She Loves Me

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: an on campus love story

I had been seeing her for one whole month now, she was perfect, with her young tight body and pretty face and best of all is, she loves me. She was naked lying on my bed in my off campus student house, where my two mates and I live. My hands moved over her satin skin, I would squeeze her here and there and this would bring a soft sigh from her sweet mouth.

"Mmm, please don't stop," she sighed.

I didn't intend to, her body is perfect, about five three, with small but firm bust, slim waist and the greatest pair of legs I have ever seen. It was those legs that attracted me in the first place, I was walking right behind her one day at college, she was dressed in tight jeans that day. I just followed her all the way to her class. When we got there she turned towards me and smiled and said she would meet me later; for the rest of the day I was floating. It turned out she was still a virgin but not for long. My hard cock broke her in a couple of days later for she fancied me as much as I fancied her.

Her legs opened for me now to let my fingers have access to her pussy. She was already sopping, and it only took a few stokes before her body arced and she came with a load cry.

"Oh boy," she sighed and stretched like a cat, "that was super."

"You are so beautiful," I said, my hands still moving over her.

"And you are so hunky," she giggled.

"Now fuck me," she invited, her legs opened as wide as she could get them and she reached out for me. I rolled between her legs and released my cock from my pants. She was so wet that I slipped in without any trouble.

"Oh yes," she sighed and hugged me tight, "I love you," she whispered in my ear."

"Good, and I love you too," I replied and it was the truth.

"Oh yes, that's so nice," she sighed, "please I'll do anything for you."

God, don't you love it when a pretty girl says that to you, my cock twitched and I started to come; she thrust back at me and she came too.

"God that was so good," she sighed, "need a pee though."

She stood up found her jeans under the bed and pulled them on, after which she looked about for her top.

"Shit never mind," she said when she couldn't immediately find it and headed for the shared bathroom. God I'm so lucky, I've just fucked the most beautiful girl in the whole college and she says that I can do anything I want to her. In my mind I ran through all the perverted things I had ever dreamed of doing; god I was hard again in no time, the joys of being young. I heard her squeal and then giggle before she came rushing back into my room.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Ran into Ray," she giggled. Then I remembered she was not wearing a top and her tits were nice and bare. Ray was one of the two guys I share this house with.

"Well you've nothing to be ashamed off," I said.

"God I'm so horny," she giggled again, her Jeans were off in a flash and she impaled herself on my hard cock.

"You like showing your tits off then?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah, please fuck me hard," she urged.

"Oh, oh, yes," she screamed and became limp; I pumped into her body until I came too.

We both got dressed and went out for a drink in the student bar, we didn't need anybody else so we found a quiet corner and chatted and giggled through two pints of beer. I then dropped her off at her Halls before returning to my digs.

"Great tits," Ray commented when I saw him next.

"Yeah thanks," I acknowledged.

"Could use her on my Media course," he said, "always need models who are willing to get their tits out."

"Yeah," I said, "I'll mention it to her, ok."

I would dearly love some pictures of her naked body myself.

"No way," she giggled, "exposing my tits by accident is one thing, getting them out for a class full of wankers is another."

"Ok," I said, "I said I would ask and I have."

"That is unless you want me too do it, then of course I would," she said looking shyly at me.

"No, but I would like some pictures of you," I said, "I still can't believe how beautiful you are."

"Do you think so," she giggled, "don't you think I'm a bit skinny."

"No way," I was surprised at her comments.

"You should have seen me at school," she giggled, "I was so scrawny, but I have filled out a bit lately.

"You've filled out delightfully," I said in all honestly.

"But it nice to know someone thinks I'm got something worth exposing," she giggled, "God just thinking about it, you know, exposing myself, has got me horny."

"I know just the cure for that," I offered.

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