Send Me An Angel

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2003 by Jessy19

Sex Story: We are always being watched.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Fiction   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   School   .

He didn't remember how or when he got here. Now he stood in front of a college campus looking at this one particular beauty. Many would not have called her pretty, but he knew that deep down she was a goddess. Her hair was shoulder length and jet black. Her eyes were the deepest blue and her skin was pale. She had a little petite body and was somewhat short. She wore some black dressy pants and a tight bright red low cut top that barely showed her small cleavage.

It appeared that she was reading a novel. It must have been a romance novel by the look on the cover of a female beauty being carried by a strong handsome man. She sat in a white bench with her bottled water next to her, as she was deeply involved with this novel.

He could see her lick her own lips as she turned page after page. Her eyes widened in some parts she read as if they might have described vivid sex scenes. He couldn't help but just stare at this beauty from afar. For some reason her dark black fingernails gave him an indication that she was not a very social person.

He walked slowly over to this beauty feeling his heart racing. He sensed this beauty was a pure as heaven. She was almost completely untouched. She'd kissed maybe one or two men her entire life. She was a big romantic, but yet the men she met were not. She was still looking for that one special love.

The beauty just put her book down and looked around her surroundings. Her blue eyes sparkled as she found herself daydreaming. He knew she must have been daydreaming about something special. The glow of her face said it all. Maybe it was that one young man she was secretly in love with in her English lit class who had no idea she even existed or it could have been the fantasy where she is a famous writer signing autographs for her hungry fans.

He went ahead and made himself comfortable next to this beauty. He could sense her sadness as she dug through her black leather backpack looking for something. He loved the way she smelled and how she would talk to herself at times. She was a bright and witty human. He never saw her with any friends and knew she visited her home only on the holidays. Yes he'd been following this beauty around for a while now. Something about her intrigued him. It might have been her individuality or maybe it was her lonely heart calling out for help.

He sat watching her checking over her English paper. She looked worried thinking maybe this paper would not be quality work. He felt like yelling at her and telling her that her work was remarkable and that she should stop feeling sorry for herself. She went over her paper at least five times and put it back in her backpack sighing and hoping her professor would enjoy it. She quickly got up and began to walk to her class. Her small frame disappeared slowly and little by little. He sat back and closed his eyes. He could still see her in his mind. There was something about her that was making him fall in love.

It must have been hours when he finally opened his eyes. He wondered if he'd fallen asleep. He looked around and saw he was in the student lounge surrounded by hundreds of loud college students. He couldn't remember how he'd gotten there. He sat there for a moment and he saw the beauty once again. She was sitting alone once again with a different romance novel book. As he got up to go sit by her, he was distracted by a couple of football players and some girls that sat around talking about her.

"She's one ugly girl!" One tall husky football player said.

"Yeah I bet she's a virgin too!" One blonde girl said laughing.

"She's weird and probably worships the devil!" Another football player announced loudly.

They all gawked at the beauty who sat there innocently reading her book. They laughed loudly as they were making fun of her. He felt his heart sink. Why would these guys be so mean to her? What had she ever done to them?

The beauty heard the whispers and quickly gathered her things and ran off. He turned to go look for her but she was already gone. He had to find her, and he had to find her quickly.

He was out on the main campus ground looking all over for the beauty. She appeared to be nowhere. It was a Friday night and that meant college football night. He saw a huge crowd of students running to the football field with painted faces ready to cheer on their team. That October night was somewhat cool and the moon was bright almost lighting up the entire world.

He waited out in the dark fields for the game to be over. He could faintly hear the cheers and screams of the fans. They'd won the game and slowly he saw everyone evacuate the field holding up signs being proud students of the college that won the game.

After a long wait, he finally saw her. She was walking past the long lonely field crying. She'd gone to the game in hopes of talking to English lit crush but was unsuccessful. He could feel his heart breaking just hearing her cry. He wanted to reach out and touch her angelic face to make her feel good. He knew he couldn't he would just have to find another way to let her know she's loved.

She walked for a while until she reached her apartment. It was a tiny one-bedroom apartment. He looked around and saw pictures of her family. She also had tons of posters on her walls of mostly rock bands. He sat on her bed as she was washing her face in the bathroom. She came out with mascara running down her cheeks. Her blue eyes were misty and her nose was red now. She laid on her bed for a moment just silent. Only the humming of her tiny refrigerator could be heard. She took a deep breath and pulled out some sleeping pills. She looked at the bottle closely as if she was studying the ingredients that the pills contained. She held the bottle tightly against her chest while she began to cry again.

"I need strength to continue. Please provide strength for me." She said out loud looking up.

He smiled to himself seeing her praying for a miracle in her life. She seemed to do this every night. He'd been there looking while all the jocks and popular girls picked on her. She was strong to put up with that but she was feeling weak lately. She was almost giving up on life. He knew that's why he was here. To make sure she didn't stop caring about herself. He wanted to show her how beautiful she was and how much her existence meant on Earth.

She had her eyes closed for a moment and finally she opened them up laughing softly. She must have remembered something sweet that happened in her life. She didn't have many nice memories to choose from but this one memory was the one that always made her smile. She put the pills back in her nightstand drawer and got up stretching her youthful body.

He decided to shower after a long day of studying and having to admire the English lit guy she had a secret crush on from afar. She slowly peeled her clothes off. First came her tight red top. Underneath she wore a black lacey bra that held her breasts nicely. She then proceeded to remove her black Doc Marten boots and socks. Her toenails were black as well as her fingernails. Her pants came off next leaving her in some black lacey panties that matched her bra.

He stood there breathless for a moment knowing he had no business there but yet he couldn't take his eyes off her half naked body. She stopped for a moment as if she sensed someone else was in the room. She looked around and bit her lips taking off her bra. Her gorgeous breasts were exposed to him. She stood frozen for a moment until he saw her pink nipples harden.

He felt his head spinning looking at her breasts. They were the perfect size. They looked soft and creamy white. He wanted to reach out and touch them, feel them, kiss them. She then moved on to remove her black panties. His mouth watered looking at her hairless vagina. He wasn't able to see it clearly but the mystery excited him more.

She stepped into the shower letting the water fall on her naked body. He stood there watching her shower. Every drop of water that fell on her body glided down slowly like honey. She began to soap up letting the soapsuds cover her up.

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