Taming the Badger

by Jackalpup

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: man tames his bitchy co-worker violently. did you know that the prefered vehicle of serial killers, rapists and kidnappers in America is the standard S.U.V.? p.s. this story gets a bit rough and violent, not for everyone.

© 2003

She was quite a bitch and it pissed Damon off tremendously. Not only was she a bitch, but she never did anything anybody ever told her to do. Just to be difficult she did the opposite. Damon was so annoyed all day as he worked with her. He didn't really see her much throughout the day, but he thought about her while he worked. Knowing that she was somewhere doing what she does, angered him.

Badger, or so her coworkers called her, was a co-manager of the large corporation where they both worked. She wasn't overly pretty, but had a sweet girl-next-door look about her. She was short and petite, about five foot three. She had big tits for such a small thin girl and her face was somewhat young looking. She looked like she was 15 sometimes. She didn't wear make-up generally, but that was okay because her cheeks were naturally rosy and her lips were a nice pink color. She had long eyelashes and she was tan all over. She usually wore comfortable clothes, nothing too showy. A tight white t-shirt and short shorts were the norm for her. That was okay; it looked hot.

One day he had to work with her and she really got to him. Damon made faces behind her back childishly. She made him do all kinds of shit jobs like emptying the trash bins and mopping the floor. By the end of the day, he was all too ready to do something about his built up rage.

She got off work quite a while after he did, so he had time to go to the hardware store. He parked his SUV next to her car and he waited for her to come out. It was dark out, almost midnight, and she sauntered up to her car, eyeing his vehicle. By now he was standing outside, beside his vehicle, where she couldn't see him. Badger slid the key into her door's lock and, while she was looking down at the door, he pounced.

He shoved the rag up to her nose and over her face. She struggled wildly and managed to turn around. She had her keys in her hand and she used the car key to scratch Damon's face. She was aiming for his eye with the key and he pushed her back against the car. He had her hair with one hand and the rag up to her face with the other and soon she started to waver. She fell to her knees and then passed out. She didn't fall, he held her up by her hair, which was in a convenient ponytail.

Damon dragged her to his vehicle and put her in with some difficulty. He was strong and she was very light, but it was awkward. He drove off to his house with a smile on his face and the adrenalin flowing. His heart pounded and he was breathing quickly as he drove down the street.

He carried her into his house, dropped her on the floor and locked the door. He stared at her limp form lying on his living room floor and he smiled. He had her and he planned to tame her, make her his. She needed it. That bitch. He started to get enraged again and he dragged her to the basement. He pulled her down the carpeted stairs by her feet, her head thumping on every stair.

She started to stir so he went to work quickly, taking her clothes off. As he tied her hands behind her and put a rope around her neck, he stopped every so often to touch her tits and stare at her body. Her pussy was shaved with a patch of fur above in a neat heart shape. He chuckled to himself. He tied the rope around her neck to a thick pipe in the low ceiling and was glad he hadn't put up the drop ceiling yet.

She started to awaken as he finished, just in time. She immediately struggled to get untied. The rope on her neck was long enough where she could lay on the floor, which she was doing before she woke up. Now she was on her knees, a sight he liked a lot.

She saw him and immediately spoke in a stern commanding voice, "Untie me right now, Damon! Fucking asshole, I will make sure you pay for this!"

He laughed as he watched her struggle to untie her hands. After a few minutes of the amusing show, he walked up to her, grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her to her feet. He was quite a bit taller than she was and he liked it. Being taller made him feel powerful. He pushed his lips against hers and she turned her head and spit. Damon got angry and slapped her across the face, and tried to kiss her again. Again, she turned her head. He slapped her harder, leaving a red handprint on her cheek. They kept it up for a while until she was tired of being hit and he then he finally managed to kiss her.

She was unreceptive. He didn't care; her lips were so warm and moist. He shoved his tongue in her mouth and she made a noise. He liked that and kept it up until she started using her tongue in response, trying to get him out of her mouth. It was unlike any kiss he ever had and he loved it.

Badger was somewhat excited, but she would never credit that to him. She tried to ignore it, but her heart pounded and she was scared for the first time in her life. Amusement parks have nothing on this. This was an abusement park. She laughed at the thought in her head.

Damon got mad when she started to laugh and punched her in the mouth. She shut right up, but spit blood out on his face. He left for a second and came back naked and with a knife. Her eyes widened a bit, but she stood defiantly. His cock was hard; it had been, ever since he took her in the parking lot. He tried pushing her down to her knees again, but she fought. He frowned and threatened her with the knife, but she didn't budge.

He went to his bag where he had the rope and got something else out: wooden clothespins. He smiled and opened them right in front of her face and snapped one on each nipple. Her nipples were rock hard little pebbles and she made a face when they bit down on her. It weakened her and she was pushed to her knees. Her legs trembled, she had never felt a pain like this, but it felt good in a way. Badger made a growling noise when he put his big hard cock in her face.

She threatened to bite it off, but Damon told her that if she hurt him he would cut her clit out and feed it to her. He put the knife on the table behind him, grabbed her hair with one hand and his dick with the other and tried to shove it into her mouth. She shook her head side to side and clenched her teeth. Damon jerked her back and forth, shaking her hard and yelling at her to suck it. She opened her mouth to protest and he immediately shoved his hand inside and yanked her jaw open. She whimpered at the pain and he shoved his cock in with his fingers. It barely fit, so he pulled his fingers out. She started to bite and he grabbed her head with both hands, thumbs over her closed eyes. He told her he would poke them out if she bit him.

Badger relaxed her mouth a bit and sucked as he slid in and out of her mouth. Her tongue swirled around it and he shoved it far down her throat a few times. She never gagged once. He smiled; she must be terrific at giving head when she wants to. He made a mental note to find out sometime.

She loved sucking dick. His was nice and his balls were shaved clean. They were so smooth as they slapped her chin with ever-deep thrusts into her mouth. Badger tried to think of something else, but couldn't, and she wished she could go home and fuck somebody. She was getting a little moist between her legs and she spread them slightly.

She let out a moan that was barely audible and relaxed slightly. He heard her, though she really didn't want him to. It was too late; Damon smiled and fucked her mouth hard and fast until he exploded in the back of her throat. The cum ran down her throat and she had no choice but to swallow it. He pulled out of her mouth and smiled.

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