Break of Dawn

by Jackalpup

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: kind of different. man picks up a young girl at the bar and has sex with her while watching a video of her younger years. how would you explain this?

Jay watched her walk into the bar with some friends. She was by far the prettiest of the bunch. She had long strawberry blond hair and a sweet face. She didn't wear too much make-up, just a hint of glitter on her cheeks, lips, and a little on her chest where her cleavage showed. She wore tight, khaki, button fly short shorts that ran up her thighs and hugged her little ass. Her shirt was a tight white, low-cut, little thing with a dragon on it over some Chinese symbol.

He didn't even notice her friends as they sat down at the bar close to him. As luck would have it, the cutie sat one empty stool away from him. He overheard them talking and found that it was the girl's 21st birthday and her name was Dawn.

The girls laughed and talked for a couple hours before he got the courage to speak to them. He bought her a Tequila Sunrise and made small talk. She was funny and pretty damn smart for such a young girl. She started to get friendly with Jay and she dragged him out on the dance floor more than once.

Normally he would never dance, but the way she moved her body to the beat was so intoxicating he had to be near her for a better view. She danced better than any exotic dancer he ever saw. Her hands touched her body in such a way that it seemed like they were the hands of her lover. She looked into his eyes as she slowly moved her hips and arms. Jay felt like butter on a hot stove; his legs were trembling so hard he almost fell down.

Her friends were hooking up with guys in the crowded bar and they left Dawn and Jay alone together for most of the night, which was okay by him! He wanted very badly to take this girl home and fuck her all night long... and all day the next day.

She drank quite a bit but never let on she was drunk, aside from giggling more than normal. All too soon, the bar was coming to a close and people were leaving. Her friends also left, knowing who she was probably going home with.

Jay invited to drive her home and they, too, left the bar. She directed him to her house, not saying much else, but she was smiling and looking him up and down as he drove. He glanced over to her and saw her hand over her pussy; her middle finger was rubbing it through the jeans.

He almost drove off the road as he bit his tongue and stared at her. She laughed and simply said she was horny as hell. He sped up, wanting to get to her house as fast as he could.

They got out of the car and they quickly went into her house. She had a large sofa and a huge television set. She plopped down in front of the TV and quickly popped in a video.

She looked at him slyly and spoke slowly, "This is a tape of my 18th birthday..."

Jay was a little confused; he wanted to fuck her, he didn't want to watch a stupid birthday tape. His attitude soon changed when he saw it.

On the tape, she was dancing as she had been doing with him at the bar, but this time she was stripping. She slid out of her clothes in front of the camera and danced around naked. She had a great body. Soon a guy and a girl appeared in the tape, he recognized one of the girls from the bar that came with her.

They started heavy petting and kissing and soon were in a threesome right there on tape! Jay's dick almost leapt out of his pants and he looked at Dawn next to him on the couch. She had unbuttoned her jeans and had her hands down her pants.

She smiled, "This tape always gets me horny as hell! Do you like it?"

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