When The Men Come Over

by Brighton

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The boy watches while the men play with his mother.

When the men come over to play with my mom, they let me watch them. My mom doesn't want me to watch and says, "Please, please, please don't let my son watch he's too young he'll be scared." But the men like me and don't think I'm too young. They come over every few weeks or so I think.

My mom has really, really big tits and I think the men come over to play with her because they say they like big tits. And I hear them tell her that they like her big tits. And they like to tickle and play with the rest of her body too. She acts all scared and breathes real funny like she's been working hard and so do the men. And so do I. They lift her tits and squeeze them and sometimes they tickle and pinch her nipples and then her face turns all red and she makes squeaky sounds and her body shakes all over.

Sometimes they take their penises out of their pants and hold her hands behind her back and put their penises between her hands and squish them back and forth. Her tits look a lot bigger when they do that because she's all bent over and her tits hang down and wobble. That's when they open her blouse and pull her brassiere off

When her tits are hanging down like that, the men like to push her nipples way deep into her big tits with their fingers till you can't see her nipples anymore then they pull their fingers out real fast and the nipples pop out. And then they push her nipples right back in again. That makes all the men laugh real loud. She doesn't like it though I think.

My mom says the men are friends of the man we pay rent to and that this is how we pay the rent because we ran out of money.

She sure cries a lot when the men come over and they touch her but the men laugh and I don't know what to do so I just watch. She has her eyes shut tight most of the time but sometimes when they squeeze her nipples real hard she opens her eyes real wide and screams real loud and the men laugh real loud and sometimes I cry when they do that to her. And when the men see me crying they laugh even louder and say, "It's OK sonny we're just playing a game with your mommy."

My dad is never home when the men come because he is out looking for work. So he never gets to watch like I do. I don't know if he would think what the men do to her is fun to watch.

My mom sure cries and hollers a lot when the men are playing with her big tits and other parts of her body and she'll talk to God and say, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh Jesus don't! Not with the boy in the room!"

Sometimes two men come over and sometimes a lot of men come into our house. When a lot of men walk in they holler, "Time to pay the rent." and my mom always cries, "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" and runs around the house to get away from them. The men just stand there and watch her run around the house and try to hide because they know she can't get away and that they always find where she's hiding.

They get silly too like they're playing hide and seek or something and say stuff like, " Where are you pretty lady? Where are you? We're gonna get you pretty lady! We're gonna get you!"

While she is crying and running all around the house trying to find a hiding place, all of the men take off their clothes. Then when all of their clothes and their underwear and everything are off they find her and bring her back.

Then they hold her and take off all of her clothes. Then when all of her clothes are off and she is all bare, all the men rub her all over her bare body and she stands there shaking while they do that to her.

The men are all so busy as they each touch different parts of her body, all of them rubbing and touching and tickling her at the same time and tell her how pretty she is.

She squeals and stuff when a mans fingers goes between her legs and twirls his fingers around and around in the hair that grows there. Her legs start shaking then and her knees wobble and bend and when they do the man will kneel in front of her, put his mouth on the hair between her legs and kiss her there and tickle her with his tongue and push his finger all the way past her hair and up into her body till I can't see his finger anymore. Then he tickles her inside her body. Then he pulls it out. And then he puts it back in again over and over and over and keeps licking her.

Then he starts doing it really, really fast and my mom just jumps up and down like she's trying to get away again but she can't because the other men are holding her real tight and so she has to stay there and let him do that to her. The men call this a finger fuck and when she's getting a finger fuck she always says, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" and her face gets really, really red and her body shakes all over even though the other men are holding her.

Some of the men suck on her big tits and say to her that she has really nice big tits and how they love it when her nipples get stiff and all the while they are saying that to her she's getting a finger fuck between her legs. And then some of the men stick their tongues in her ears real deep and whisper to her but I can't hear what they say but I think it's about how pretty she is and about how much they love her.

When all the men are all doing something to her all at once she starts to cry real loud with her mouth wide open like she did when my Grampa died and she was so sad about it and her face is full of tears. When she does that and her mouth is open real wide the men lick her tears off her face and spit them into her mouth. That makes her spit them out but they keep on spitting them back in and sometimes she throws up all their spit and that makes the men laugh.

And all the while they are laughing and spitting into her mouth she is still getting a finger fuck and jiggling all over. Her tits really bounce up and down a lot when they do this and so the men will slap them up and down real hard so they bounce even more. I guess it really hurts when they slap her tits because she blubbers and screams really loud and her tits get all red and swollen.

I don't think she likes having a finger fuck either especially when another man puts a finger inside her too and she's getting a finger fuck by two men at the same time while her tits are being slapped. The men like it though. I can tell.

They also seem to like it when she throws up on her self and it drips down her chest and makes her tits all slippery and gooey. The men don't seem to mind touching her throw up as they rub it into her tits and on her belly. They just rub it around and around and around all over her bare body. They don't even think it yukky but I do.

When their penises start getting bigger, they put her on the coffee table on her back so her head hangs down from the edge of the table and she always screams, "No! Not that! Please don't do that to me!"

But sure enough, every time, some man kneels by her upside down head and holds his big penis in front of her face and swishes it back and forth over her lips and says, "Open up honey. Open your pretty mouth pretty lady". She really hates that because she has a real little mouth and her lips are very thin so she keeps her little mouth closed real tight. But every time she does that, the men holding her kneel down by her tits and bite her nipples so hard that she opens her mouth and screams.

Then the man by her face puts his penis inside her mouth real quick and even though she is still screaming, I can hardly hear her anymore because his penis is all the way inside her face.

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