing until her cheek was once again wet with tears, "Doesn't look like Teri is enjoying this, " one of the guys remarked, "Don't be silly, she loves it rough, the rougher the better, " he said. 'How did he know? He had just picked her up at a bar, ' she thought, but she had not resisted, perhaps even she didn't know that she liked it rough. Another ten came through the window and now two pairs of hand squeezed and manipulated her tits and nipples, she could feel her face redden at the humiliation of having total strangers grope her tender chest, and for money no less! "Is this Bitch a whore, or what?" one guy said and the tears increased at the pain of the label, was she a whore?

She felt her hand being manipulated until it was placed on a man's crotch, his hard cock tenting his pants, "Rub it, Bitch, " he said and she didn't resist, but started rubbing the hard cock through his pants, soon he stopped her and his naked cock was put in her hand, she resumed her stroking, feeling it harden even more. Her benefactor now was getting agitated, "Hey, I didn't sell you that right!" he spat out, "I got to fuck her mouth, how much?" the man asked and Teri again cringed, "$50, for the hand job and a blow job, plus you have to get at least two more spectators, Teri likes an audience, don't you?" He could see the fear in her eyes, but she made no effort to resist, she saw $50 out of the corner of her eye pass hands and then he turned and summoned two strangers walking into the store. When they arrived, her hand and his cock was moved to her lips, "Now, suck it good, my little Whore, " and she opened her mouth to allow it inside, the salty pre cum triggering memories of previous blow jobs and she began to suck his hardness deep into her mouth. He grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled her closer to the car door, her head now slightly outside of the car as he began to fuck her mouth. Two pairs of hands still roughly assaulted her tits, making her muffled cries of pain sound like moans as her mouth was stuffed with cock.

As the cock fucked her mouth and hands groped her tits, she felt another hand wedging itself between her thighs and parting them, it was her benefactor exercising his rights as he pushed her short skirt up and exposed her panty covered crotch, then he drew the silky material to the side and rubbed her clit, making her lurch and drive the cock into her throat, gagging her, "Oh yeah, Bitch, deep throat it!" and the man kept fucking into her throat, making her take more until she felt his balls bouncing off her chin. She fought now to catch her breath, her mouth full of cock and hands raping her body, for the first time she was really scared, then the cock exploded and she began to choke on his cum, she had to swallow or drown. As a final act of humiliation, the last two squirts landed on her face, then she saw a flash as a picture was snapped, then she wiped the cum from her face. A finger was added to her pussy as a thumb massaged her clit and soon she felt her body betray her as she squirmed and screamed out her own orgasm in full view of the audience. Two more men showed interest in blow jobs, but her benefactor told them they had to leave and all the hands left her body as the engine started. She started to buckle her bra but was stopped, "Stay just like you are, Teri. We may find you some more action soon, " and she put her hands down to her sides and accepted that this man was going to do whatever he wished with her and she was powerless to resist and she didn't understand why, but her mind wouldn't let her.

"My name is Jim, not that it matters, and tonight you belong to me Teri, totally!" He pulled into a parking lot at a mall and brought the car to stop near a busy department store, she immediately got very nervous as passersby saw her exposed chest as they walked by, "Get out, " he ordered and she complied, her tits jiggling and her nipples growing hard in the night air, "Turn around, " and once again she complied. He put her arms through the window and rolled it up until she couldn't move, then he closed the car door, moved up behind her and flipped her short skirt onto her back, revealing her panty clad ass cheeks. She could sense eyes upon her as he pulled her panties down to her knees and then grasped her by the waist and pulled her body out and away from the car, the strain made the car glass bite into her wrists. She heard his zipper come down and the thought that he was going to fuck her right here in front of this busy department store made her heart sink with fear, she could see people stop to watch. "Please don't, not here, not like this, " she pleaded, "Let's go to my place, I'll do anything you want, just not here, " and he slapped her bare ass cheek hard, "I'm gonna do anything I want right here, Teri. You can like it or not, but I will do anything I want to you. You are a powerless little slut, now spread those legs!" Feeling totally helpless, she began to spread her legs as far apart as her panties trapped around her knees would let her and then she felt his hard cock press at her entrance and the previous sex had made her very wet, so he slid right in up to the hilt. She saw an older man grab his wife and spirit her off, she felt totally degraded, then he whispered in her ear, "I think I'll fuck that tight ass of yours. Ever had a cock in there, Teri?" and she nervously nodded yes, then felt his cock come out of her pussy and poise at her anus, trying to relax her anal muscles as he popped inside, she still let out a small yelp, he was bigger than what she was used to.

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