A Mornings Night

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: As the night turns into the morning , there lust just increases.. The want the need the Desire..

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Desiree was sleeping next to Lara, as the sun hurried toward the horizon. Signaling the start of a new day. The light filtered into the room, as the glow behind the trees slowly increased, Lara's eyes already adjusted to the lessening gloom of night. The room was warm and the covers had long since been kicked off of both of them. Lying on her back, one arm relaxed over her head, the other lay across her belly as she slept.

Lara was laying on her right as she propped up her head on her left hand, elbow between the big feather pillows, and watched Desiree sleep. Her hair was spilled on the pillow beneath her head. Some of it spread over her right shoulder partially covering her pretty breasts. She was a beautiful woman, her beauty causing Lara to pause, not wanting to wake her. Yet wanting her to hold her once again. Lara elected to spend the time before her waking to enjoy looking at her, drinking in her beauty and admiring the sculpted form of her sweet lover.

Desiree's face was a profile that she would keep with her, easily reviewed every time her eyes would close as memory replayed what she saw. Desiree's features were as perfect as she would have made them if constructing herself. Lara did not want to spoil this quiet time of admiring Desiree's body.

Lara leaned closer to her, to the hair that was pooled next to her shoulder, and breathed in the lingering scent of her favorite peaches flavored shampoo. Lara loved the way Desiree treated herself, comforting Lara to know she felt good about herself, treating herself to the little things that made her such a beautiful person, and truly a woman in every sense of the word.

Lara's thoughts drifted to the world outside as a flight of birds headed northward. Along the coast, an early morning flight heading back to their home. The high clouds were beginning to reflect the arrival of the sun.

It seemed to Lara that it was only moments before that their passions were pronounced by cries of ecstasy. They both spoke as they satisfied each other. God, how Lara loved Desiree. Desiree was a woman who Lara could not truly have.

Lara was instantly saddened by those thoughts. They dashed away by the fact that Desiree was really lying next to Lara radiating a warmth that returned her love. Their visit was short, yet was one that belonged to them, their memories, their secret. No one could take that away, and in that sense, Lara did have Desiree, and she had Lara.

Lara's eyes returned to Desiree as she stirred slightly, right hand sliding off of her belly to rest next to her, hand facing palm up, fingers curling slightly. Desiree started to roll toward Lara, then stopped and lay back in her original position. The firmness of her breasts created a perfect appeal. Her nipples were perched nicely as the contour of her breast curved gracefully. The light from the window casting a soft shadow highlighting the sweetness between them. Where Lara often lingered to kiss, and to breathe in the scent of Desiree's body.

The increasing light coming from the window illuminated the soft tiny baby hairs that covered her body, those on her breasts and belly that were normally invisible, yet carried the electricity of their sex to every part of her passion. Lara could see them as the sun continued to approach the horizon, knowing their function, remembering their feel as Lara's tongue and lips caressed her earlier. Lara wanted so badly to touch her, to awaken her, to make love with her, yet Lara did not as she compromised by enjoying her visual exploration.

Desiree's breathing was slow, deep, and regular, causing her chest to rise and fall slowly, a motion that Lara watched in concert with her pretty breasts exposed to the warm air of the room. Her belly moved with her breathing, stretching only slightly as she slept onward. Her bellybutton formed a pool of shadow as the light of the early sun refused to penetrate, Lara imagined the sensation of Desiree's belly rubbing against hers as they made love, their heat and softness contributing to an overwhelming passion.

Lara's visual inspection continued as did Desiree's sleep, Although Lara's will to continued to weaken. Lara's own arousal was beginning to take form. The soft hairs that adorned her mound were the sweetest Lara could find on her body, Kisses having been buried there, Lara's mouth lingering to her enjoyment. The shape of her hips where her pelvis joined made a perfect place to kiss the sweetness on either side of her mound. Leading to the tops of her thighs, and to an even greater sweetness of their insides.

Lara's arousal was increasing as she remembered tasting her, remembered her swiveling her hips slowly as she accepted Lara's mouth and tongue loving her there. Almost on queue, she moved in her sleep again, this time drawing up her right knee along the bed surface, pushing ripples in the bottom sheet. Lara moved away from her so as not to make contact.

Lara lay back on her pillow allowing a long slow sigh to leave her lips. Mind racing with a growing passion, fighting the desire to shake her awake and ravage her with that passion. Again, Lara held back. Again, she went back to her head propped up on hand with her elbow supporting underneath.

As she breathed, her lips parted slightly, accentuating the beauty of her lower lip. Lara's desire to kiss her nearly surpassed her ability to refrain. The point at which she was going to have to wake her up, was fast approaching critical mass.

The beauty of her breasts attracted Lara's attention once more. Prompting Lara to be a little more daring with her early morning exploration. Lara moistened the index finger on her right hand, in her mouth and reached over to trace around Desiree's right nipple. The wetness of Lara finger caused her touch to be smooth and soft as she moistened the Desiree.

Awake or not, Desiree's body responded to Lara's touch with her nipple slowly rising to Lara's soft stimulation. Lara returned her finger to her mouth and then to Desiree's breast to add more wetness, Lara's thumb joining to lightly roll her erect nipple between her index finger. Lara withdrew her hand and looked at Desiree's glistening nipple in the early morning glow. Lara could not stand it any longer.

Lara shifted in the bed so that her arms supported her as she leaned over and gently took her right nipple and breast into her mouth. Slowly Lara drew her tongue along the underside of Desiree's breast upward to and around her hard nipple. As Lara withdrew, her lips closed slowly and firmly, pulling her breast into her mouth with a slight suction, nipple passing from between her lips as contact was broken.

Still, Desiree slept soundly, permission granted to taste her pretty breast once again. Lara leaned over once more and opened her mouth wide to take more of her breast into her mouth, the flat of her tongue slowly swirling against a hard nipple, Lara's warm breath flowing out through her nose as her lips formed a seal around her breast. This time Lara lingered there, tongue licking slowly, enjoying her sweet taste, and enjoying the smooth texture of her breast contrasted with the rough hardness of her erect nipple. Again Lara withdrew, sucking her gently as her lips broke contact.

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