Summer Break

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: home for the summer and boy how her 12 year old brother had grown since she had seen him last.

Dawn paid off the cab and walked warily into her house, it had been seven months since Christmas and she was glad to be home. Not that she didn't enjoy her Spring break in Florida, all that Sun, Sand, Booze and Guys, it was just good to be home. Her end of year exams were horrid but now over and she could relax for eight weeks before the new term started.

"Hi I'm home," she called out to an empty house and she dumped her bag in the hallway. Never mind she thought, I'll have a shower and change into something comfortable. The hot water felt good on her skin and she stood there moving her hands over her bumps and hollows until she could stand it no longer. She thrust two fingers into her sopping pussy and came almost at once.

"Welcome home Dawn," she whispered to herself, there was no way she could do that in the shower room of her dorm.

She roughly dried her hair and slipped on her silk dressing gown that her Dad had bought her for Christmas and headed for her room.

"Hi sis," came a voice from behind her. She turned with a big smile to see her twelve-year-old brother at the top of the stairs.

"Hi Pete," she said and she noticed immediately that he had grown considerably since she had seen him last and if she was not mistaken he was checking her out. With out conscious thought her hands check her dressing gown to make sure everything was in place only to discover she was showing at bit more than she would have liked. She pulled the offending material back in place and turned back to her room.

Oh my, she thought, she was flashing her thighs at her young brother and the thought made her face go bright red. He certainly wasn't the little boy she had left in January just a few short months ago. She then realized that her pussy was itching again and without conscious thought her fingers found just the right place to scratch. She lay there feeling spent but happy her silk dressing gown was now open all the way down the front, her small breast bare and her legs wide open.

"Shit, what am I doing," she said softly to her self, "frigging myself silly because I've flashed a little bit of thigh at my brother. Get a grip girl."

With that she got up and went to her underwear draw and pulled a pair of white cotton knickers up over her slim thighs. She found an old but comfortable shirt and put that on too. Because she was build so small up top she rarely wore a bra. She searched for a suitable skirt but in the end she gave up and went down stairs just as she was. At the back of her mind she knew that she was alone in the house save for her brother.

"Hi sis, my you're looking good," she heard her brother voice when she entered the lounge.

"Thanks Pete," she smiled and plonked herself down on the sofa and pulled her long legs under herself.

"How was College?" he asked, while she gave him a short run down of her year, his eyes were taking in his big sister's exposed body. Her legs were immaculate, long and slim and if he was right she had nothing on under her shirt too. In the last few months Pete had started to notice the girls in his class and wondered how he had missed their budding tits and smooth legs under their short skirts. Now his goddess of a sister was home and boy did she look good. All his mates would be dead envious when they found out.

"Fancy a drink?" he offered.

"God yes," she looked over to the face of her eager brother, "I could murder for a cup of tea."

"Sure sis," he said and disappeared into the kitchen. When he returned with a streaming cup, he handed it to his waiting sister. Yeah he was right she wasn't wearing anything under her shirt and when he looked down her front he could almost see everything.

Shit, the randy bugger is looking down the front of my shirt, thought Dawn, I wonder if he's going to get a hard on, I can't see one, perhaps he can't get one yet at his age. No I'm wrong the little bugger got one and boy does it looks impressive.

Oh no, I've got a boner, will she see it, shit, he thought. With that he left hurriedly and went to his room. From under his shirts in his drawer he brought out one of his prize posstions, a magazine and he opened it to his favourite page. She was young and slim with long, long legs just like his sister's. Her tits were small and bare and she smiled at the camera. His free hand snaked his hard cock out of his pants and he started to rub it. He stared at the picture, but in his mind her face was now that of his sister; his white goo spattered into the waiting tissue within seconds.

Next morning she waved her parents off to work and wondered what she was going to do today. It was bright and hot but they didn't have a pool to cool off in. She thought about ringing one of her ex school friends but it had been a year since she had seen any of them. Ok first things first get yourself dressed. She slipped out of her dressing gown and pulled on some clean knickers. Ok what shall I wear today she thought. Just then she heard her young brother walk by her bedroom door and unbidding she thought of his hard cock from yesterday. Down girl, she thought, he's your brother and jailbait to boot. If you want a hard one and what girl doesn't, there must be plenty out there all gagging to put it in you.

"Will you stop it," she said out loud, "anyone would think you're sex mad." She giggled then because she knew she was. She pulled on a pair of cut off which still fitted over her slim hips even though she must have bought the Jeans three years ago. She looked at herself in the mirror, turning to see herself from a different perspective.

"Just wish my boobs were a little bigger," she said, although Tommy her last boyfriend seemed happy enough with them. Thinking of Tommy and his hands squeezing her boobs got her juices going again.

"Shit girl can't you stop thinking about sex for five minutes," she said sharply to herself. She rummaged her draws and found an old sun top and put it on. It had three buttons down the front and left all of her back and most of her lower front bare. Despite being small up top the sun top was a little tight for her and wasn't really comfortable unless she only did up the bottom button. She looked in the mirror at herself, it was ok for home wear but she couldn't see herself wearing it outside.

"Want breakfast," her brother asked.

"Yeah sure," she said and noticed immediately that his eyes zeroed on to her half exposed bust. His lustful look started her pussy itching again. She realized that unconsciously she had deliberately dressed to titillate him. What would my psychology tutor think if she told him, she thought.

After breakfast she sat on the patio and read the paper, her brother brought her a cold drink and sat down next to her. She looked over to thank him but the words caught in her throat. He had stripped off his top and put on a pair of swimming trunks. His was not the body of a twelve year old she thought, more like that of a guy five of six years older. Her pussy was beyond itching now and was lubricated ready for sex. I need to get naked with a man, she thought or I may just go insane.

"Shall I put some sun cream on sis?" she heard him ask.

"Yeah sure," she replied in a daze, she felt that perhaps a little skin on skin contact might ease the pressure, but of course it just made things worse.

"Do me now please," he said holding out the bottle. She was like a robot now her mind only thought was for sexual release.

"Lets go inside," she heard her voice say after she had rubbed the cream into his strong and smooth back. It didn't matter anymore that he was her brother and only twelve, he was a man with the equipment she craved.

He couldn't believe his luck not only was she wearing next to nothing and she had allowed him to rub cream into her satin like skin, she now had taken his hand and leading him upstairs to her room.

"Please," she begged, her own hand popped the one button on her top to reveal her naked boobs to his staring eyes, her hands moved over his hard chest. When she looked down she could see his pants tenting with his big erection, her voice stuck in her throat with her all-consuming lust. He was not really sure what to do now, true he had attended a few sex education classes but they were in the main concerned with unwanted pregnancy's and STD, but one thing he did know he want was to get his hand on her tits. She opened her mouth to groan but the sound again stuck in her throat.

"Suck them," she croaked when she found her voice and his lips found her erect nipples. She wanted him now, wanted his hard cock in her pussy thrusting into her hard and fast. She pulled him backwards until they both fell onto her bed. In a flurry of activity she shed her cut offs and knickers, spread her legs wide and pulled him between them.

"Stick it in me," she croaked, her hands grabbing at his flies to free him. He was lost and a little scared but the hard wiring in his brain pushed his hips at his sister and he slipped right into her, right up to the hilt.

"Oh god yes," she sighed, as his large hard cock slipped into her wet pussy. He was no longer her young brother he was just a hard cock thrusting into her to bring her relief she so desperately needed. Almost as soon as he was inside his sister he was coming, pumping his spunk deep inside her womb. Despite this premature ejaculation he was still hard enough for her to grind herself against him to bring about her own orgasm.

The both lay there, spent and sweaty for several minutes his limp cock still within her. Her mind cleared from her sexual haze and suddenly she realized what she had done. There was no excuse, she had fucked her own brother and for a second she panicked. Then she felt his soft cock harden within her and the panic faded back into lust.

Oh shit what had she done, not once but twice she had let her brother fuck her. In truth she had to admit, if only to herself, she hadn't let him do anything, she had fucked him. Could she be such a sex-staved slut to do that? God what am I going to do now, the front door slammed telling her that her parents had left for the day leaving her brother and her alone again in the house. She was still in bed not wanting to get up and face anybody this morning, not wanting to look into her brother's eyes and see her own lust reflected there. No, this must not go on, to lose it for one day was bad enough, but to let it continue would be madness for in the end it would get out and she would be in big trouble, a prison sentence at the very least. The house was quiet now so she slipped naked out of bed, she loved to sleep like that for it allowed for her to run her own hands over her body, something she had not done all the months she away at college. Without conscious thought she headed for the bathroom. A nice hot shower and a long orgasm would be nice she thought and she turned on the taps. She soaped her near perfect body then she rubbed her fingers between her legs.

"Oh yes," she sighed as her hips jerked against her fingers, but she couldn't keep the images of her brothers body out of her head.

"Shit you're a pervert," she said out loud as her body became still after a perfect orgasm washed over her.

There was no large bath towel so she had to used a small one that when she wrapped it around herself it didn't cover much and had to be held in place or it would have unwound and fallen off.

"Thought I heard the shower going," said her brother's voice from behind her. The sound sent hot pulses through her pussy and she had to try very hard to keep her voice from betraying her emotions.

"Morning Pete," she said but despite everything her voice wavered slightly.

"God you look great sis," he said.

"Thanks, but I should go and get dressed," she replied but she knew that was the last thing she wanted to do.

"Sure see you later," he said, "I'm off out to see the guys."

Oh no she thought, one, he might let slip about yesterday and two, she didn't want him to go and leave her all alone.

"Pete," she said, "please remember what I said yesterday, ok, any slip and we'll both be in big trouble."

"Sure sis," he said and smiled lustfully at his semi-naked sister, his mates wouldn't believe him anyway, that is unless he invited them back here. The thought of his sister naked amongst his two best friends caused his flaccid cock to become rock hard in an instant.

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