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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two best friends decide that when they are married they must have some wife swapping parties, but then they end up marrying each other's sisters.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, the middle of August, in a rented country holiday house, miles from anywhere in the beautiful Cotswolds. Nine people were sat in the main lounge, all of them naked, and even the briefest of glances would have told any observer that most if not all of them had very recently had sex.

There were four men and five women, of varying ages, ranging from the late forties to the late teens. A longer look would have told our observer that the four eldest, two men in their late forties and two women in their mid forties, were almost certainly married couples, and that the five younger ones, two boys and three girls, all late teens and early twenties were probably their offspring. What no amount of observation alone could have revealed, was that although they were indeed married couples, each was married to the others sibling. In both cases, the husband of one couple and the wife of the other, were brother and sister. Each of the five youngsters was, blood related to all four of the older ones. Yet inescapably, there had been recent sex in that room, and most, if not all, had participated.

Inside the room, things had quite definitely calmed down from just a few minutes earlier when orgasmic cries could have been heard from all nine participants. It was obvious that they were settling down for some sort of tale.

Let us introduce our characters. The two men in the room were Frank and Andy, both forty eight, and the best of friends for many years. Andy's wife and Frank's sister was Jennifer, forty six, while Sophie, Frank's wife and Andy's sister, was forty five. The eldest of their five 'children' was Marion, now twenty two, Sophie's eldest daughter. Just a year younger than her, was her sister Rachel, twenty one, and her cousin, Jennifer's son, Craig, also twenty one, and just three days younger than Rachel. His younger sister was Traci, almost twenty, whilst five months younger than that was Sophie's son Brian. There was a silence in the room right at this moment, but it was an expectant silence.

"Okay," said Frank after a long while, "if everyone gets comfortable, I guess I'll start."

There was a general uncomfortable shuffling amongst the youngsters at first, but Jennifer held her hand out to her son, a gentle smile on her face. Craig looked gratefully at her, and slid towards his mother, sitting on the floor, his back to the settee. Jennifer took hold of her sons prick, caressed it for a few moments until it was fairly firm, and then slid it gently inside her for only the second time ever, and sat down carefully on his lap. Sophie, having the choice of her husband, her brother, or her son, also chose her son, and a few moments later Brian was lying flat out on the other sofa, his mother gently swaying to and fro on his cock.

Marion, who unknown to the other younger ones up until this point, had been fucking her father and uncle for over a year now, declined her fathers cock, and it was left to Rachel to slide onto Frank's huge erection, whilst the diminutive Traci sat gingerly onto Andy's lap, feeling her father's fat cock slide snugly once more into her damp vagina.

"Everyone comfortable?" asked Jennifer.

There was a chorus of affirmatives from around the floor, but Jennifer saw Marion's face and took hold of her hand, pulling her niece closer, gently stroking the younger girl. Craig, a little in love with his older cousin, joined in, and a few moments later Jennifer pulled free of her son, and instead guided Marion onto her cousins cock. This was the first time together for the cousins, and for a short while, both young people paid more attention to each other than to what Frank was telling them.

As Frank's story unfolded, with occasional interjections from the others, the four older people used the words of the story to remind themselves of the strange beginnings that had finally led to todays amazing experience.

Frank and Andy met on the first day of basic training in the army when they were both seventeen, and had gone on to become the firmest of friends, spending twelve years in the same regiment, always within the same company. They worked so well together that they were often known as tweedledum and tweedledee, though their actual nicknames were 'Mad' (Frank), and 'Crazy' (Andy).

They were crazy together when off duty, and once, when they attended the same brothel in Hong Kong, strictly against all the regimental rules of course, they shared a room with two girls and spent most of the night sharing the girls, swapping them about. Afterwards, slightly drunk, and both well satisfied, they had agreed that when they got married, they would have to have a wife swapping party, 'as it would be fun'. The following morning, they looked at each other, burst into laughter, and from then on, their ambition was to have a wife swapping party. What neither knew at the time though, was that a little over two years later, at a medal ceremony for service and bravery whilst on United Nations peace keeping duties, each would start dating the others sister.

Jennifer was Frank's sister and three years younger than him, Sophie was Andy's. Sophie was a year younger than Jennifer and had short curly blonde hair, and naturally large breasts, while Jennifer had long dark hair that was wavy rather than curly, and which she usually let grow down to below her waist, sometimes as far as her buttocks. She had very small breasts which she was secretly a little ashamed of, but which Andy loved as they were so sensitive.

Although each man had met the others family before, neither had really noticed the others sister, but now, at a very posh do in the corporals mess, each became enchanted by the others sister. Frank and Sophie were married first barely eight months after meeting, Andy and Jennifer, never Jenny, were married four months later, both marriages very strongly against the wishes of both sets of parents. At this point they each had five more years to serve, and both had intended re enlisting and serving for a total of twenty three years if they could. However, circumstances soon combined to make them change their minds.

About eighteen months after Frank's wedding, the two men were sitting in the NAAFI bar on the base in Germany, waiting for their wives. Frank looked wistfully down at his beer.

"You know, we've cocked it up."

"What d'ya mean?" Normally Andy understood his friend, but this time he was confused.

"We were going to have wife swapping parties, but we married the wrong people."

"Oh. Yeah. So we did." Andy laughed. "Actually, I reckon Jennifer would go for it anyway. Not with you and Sophie, but I reckon she'd easily be up for it."

"Yeah?" Frank wasn't really interested in hearing about his sisters sexual preferences, but was wondering whether Sophie might. On balance probably not, but you never knew. That night all four got quite drunk. The two women didn't understand why, but both could tell that their husbands were maudlin, yet not really depressed. They couldn't tell what the matter was, and that in turn worried, and even irritated, them.

"What were you talking about before we got here?" Sophie eventually asked in desperation.

"Fantasies," said Frank shortly, answering only because the alcohol had loosened his inhibitions. "Impossible fantasies."

"What? You mean like screwing Cindy Crawford?" asked Jennifer tartly.

"No," answered Andy absently. "Wife swapping and crap like that."

"Wife swapping?" Jennifer looked shocked. "With whom?"

"No one. That's why its an impossible fantasy."

Sophie looked confused. "Why impossible?"

"'Cos we both married the wrong people."

Andy looked up and qualified his friends statement. "A long time ago, while we were in Hong Kong, we made a stupid pact. One that we can't keep." Again it was something he would never have said if he hadn't been slightly drunk. He smiled slightly, even the alcohol not repressing the fact that it was a daft thing to have said. "One we should never have made, never have even thought of."

"Mmm," nodded Frank.

"And that's depressing you?" Sophie looked cross. "You wanted to screw someone else's wife didn't you? You men!" She said angrily. "All you think about is bloody sex!"

She crossed her arms and sat back, fuming. Jennifer looked a little surprised at first, annoyance starting to show in her face, but all of a sudden she began to laugh. "And what do you find funny?" Sophie asked.

"I think you missed the point," gasped Jennifer. "They wanted to screw each others wives," Jennifer was bent double now, having to force her words out, she was laughing so much. "And look at who they married? Each others sister! Virtually the only person they wouldn't be able to swap with." A combination of the alcohol and Jennifer's laughter soon had the other three laughing like drains as they finally saw the funny side.

Eventually they stopped laughing, it was hurting too much. "That was worth far more than any real wife swapping," whispered Frank, and within moments they were off again.

They continued to drink, but not as fast, and their evident good humour, and the ease with which they all began to laugh had people all around staring at them in wonder. The two girls weren't quite such good friends as their men folk were, but for all that got on well together, so when married quarters had been allocated, they had requested, and received, adjacent apartments. That evening, the stares they were receiving from the others in the bar made them decide to leave early. They sat around in Andy's apartment, drinking and laughing even more.

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