Breakfast of Champions

by Looney

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woken by a stranger

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I want to start this story off by saying "That it was the breakfast of champions!"

I don't know why I was up so early this morning because I didn't go to bed until late. I guess my internal alarm clock went off and said it was time to get up. So I stumbled half-asleep into my living room, got a drink of water, said good morning to the dogs. I decided to check my e-mail, and to my pleasant surprise he was there. We had been chatting online for only a day or two, having just met.

After talking for a few minutes he began taunting me, teasing, getting me all hot and bothered. He seemed to be very good at it because my pussy was immediately wet reading his typed words. Playfully asking to come over and prove his words were fact, not just made up, I agreed. I didn't think this mysterious stranger would ever actually show up. But I decided to throw caution to the wind and leave the front door unlocked.

I crawled back into bed, snuggled down into the covers, and quickly fell back into my slumber. I had just drifted into my REM sleep, when I felt a cool hand on my arm and felt warm words whisper "Good morning, Dear" into my ear. For a moment or two, I would have sworn it was a dream. I was unsure just what was happening to me then I remembered I had agreed to let him come over.

My stranger had appeared and was lying in my bed with me. It is a strange sensation to be sharing my bed with someone I cannot see. He demanded that I keep my eyes closed, as was part of his initial taunting. He left me lying in the position in which I had been sleeping and started using his fingers to trace the outline of my body, touching the curves, caressing the bends. He lifted my hair away from my neck and kissed ever so lightly, and I felt a sudden rush of wetness between my legs. I felt my thighs tighten together, in anticipation and in a fear that was very erotic and stimulating.

It felt like forever that he kissed and touched my skin, my neck, the back of my ears. Behind me his hands slid up and down my arms, down my legs and between my thighs, but DAMN IT he would not touch me. His fingernails flicked my clit ring and it sent shock waves thru my body. Slowly he turned me, touching and kissing until I was on my back and he pushed my hands above my head. I got the feeling I was to keep them there and all they wanted to do was grab his body and hang on.

It was getting increasingly hard to keep my eyes closed. I wanted to see him so badly but he had repeated several times to keep them closed. He was kissing under my chin, turning my head back and forth with his tongue leaving wet lines along my neck and chest. Somehow my hands kept creeping down and touching him, wanting him, so he placed them under my pillows and told me to keep them there. He kissed all over my body, Ohhhh, kissing down my stomach, past my nipples, only using the tips of his fingers to lightly brush my pussy area, never actually touching it, never actually touching any vital parts that I so wanted him to devour. I was so fucking wet.

He kissed my pussy ever so lightly, just a tease. His hands closed around each of my breasts at the same time and he pinched my nipples hard, so hard it brought delightful tears to my eyes. Somehow I now found it easy to keep my eyes closed, but I couldn't keep my hands to myself, they kept dropping down and touching his soft skin so I was punished. In the quiet of the room, he said 'Pick a number between one and ten.'

I had no idea what he wanted, so I said 'four.' He flipped me over, pulled my ass in the air, and spanked me four times. Hard! It took my breath away. It was several minutes it seemed before I started to breathe again. Then he spread my thighs just a little and started flicking his tongue over my clit and pussy lips. What a sensation it was. I could feel my juices flowing, dripping out of me. He slurped it up in what sounded to be sexual delight. I was off in my own universe.

Since I was lacking in one of my senses, my other senses had decided to make up for it. I couldn't see, but the breeze from the ceiling fan seemed colder, the bottoms of my feet were sweating, my breathing was shallow, my skin felt like it was paper thin and every touch from him went directly to my pussy. It was throbbing! I could feel the lips swelling in excitement and anticipation. I wanted so much to feel him, but I was told to keep my hands up.

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