by starfiend

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A son uses his beautiful mother to help him get rid of unwanted attention. This leads to attention of a completely different and unexpected sort.

May Whitfiield was one of those women that other women just love to hate. At forty-one she still had the figure and face she'd had when she was twenty-one, much to her own secret delight, and many another women's secret, and sometimes not so secret, envy. Her skin and complexion were smooth and flawless, and she didn't need makeup to make it look that way. She was 5'7" with a 36-24-36 figure, long wavy brown hair which she often let down to her waist, grey-green eyes, and a generous mouth that smiled readily, and yet didn't wrinkle her skin. Her 36C breasts were still firm, with no sag whatsoever.

She had a wicked sense of humour, that was both infectious, and mischievous. She was highly sexed, though, in her opinion, never had quite enough. One thing she was adamant about though, was that she would not get involved with another teacher, particularly from her own school. She knew there was a great deal of lusting and speculation from her pupils, particularly the older ones, and in a fit of she didn't know what, one term, about three years previously she had shamelessly played on it.

Two of her colleagues, who were much like her in many respects, but who didn't have quite the same level of daring she had, had discretely watched the boys, and listened in amusement to the stories they had told in the playgrounds afterwards. Their favourite story was from the time May had flashed her knickers at a class of upper sixth boys, the seventeen and eighteen-year-olds. This had all been done in such a way that made it seem like an accident.

May had gone prepared that morning. Her skirt was perhaps a little shorter than was normal, though the type of skirt, and the season, meant she didn't need any underskirt. Her underwear that day was a simple pair of black cotton briefs, that completely hid everything. Going so far was one thing, going any further was out of the question. With a bit of careful and judicious planning, she had arranged for the room she would normally have used to be unavailable, so instead they used the lecture theatre. The tiered seating meant that she had to tip her head back to look towards the back, so whenever she was in there, she had got into the habit of sitting on the desk at the front, so raising herself up a bit. From there of course, it was a simple matter to 'accidentally' forget to keep her knees together, and let the boys in the middle of the front couple of rows see straight up her skirt for about thirty seconds before she moved. She was so gratified by the reaction she got, she repeated it twice more, for briefer periods of time. She was even more amused the time she sat there without offering the boys a glimpse of her treasures, watching them desperately try to see something that wasn't to be seen, and trying to hide their disappointment. At the end she had slid off the desk in such a way that the back of her skirt 'caught' itself on the corner of the desk, raising it up above her waist, and giving virtually the whole class a split second glimpse of her thighs, and panty covered backside.

She heard the faint sigh that rippled around the room, but ignored it. A number of boys would have something to masturbate over that night, she'd thought to herself, including her favourite, a boy everybody thought she disliked as she picked on him so much.

The stories that had gone around later had gradually been elevated out of all proportion to the actual events. Starting from a reasonably near representation of the truth, and gradually being embellished and exaggerated to the point where, so the story went, she'd had no knickers on at all, and was variously shaven or very hairy 'down there', or that she did it all the time, or even that she'd spent the whole lesson with her crotch on view. The only one she didn't hear, much to her own relief, was that she'd done it deliberately.

After that final climax though, she'd calmed right down, and although she occasionally wore that skirt again, and regularly sat on the desk, the two never came together. Indeed, many of the boys, particularly in later years, were inclined to believe the whole thing a hoax, something which she did all in her power to discretely foster.

The only indication that she was not as young as she appeared, was her three children.

Simon, the eldest, looked least like her and most like his father, 6'1", striking blue eyes, and a pale blonde hair. He was twenty two, and had just finished an MSc at university. Jonathan was twenty, slightly shorter and stockier than his brother, but with a much more cheerful disposition. He had been to college to train as a chef, but had been working in a large bakers for the past few months. Michelle was eighteen, just coming to the end of her 'A' level exams, and was virtually the spitting image of her mother, but with lighter hair, and somewhat slimmer.

This particular morning, the school had been closed for half term break, and May had been shopping with Simon, trying to find a new suit for him as he had a number of job interviews lined up over the next few weeks. May had never really thought about the fact that she didn't really look any older than her son, so it was a bit of a surprise when a young girl of about twenty or so stopped in front of them and began shouting and ranting at Simon. It was a few seconds before she realised that the girl, who must have been one of Simon's latest conquests, was assuming that she was Simon's girlfriend.

It took them both five minutes to convince the girl, Shirley, that May really was Simon's mother, particularly as it then turned out that Simon had 'dumped' Shirley some three weeks earlier for another girl. One whom Shirley still had not seen.

"Well," said May amused, "in a way that's quite flattering," she paused a moment. "To both of us."

Simon was less amused, though could still see the funny side. His seriousness brought out his mothers playful side sometimes, and this was one of those times. May grinned and put her hands on her sons upper arms and stood appraising him for a moment, while he went red with embarrassment.

"Mum", he whispered. May just grinned again. Actually her son was very good looking, and it disappointed her that he was so shy with those girls his looks seemed to conquer so effortlessly. She tucked her arm into his, and the two walked down the street. She felt him stiff against her, so she put her arm around his waist instead. Tentatively he brought an arm up around her shoulder, and within a few minutes he had relaxed again.

Simon had a problem. He was actually quite shy with a lot of the girls, but he also got chased by girls he didn't want as well. In fact, there was one chasing him right now, Maria. He'd met her three weeks ago, and due to his own innate shyness, she'd managed to separate him from his then girlfriend, Shirley, whom he did like. Unfortunately he was too shy to go back to her and tell her so, so was in a double bind.

Maria was always pestering him, and wouldn't take no for an answer, but this mornings incident, seemed to offer a way out, if only his mother would play along. He had a horrible feeling she wouldn't, but he had to ask.

Taking a deep breath first he spoke. "Mum?"

"Yes love?"

"When Shirley thought you were my girlfriend, it sort of gave me an idea. There's this girl, Maria, that split me and Shirley up, and she's been chasing me for a few weeks now, and I sort of wondered if you would pretend to be my girlfriend when she's there. Make her go away so that I can have some peace. So she'll leave me alone."

May laughed. "I'm flattered. Again. Why don't you just ask Shirley?"

"'Cos she's not talking to me. Only shouting at me."

May laughed again. "How are you going to arrange for this Maria to see me. This town is very big, and we could go weeks without her seeing us."

"Erm, well, she'll be at Winston's this evening, and I thought we might go, see if we can just 'bump' into her there."

"Hmm. I'll have to think about this. I'd be fighting your battles for you. You should learn to fight them yourself."

"I know, but..." He trailed off, unsure how to express himself.

"All right, just for a little while. But as soon as she's seen us, we leave, got that?"

He nodded, relieved.

May hadn't been to a night club in a number of years, but she still had the small silver dress she'd worn the last time she'd been, and it still fit her. "You never know", she thought to herself, "I might want to pull myself this evening. I haven't had a lover in well over a year now." With that thought in mind, May dolled herself up, just the right amount of makeup and perfume, her skimpiest knickers, and no bra. Secretly, she was hoping this Maria wouldn't turn up, so that she could go and enjoy herself. Send Simon home, or even just leave him to his own devices.

She knew roughly how big the place was, so knew it would be easy enough to split up and not bump into each other, and embarrass each other if either of them did pull.

They went in about 9:30, before the evening really started, though a few couples had started to dance. Simon looked around but could not see Maria, so they grabbed a table near the edge of the dance floor, and sat down.

"Do you want a drink?" asked Simon.

"That would be nice. Dry white wine I think. Thanks."

He nodded and went for the drinks. Suddenly his idea didn't seem quite such a good one. He hadn't expected his mother to be dressing the way she was. He could almost see her nipples through the dress, and it was fairly obvious she didn't have a bra on, and only a pair of knickers, no tights or petticoat. He couldn't work out what she was doing. She was forty-one for god's sake, why was she dressing like she was twenty years younger? The fact that he'd asked her to, sort of, and that she still had the looks and figure to carry it off, didn't enter his mind.

When he returned with the drinks, he saw another man, about thirty or so talking to his mother. At first he thought it was someone they knew, but when he got closer he realised that the man was attempting to chat her up. She indicated him as he approached.

"He's younger than you. You need a more experienced man than a twenty two-year-old," Simon heard the man saying.

"You're quite right, he is younger than me, but we love each other and that's all there is to it." May said firmly. "Now go away before I set him on you." She was actually enjoying herself. This man had approached her almost as soon as Simon's back had been turned, and had started making slightly suggestive remarks, not realising just how experienced a hand she was at this game. Playing with him had been amusing, but when he insulted her son that had been just too much. He stood back in surprise. Simon towered over the older man by a good four inches, and was obviously stronger and fitter as well. He turned and left, muttering obscenely under his breath.

Simon's discomfort at what she'd said though, disturbed her. "Sit down", she said sharply. "Look, you're trying to use me to get this girl off your back, why shouldn't I use you the same way if some bloke annoys me? Anyway," she said, "I do love you. You're my son. I love all my children."

Simon grinned, "yeah true, and we love you too." He put his arm around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and they sat and watched the dancing for a while, each engrossed in their own thoughts.

"That guy's still watching us you know," said May suddenly, about twenty minutes later. Maybe we should get up and dance as if we were a real couple."

"Okay," He took her hand and lead her onto the dance floor. He was not an accomplished dancer, though May was, and she led him for a little while until he got the hang of it. When the music slowed down a little, he was going to lead her off the floor, but May shook her head.

"No, don't. I like dancing to this. Just put your hands on my hips, and sway gently with me." She put her own arms loosely around Simon's waist, and leaned lightly against him. He was uncomfortable at first, particularly as he could feel her breasts pressing against him, and by looking down he could see the twin swellings of her breasts. He started to erect, and became petrified that May would feel it. That fear was itself just enough to prevent him from getting too hard.

May didn't notice. She was just enjoying herself dancing. Not really thinking about Simon, but trying to remember the last time she'd been dancing. She knew when it was, just couldn't remember much about it. Probably too drunk she thought wryly. It had been just after her decree absolute had come through, and she had been out celebrating with friends.

At that moment Simon stiffened. "Mum," he whispered urgently. "She's here."

May sighed. "Don't call me mum," she whispered back. "Call me May while we're in here." He nodded. "Is she looking this way?"


"Good, then kiss me." Simon bent and kissed her on the cheek. "No, you prat. Pretend to kiss me properly. Just touch your lips to mine as if we were kissing." He did so, pressing his lips tentatively against her soft lips. May's eyes had a glimmer of amusement in them, which caused him to flush slightly. He kept looking over May's shoulder, watching Maria as she slowly approached them.

"She's coming over," Whispered Simon.

"Shit" muttered May. "Well we'll just have to pretend a little more convincingly then. Kiss me properly. As if you meant it." He did so, almost without thinking about it, aware in the back of his mind though, that he was actually quite enjoying it. He was mostly aware however that Maria was approaching, a look of thunder on her face.

May on the other hand, was quite aware that Simon was kissing her, and she found she was thoroughly enjoying it, though she too kept herself detached from the proceedings, and tried to spot this Maria. "Put one hand on my bottom," she said softly, "just enough that it looks like you're pulling us tightly together."

Simon did so, this time totally unconscious of exactly what he was doing.

"So," said a harsh voice beside them. "You've managed to find yourself another slag like the last one have you?" It was so sudden that May, who still hadn't actually spotted Maria, and had been unable to tell exactly how close she was, jumped suddenly in surprise. She turned to face the girl, and was a little surprised to find that she was only about eighteen or nineteen. Or that's what she appeared to be anyway.

"What are you doing with my boyfriend?" The girl asked May.

May wrapped her arms firmly around Simon's waist and looked with amusement at this Maria. "Go away little girl," she said softly, with no hint of any menace or violence in her voice, which made it seem all the more menacing. "If you can't keep him, then he never was yours, now was he?" She was quite pleased when Simon put his arm around her again, it helped to make the point.

Maria looked at her a bit more closely. "You're older than him. I bet you don't really love him."

Both Simon and May had to smile at that, and it was that smile, a little secretive smile, shared between them, that more than anything else, started to put the doubt into Maria's mind.

"Oh, I think we do," said May.

Maria started to back away, puzzled and confused, and more than a little angry. She didn't really love Simon, but she did think he was 'cute', and quite liked showing him off to her friends. She'd also never been dumped before. She was always the one who did the dumping, and this was not a nice experience for her. So much so that she refused to believe it was all over for her, and determined to watch Simon and his new 'girlfriend' until she could prove to him that she, Maria, was the one for him, not some older tart who was just trying it on with a younger boy to feel young.

"She's not convinced" said May. "For the rest of this evening we're going to have to pretend to be real young lovers. Are you up to that?"

"I don't know."

"Well you'd better make up your mind right now. Because until she is convinced, she'll keep hounding you. And she'll keep watching us all evening. So either we leave now, and call it a night, or we pretend a little bit longer."

"What would we have to do?" he asked anxiously.

"Come sit down, we'll talk about it."

They managed to find a couple of unoccupied chairs and appropriated them. They sat facing each other around the edge of a small table. "Right, well we've got to pretend to be in love. This means we've got to physically touch. So right now, put your hand up and stroke my cheek." He did so and she pressed her own hand against it.

She spread her knees about six inches. "Now let one of your knees just push between mine. But only just," she added sternly. She leaned forward and took his other hand. "Lean forward," she whispered. Their faces were now no more than four inches apart.

"Remember, we're supposed to be lovers. One thing about lovers is that there is a lot of tactile contact. A lot of touching. They never seem to let go of each other. So when we're on the dance floor, you're holding my hand all the time, if we're not holding each other more firmly. As far as kissing goes, we don't need to be snogging all the time, just gentle little kisses can do." She touched her mouth gently to his, and then backed away. "Like that." She said.

"Uh, right." He said, a little stunned. May smiled at him. "You try it now." He nodded once and then tentatively touched his lips to hers.

She nodded. "Good. We'll have her away from you in no time. Now, go get me a drink. And remember," she said as he started to stand, "a kiss before you go, a kiss when you get back."

He nodded again and bent and kissed her.

When he had left, May closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She hoped Simon was game for what she planned next. She also hoped it would be enough, because it was as far as she dared go. And she was absolutely certain that Simon wouldn't go further. She would get him to slide his hand up her skirt, just a little way, on the outside of her thighs, and later maybe she would make it look as if he had touched the top of her breasts. If that didn't convince Maria, then nothing they could do would convince her.

Simon's thoughts were entirely on Maria. He hoped like hell she would leave him alone after this. It was embarrassing enough, though at least his mother was making it easy for him. He just hoped that he wouldn't meet anyone else he knew, particularly anyone who had actually met his mother. This was entirely too public for his liking. He returned with the drinks, and sat down again. May looked at him, and smiled softly. Simon leaned forward and kissed her. "Let's go dance again, she's staring at us and it's making my neck itch."

May laughed, and stood up, dragging him onto the floor. Ten minutes later, May spotted Maria, still staring at them. "Oh god," she thought. She and Simon were now in a fairly tight clinch, her arms around his neck, his around her waist, their faces together. "Slide your right hand around a bit," she suggested, "until it's on the top of my leg." He did so. "Now slowly straight down, until you're touching me not my dress."

Simon blushed a little as she said this, but did it anyway.

"Now, when I tell you, move your hand slowly up again until I tell you to stop. But you're going to slide your hand underneath my skirt. Got that?"

He nodded blushing furiously now, but only May could see it in that light.

"Okay, go on then." She felt his hand slide ever so slowly up her thigh, and under her skirt. As it slid up, it slightly slid back. She was about to remonstrate when she realised that their very closeness was causing that. When she felt he had gone high enough, she told him to stop. She was relieved that she was wearing high cut knickers, otherwise he would have ended up actually touching them, and for some strange reason, she felt that would have been just too much.

A minute or so later she spoke again. "Slowly slide your other hand up onto my shoulder." She shivered as his hand slid softly up her waist. "This is getting too much" she thought, "I'm starting to enjoy it." She would do just the one last little bit, she decided, and then they would go home, successful or not.

Simon was surprised to find just how firm his mothers body was. He'd always known she looked young for her age, but he hadn't really realised just what that meant until now. With his hand on her thigh he could feel the firm muscles rippling as they moved. When his other hand slid up to her shoulder, again he felt how firm she was. He noted in passing the thin string of her knickers, and also confirmed what he'd suspected earlier, that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"When the music stops next time," whispered May, "I'm going to the loo. Just let your hand slide around me as I turn. Let it slide across my breasts," she smiled slightly at him. "You won't feel anything because I'll be too quick, but it'll look good to Maria. You up to that?"

He took a deep breath. "Yeah, I think so."

"Okay, give me a quick kiss now, and then again when the music stops." She raised her mouth to his, and they kissed. It ended up a longer kiss than either of them intended, a long lingering, gentle kiss, that left them both stunned, and more than a little breathless.

She dropped her face to his chest and closed her eyes. "Get a grip on yourself," she muttered to herself. "That was not necessary."

Simon rested his chin lightly on the crown of her head, and breathed in her perfume. He wasn't thinking at the moment, just letting May guide him gently around the floor. May's thoughts on the other hand were a maelstrom. She was frightened and excited. She wished she'd not agreed to Simon's request, and was beginning to wonder whether or not she should abandon the whole exercise now.

The music stopped and the lights went up some ten minutes later, before she'd finally made a decision. A decision, which had she had a few more minutes, would probably have been to abandon and go home They'd danced slowly around the floor, but had not moved with respect to each other at all during that time, so when the lights went up, she went into auto-pilot mode. She lifted her head and they kissed briefly, and then she turned.

Even as she turned, she registered with absolute horror that she'd turned the wrong way, and froze. Instead of turning to her right, which would have meant his left hand sliding across her breasts, she'd turned left and his right hand slid across her belly. Simon had done as she had suggested and just let his hands follow the contours of his mothers body as she turned, so when she froze, his right hand was directly on top of her pubic mound, lightly cupping her, at least two of his fingers between her legs lying the length of her pussy. His grip tightened in shock and surprise.

May fled. Her whole body was tingling with the fright and the shock, and yet, she knew it wasn't just fright. She had been turned on. They had to get home. And right now.

Simon's thoughts were equally frenetic. He had quite clearly felt his mothers labial lips. "Her cunt" he whispered to himself. "No, her pussy," he thought. 'Cunt' was too crude he decided, much too crude for May, 'pussy' was just right. The shock on her face had convinced him that it quite genuinely had been accidental, but for a few mind blowing moments, that he knew he would remember and treasure for the rest of his life, he had been touching her most intimate parts.

May sat on the toilet for a good ten minutes trying to regain her composure. She could almost feel her crotch burning where Simon's fingers had touched her.When she eventually left the cubicle and went to wash her hands, she was shocked to find Maria waiting for her.

"I saw what he did," she said. "If you want to tell the cops, I'll back you up. I'll tell them what I saw."

May glared at her. "And just what," she said coldly, "makes you think I'm reporting anybody to the police?"

Maria stepped back in surprise and fright at the harsh, almost vicious, tone of May's voice. "I'm sorry." She gabbled, "But I saw him touch you there, and then you just ran in here and you were in there a long time without, without doing anything, and I thought you were hurt, and I thought he'd done something to you. And I thought you needed help, and I thought..." she wound down as she saw May's face getting harder and colder.

"Simon is a wonderful man, and if he touched me anywhere it's because I wanted him to," she said coldly. And then, with a little frisson of understanding, she realised she'd just told the exact truth. She had wanted Simon to touch her there. She just hadn't realised it.

Maria decided to fight back though. "I don't believe you're lovers" she challenged, "'cos if you are, why did you run in here like a scalded cat when he touched you?"

"You're quite right," said May calmly. "We aren't lovers." Maria began to smile in triumph. "Yet!" added May. "That's why I came in here. The fact that he touched me was completely coincidental, and as it happens, also completely accidental. He'd just asked me to spend the night with him, and I was surprised. I came in here to make up my mind. And thank's to you, I now have done."

She turned and left before Maria could say another word. When she got back to their corner of the table, he looked up at her, a worried, even scared look on his face. She gave him a soft smile, and sat down, taking his hand in hers.

"It was an accident. Don't worry, it wasn't your fault." She whispered softly. "I turned the wrong way without thinking." She kissed his hand and then laid it onto her thigh. "Maria's still watching us though. She's jealous of what she thinks we are. Unfortunately I think it might actually be turning her against you, and you could find that you've made an enemy of her. I think we'd better leave here so that we aren't in her face any more."

Simon was relieved. He too had started to think about calling it all off. He nodded. "Yeah, I think that's probably for the best."

"Okay. When we stand up, take me in your arms and kiss me again, just briefly, and then we'll walk out, with your arm around my shoulders, and mine around your waist. Ready?"

"Yes. If she doesn't get the hint after this, nothing was going to anyway."

They stood, and Simon took May into his arms, and kissed her. For the first time, he was aware not of what was happening around him, or of Maria watching them, but of the slim, firm, and very sexy, body pressed against him. He felt her breasts, pressing into his chest, and could dimly feel the hard lumps of her nipples through her dress and his shirt, he thought he could feel the beating of her heart as well. He remembered the feel of her pussy on his fingers, and suddenly, without any warning, he was hard. His erection pressing against his mothers belly.

May felt Simon's erection. She could hardly not, it was pressed hard enough against her, and it just drove her wild. She pressed herself even harder against him, felt a wetness between her legs, and her nipples become almost painfully hard. She kissed him even more passionately, only the noise of the night club keeping her from anything more.

"Come on, let's get outta here," she muttered.

With one arm, Simon hooked both his and May's jackets from the chair, while at the same time keeping tight hold of her. They left hurriedly, and then had to wait for a few minutes for a taxi. It was only just after midnight, so there were a few taxi's around. While they waited, they clung to each other, their arms around each other, pressing themselves tightly together.

What neither of them knew, was that Maria had followed them out, and was watching them, tears streaming down her face. The sight of them like that had finally convinced her that Simon and May were an item, and it was only now, when she realised she had lost him, did she finally realise, and admit to herself, that she did care about him. More importantly, she realised that she herself had driven him away.

Simon still had an erection, and May was gently stroking it, pressing herself against it, feeling it against her. Her knickers were wet with her own desire, as the two caressed each other, kissing softly and gently, yet trembling with the suppressed passion in them both.

When the taxi pulled up, May gave the driver her address, and the two got in. Simon pulled May gently against him, and put his arm around her shoulders. She shuffled up against him and took his free hand in hers. She stroked his long fingers with her own, gently playing with the hand, and imagining it pressing against her naked body. She could just see the lump of his erection through his trousers, and wanted to feel and touch it more than she'd wanted almost anything in her life.

Simon was in a state of total shock. His mothers hands on his own was extremely erotic he found, and his erection was getting harder and harder. In fact it was starting to pain him. His thoughts were all for the present, he couldn't think beyond the here and now.

May on the other hand was thinking about what would happen next. She could see the consequences in her mind's eye, all laid out neatly in rows that eventually led to their downfall and disgrace. But right at the moment, though she could see them, she just didn't care.

Simon paid the taxi bill when they got home, whilst May went up and unlocked the front door. Jonathan's car wasn't in the drive, she noticed, "he must be staying with his girl friend" she muttered.

"He's staying with friends in London remember?" whispered Simon softly. "He won't be back until Monday or even Tuesday."

May nodded, that just left Michelle. But as soon as she went in, she knew that Michelle wasn't in either. She was intensely relieved, though she was a little irritated that Michelle hadn't left her a note to say where she was.

Simon came in and hung up both their jackets. They stood and looked at each other for a moment, both suddenly shy. Then, without a word spoken, or obvious signal made, they were in each others arms, kissing wildly, their hands roaming all over each others bodies.

As they kissed, May frantically wrestled with the buttons on Simon's shirt, and pushed it open before grappling with the belt on his trousers. Simon's hands were underneath May's dress trying to lift it over her head, but of course he couldn't because her hands were too busy with his trousers.

"Let me do it," he whispered to her. They separated just long enough for Simon to kick his trousers off, and pull his arms from the sleeves of his shirt, while May quickly lifted her dress over her head. However, before she dropped it on the floor, she remembered that Michelle may come in during the night.

Scooping up Simon's clothes, she dragged him upstairs and into her bedroom. They stood at the bottom of the bed and just looked at each other. Simon's erection was as hard as it had ever been as he looked at May's beautiful body, dressed in just a pair of skimpy lace knickers. He pushed off his own underpants and socks, and then knelt down in front of his mother.

Slowly, reverently, he slid her underwear to the floor, and helped her step out of them, his eyes never straying from the neat triangle of dark pubic hair on her belly, and the naked pussy lips just visible below. He buried his face in her belly and gave her navel a kiss, his arms going around her as he stroked and fondled her bottom. Slowly, he kissed and licked his way down to her pubic mound, but before he could go any lower, May pulled herself gently away from him.

May wanted him inside her. The rest could wait until afterwards, if there was an afterwards. She lay down on the bed and held out her hand. Simon took it and she pulled him onto the bed next to her. She put her arm around his shoulders and pulled his face to hers and they began a slow and gentle kiss.

Simon's hands roved gently over her body, feeling her breasts, teasing her nipples even harder, before eventually finishing at her pussy. He stroked her pussy lips a couple of times and then slid a finger between them, pushing it into her.

May had taken hold of Simon's erection, and was stroking him, lightly masturbating him, feeling his finger as it entered her had brought a delight to her she hadn't remembered. She had been slightly surprised by the sight of Simon's cock when she'd first seen it. It was shorter than she had expected. Somehow she had expected him to be built similar to her ex-husband. He'd had a seven inch cock, not too fat and on the whole, she remembered, quite attractive to look at. Simon's cock was an inch or two shorter, and a good deal thinner, but, her hands were telling her, much much harder. It also had a definite kink at the top. She wanted it inside her right now! She spread her legs and lay back, pulling him on top of her, feeling his prick against her thighs as he attempted to enter her. She reached down to guide him into her desperate body.

Simon felt his prick slide slowly into his mothers warm, wet, tunnel of love. He couldn't ever remember anything as wonderful as this. They stared at each other in awe and amazement, as they felt his crotch finally meet hers, his penis buried to the hilt inside her vagina, their pubic mounds pressed firmly together, the curly hair crushed and intertwined.

They didn't move for a long while, just stared at each other, both wondering what was going through the others mind. "Oh, yes," whispered May after a long while. "Oh, yes." She brought her legs up around his waist, tilting her pelvis slightly, and began to rock her hips. Simon matched her rhythms with his and they began to make love. Slowly and gently at first, but with increasing passion and fire.

Simon was the first to orgasm, and ejaculated hard, splashing May's insides with copious amounts of his sperm. He collapsed on top of her, and then rolled to one side, smiling in delight. May smiled back at him and they kissed again. She hadn't yet come herself, so she rolled him onto his back and straddled him, feeding his softening prick back into her voracious pussy. Kneeling forward, she offered a breast to his mouth. He took it in and sucked gently on it, chewing lightly on the nipple, as she began bouncing her hips, feeling him harden inside her. May's pussy was still tight after three children, and numerous lovers over the past twenty odd years. Simon could feel this, and knew that inside, his mother was as young and fit as she was on the outside.

This time, it was May who came first, her orgasm causing her to flop onto Simon's chest. He held her tightly as she moaned and writhed in orgasm on top of him. Her tight, spasming pussy brought such delight to his prick as he had never known before, and it was a matter of seconds before he too was orgasming helplessly, and ejaculating yet more of his sperm inside this beautiful woman, his own mother.

Ten minutes later May was still lying on top of Simon, her head on his chest, a smile of wonder on her face. Her legs were outside his, her pussy still holding onto his rapidly softening prick, and her arms underneath his shoulders. Simon's hands were on his mothers back, slowly stroking up and down, caressing her slim, firm body, fondling and lightly slapping her firm buttocks, and even sliding a finger down as far between her legs as he could reach.

May lifted her head and smiled at him, he raised his head and they kissed tenderly. "I didn't expect this," she whispered, "but I'm glad."

Simon smiled and nodded. "So am I." He paused a moment. "I love you," he whispered back.

May's smile broadened a little. "I should hope so." She laughed, "I'm your mother, you're supposed to love me. Maybe not like this, but you're supposed to love me, just as I'm supposed to love you. Which I do most emphatically."

She rolled off him and sat up, pulling him up beside her. "We shouldn't be doing this," she said softly, "but I want to, more than anything else right now. I might regret it in the morning, but for now, tonight, I don't care." So saying she leaned down and touched her tongue to his prick. He groaned as the magical sensations flowed from his prick, and he began to erect again.

Before he could come, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs as wide as she could. "Lick me," she said, "eat my pussy."

Simon crouched down between her legs and put his face to her crotch. He started by gently kissing her pubic mound, and then using his fingers to lightly spread her labial lips apart. He teased her for a few moments, finding and flicking out her hard clitoris, examining closely the whole of her pussy. From the curly black pubes that came to a neat halt at the top, to her hard erect clitoris, to her naked outer pussy lips, and her swollen inner ones. He teased them apart and stared into her glistening pink interior, watching it pulsing rapidly, in time with her heart beat. She gasped and arched her back, throwing her head back in ecstasy.

When May finally felt her son's tongue touch her clitoris, she gave a low moan of pent up excitement, which got louder as she felt him lick and kiss all round her pussy, before finally delving inside her. She gave a shriek of delight, quickly muffled as she turned her head to bury her face in the pillow. The sensations caused by his tongue in her most secretive of places were the most beautiful and exquisite she could ever remember.

Simon was delighting in the taste of his mothers pussy. The juices that flowed out of her tasted divine, and he couldn't imagine anything more wonderful. All he wanted to do was to give wonderful pleasure to his beautiful mother. He moved his tongue about irregularly, causing her to gasp and cry out, and eventually she began to orgasm.


After a few moments, Simon kneeled up and looked at her, incredulous at what he'd achieved. Her orgasm seemed to be going on for ever, though in fact it was only a few seconds. Teasing her clit with one hand, he gave himself a quick stroke, not that he needed it, and then lay down and fed himself into her gasping pussy.

"Yes, yes, do it," she moaned as she felt him enter her. She pulled him onto her and they fucked hard and violent for just a few moments, their bodies slapping wetly together in their haste and need. They orgasmed virtually together, Simon's small ejaculation forcing yet more sperm inside his mothers already well sodden vagina.

They slept like that. May too weary even to push her son off her. When she woke, a couple of hours later, she could feel him still inside her. It gave her a shivery feeling, and more than anything she didn't want him to leave her. His weight though, was uncomfortable, so she slid out from underneath him, sighing in disappointment as his soft prick slid free of her. He didn't wake, to May's relief, so she snuggled up beside him and slept again.

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