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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Incest, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The whole family move from England to the middle of the Australian outback. Now they are lonely.

I was bored. Seriously bored. I was supposed to be out in the yard fixing a truck, but the rain, the first in months, had been so heavy I'd come inside and sat down. Surprisingly, it had also turned quite cold. It wasn't as if I could just ring a mate, I grumbled to myself for the hundredth time that day, a grumble I'd had every day for the last six years, ever since the whole family had uprooted themselves from our ancestral sheep farm, just outside of Kendal in Englands Lake district, to come eleven thousand miles to Australia's outback. Oh sure, we now had a farm almost one thousand times the size of the old English one, and a flock of sheep to match, but our nearest neighbour was nearly two hundred miles away.

I'm almost twenty two, five foot ten, and solidly built. I have dark brown eyes, light brown hair, and normally a ready grin, but today I was pissed off. I'm generally quite proud of my physique, when I bother to think about it, and like to think I'm reasonably good looking, and after six years in Australia I still hadn't so much as a trace of an Australian accent.

I looked around the room, frowning in frustration: no books I hadn't read a dozen times, no magazines I hadn't read a hundred times. I stared out of the window, into the conservatory, and spotted a drying rack off to one side. It was mostly empty, but amongst the few things on it was a pair of Lauren's knickers. I half thought of taking them upstairs and wanking into them, before placing them back in her drawer, just to see if she noticed. I was too bored even to do that though. In any case, either she'd never noticed before, or she didn't care because she'd never said anything when I'd done it in the past.

At that moment Kathy walked into the room. She was wearing a pair of grey knickers and a red jersey open at the neck, and was carrying a mug of steaming tea. I eyed my pretty seventeen year old sister with irritation as she sat down on one of the other chairs.

"Oh," she said in surprise, as she noticed me for the first time.

"Fuck off," I growled. "I'm bored." I continued to look at my sister's body though. She was five foot four, with a stunning figure. Long smooth legs leading to a firm flat belly, nicely rounded bum, small firm breasts, and a cute, even beautiful, face. I loathed her. The feeling was mutual, but that hadn't stopped the pair of us from fucking our brains out whenever we had the chance, which fortunately wasn't very often. The last time was about two months previously.

I'd fucked both my sisters and my mother on and off for about three years now. Kathy last about two months ago, Lauren just last month, but I hadn't fucked my mother for a while now, probably about seven or eight months.

I was not certain of it, but I thought both my sisters also fucked our father. I had a vague idea that Kathy had fucked him about a week ago, but wasn't sure when Lauren had last fucked him, or to be honest even if she ever had. I was pretty certain it was Kathy, if indeed it had happened, because Lauren and our mother had been away in Sydney at the time. On the other hand it was only a suspicion, I wasn't absolutely certain that Kathy and dad had fucked, there had been just one slight noise, not repeated, that had alerted me to the probability. Everybody knew when our parents were fucking each other, because they didn't hide it, but dad was obviously a lot more discrete with Kathy, and presumably Lauren as well, just as mum was a lot more discrete with me.

I was certain there was a lot of fucking going on, but wasn't totally certain how much, or with whom, or even who knew what. For example, although I made love to all three of the women in the house, neither of my sisters knew I fucked the other, though both knew I fucked mum. Mum on the other hand was completely unaware of the fact that I fucked my sisters. As far as I knew anyway. Heather, our mother, had once said something that made me think she knew, or at least suspected, that Lauren had had sex with her father, but the same comment made me think she was unaware of Kathy's probable involvement. This was the only indication I had that Dad and Lauren screwed. I hadn't a clue what dad knew, but suspected that Jack knew of his wife's involvement with me. I assumed though that my father knew nothing about me and my sisters, and that mum knew nothing about him and my sisters.

"Fancy a fuck brother dear?" asked Kathy in the sarcastic tone that she adopted whenever she spoke to me. I looked at her, my lip curling slightly. I spotted the tell tale signs that said she was horny and probably meant it, and asked, "Where are the others?"

She shrugged. "Horrie's taken 'em down to Lower Mill well. Apparently there was a problem, but I'm not sure what."

"Oh. It's dried up, that's all."

"Oh. Well?"

I dropped my trousers, and Kathy came over and sat on my lap. Pulling the crotch of her knickers to one side, she lowered herself onto me, forcing my rapidly erecting prick into her tight pussy. I pinched and fondled her bum for a few moments before lifting the front of her jersey. I had guessed correctly, she had nothing on underneath. Fastening my mouth to one of her pert breasts, I sucked and chewed on the hard rubbery nipple as we fucked. A purely clinical fuck to get our rocks off, with no emotional involvement

Horrie was an indigent worker who showed up now and again, spent a couple of months with us, and then left again. No one knew where he went, or very much about him, beyond the fact that he was a bit over thirty, and divorced. One day he'd be here, the next gone again, and he always turned up unannounced. He was unfailingly cheerful and a good worker, never complaining about anything we threw at him. He'd shown up the first time about six months after we had moved in. We'd been a bit surprised at first, but he just kipped down in the barn, which it transpired he done for at least eight years, ate all his meals with us, didn't expect any pay, which was just as well because we could barely afford the small amount we did give him, and hardly said a word beyond 'okay'. When he did talk however, it was obvious that he was both highly intelligent, and highly educated.

It was he who had told me, just before he had left about three years ago, that my sisters were the hottest fucks he'd ever known, and shortly after he had gone, I began a very gently seduction of Lauren, then seventeen. She had not objected in the slightest, and within a week, to my amazement, I had got her into the barn and in short order we had fucked each other virtually senseless. Fourteen year old Kathy I'd been much more circumspect with, partly because of her youth, but even so, it had still taken me less than a month from starting, to get her into the sack as well. Both girls were demon fucks, and I guessed that they had seduced Horrie rather than the other way around, I never asked. After that I had fucked both my sisters as often as possible, though no where near as often as I would have liked.

When Horrie came back the following year, I quickly discovered that our mother, Heather, also fucked him and that dad, Jack, not only knew about it but I think was actually excited by it. Again I never found out who started it, but I suspect that mum started it at dad's prompting. We were pretty certain though that neither of our parents knew that Lauren and Kathy screwed him. Shortly after he had gone, I started to put the make on mum, ready to back off instantly if she objected. So I was very surprised indeed when a few hours later she had come to me, slightly drunk, and wearing just a pair of bikini briefs. Grabbing me, she had pulled me into the barn and had fucked my brains out. Subsequently, whenever we fucked, we had always been sober.

When, and how, either or both of my sisters had started fucking dad, I not only had no idea, but I wasn't really all that bothered. They fucked me when I needed it, and to be brutally honest that was all I cared about.

For the present though, I rolled Kathy onto the floor, and began long slow strokes in and out of her tight cunt. She wrapped her legs around me and arched her back, fucking me with hard, aggressive, thrusts.

The only reason I fucked my sisters, and my mum, was because there was, quite literally, no one else for miles around. Our nearest neighbours, two hundred miles away, were a geriatric old man and his equally geriatric wife. The nearest females of a fuckable age, and in this I was quite liberal, were another eighty or so miles further on, and even if I had been desperate enough to fuck them, it was far too far to travel. Apart from my own family, the last time I had truly met a genuinely suitable female was ten months ago, and I had had to fly to the small township then. Six months or so before that, when I had had to fly to Perth on business, I had spent two days trawling the red light district, quite desperate for a shag. I'd eventually found one, less of a slapper than the others, who was prepared to take what I could afford, but it had been brief, unsatisfactory, and I'd been too desperate to do anything more than come very quickly. And since I had paid just until I came, not for a set time, she kicked me out again, and I'd blown my twenty dollars on a very uninspiring fuck.

I was pretty certain that Kathy and Lauren's reason, even Heather's I guess, was much the same as mine. No suitable partners for miles around. And even though we loathed each other, Kathy and I were at least reasonably good looking, actually Kathy is gorgeous, and we were both good fucks. Partly, I suspected, because we were always trying to outdo the other.

"AAAAAAAAAAH," I cried out as my prick spat out it's third load in less than ten minutes, filling my sister's well fucked cunt.

"Harder," demanded Kathy. She pushed me off her, and rolled me onto my back, ending up straddling me, her hot cunt still holding onto my prick. She began to thrust again, rocking her hips violently against me. My prick wasn't as hard as it had been, but as I looked at my gorgeous sister as she straddled me, my prick began to harden again. She still had on her jersey and knickers, the crotch shoved to one side to allow my hard prong access to her puffy slit.

Love and hate are very close to each other, so although Kathy and I loathed each other, we also loved each other just as strongly. Until we had started fucking, I had got on reasonably well with both my sisters. Fucking them had changed all that. Lauren I now liked a lot more, and we got on much better than we had before, whereas Kathy and I had gone in the opposite direction. We loved each other for the pleasure we gave each other when making love, but outside of that our relationship had deteriorated quite badly. Therefore it was the love of her body, and the pleasure it could give me, that made me do what I did next.

I sat up and lifted her jersey over her head, releasing her small firm breasts, which I once more fastened my mouth upon. Kathy groaned and wrapped her arms around my head, forcing her nipple even further into my mouth as she rode my erection. After a couple of minutes of this, her increasingly frustrated cries and moans as she tried unsuccessfully to climax getting louder, I bucked her off, gripped the waistband of her knickers and yanked them off. I wiped my sticky prick on her knickers as I bent down and buried my head between her outstretched thighs, and took a long slow lick of her gaping pussy.

She gave a loud moan, this time of delight as I licked and sucked at her pussy, tapping my tongue against her swollen clitoris, or burying as deep inside her cunt as I could go, or even just laving over her labia. Within minutes I had brought her to a crashing climax, her howls of delight echoing around the room. I didn't stop my ministrations, even when I felt her climax backing off a little. Instead I twisted around, and presented my prick to her face. Sometimes she refused to give me head, but this time, perhaps because her panties were still wrapped around my prick, she obliged me and wrapped her soft tongue around my bell end. Her warm breath on the sensitive tip of my prick, followed by the warmth of her mouth, brought me rapidly towards my climax.

We rolled over again, we both preferred sixty-nine with her on top, and we were off once more into another orgasmic roller coaster.

I had filled her mouth once, and was bringing her nicely to her third climax in a row when we heard a crash followed by a cry of outrage. We froze and looked up gingerly to see mum standing over us, a look of absolute fury on her face. Behind her was Lauren, looking very distraught.


"Only what you and him do," answered Kathy sullenly, rolling off me. "And Lauren," she added a moment later. I looked at her in surprise. I knew she knew about mum and me, but I didn't realise she knew about Lauren and me.

Mum now looked gobsmacked. "How the..." she glared at me. "What have you been filling their heads with?" she demanded. Then she suddenly looked back at Kathy. "What do you mean, 'And Lauren'?" She looked at Lauren, and saw guilt as well as surprise written all over her face. "What the hell?"

Lauren looked at her younger sister. "How did you know?"

"You mean you never knew about me?"

Lauren just shook her head.

"And just why are you doing this ... thing?" demanded mum once more.

"For the same reason that you, and the girls, fuck Horrie." I said. Both my sisters gaped at me, obviously unaware that I had known about them and Horrie, but mum just looked stunned.

"Just what on earth is going on around here all together?" she asked in amazement.

Nobody spoke. Mum pointed at me. "You're having sex with both your sisters."

I nodded.

"I didn't know about him and Kathy," muttered Lauren.

"But I knew about you and him," Kathy told her.

"Doesn't matter." Said Mum shortly.

"They both know about me and you," I told Mum. She gaped at me. "They do?"

Both Lauren and Kathy nodded.

"What about Horrie? Are you having sex with him too?"

"They are," I said. Mum glared at me to shut up, but I carried on regardless. "Just as you are."

Mum made an angry noise deep in her throat. "Well?" she demanded of her daughters. "Do you?"

They both nodded, and she rolled her eyes skywards and took a deep sigh. "Shit" she muttered, then swung around and looked at Lauren. "I'm pretty certain you've had sex with Jack. Am I right?"

Lauren nodded, confirming my guess.

"What about you?" mum swung around at Kathy.

Kathy nodded, staring in surprise at her sister, obviously this was a surprise to her.

Mum looked at me. "And how much did you know about that?"

"Well," I temporised. "You told me you thought Lauren and dad were, you know, but I never found out for myself. But I guessed Kathy and dad were when you and Lauren were in Sydney."

"And you never thought to tell me?"

"I didn't know. Not for sure."

"But you knew about them and Horrie?"


She glared at Kathy. "You? How much did you know?"

"I knew about Horrie and Ken. Both you and Lauren. But I didn't know about Dad and Lauren."

Mum shook her head and turned resignedly to Lauren.


"I knew about you and Ken, and you and Horrie, and I knew about Kathy and Dad, but not Kathy and Ken."

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