They Change the Letters

by Op Cit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman explains what took place with her best friend next door.

Chapter 1

The editor changes the letters! That's why I'm writing this here, they wouldn't publish a follow-up, and I'm so frustrated with them that I wanted people to know that the letters in that magazine aren't true. I wrote my letter the day after my adventure with my best friend, but when I read it in the magazine the editor had added that "Since then, every time I visit her she licks my pussy until I can't take it any more."

I guess I should give you some background. You see my neighbor and friend Julie is single and had not been dating in quite some time. After telling her of some of my sex life with my husband, she had expressed a little envy of me. Well, I found this a little exciting, and then I thought of what it would be like to have her switch places with me, and have my husband fuck her without his knowing about it. The idea excited me and I wanted to help my friend relieve herself, so we hatched a plan.

I won't go into more detail here as that part of the letter is true and you can read it in that magazine. I had written that after he came in her we switched places back and, in a hurry to not let my husband discover Julie on the bed with me behind the canopy, I started sucking his cock. Julie ended up underneath me sucking on my pussy and I was so turned on that I ended up grinding myself against her as I came just before my husband. Now I'm not a lesbian and I'm not attracted to girls, it was just the excitement of the moment that I couldn't resist. Anyway, she snuck out and went home, and the next day I wrote the letter.

Now it just isn't true that she eats me out every time I go over to her place. I'm not a lesbian! I didn't see her again until a couple days later and it was a little awkward...

When Julie saw me at her door she smiled and hugged me and said, "That was so cool Erin, thank you so much." And she kissed me on the cheek. Well, at least that's where it ended up as I turned my face just in time.

I told her it was OK and fun, and that I was glad to help her out as she pulled me inside and walked over to her couch. I was still pretty uncomfortable as we spoke more, and she could see there was a problem so finally she asked me directly, "What's wrong, Erin?"

"Well, I..."

"David didn't find out did he?" Julie quickly asked.

"Well, no..."

"Oh, good, because I'd hate to disrupt your relationship, you and David are so sweet and good to me." There was a pause as she looked at me innocently.

"Um, I uh..." I trailed off again as I tried to figure out what to say. Then as she saw the difficulty I was having, a look of concern crossed her face.

Julie leaned closer and, taking my hand in both of hers, she looked me deep in the eyes with great compassion and said, "Please tell me Erin. Please tell me that I haven't done anything to hurt the both of you."

Her concern startled me and I my heart lept as I felt her concern, I hurried to assure her, "No, no, no Julie. You're so sweet, you're my best friend, and you couldn't hurt us." Julie visibly relaxed and leaned back while still holding my hand. "It's just... It's that... Well, it's kinda my problem, and I don't want you to think anything bad or that I don't love you just as much..."

"Oh, Erin, you're such a beautiful, wonderful person. You're so good to me and you couldn't hurt me, just tell me."

I cringed a bit inside when she said "beautiful" wondering what she might be thinking, but I continued. "You see, " and then I thought I should just blurt it out, "I'm not a lesbian."

Julie stayed still for a moment, her brow furrowed in concentration on what I was saying, then her eyes widened a bit in recognition and her mouth dropped open.

"Oh. Oh, Erin, of course not!" and then she hugged me. "Erin, you sweet dummy. Of course you aren't." And then her voice changed a bit in that way when you being to tear up. She squeezed me tighter and said, "I'm so sorry if I made you think that, <sniff>, please don't be mad at me. I just wanted so much to thank you, and I was so excited, and I wanted you to feel as good as I felt. You were so good to me. You set it all up and you helped me get ready." (She had to shave a bit down there to make sure we looked alike.) "And you sent me over the top as you squeezed my nipples while he was fucking me... I just wanted so much for you to feel good. Please don't be angry with me."

It was my turn to feel embarrassed and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. "No, no, no Julie. I'm sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. No, don't feel *bad*, it was wonderful. I'm sorry, I was just a little embarrassed is all. It was so exciting and I felt so good helping you fuck my husband, I didn't realize how turned on I was at the time." Now I felt myself tearing a bit. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself at the time and when you... you got under me and I... I rubbed myself against you... I just... I guess I don't want you to be mad at me and know that I'm not like *that*."

Julie pulled back and looked me in the eyes again and said, "Oh, of course not sweety." And she kissed me. On the cheek again as I turned my face.

Then we laughed and the tension disappeared. Julie sat back and we laughed some more and then we started eagerly chatting about the night like two little schoolgirls. It was such a great caper: pulling a fast one on my husband like that.

"Oh my god, Julie, if David knew, he'd be banging on your door. Right now. He'd break that door down to get at you... just to fuck you again!" And we both erupted into giggles again.

We must have continued on like that for the best part of the hour, getting high on giggles. After a time, we toned down a bit and we talked about the experience. The conversation got steamy still in that schoolgirl conspiracy way, I think we were both heating up as we talked about it.

"I was sooo wet, kneeling against the bed there waiting for David to come in." Julie said, "I thought my juices would start running down my leg before he came in." One of Julie's hands that had been toying with a lock of hair in front of her began brushing the hair back and forth over one breast. I noticed that her nipples were well pronounced against the fabric of her tank top. "God, Erin, I think I almost came when I heard his pants drop behind me. Then when he entered me, I was so slick that he went all the way in one stroke." Julie's hand had abandoned the lock and her finger was drawing circles around the nipple.

I said, "I know what you mean. It was so exciting to me thinking we might get caught. Hearing his pants hit the floor and then feeling the bed move as he pushed into you. I think he was slamming you the way the bed was creaking." Julie's other hand was on her tummy toying with her belly button and as I spoke I saw her hand slowly move lower. I was so caught up in the moment: there was a subdued excitement in the air and we were both feeling so good. I wanted to touch myself, but I couldn't in front of Julie.

"Oh, he was hard, and he was fucking me so deep and hard." Julie's language was really getting to me as well, and I clenched my hands to keep from touching myself. Julie didn't seem to have that problem as her hand on her breast was gently pulling her nipple out in a milking motion while she'd given up being sly and was openly rubbing herself through her shorts.

"Oh, Erin, it was fantastic! Yesterday, I spent the entire day inside remembering it over and over. I must have masturbated thirty times yesterday thinking about it." I felt another twinge when she said "masturbated". I knew I was very wet now and I had to clench my hands again. "Erin, Oh." she gasped a bit, "I wish we could do it again."

I knew there was no way we would get away with it. David had commented about it being different, and again last night as he fucked me that way once more, bent over the edge of the bed, only my ass showing beneath the canopy of the bed, he commented on how the night before was so exciting. I knew that Julie and I would not get away with it again.

My attention returned to Julie as she said, "Can we?". When I said nothing, she continued, "Can we, hmmm? Do it again?"

"I don't think..."

Julie slid off the couch onto the floor and then knelt in front of me. Her hands were on my bare thighs as she leaned forward and looked deeply, imploringly into my eyes. "Just one more time? hmmm, pleeease?"

"But David..." I replied, "David would find out."

Julie realized what I was saying and said, "Oh I'm sorry." She leaned into me and laid her head on my tummy and said, "I don't mean to... I mean, I'm sorry, it was just such an exciting thing. I've never cum like that before in my life." I shifted a bit but I don't think Julie noticed. I was really excited and I was afraid Julie would see the state I was in.

But Julie's brow was furrowed and again I could see tears forming in her eyes. I looked at her with startled concern and she turned a way blinking a bit. "What is it, Julie?" I asked.

She continued blinking back her tears and then while wiping her eyes with the back of her hand she said, "I'm sorry. It's just... It's just been so hard."

I leaned forward and put my hand on her shoulder and asked her, "What has?"

Then like a damn breaking she let go. "I can't lie to you, Erin. God, it was so fantastic the other night. I came and came again. Yesterday, I relived it over and over again in my mind, and, God, I nearly rubbed myself raw, I was so turned on by the memory, but... I couldn't..."

"Couldn't what, honey?" I asked.

"I couldn't," and she flushed visibly, "cum! Oh how I tried, but I couldn't. It's no good. I've never been able to bring myself off..."

"Never... ?" I was astonished.

"No. I dunno maybe it's some psychological thing, but I just can't get myself off. It feels so good and my fantasies take me so far, and sometimes I can't stop trying..." She sighed and her head dropped as she stared at my feet. "When I get going like that I just keep going until I fall asleep from exhaustion..."

I didn't know what to say. I was stunned and my head was spinning a bit. I wanted to hug her, but I was afraid of how she'd take it. So I said, "The other night--"

And Julie interrupted me, "Oh the other night was incredible. I came so hard while he pounded me and you twisted my nipples..." One of her hands had strayed to her chest again absently circling one nipple. "You're so good to me, Erin. When you started blowing David and I started playing with you... I just wanted sooo bad to get you off like I did. That's why I flipped around and got under you. I figured I could take you over the top by licking you and you wouldn't be able to stop me. And then when you came..."

Julie looked up at me sharply. Her eyes were wide and there was this light and energy in them. "When you came, I came again. Hard. I had to stifle my moans in your pussy it was so good again." Her eyes searched my face as she continued, "I think, that's it. I think that's what sends me over the top when I make someone cum. I think it's that feeling that what I'm doing is so good that they can't stop themselves from orgasming. It makes me feel incredible..."

I didn't know what to say. I thought of myself and my fantasies and masturbation. I never had a wit of trouble. Well the first time, when I was ten and I didn't know what was happening... but I never had a problem since.

Julie was still looking at me but her gaze was a bit distant, and I realize that one of her hands had never left my thigh, and I could feel her soft hand slowly caressing me.

"Could we, I mean, could I..." Julie started to say and then stopped.

"What, Julie?"

"No, no never mind. You should be g--"

And then it was my turn to interrupt her. I grabbed her chin and looked her in the eyes and said, "What? Tell me."

And then she cast her eyes down again and she said, "I can't mess things up with you and David. But maybe..." and then her voice dropped to a soft whisper like she almost didn't want me to hear what she said. "... maybe I could make you cum like that again." And then she slowly looked up into my eyes.

This was what they meant by puppy dog eyes. There was so much turmoil and fear in her eyes. I wanted so much to say, "no, I'm not a lesbian." but I knew if I did anything like that she'd be crushed. Then as I stared back at her trying to figure out how to reply, I became aware of a tingle in my pussy. As I looked into that expectant face of hers I felt the heat rise, and for a moment I imagined her looking up at me like that from between my legs.

I knew I was flushed, and I could feel my nipples pressed against my top and suddenly startled by the realization that I was getting turned on I started to tell her, "N--"

"Please, Erin. For me? Will you please let me try?" and again her pleading look took a hold of me, and I knew I had to let her.

Both of her hands were on my thighs now caressing up and down. I dropped my hands, resigned, and then I felt her push me back on the couch and move forward.

"Just let me try Erin. So I can relieve this terrible frustration." And I felt her lips on the inside of my thigh just above my knee.

It was a light kiss, and then I felt another fluttering kiss a little higher. I could feel the wetness in my panties now, and I knew it would show, but as I felt her kisses reach the hem of my shorts I began to want it. I closed my eyes and laid my head back.

I felt her rub her nose at my crotch and the fabric over my pussy. She was breathing deep through her nose and I knew she could smell me. Her eyes were closed and then she began to kiss that spot, then open her mouth and bite down. I felt the twinge in my clit and I gasped. Julie smiled up at me and then while still nibbling at that spot, she reached up to unfasten my shorts.

Soon she had them open and I found myself raising up without hesitation as she pulled them off of me. As her gaze fell upon the widening wet spot on my panties, she reached around and grabbed me by my butt and pulled me into her. Julie didn't even try to take my panties off, she just started licking that wetness, then placing her mouth over my mound she sucked and I could feel my juices being pulled into her.

It was something my husband had done at times when he was very, very turned on, and as that thought passed through my mind I grasped at it desperately. I needed something to make this all right. I needed something so that I would not become what I did not want. As Julie alternately licked and bit and prodded with her tongue, I imagined it was David, and slowly I relaxed.

Soon I began to allow myself to enjoy it and a couple of times humped up at her face as she drew back before returning to my panties. Then all of a sudden, I felt her shift, and one hand shot to the crotch of my panties and pulled them aside as she clamped her mouth on me and pressed deeply with her tongue.

I gasped and opened my eyes, and I saw her looking up at me with an unbelievably hungry, sexy, pleading look. It was the most amazing thing to see, this beautiful, sexy woman looking at me with so much desire.

I couldn't look away. A lock of her hair fell across one eye, and there was the shininess of my juices above her lip, and then her movements slowed as she carefully brought her tongue up through my cleft to the hood where my clit was straining. As the tip of her tongue found my most sensitive spot I lost it. I tried not to, but I moaned and grunted and bucked against her face. My hands grabbed the cushions of the couch and I pushed myself higher into her.

I could hear her moaning and humming in a coaxing, keening, pleading cry into my pussy, and then I think I lost consciousness as an orgasm beyond any I'd ever felt overtook me.

The next thing I remember I could feel these long languid licks all around my pussy. They seemed to search for my juices and clean me like a cat, and as my eyes opened, I raised my head and looked down at Julie, and she looked at me with a happy, satisfied smile and said, ever so softly, "Thank you."

And with that, she looked back down at my pussy, opened her mouth, and made a long lick from the bottom of my pussy, deep into my folds and up to my clit, where she began to circle my button slowly, and then faster.

I couldn't help it... I grabbed her head with the thought of pushing her away, but I couldn't. I couldn't help myself. I took a hold of her and pull her in as my eyes rolled back and I felt myself being taken away again...

Chapter 2

OK, yes that first day I saw her, Julie licked me 'til I passed out. But it's not like that between us...

I woke from a dream of sucking my husband's cock after he fucked me hard, but when I started to open my eyes, I realized Julie was kissing me deeply thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. And I was sucking it, hard.

As soon as my eyes opened, though, I sat up quickly and Julie drew away. Before I could say anything, she laid her head on my chest and hugged me saying, "Oh, Erin. You are such a friend. I just can't believe how kind you are to help me like this! I never new I could get off like that..."

I couldn't help but think that I'd never passed out when I came before. My mind was spinning and I tried hard to figure out what I was thinking as she continued. "I feel so much better now, and I can't thank you enough." When she looked up at me, Julie's eyes where aglow and she had a smile that was, I guess you'd say radiant.

I don't remember what I said to her then, I was nervous and afraid to let her see how uncomfortable I felt. I think I muttered a bit. In a few moments I had gone from the most relaxed and comfortable to a state of confused anxiety.

I felt a twinge as her cheek brush my nipple, and I quickly sat up, mumbling about the oven being on or something. Julie didn't notice a bit, she just led me by the hand to the door and kissed me on the cheek as I left.

That evening, my husband was amazed by my ardor as I sucked him off twice without his asking. The next morning I awoke with a start as in a dream I sat sipping wine with Julie on her couch and she turned to me, leaned in, and kissed me. Then her tongue slid into my mouth, and it was when I felt myself suck her in deeper that I awoke. I am not a lesbian, and I repeated that to myself as I looked over to my still sleeping husband. I wished he were awake and would fuck me hard, but instead I decided how better would there be to prove it to myself, and I crawled under the covers to wake him in a way I knew he would enjoy.

My husband has never been happier than that week, though once or twice when he surprised me in the kitchen I had to say I had to pee in order to slip away and get some KY.

It was a couple of days since that last encounter with Julie when I saw her next. I had convinced myself that I was OK, and knew that if anything, it was certainly not her fault; and I didn't want her to suspect that anything was wrong.

I went over in the afternoon and Julie opened her door in a bikini. She greeted me warmly and kissed me on the cheek. (Well, OK, it did end up on the corner of my mouth because I was afraid to turn my head too quickly.) As she led me inside, my eyes dropped naturally to her ass.

You see, Julie and I are very similar in build: we are both slender with an hourglass shape and our asses are the kind that people say are too big. You know, like Jennifer Lopez? I never thought it was, and my husband loves mine. I had reassured Julie in the past.

Her bikini is one I have seen before. Because she is sensitive about her butt, she does not wear it in public, but the thong bottom is perfect for tanning in the back yard. As she walked away from me, my eyes were drawn to the strip of cloth that seemed to disappear between her cheeks. I marveled at the smoothness and lack of cellulite and how her hips flared from her waist into those beautiful globes.

"Erin?" Julie had turned to face me, and I realized she'd been saying something, but I couldn't remember what she'd said. I recovered all right, though.

"I'm sorry, Julie, just a busy day. What did you say?"

She looked at me in an amused kind of way and said, "Drink?... Usual?"

"Um, oh, yeah. Sorry."

She showed not a hint of what went on the other day, and I relaxed quickly as we chatted. After talking for a while in the kitchen, we went to sit in the living room. I thought nothing of it as she sat on the couch with me and we continued on as usual.

It's weird, but everything changed very quickly.

After discussing the shopping we needed to do, Julie asked innocently how Dave was doing. I don't think anything changed that instant, but just then my eyes caught site of her erect nipples under the small cups of her bikini top. As I replied that he was as usual, I tried without success to remember if her nipples had been hard all through our conversation.

Julie continued, "I'm so glad. I know I keep saying this, but thank you so much, Erin."

I replied without thinking and said, "Hey, what are friends for?" And almost at the same instant we both started giggling.

That broke the tension in me a bit, and I proceeded to tell her how randy Dave had been. I didn't tell her, though, how much I had been sucking him off. Julie laughed when I told her how I had to slip off to get KY when he wanted to do it in the kitchen and I began to get into the spirit while telling her the titillating tale.

I didn't notice as she moved closer, and I didn't notice when her hand had found my thigh, but when I finished laughing at one point, I asked her how she'd been, and that's when I felt her closeness.

"Oh, um, OK, you know."

"Hmm?" I was puzzled.

"Oh, come on, I'm all right..."

But I was a bit dense, I guess, so I asked, "What do you mean?"

Julie answered, "Well, I'm back to where I was..." and she seemed to trail off.

It was then that I realized what she was saying, and I laid my hand on top of hers and said, "I'm so sorry, Julie."

She took my hand in both of hers and as she looked me deeply in the eyes said, "I'm so lucky to have you for a friend."

I felt the warmth of genuine friendship for her then, and stayed like that looking back into her eyes. After a moment I heard her ask, "Erin, could I?"

I had relaxed again and just replied with a "Hmm?"

"Would you let me try again? To cum I mean." And as I realized what she'd been saying I felt it. I guess with all that giggling I didn't recognize it, but my nipples were straining and I was a little damp.

I was still looking into her eyes and all the love and friendship that I saw there. I could feel a conscious part of me drifting away a bit as I heard myself say very softly, "OK."

Julie held my eyes as she lifted my hand to her mouth and kissed it lightly. She moistened her lips and kissed the back of my hand again and I felt her lips open a bit. My hand was limp and Julie, still looking into my eyes, turned it over palm up and again kissed it lightly and then again in a more open wet kiss.

I tingled all over, and it was this most incredibly mesmerizing feeling. I could feel a pleasant tingling sensation in my head at my scalp, and that same buzz was in my breasts, in my nipples seeming to extend them further, and down to my belly where the warmth spread to my pussy. Then July opened her mouth and her tongue came out and licked from the tips of my fingers upward. As she reached my knuckles her tongue separated my fingers and as she slowly dragged it through the V-junction, I felt a spasm in my pussy and I knew I was very wet. I felt my eyes start to flutter.

It was like a strange dream. This part of me had separated and was thinking over and over again, "no don't do this, not again" while my body reacted to Julie and did exactly as she wanted. Again I lifted myself as she unfastened my shorts and pulled them off of me. This time she did not dwell on my panties. She ran her hand up over my wet mound and clasped the waistband with both hands and pulled. Again I lifted myself so she could pull them off. All the while her eyes never left mine.

As my panties came off she place her hands on the insides of my thighs and slowly moved them up separating my knees until I was sitting there with legs spread wide and my pussy exposed to her. As her hands reached my junction, her eyes left mine, dropping to my pussy.

It was like my eyes were still drawn to hers as my gaze fell to my opening. I could see how swollen my lips had become. Julie this time was different. She was careful and deliberate, and it held me spellbound. With both thumbs she pulled my lips apart to reveal the wetness within, then moving slowly she brought her face closer and breathed my sent deeply through her nose. Then in one slow languid motion she brought her mouth over me and began to make love to me with her tongue.

This time was more amazing. It felt so good, and there was a depth of intoxication to it as I felt her love seem to enter me. Still a part of me rebelled and as Julie devoured me, I became vocal. In my cries I tried to stop her, but my "No, Julie" was interrupted by the spasms she was causing and it came out as "Oh, no, Julie. Oh! God! Oh! No, oh, please, oh, no." I think I knew the tone of my voice would not stop her.

This time she held me at a peak for the longest time without sending me over. I'd get closer and closer and my voice would raise incoherently and then she'd back off or stop. Once or twice she clamped down and seemed to shake and quiver and stop. Then just as I'd begin to regain control, she'd start again. I had never known anything like that before.

I looked down at her again and saw her focused intently on my pussy and the thought passed through my mind that she liked licking my pussy and I lost all resistance. I ran my fingers through her hair coaxing her trying not to grab her and pull her in. There were no more words coming out of me, just mumbling and keening, and finally she let me go: She surrounded my clit with her lips and tongue and gently but firmly sent me over, and again I lost all sense...

I awoke from the most relaxed state to find her head on my chest again, and I thought she was asleep as she lay with her arms around me. I was in a kind of fog as what had happened slowly sunk in. Again Julie had brought me off like nothing had before, and I felt a deep dread in the pit of my stomach. I wondered at what was happening to me.

In my mind I remembered the pleasure I felt and I began to tingle again. Quickly I thought of David: of bending over the couch in our living room as he took me from behind. I loved it when he did that, the feel of his hands gripping my waist, and as he speeds up I imagine he is unable to stop and it always sends me over. Sometimes when he comes home he'll hug me and I'll feel his hardness against me and it makes me feel so sexy that he is so immediately hot for me...

Julie stirred and looked up at me. In her eyes were none of the fear, and she smiled broadly and said, "Oh Erin, you made me come so many times and so hard!"

My immediate reaction was to correct her, I mean, she made me come only once, and then I realized that she was talking about herself. My eyes went wide as I began to realize what had been going on while she was licking me.

Julie continued, "I must have cum a half a dozen times, it was so wonderful and you are a friend like no other, thank you." She propped her chin upon one hand and grinned up at me.

Again my thoughts whirled and a slow panic began to over take me. I needed to do something. I needed to not go there with her... I needed to get fucked. As that last thought crossed my mind, I pictured David taking me again, and I calmed a bit. I grasped a hold of it and decided I needed to take charge of the situation.

"Julie, uh, you need a man."

Julie smiled again, and wistfully replied, "Yeah... I do..." And then she looked back up at me and said, "But until I find one... thank God I have you for a friend."

I almost choked but I managed to stifle myself and fish for a reply. "You know what you should do?"

"Hmmm, what?" Julie again looked at up at me with those beautiful eyes.

"Uh," I cast about for anything and then that image of David pounding me came to mind. "You need a dildo. Or how about a vibrator?"

"Oh but I do! I have my Wand, I mean."

"Wand?" I asked.

"You know, Erin, 'Magic Wand' that's the brand name of it, my vibrator. It works great, and it's fun to use, but all I'm able to do is get more frustrated. Back when I was seeing, Tom, I'd use it sometimes before we went out. Tom didn't know but he loved it those times when I was so randy."

I felt better now that we were on a more, um, "straight" track. And finding an area she hadn't tried I decided to push her more in that direction. "Yeah, but what about a dildo?"

Julie flushed a bit and lowered her voice. "Well, I've tried some things... You know, like candles."

"Was it OK?"

"No." I could see Julie begin to tear up a bit as she continued, "Don't you see, it's the excitement from what I know my partner is feeling that sends me over."

In my mind I saw her again intently, lovingly, and I imagined longingly sucking my clit and I began to understand what she was talking about, I felt myself begin to moisten. Again I tried to focus and I shook that thought off. "But you can do it Julie. I'm sure of it, anybody can learn to bring herself off, it just takes a new approach. I'll help you." And too late it occurred to me what I might be saying.

Julie gave me a quick hug saying, "Oh, thank you!" And she stretched up to kiss me. On the mouth this time as I was too stunned trying to figure out what I had gotten myself into...

Chapter 3

On Thursday I was back at Julie's door. The day before I had left quickly and in some confusion: I had started to heat up a bit and I needed to get home and fuck Dave as soon as I could. The next day I stood there at her door with my tummy doing flip-flops.

I was excited and scared and still terribly confused. I had come back with the determination to help Julie get over whatever prevented her from relieving herself. I wanted to help her as a friend, and I needed to help her so that I wouldn't have to "help" her in that other way. Letting her lick me until I passed out was an amazing thing, but I did not want to go down that road: Dave and I were happy and I was *not* going to end up a lesbian.

Still, I could feel a slight tingle of anticipation pass through me as I stood there hesitating to ring the bell. In my determination, I had brought my vibrator, the KY, and the dildo I'd been given at my wedding shower (my friends called it my "Sunday Saver" in reference to football season). I started to get cold feet standing there, so I pushed the bell.

Julie answered dressed casually, and as she greeted me and I followed her inside, I noticed again what an attractive woman she was. We sat in her kitchen and made small talk, and I avoided the reason I came as long as I could. And then as our conversation wound down it got a little awkward.

After a little bit of fumbling in our conversation, Julie asked me if everything was OK. I assured her things were fine, and then she asked if things were OK between us. That managed to break my hesitation and I blurted out that I had brought something for her.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled eagerly asking what it was. Instantly I regretted saying anything. I flushed and stammered a bit, but then I regained control as I realized this was just my good friend Julie. "Well I think I have what you need to get you past your little problem." There was immediate recognition in her eyes and I knew she had been looking forward to it. I cast a glance at the door and suggested, "Why don't we go in the other room?"

Julie led me out of the kitchen, but instead of turning into the living room, she led me down the hall and into her bedroom. I swallowed hard decided to I'd have to take control of the situation or it might end up like before.

I sat on her bed and pulled out each of the things I brought, and began to casually describe to her how I used each. Her eyes lit mischievously when she saw the dildo, and she immediately picked it up to look more closely at it.

"Wow, it looks so real. It has little veins and everything." Julie said.

"Maybe that's what you're missing: a little realism. An extra little bit of that while you fantasize can't hurt, right?"

"Um, I guess not." Julie replied. "But how do you use it?" Julie was trying different grips, at one point holding it like a knife out of Psycho.

"Here, let me show you." And I took it from her. "What I usually do is sit back against the headboard... Uh, why don't you go ahead and, um, take off, uh you know..."

Julie nodded and began to get undressed. As I watched her I thought again about how beautifully proportioned she was. After pulling off her top and shorts, she pulled off her panties, and then surprised me by unsnapping her bra as well and tossing it away. As Julie paused for a moment, I thought about how nice her breasts went with the rest of her. I could see her nipples stiffening further, and I began to feel that tingle again. Again I tried to take charge.

I had her sit against the headboard beside me and I handed her the dildo. I then began to describe to her the process I often went through of getting my fantasy started and warming the dildo in my hands.

"Actually," I confessed to her, "I call it a 'cock' or 'my cock' because it sounds better."

Julie hesitated with the cock in her hands and said, "Uh, Erin this feels kind of weird."

"Well you have to use your imagination more..." I began to reply.

"No, I mean, like this, on the bed here with you... I mean I'm naked and you're not. I feel very exposed... Could you take off your clothes too?"

I started to object, but then I realized I would feel the same way in her place. And, I really wanted to help Julie learn to do this, so I slid off the bed and quickly discarded my skirt and top. Then in my bra and panties I asked, "Is this OK?"

Julie smiled and said, "Yes, I don't feel so embarrassed now."

So I resumed my place next to her and continued. I began to describe our encounter with David over again for her to spur her imagination and get her juices flowing. I told her to take the cock in her mouth and imagine blowing David. Then I had her move the wet cock to her nipples and circle them a bit, before slowly working her way down to her pussy.

Julie gasped as she circled her nipples with the cock. Her nipples were standing tall and she had goose bumps all over her areola.

I described to her how I like to caress myself over the hood of my clit and excite myself to the point that my pussy begins to leak. When I'm not taking my time I lick the dildo to get it wet enough for easy entry, but I prefer to take my time. That way, when I'm wet already, I don't have to use anything on the dildo to get it in. If I'm really wet, it may slide all the way in without pause.

Julie was breathing heavy now and I could see how her pussy was beginning to open, already a hint of wetness could be seen. It wasn't long before she had the entire cock inside of her pumping away with one hand while, with the fingers of her other hand, she circled her clit, and occasionally reached down to feel her wetness between her fingers as she slid the cock in and out.

It didn't take long for her to get going, I was amazed at how fast she'd taken to using it, and how excited she'd become. Already there was a sheen of perspiration on her that made her glow. As I watched, I was fascinated by the beauty and sexiness she exuded in her passion. She gasped and moaned as well, and before I knew it my panties were very wet.

After several minutes of watching Julie get higher and higher, I knew she had to cum soon. She was breathing very hard now, and then she started to make stabbing thrusts into her pussy and rubbing her clit franticly. I became concerned and told her to slow a bit. She reached up and began alternating pinching her nipples violently and returning to rub her clit. She didn't seem to hear me so I tried harder to interrupt her, finally I grabbed her hand and said, "Julie, stop!"

She stopped immediately and looking up at me began to cry in frustration. As she sobbed she explained that this was how it had always been for her. I pulled her head to me and held her as she continued and let it all out. Finally she wound down and I told her, "Don't worry, you just need to relax more. Here start again slowly and I'll help you more."

So Julie settled herself back again and began to go through it. I told her to imagine David fucking her again from behind and I added color to the description. I used my hands to caress her thighs, her neck, her hair.

As she got deeper into it again, Julie moaned and said, "My nipples."

"Hmm?" I replied.

"My nipples are very... uh... sensitive." And I realized she wanted me to help her there.

So I brought my hand up to her breast and lightly circled the nipple. She moaned and moved a bit, so I used a little more pressure and, surrounding the nipple with the tips of my fingers, I pulled gently.

"Oh, yesssss." Julie licked her lips and moaned again.

I saw that this was making her hotter so I scooted down a bit so I could use both hands. This made Julie more vocal. "Oh, yeah. That's it." I then cupped and gently squeezed her breasts before returning to her nipples. "Oh, Erin, yes..."

Julie continued to get higher and as my hands began to get tired, I leaned in and started using my mouth, suckling at her like a baby.

Julie seemed to go to the moon. "Oh my god! Oh, yes, Erin, Oh, that's it. Yes!"

I tasted her sweat, and I found myself caught up in her emotion. Instead of turning me off it was exciting me more. I licked broad circles around her nipple and resumed working on the other with my hand. I was very wet, and while I continued to lick and suck at her, I remember thinking that it was no wonder guys go crazy over women's breasts. I wanted to rub myself, but I couldn't let her go. I needed to help Julie get off, and I found myself enjoying her breast.

Soon I moved to my knees so I could get at her other breast, and Julie continued vocally, and getting higher and higher. I was entranced by the feel of her hard nipple on my tongue and began enjoying it like sucking cock. I found myself getting so hot, I wondered if one could cum from just this...

But soon Julie was at that point again. "Oh, Erin, I can't... It's not working..." As her movements slowed, her tone became pleading. "Erin, let me again? I need it, oh God, I need it. Please let me do you like before... Let me lick you, Erin. I need to eat you, please, I *have* to cum!"

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