Story of her Body

by Jefferson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is purely a sex story but I don't think it's a stroke story. It's way to slow for that. This is an homage, this is my tribute, to the beautiful female body. I hope you enjoy it.

I've always liked it when the house is dark and quiet. That's why I took a job working evenings. I come home late, stay up for a couple hours, and then sleep in the next day. I guess some would call me a night owl. I guess that's as good a description of me as anything else. I climb into my bed with all the lights in the house off, no TV's on, and no big trucks passing by outside. I can hear the crickets chirping even with my window closed. I close my eyes and dream while still awake. I always dream about her.

Her name is Tanya. She stands five foot ten inches tall and is the world's most perfect woman. I imagine her lying beside me with her hand in mine as she tells me over and over again that she loves me. She tells me that I'm a wonderful, tender lover and that I'm so big and I fill her up so well. I feel my cock start to stir as she continues. She moves closer and runs her hand down my chest, over my abdomen and her hand wraps around my swollen member. I moan softly. Just thinking about her is enough to get me aroused. The feelings of loneliness return, stronger than usual.

In my mind, I roll over and take her in my arms and pull her to me and hold her tight as my mouth seeks out hers and our lips meet. Her lips are as soft as a rose pedal and taste like sweet, red wine. Her small tongue darts in and out of my partially open mouth and we play tag with our tongues. I run my hands over the soft skin of her back and I run a finger up her spine and shivers run up and down her body exciting her just a little. Her body presses against me and is soft like a pillow and warm. Her breasts press into my chest and I can feel her nipples straining against my skin.

I tell her I love her and that I'm going to make love to her. She smiles and simply says "Please." I lay her gently on her stomach and straddle her small waist. I move her long, silky, brown hair out of the way and grab a bottle of oil from nearby and pour some into my hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Then I slide my hands up her back and over her shoulders. I rub gently kneading the muscles beneath her soft skin. She moans as I move my hands down her body and rub a little harder working out the knots in her shoulders and upper back. I use the ball of my hand to rub down her spinal cord. I can feel the stress of the day pour out of her. The muscles relax and her body goes limp, her mind goes blank. I work my magic down her back right to the tops of her beautiful round buttocks. Then I gently kiss her in the small of her back.

I get some more oil and go to work on her long slender arms, starting at the shoulders and working my way to the tips of her pretty little fingers. I kiss each finger in turn and then move to the other arm and repeat the process. Then it's time for more oil. I kneel between her spread thighs, rub my hands together to warm the oil again and starting just below her butt cheeks I work the oil and my fingers into her strong thighs. I work my way down her thighs, rub gently on the back of her knees so as not to tickle her and make her jump.

I give her no reason not to trust me. I tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy she is. How soft her skin is. How her hair shines in the lights coming in through the blinds. I tell her how good she feels and how much I love being with her, not just in bed but anywhere. I tell her how I love it when other men look at her while she's on my arm. I tell her I can't live without her and that she is my soul mate. She is the only woman meant for me, my better half. I work my way down her calves and onto the bottom of her feet. I use my thumb and gently roll it around in the in step of her foot. I then kiss and briefly suck each toe and finally move to the other leg and start again. Still talking gently, quietly to her the whole time.

After the massage I roll her onto her back but keep kissing her as I slide my hand up her stomach to her perfect little breasts. I cup one mound and run my thumb over the nipple and find it hard and erect and it seems to be calling for me. I kiss her small button nose and each of her brown eyes and then her forehead. I kiss my way across her forehead, around her eyes and down her cheeks to her neck. Just below her ear, I open my mouth and suck on her neck, determined to leave a mark on her to prove she is mine, if only for the night.

She moans; she likes it that I'm marking her. She wants it. She wants to show her friends. She wants everyone to know what we did. She's proud of her beautiful body, she's proud of our love; she wants to brag about our lovemaking. I move my hand to her other breast and roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling it.

Having left my mark, I continue my exploration of her silky skin and kiss my way down to a breast. I suck the nipple very tenderly and her hand runs through my hair. From the streetlight outside, I can see just enough of her face to see a small smile cross her sexy pink lips. I run my tongue around the nipple and gently nip at it before moving to the other breast and teasing the other nipple. I use my hand and softly rub her belly, circling her belly button. Then using my fingertips on her sides I give her more shivers and turn her on just a little bit more.

I straddle her waist again and holding a breast in each hand I raise them up and kiss a trail along the underside of one curve. Next I try to lift it all the way up with my tongue. I then lay down another trail of kisses and lick it up again. She moans quietly but she never speaks. I move to the other breast and do the same thing; I lay down a trail of kisses, lick them up and then another trail of kisses. The only noise that can be heard are the sounds of the crickets and frogs outside the open window mingled with the sounds of our breathing.

I slide backwards and kiss a trail down her belly to her naval. I run my tongue around it as my fingertips tickle up and down her sides, sending more shivers up and down her spine. I hear her groan at the light touch to her sides. She hates it and loves it at the same time and becomes a little more turned on. I slide my tongue into her small belly button and move it in circles along the edges, first one way and then the other. Her fingers claw at the sheets and she gently bites her lower lip.

I use my hands to gently spread and lift her thighs giving me full access to her sweet surprise. I kiss my way down her clean-shaven mons to the beginning of her slit. I then kiss my way back up in the crevice where her legs and hips meet. She groans again and clutches the sheets tighter. A light sheen of sweat now covers her body.

Again, I kiss my way down her mound, again I stop at her slit and kiss my way back up along the crevice of her other leg. When I reach her waist again, I slide my tongue out and run it down the crevice I had just come up, then do the same to the other side. I carefully avoid touching her sweet pink cunt lips. I can smell her desire and I know small drops of her natural lubricant are being pushed out as she tenses and relaxes her muscles as a result of my tender efforts.

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