by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom discovers a tall slim blonde babe who works in his local grocery store. And he finds out they share a lot in common.

My Statuesque Sex Goddess -- What a Babe!!!

It's amazing how a sexy woman will affect you from the first time you see her and then on subsequent occasions!! Such was the case with Destinee!! I first saw her a couple of years ago in the local grocery store where I go to buy my food. Destinee was wearing one of those "cover-up smocks" that they wear to keep from getting their clothes dirty as they stock shelves and so forth. I could see that she was very cute and she was obviously very tall -- statuesque as I put it and she's turned out to be 5'10". That's fairly tall for a woman. It was hard to tell with that covering garment but it looked like Destinee had quite a nice large set of tits underneath her top and a nicely rounded ass as well. But it was just impossible to tell from the way I saw here there at the store.

Then, one day, Destinee came into my place of business seeking some information and what I saw totally blew my mind. She was wearing a nice bust-emphasizing top that showed just a bit of her belly. The jeans she had on did nothing to hide the rounded fine shape of her nice ass and it was obvious that Destinee had at least a full rounded set of C-cup sized breasts or maybe even into the beginnings of a nice set of D-cups. On her tall frame and her very nicely proportioned figure it was hard to tell bust size but the way Destinee stood tall and her tits were mounted proudly high on her chest showed that she was sporting quite a pair of awesome tits underneath the bra she was wearing. Destinee had on one of those new bras that are specially designed to give the full rounded look to a woman's breasts but there was no question from looking at her overall nicely shaped figure that she had an impressive rack on her chest.

I continued to follow Destinee over the months and never ventured to check whether she was attached to a man or not. Of couse, she could have been bisexual or a lesbian too but from the way she conducted herself I was pretty sure she was interested in guys. I'll never forget one other occasion that I saw Destinee before I finally decided to do something about it -- that was also a day that she was working at the grocery store. On that occasion, she had on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and she was sitting there in front of me. As Destinee would turn to the little and right, doing the business with me that I'd come to the store for, her sexy full rounded breasts were visibly swaying and jiggling inside her top. I don't know whether that's the sign of a bra that doesn't fit too well or just that Destinee's sexy tits were so full and so heavy that her bra couldn't possibly keep them constrained. All I knew was that I loved the "eye candy" she was giving me.

Then, one day I filled my car with gas and Destinee was the one working the cashier's booth. She had on a loosely-fitting cotton top and when she bent over to get my cash, she gave me such an eyeful of awesome tits inside her top that my cock exploded instantly into a hard full erection. I can't tell you how sexy and gorgeous Destinee looked as I'm sure she knowingly was flashing me with her tits and the sexy bra she was wearing that day. It was totally hot. At that moment, I'm not sure seeing her breasts naked would have been any more erotic. It was so sexy not only seeing down Destinee's top and seeing her sexy breasts cupped snugly in the lacy cups of her bra, but also knowing that concealed inside that bra were some of the hottest breasts any woman had ever been blessed with. I made up my mind at that moment to see if it was possible to get a date with Destinee and take our relationship to another level. I couldn't stand anymore just seeing her, wanting her, but not having her.

Before I left the cashier's booth that day, I asked Destinee what she enjoyed doing on her time off when she wasn't at work. She mentioned that she loved going 4-wheeling and she also loved water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, and even just riding a boat around the lake and lying out to get a tan. Man, my kind of lady. I sort of tried to "open the door" by mentioning that I enjoyed doing all those same things and that I owned a couple of ATVs and well as a couple of jet skis. I watched her eyes and her face and could see that she was toying with "the hook" so I asked her bluntly if she was seeing anyone or had a steady boyfriend. The immediate answer was "no, not now. I just broke up with a guy I used to date about a month ago." BINGO, we had a winner and I was more than ready to fill the social vaccum in Destinee's life.

I'd love to tell you all about the date we enjoyed a couple of days later. Maybe I will "revisit" that experience in another story but let me tell you what happened at the end of that day. Destinee and I went to the lake and we had a wonderfully enjoyable time together. I was so glad that she wasn't the kind of woman who wants to regale a new man in her life with stories about how "good" or how "bad" her ex-boyfriend had been. I didn't care to be honest and all I cared about was what Destinee thought of me and what chemistry developed betweent the two of us. For me, there wasn't any question. Just watching Destinee "be there" was all that I needed to give me a raging hardon and to make me want to fuck her forever. I couldn't only let time and events tell me if she shared those same desires and sentiments.

After Destinee and I had spent an entire June afternoon on the water at the lake, and then on the shoreline roasting weiners and marshmallows, I convinced her to come back with me to my place for a gradual wind-down to our day's fun and activities. I sure didn't have a real "wind-down" in mind and I don't believe Destinee did either. It had been absolutely all I could do that entire afternoon to conceal the huge hardon that was in my pants constantly from not only being with Destinee and being able to enjoy her gorgeous physical beauty but also seeing her in the two-piece bikini that she'd worn when we were water-skiiing or jet skiiing. Man, you've never seen a woman in her mid-20s fill out a bikini like Destinee does. Totally fucking hot and awesome.

Well, we got back to my place and I got a couple more cold beers for us to enjoy while I made the pretense of us watching a new video I'd rented the day before. The video was certainly nothing more than a ruse to get Destinee on my den couch alongside me, and believe me, neither one of us could tell you anything that was in it. We actually let the damn video run but Destinee and I were totally lost in each other from the moment she and I settled back onto the couch. Destinee hadn't changed out of her bikini and had just pulled on a pair of very ragged cutoff jeans and a large T-shirt when we headed back into town. I quickly turned towards Destinee, seeing that she was looking at me with the same sort of hot erotic look of arousal in her eyes that I'm sure she could see in mine.

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