They Change the Letters

by Op Cit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman explains what took place with her best friend next door.

Chapter 1

The editor changes the letters! That's why I'm writing this here, they wouldn't publish a follow-up, and I'm so frustrated with them that I wanted people to know that the letters in that magazine aren't true. I wrote my letter the day after my adventure with my best friend, but when I read it in the magazine the editor had added that "Since then, every time I visit her she licks my pussy until I can't take it any more."

I guess I should give you some background. You see my neighbor and friend Julie is single and had not been dating in quite some time. After telling her of some of my sex life with my husband, she had expressed a little envy of me. Well, I found this a little exciting, and then I thought of what it would be like to have her switch places with me, and have my husband fuck her without his knowing about it. The idea excited me and I wanted to help my friend relieve herself, so we hatched a plan.

I won't go into more detail here as that part of the letter is true and you can read it in that magazine. I had written that after he came in her we switched places back and, in a hurry to not let my husband discover Julie on the bed with me behind the canopy, I started sucking his cock. Julie ended up underneath me sucking on my pussy and I was so turned on that I ended up grinding myself against her as I came just before my husband. Now I'm not a lesbian and I'm not attracted to girls, it was just the excitement of the moment that I couldn't resist. Anyway, she snuck out and went home, and the next day I wrote the letter.

Now it just isn't true that she eats me out every time I go over to her place. I'm not a lesbian! I didn't see her again until a couple days later and it was a little awkward...

When Julie saw me at her door she smiled and hugged me and said, "That was so cool Erin, thank you so much." And she kissed me on the cheek. Well, at least that's where it ended up as I turned my face just in time.

I told her it was OK and fun, and that I was glad to help her out as she pulled me inside and walked over to her couch. I was still pretty uncomfortable as we spoke more, and she could see there was a problem so finally she asked me directly, "What's wrong, Erin?"

"Well, I..."

"David didn't find out did he?" Julie quickly asked.

"Well, no..."

"Oh, good, because I'd hate to disrupt your relationship, you and David are so sweet and good to me." There was a pause as she looked at me innocently.

"Um, I uh..." I trailed off again as I tried to figure out what to say. Then as she saw the difficulty I was having, a look of concern crossed her face.

Julie leaned closer and, taking my hand in both of hers, she looked me deep in the eyes with great compassion and said, "Please tell me Erin. Please tell me that I haven't done anything to hurt the both of you."

Her concern startled me and I my heart lept as I felt her concern, I hurried to assure her, "No, no, no Julie. You're so sweet, you're my best friend, and you couldn't hurt us." Julie visibly relaxed and leaned back while still holding my hand. "It's just... It's that... Well, it's kinda my problem, and I don't want you to think anything bad or that I don't love you just as much..."

"Oh, Erin, you're such a beautiful, wonderful person. You're so good to me and you couldn't hurt me, just tell me."

I cringed a bit inside when she said "beautiful" wondering what she might be thinking, but I continued. "You see, " and then I thought I should just blurt it out, "I'm not a lesbian."

Julie stayed still for a moment, her brow furrowed in concentration on what I was saying, then her eyes widened a bit in recognition and her mouth dropped open.

"Oh. Oh, Erin, of course not!" and then she hugged me. "Erin, you sweet dummy. Of course you aren't." And then her voice changed a bit in that way when you being to tear up. She squeezed me tighter and said, "I'm so sorry if I made you think that, <sniff>, please don't be mad at me. I just wanted so much to thank you, and I was so excited, and I wanted you to feel as good as I felt. You were so good to me. You set it all up and you helped me get ready." (She had to shave a bit down there to make sure we looked alike.) "And you sent me over the top as you squeezed my nipples while he was fucking me... I just wanted so much for you to feel good. Please don't be angry with me."

It was my turn to feel embarrassed and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. "No, no, no Julie. I'm sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. No, don't feel *bad*, it was wonderful. I'm sorry, I was just a little embarrassed is all. It was so exciting and I felt so good helping you fuck my husband, I didn't realize how turned on I was at the time." Now I felt myself tearing a bit. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself at the time and when you... you got under me and I... I rubbed myself against you... I just... I guess I don't want you to be mad at me and know that I'm not like *that*."

Julie pulled back and looked me in the eyes again and said, "Oh, of course not sweety." And she kissed me. On the cheek again as I turned my face.

Then we laughed and the tension disappeared. Julie sat back and we laughed some more and then we started eagerly chatting about the night like two little schoolgirls. It was such a great caper: pulling a fast one on my husband like that.

"Oh my god, Julie, if David knew, he'd be banging on your door. Right now. He'd break that door down to get at you... just to fuck you again!" And we both erupted into giggles again.

We must have continued on like that for the best part of the hour, getting high on giggles. After a time, we toned down a bit and we talked about the experience. The conversation got steamy still in that schoolgirl conspiracy way, I think we were both heating up as we talked about it.

"I was sooo wet, kneeling against the bed there waiting for David to come in." Julie said, "I thought my juices would start running down my leg before he came in." One of Julie's hands that had been toying with a lock of hair in front of her began brushing the hair back and forth over one breast. I noticed that her nipples were well pronounced against the fabric of her tank top. "God, Erin, I think I almost came when I heard his pants drop behind me. Then when he entered me, I was so slick that he went all the way in one stroke." Julie's hand had abandoned the lock and her finger was drawing circles around the nipple.

I said, "I know what you mean. It was so exciting to me thinking we might get caught. Hearing his pants hit the floor and then feeling the bed move as he pushed into you. I think he was slamming you the way the bed was creaking." Julie's other hand was on her tummy toying with her belly button and as I spoke I saw her hand slowly move lower. I was so caught up in the moment: there was a subdued excitement in the air and we were both feeling so good. I wanted to touch myself, but I couldn't in front of Julie.

"Oh, he was hard, and he was fucking me so deep and hard." Julie's language was really getting to me as well, and I clenched my hands to keep from touching myself. Julie didn't seem to have that problem as her hand on her breast was gently pulling her nipple out in a milking motion while she'd given up being sly and was openly rubbing herself through her shorts.

"Oh, Erin, it was fantastic! Yesterday, I spent the entire day inside remembering it over and over. I must have masturbated thirty times yesterday thinking about it." I felt another twinge when she said "masturbated". I knew I was very wet now and I had to clench my hands again. "Erin, Oh." she gasped a bit, "I wish we could do it again."

I knew there was no way we would get away with it. David had commented about it being different, and again last night as he fucked me that way once more, bent over the edge of the bed, only my ass showing beneath the canopy of the bed, he commented on how the night before was so exciting. I knew that Julie and I would not get away with it again.

My attention returned to Julie as she said, "Can we?". When I said nothing, she continued, "Can we, hmmm? Do it again?"

"I don't think..."

Julie slid off the couch onto the floor and then knelt in front of me. Her hands were on my bare thighs as she leaned forward and looked deeply, imploringly into my eyes. "Just one more time? hmmm, pleeease?"

"But David..." I replied, "David would find out."

Julie realized what I was saying and said, "Oh I'm sorry." She leaned into me and laid her head on my tummy and said, "I don't mean to... I mean, I'm sorry, it was just such an exciting thing. I've never cum like that before in my life." I shifted a bit but I don't think Julie noticed. I was really excited and I was afraid Julie would see the state I was in.

But Julie's brow was furrowed and again I could see tears forming in her eyes. I looked at her with startled concern and she turned a way blinking a bit. "What is it, Julie?" I asked.

She continued blinking back her tears and then while wiping her eyes with the back of her hand she said, "I'm sorry. It's just... It's just been so hard."

I leaned forward and put my hand on her shoulder and asked her, "What has?"

Then like a damn breaking she let go. "I can't lie to you, Erin. God, it was so fantastic the other night. I came and came again. Yesterday, I relived it over and over again in my mind, and, God, I nearly rubbed myself raw, I was so turned on by the memory, but... I couldn't..."

"Couldn't what, honey?" I asked.

"I couldn't," and she flushed visibly, "cum! Oh how I tried, but I couldn't. It's no good. I've never been able to bring myself off..."

"Never... ?" I was astonished.

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