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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ten years after high school a victim finds a noval way to get revenge on the high school bully.

I sit at the booth waiting like a jungle cat for its prey to cross its path, a few men came up to me trying to pick me up, but I brushed each and everyone of them off. I was waiting for someone special, but he didn't know it yet. As I waited, I thought back to my school days and I remembered him, and what a jerk he had been. He had teased me and others so much that we were afraid to go to school at times. He thought of himself as special and the things he did as amusements, but he never knew how much he hurt others, but now he would learn.

Even after ten years I still thought of him and then one night I had a dream and waking up in a sweat, I knew just how to get back at him. I had tried to find him but he had moved from our old town and I had not a clue on just where he was or how to locate him. As the days went on, my desire to find him and make him pay for the hell he had put me through while in school just increased.

I knew he would be surprised to know just what I was now, could he have ever dreamt that I had gone from a shy and groggy kid to now being an exotic dancer in one of the exclusive clubs in the nation, and that each night men would stuff bills into my garter belt as I danced nude in front of them? I doubt he thought it would ever be possible when we were in school. I wonder if he would be shocked that I did private dances in the back and strange men paid to squeezed my breasts and would give me money to feel my cunt rubbing on their stiff hard cocks till they exploded in their underwear. No, I am sure he never thought of me at all.

Then one day one of my best customers and good friend Jeff, who strangely enough was a policeman, came in and as we were talking, he had offered me a deal. He could find him for me, but I had to meet Jeff outside the club and give him a fuck. I may making a living off of a fantasy but I'm no whore. Yet, I knew I could never find him on my own.

"Look Jeff, I'll make a deal with you, you find him and give me the information, and I will go out with you. If I have a good time, then I may go to bed with you, but no guarantee."

Sure, he and I both knew he would end up fucking me, and this was nothing more then just a woman's game. So what, he was willing to play it. We both would get what we wanted.

In three days I had where he lived, pictures of him and his family. I knew who his friends were at his work and where he liked to hang out after work to have a drink. Now I could set my plan in motion.

That is how I came to be here, as out of place in this cheap bar, as a nun in a whore house. I knew every male in the house was looking at me, and why not. I had long auburn hair that I spent hours in a salon having it fixed just right for tonight. My nails were long and painted and cost me what these saps made in a week. My body was shaped from all the hours of dancing I did. My clothes were custom made for me and they exposed my two thirty-eight D twins and hinted at the large round globes that strained to break free. I made good money stripping in a top club as well as on tours and treated myself well. Few of these blue collar workers had seen such a classy woman as I. Most couldn't afford to even enter the club I worked at. I most likely made more money in one night then they did in a month.

I was used to being looked at by males so they didn't bother me, in fact I enjoyed it. I know that each of them, was hoping that I would favor them with a night between my long and shapely legs. Other times I might be flattered, but this night I was on the hunt for one person and I was out for revenge for the years of living hell he had given me as a kid.

At five-fifty just as it was starting to get dark, he and some of his work buddies came in and sit down at the bar. They all soon noticed me sitting at the booth alone. I saw but couldn't hear what some of the men, that had approached me, only to be turned away, said to this new group. I am sure they were telling them I was not interested, maybe calling me a stuck up bitch or lesbian. It didn't matter, my sights were set on Tom Peterson and no one else.

It had been years since I had thought of Tom as anything but "him" and it was strange placing the name back onto him. As I looked at the back of his head, I wanted to take the glass of cheap beer and bash his skull in, but this wasn't part of my plan for revenge. I knew him well enough to know that sooner or later he would turn and look at me, and when he did I would be ready when he did. What I had planned for him would haunt him forever.

As I sit and looked at his backside I looked him over. He had filled out more then when he had played football in school, and he had a bit of a paunch in the middle. He wasn't taking care of himself at all, and by the time he was thirty-five I could see his as a fat bald slob sitting in front of the tube watching spots and remembering the time he was a big man. So sad to know that you reached your peak at eighteen and you had fifty years of going down hill to look forward to. I knew I should just get up and leave, time would do the job for me, yet I wanted to see his face as I got my revenge on him personally.

Then the moment I had been waiting for happen. He turned and looked at me. I had been waiting for this. I had my finger on my lips and slowly ran it down the lower lip opening my mouth just slightly. I sucked on my finger as if was a small penis. My eyes were locked to his eyes and I knew he was under my spell. I saw him blush and turned away. Then as if he didn't believe what his eyes had seen the first time, he once again looked toward me. My brown eyes again made eye contact and my ruby lips pucker up in a kiss blown toward him. I knew that he would have a hard cock in his pants by these actions; males are so easy controlled, I thought. Just get them hard and they were yours for life.

I saw he told the bartender something, was given another beer, Tom took the fresh beer as well as the one he had sipped from and came toward me. I saw the other men smile as they expected he would also be shot down just as they were. Good, keep watching boys, I thought. This show is for you as well as him.

"Hi, I'm Sam Morgan. Would you like a fresh beer?" he asked.

"Sure, please sit down Mr. Morgan," as I waved at the open side of the booth. I noticed he gave me a false name but I didn't tell him know I knew his real name.

"I'm Leona," I gave him my stage name.

I saw his friends looking at this in shock. They had never gotten this close to me. But I wanted them to see, and I wanted him to know that hey saw us together. Things were working out for us.

"Nice name, is there a last name?"

I smiled, I could tell I had him hooked just like a fisherman that had hooked a big one, now I had to play him so he wouldn't know he was on my line.

"No, just Leona, it is my professional name when I am on stage, just like Cher or Madonna. Everyone calls me that."

"I never seen you here before, Leona?"

"That because I never been here before, my car had some problem on the way back to the city so I had to stop for repairs. My car will be ready tomorrow morning so this is my one and only night here."

"So you staying close by then?"

Fool, do you thank a lady that is alone in a strange town will just tell a strange man where she is staying, I thought.

"Yes, at the hotel across the street."

"Have you eaten yet?"

"No, are you offering?"

Normal I would not be that forward, but if my plan was to work I had to move fast. He was a bit taken back, but he didn't lose it. I could see he was still a ladies man.

"Sure, I know a great place, but I do need to clean up first and get on some fresh clothes. What say you that we meet back here at six-thirty?"

"Sure, I'll love to," I said as I touched him with two fingers onto his cheek and said, "it's a date." I knew everyone saw this move and he would be the local big shot ladies man for years to come. Good my plan is working. I stood and leaned over and gave him a kiss on his lips. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and our tongues did a playful dance together. I wanted him to know he was going to get lucky tonight. It also showed that he didn't recognized me, I doubted he would have kissed me if he remembered me.

I knew I had changed since the last time he saw me, but in order for my plan to work, he couldn't know who I was, or that we had ever met before.

I stood, and went out the door, but not before turning and giving him a wave and blowing him a kiss from across the room. I saw his friends staring with their open mouths maybe a fly will come in and fly into one of them.

I went to the room in the cheap hotel, and checked that everything was here, it was, so one phone call to make, and then I had to spent at least two hours with Tom. I slipped out of my dress and took the one I had laid out earlier, I put on the show panties, sprayed some more perfume on myself as well as on the light bulb in the room. I knew when we returned my smell would fill the room when the lights were turned on. I checked myself in the mirror to see if I was ready, then, as I waited for my date, I ran the plan over in my head one more time.

At six-forty-five I entered the bar, I made him wait an extra fifteen minutes. I wanted him to sweat a bit as to whether or not I would show up. I knew that when I did show up he would be all the more hotter for me. He and his friends were there and I must say he did clean up well. I had on a even more reveling gown then the dress I wore earlier. It had a built in, push up bra that made my boobs look even larger and fuller. He left his buddies, and came over to me like a puppy dog greeting its master. He kissed my cheek and walked me out the door.

Even though he was more then half way to being a slob, he was still a charmer, and he knew how to treat a woman, whom he wanted to impress into fucking him.

Oh, he was going to get fucked tonight, all right I thought as I smiled at him. I just hoped he would appreciate all the trouble I had gone through for our little date.

I saw he was interested, when I told him I was an exotic dancer, and I could do things with my body that other women couldn't even dream of. I wanted him to know tonight was a sure thing for him. I know all guys think a stripper is a slut, that fucks men for a living. It isn't true. We have families and lives and the dancing is just a job, you have money and we try to get you to give us the money, that is all it is to us.

After dinner, we went dancing, why do guys think a dancer wants to go dancing? By ten my plan was just about complete. I could tell he was hot for me. I had felt his hard cock in his pants as he tried to dry hump me on the dance floor. I excused myself to go to the ladies room, and I made a phone call to see that everything was ready. It was, so I went back out.

"Say lover, let's go to my room and make my one night in your town one we will remember forever?"

He understood my meaning and we were soon on the way back to the hotel. I led him upstairs and gave him the key to unlock the door for me. I had left the table light on, and as soon as the door closed I leaped at him, planting kisses on his lips. He lifted me up and took me to the bed. His hands were all over me, feeling my breasts and legs.

"Wait, I want to give you a private show," I told him as I stood up. I turned on some music, a slow number I enjoyed dancing to. Since this dress was design for stripping I was removing it in a very slow and sexy way. The dress came apart in sections. I watched as he started rubbing his cock as I danced and stripped for him, his eyes locked onto me and every move I made.

His eyes about popped out of his head, when I removed my top exposing my naked boobs. I could easily see the budge in his pants. I smiled and told him he could get comfortable if he wanted. He wasted no time in stripping to his tee shirt and white briefs.

I know how to tease a man, and I was teasing him with everything I had learned as a dancer. I had to get him as horny as I could and I was almost there. I stood in front of him in just my stage panties, his hands on my waist. As I shook myself I pulled apart the velcro sides of the panties and removed them. Now I was in all my female glory, just inches from his face.

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