Nurse Gets Physical

by Trog

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Desc: Sex Story: It had been two years since she started in his office. Now it was time for a new physical examination.

Saturday morning and there was only tons of paperwork to get done. Sally unlocked the door and went to the office wearing her usual white nursing uniform more from habit than anything else.

She was an extremely buxom young woman and that was saying it mildly. Sally had the most difficult time trying to find uniform dresses the she could button in the front without them being large and baggy elsewhere. The front door opened and she remembered forgetting to lock it behind her she was about to tell the person they were closed when she saw Dr. Michaels.

"Good morning, Doctor, " she greeted.

"Oh, morning, Sally. I thought you might be here this morning after all your complaining of how far behind you were with the paperwork. How's it going, " he asked letting his eyes drift down to her massive chest and the cleavage she allowed to show.

"Actually I just got here myself, " she replied knowing he was checking her out. She loved it when she caught him staring at her chest. "Was there a special reason for you to come here on Saturday?"

"Uh, well yes, " he said clearing his throat. "I was checking the personal records the other day."

"Oh? And what did you find?" Sally knew better since the only other person working for him was Polly and she was almost ready to retire.

"Why don't you leave that for now and come into the examining room." He led the way and closed the door behind her. "I found it's been quite awhile since your last physical, more than two years, " he commented.

"My, it's been that long?" she faked surprise. He must be having trouble with his wife again she thought. "How time flies when you're having fun." She remembered back to when she first started working for him. He insisted on her having a physical then, but it was busy and he couldn't take much time. She was pronounced healthy enough and started work the following Monday.

"Yes, well I have a few spare minutes this morning and can't think of a better time. No patients waiting and nobody to bother us."

"How very considerate of you, Dr. That means you'll be able to take more time than you did before."

"OK, hop up on the table and lets review you last check-up."

Sally eagerly got up on the table while Dr. Michaels got her file. When he turned back around he saw she had slipped open the top button of her uniform.

"Now according to this, " he said holding the chart so she could see it, "you looked to be in good health, but I must caution you about cancer. You know as well as I that breast cancer is very serious and can be stopped if detected early."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Dr." she nodded gravely, but smiled inside. It was what she had been waiting for so patiently these last two years, for him to make a pass at her. "I check myself on a regular basis, but would feel so much better if you would examine me and put my mind at rest, " Sally said unbuttoning the front of her uniform. She slipped the top of her dress off her shoulders and unsnapped the harness she used as a bra to hold her massive breasts from in front. Their shear weight caused them to hang heavily on her chest when she pulled aside the huge cups.

"I'm think checking your heart should come first, " the Dr. said putting the ear pieces of his stethoscope in his ears. Sally cupped and held her hugely massive breasts up as he placed the flat piece on top of the left one. "Hhhhmmmm, " he murmured. "Here let me help you." He brushed aside her left hand and lifted her heavy breast flesh with his own pressing the instrument firmly to her boob. His eyes never left her chest as he listened. "Well, your heart sounds just fine, " he announced. "Now to check for lumps and things not normal."

Sally put her arms behind her and leaned back allowing him to see her breasts fully as they hung heavily on her chest. He lifted them and gently squeezed all over her massive and surprisingly firm flesh. His thumbs seemed to accidentally brush over her nipples and they instantly became hard. More and more he probed and squeezed her breasts, his fingers often digging deeply into her flesh.

"So far so good, " he finally announced. "I don't find any problems with your breasts, but just to make sure there is one other test I can make if you don't mind."

"By all means, Dr., do whatever you think is needed." Sally could feel the arousal coursing through her body and the dampness between her legs from his touch.

The Dr. leaned closer, lifted one breasts and clamped his lips around her turgid nipple. For several seconds he sucked hard, then moved to the other and did the same thing. At the same time he was squeezing and kneading her flesh, digging his fingers in even deeper than before. At last he stopped and stood up.

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