Untied Sneakers

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Poems of love and lust... Eight in total enjoy...

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Even The Wind Knows

Where did our wind go

Taking your essence

Leaving not a trace

I flounder in its absence

Craving your breeze on my face

Has our love gone

As your tender touch caresses me

Taste of tears still fresh

Your scent lingers on

Phantom to love once expressed

Why do I still hurt

Separation of time took no refrain

Only to validate my pain

Whisper of a memory

Speaks softly

Where did our wind go

Though some day I knew it would

Still, my heart does know

That your love will never die

Even the wind knows

As If A shadow

As I. Always enter as if in a dream.

Dreams of you float behind my eyes.

Your teasing nudging reality.

As you are and have always been.

My tempest within.

My seamlessly indulgence.

Of your silken bliss.

Clings to me as if a shadow.

As if ash turned to dust.

Smoke combing with the wind.

I have been forever changed.

Your treat me with moments remembered.

When are hearts coax with sweet tremble?

We share the lyrics of our passion.

With wordless utterance.

Our ultimate truth.

For we abandoned ourselves.

To become one.

Edge Of Forever

You Satisfy My Dreams

As You Spread Your legs

You Show Me All Your Wants

As My Touch Lingers

Giving You What You Want

As I Take Your Breath Away

My Kisses Fall Lightly

Given With Intent

Reaching For Me

Show Me

Your Rhythm Your Lust

Let Me Taste

Your Urgency

I Feel Your Want

I Hear No Hesitation

As You Melt To Cries Of Ecstasy

Deep Your Wetness Calls Me

Searching Of Bliss

Comfort Found

The Edge Of Your Forever

The Blackest Night

Sitting alone quietly.

Given to wait.

Marking your arrival.

A rush quickening.

Headlights paint.

On the blackest night.

Disappointment touches, Anticipation fails.

Refusing to glance,

At the hand of time.

Ignoring the probability.

Living off memories.

Rude phone never to rings.

Teased by a Forbidden addiction.

Imprisoned by desire, Taunting Me.

Consumed by the night.

Devoured by Promises.

Never Delivered.

Tears Dry on my cheek.

Resigned to wait.

For the promise of Love.

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