Milk Fest

by Trog

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Father, Daughter, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The title might be the best but when his daughter Suzie showed up with baby in arms he was shocked. She needed a place to stay since her husband left with her mother, her father's ex-wife. Her biggest problem was with nursing and her baby wouldn't. She needed help and Dad was the only one around.

I was relaxing in my favorite chair watching some old movie when the doorbell rang. Yeah, right, Saturday afternoon and I get some salesperson wanting me to buy books, or a satellite dish or it was those pesky Church guys dressed in white shirts with black pants. Whoever the hell it was I was determined to get rid of them post haste because the Allies were just about to storm the beach and, naturally, defeat the dreaded Hun.

"Whatever you're selling I don't, " my words died between my lips. Imagine my surprise to find my twenty-three year old daughter standing there holding her two month old baby.

"Hi, Daddy, surprised to see me?"

A feather could have knocked me down as I gazed longingly at my little baby. It had been ten years since the last time I'd seen her but not by my choice. Since her mother had caught me with another woman she had convinced the judge through her lawyer I was to have no contact with her or our daughter. I might add it was the one and only time I'd strayed from our vows although I had proof she was diddling her body all around the neighborhood at the same time.

"Suzie, what brings you here? What's this, you've been crying." I saw the tears still rolling down her cheeks as she tried valiantly to smile.

"Yeah I guess a little. Daddy I need to talk to you, may I come inside?"

"Sure, baby, sure come on in and make yourself comfortable. Wow, you sure have grown up in the last ten years. I heard you got married and now you have a baby."

I might be dense at times but even I could see that she was hurting as a new gushing of tears flooding down her cheeks and she began sobbing. Suzie was my daughter but being a man I couldn't help but notice her large breasts moving invitingly inside her blouse as her body shook raked with her sobs. Closing my eyes for a moment and shifting gears in my mind I again looked at her.

"Yeah, married, knocked up and left without a husband. The bastard left me last week for, of all things, an older woman. Can you believe that? A man his age taking off with a woman old enough to be his mother."

"That does sound unusual. You know of any reason why?"

"No, " she sniffed then settled down some. To my disappointment, however, her chest stopped heaving. "I had often wondered about him and Mom. They seemed to be awfully close before we got married. Then afterwards it seemed Mom was at our place more than she was home."

I got an image of Miriam, my ex-wife and mother of our daughter, in my mind. She was a strikingly lovely woman with a very attractive figure. What had drawn me to her in the first place was, naturally, her bust. Average in height her breasts seemed almost too large for her slender frame but she carried them well. Thinking back I guessed she would be in her late forties by now.

"Let me get this straight. Your husband left with an older woman and before that your mother was constantly at your place, right? So if I put two and two together they left together."

"That's about the size of it, " she said her breath catching in her throat causing her chest to hitch. I didn't miss the wiggle of her breasts. "I caught them one day, or rather I saw them. They didn't know I had come home early and there they were in my bed screwing like animals. Mom was on her hands and knees while he was pounding her from behind. Her boobs were bouncing all over and she was saying some of the most vulgar words."

"I can just imagine. Your mother always was rather vocal during sex as I recall."

"Well I didn't let on I knew thinking it was just a one time thing. Boy was I wrong. Over the next six months I saw them in almost every room in the house. Each time he was slamming it into just as hard as he could and she was begging for more. I guess what hurt me the most wasn't that he and Mom were having sex but he was giving it to her in a way he wouldn't with me. I mean I was always begging him to pound me but he would always be gentle. Finally the other day I caught them again and decided I'd have enough. They had just finished when I walked into the bedroom. Mom was taking his limp dick in her mouth and sucking him clean. Can you believe it, Daddy, Mom just looked at me and smiled and kept sucking him?"

"I'm sorry you had to see that, baby. I'd always known your mother had a hot sexy streak about her and even seeing her with other men I tended to look the other way. Well I suppose now you're looking for a place to stay until you can get your feet under you again."

"Would you mind all that much? I mean we don't take up much room and I'll make sure the baby keeps quiet."

We sat on the sofa for a long time getting to know each other again after assuring her the she and my grandson would always have a place in my heart and home. Suzie brought me up to date on herself and the rest of the family and I told her what I had been doing in the last ten years. Soon the baby, Jason by name, began to get restless.

"I'm sorry, Daddy, but it's time to change his diaper and feed him."

Suzie did the diaper thing as I watched remembering all the times I'd changed her. Then she heated some milk and fed him from a bottle.

"You don't nurse him?" I asked with some surprise.

"I can't. Well really he won't nurse. Something about my milk he doesn't like I guess. Anyway the doctor said not to worry and just use a bottle."

"Oh, " I said noncommittally. "The doctor should know what's best for him. Uh, doesn't that present a problem for you?"

"Yeah sort of. I have to express myself a couple times a day but it's nothing you need worry about. I'll just go into the bathroom and take care of myself." She might be my daughter but I couldn't help but see the slight blush on her face.

Things went very well the first week Suzie and Jason stayed with me. I hardly even knew there was a baby in the house because Suzie always managed to keep in quiet. Since she didn't have a job to go back to she spent her time cleaning and fixing me wonderful suppers. I just knew if she stayed much longer I was going to gain more than a few pounds.

About mid way through the second week things began to go wrong for her. It was the middle of the night when I heard her in the bathroom crying. I tapped lightly on the door wanting to ask if she needed some help.

"I'll be alright in few minutes, Daddy, " she replied.

Still I lay in bed hearing her sobbing as if she was in pain. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I opened the bathroom door and saw Suzie desperately working her large milk swollen breasts. She was leaning over the sink as her hands worked her breasts trying to express her milk. It was obvious she wasn't having much luck because only a few intermittent dribbles were coming from her thick hard nipples. She turned her head and blushed as she saw me watching.

"You're not having much luck are you?"

"I'm sorry for waking you, Daddy, but I can't seem to relieve myself tonight."

"Have you had this problem before?"

"Actually no I haven't. Normally I use a pump but it broke. What I really need is to have them nursed. If only Jason would."

While incest had never entered my mind before I couldn't help but admire Suzie's large milk filled breasts. If I had taken the time to think I'm sure I would have left her alone, but at that moment my thoughts were of her large swollen breasts. Moving beside her my hand touched one breast my fingers forming themselves in a way that would force her milk out.

"I think your problem is technique. I've milked a few cows and the method is much the same. You start next to your chest and work the breast towards the nipple." I demonstrated and both of us were rewarded by thin streams of milk coming from her nipple.

"Oh, Daddy, already that feels better, " Suzie groaned after I had helped her for several minutes.

Feeling her breast become less full I switched to the other and repeated myself. By now I was standing behind her feeling her buttocks firmly against my crotch. Even though I was trying to concentrate on helping my daughter I still couldn't stop my growing erection. My organ had become rock hard as it pressed into her buttocks.

"Uh, Daddy, I think I feel much better now." Her voice brought me out of my trance as I looked over her shoulder and into the mirror. Both of my hands were cupping her breasts as my thumbs flitted over her still hard nipples.

"Yeah, right, " I replied. I dropped my hands and we both blushed. "Goodnight sweetheart." I lightly kissed her cheek and went back to bed.

We didn't have much to say the next morning at breakfast. It seemed we both had felt things were almost going to far the night before. I couldn't speak for Suzie but I was feeling rather ashamed of myself.

Later that night I heard her in the bathroom again trying to not let me hear her sobs. I knew what was wrong but after the previous night thought it best to leave her alone.

Suzie sat across the table from me the next morning and I could see the redness in her eyes.

"Didn't sleep last night?"

"Not really. I was trying to relieve myself and wasn't doing very well. I guess it just takes practice."

"Yeah, practice, " I said back.

As much of a breast man as I was my resolve was to keep my hands to myself. Still I couldn't put out of my mind the wonderful feeling of Suzie's firm milk filled breasts felt. I knew I wanted them again but was afraid she might think badly of me not to mention my arousal and what could happen.

This night was a repeat of the last as I lay listening to my daughter and her pain. Finally I couldn't stand hearing her crying and got up and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Suzie I know I shouldn't ask but I can't stand hearing you hurting. Would you like me to help you again?"

"Daddy you don't know how much I've wanted to ask, it's just that, hell nobody has to know. Please help me." She opened the door and stood half naked in front of me.

"It's OK honey. Now face the sink and lean over just a bit. There, that's right. Now I'll stand behind you and express your milk."

I reached around and used both hands on her right breast. Quickly her milk was flowing and splashing into the sink. At first I kept my eyes closed but couldn't help but watch in the mirror. Seeing myself milking my large breasted daughter was so erotic my body reacted. I concentrated on her left breast forcing myself to ignore what my body was demanding. I had notice Suzie had closed her eyes and there was a half smile on her lips. My eyes closed as I relished the feel of her full firm breasts as now I held and cupped them. As my thumbs rubbed her hard nipples I felt her hips moving.

An almost silent moan issued from her slightly parted lips. I felt additional movement coming from her and opened my eyes. In the mirror I could see she had one hand on the sink and the other much lower. Her arm was barely moving and her hips moved in time with it. Obviously she was caressing herself between her legs and that was why her hips were moving. She would move them towards her hand and then back pressing against my now pulsing organ.

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