by starfiend

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two best friends decide that when they are married they must have some wife swapping parties, but then they end up marrying each other's sisters.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, the middle of August, in a rented country holiday house, miles from anywhere in the beautiful Cotswolds. Nine people were sat in the main lounge, all of them naked, and even the briefest of glances would have told any observer that most if not all of them had very recently had sex.

There were four men and five women, of varying ages, ranging from the late forties to the late teens. A longer look would have told our observer that the four eldest, two men in their late forties and two women in their mid forties, were almost certainly married couples, and that the five younger ones, two boys and three girls, all late teens and early twenties were probably their offspring. What no amount of observation alone could have revealed, was that although they were indeed married couples, each was married to the others sibling. In both cases, the husband of one couple and the wife of the other, were brother and sister. Each of the five youngsters was, blood related to all four of the older ones. Yet inescapably, there had been recent sex in that room, and most, if not all, had participated.

Inside the room, things had quite definitely calmed down from just a few minutes earlier when orgasmic cries could have been heard from all nine participants. It was obvious that they were settling down for some sort of tale.

Let us introduce our characters. The two men in the room were Frank and Andy, both forty eight, and the best of friends for many years. Andy's wife and Frank's sister was Jennifer, forty six, while Sophie, Frank's wife and Andy's sister, was forty five. The eldest of their five 'children' was Marion, now twenty two, Sophie's eldest daughter. Just a year younger than her, was her sister Rachel, twenty one, and her cousin, Jennifer's son, Craig, also twenty one, and just three days younger than Rachel. His younger sister was Traci, almost twenty, whilst five months younger than that was Sophie's son Brian. There was a silence in the room right at this moment, but it was an expectant silence.

"Okay," said Frank after a long while, "if everyone gets comfortable, I guess I'll start."

There was a general uncomfortable shuffling amongst the youngsters at first, but Jennifer held her hand out to her son, a gentle smile on her face. Craig looked gratefully at her, and slid towards his mother, sitting on the floor, his back to the settee. Jennifer took hold of her sons prick, caressed it for a few moments until it was fairly firm, and then slid it gently inside her for only the second time ever, and sat down carefully on his lap. Sophie, having the choice of her husband, her brother, or her son, also chose her son, and a few moments later Brian was lying flat out on the other sofa, his mother gently swaying to and fro on his cock.

Marion, who unknown to the other younger ones up until this point, had been fucking her father and uncle for over a year now, declined her fathers cock, and it was left to Rachel to slide onto Frank's huge erection, whilst the diminutive Traci sat gingerly onto Andy's lap, feeling her father's fat cock slide snugly once more into her damp vagina.

"Everyone comfortable?" asked Jennifer.

There was a chorus of affirmatives from around the floor, but Jennifer saw Marion's face and took hold of her hand, pulling her niece closer, gently stroking the younger girl. Craig, a little in love with his older cousin, joined in, and a few moments later Jennifer pulled free of her son, and instead guided Marion onto her cousins cock. This was the first time together for the cousins, and for a short while, both young people paid more attention to each other than to what Frank was telling them.

As Frank's story unfolded, with occasional interjections from the others, the four older people used the words of the story to remind themselves of the strange beginnings that had finally led to todays amazing experience.

Frank and Andy met on the first day of basic training in the army when they were both seventeen, and had gone on to become the firmest of friends, spending twelve years in the same regiment, always within the same company. They worked so well together that they were often known as tweedledum and tweedledee, though their actual nicknames were 'Mad' (Frank), and 'Crazy' (Andy).

They were crazy together when off duty, and once, when they attended the same brothel in Hong Kong, strictly against all the regimental rules of course, they shared a room with two girls and spent most of the night sharing the girls, swapping them about. Afterwards, slightly drunk, and both well satisfied, they had agreed that when they got married, they would have to have a wife swapping party, 'as it would be fun'. The following morning, they looked at each other, burst into laughter, and from then on, their ambition was to have a wife swapping party. What neither knew at the time though, was that a little over two years later, at a medal ceremony for service and bravery whilst on United Nations peace keeping duties, each would start dating the others sister.

Jennifer was Frank's sister and three years younger than him, Sophie was Andy's. Sophie was a year younger than Jennifer and had short curly blonde hair, and naturally large breasts, while Jennifer had long dark hair that was wavy rather than curly, and which she usually let grow down to below her waist, sometimes as far as her buttocks. She had very small breasts which she was secretly a little ashamed of, but which Andy loved as they were so sensitive.

Although each man had met the others family before, neither had really noticed the others sister, but now, at a very posh do in the corporals mess, each became enchanted by the others sister. Frank and Sophie were married first barely eight months after meeting, Andy and Jennifer, never Jenny, were married four months later, both marriages very strongly against the wishes of both sets of parents. At this point they each had five more years to serve, and both had intended re enlisting and serving for a total of twenty three years if they could. However, circumstances soon combined to make them change their minds.

About eighteen months after Frank's wedding, the two men were sitting in the NAAFI bar on the base in Germany, waiting for their wives. Frank looked wistfully down at his beer.

"You know, we've cocked it up."

"What d'ya mean?" Normally Andy understood his friend, but this time he was confused.

"We were going to have wife swapping parties, but we married the wrong people."

"Oh. Yeah. So we did." Andy laughed. "Actually, I reckon Jennifer would go for it anyway. Not with you and Sophie, but I reckon she'd easily be up for it."

"Yeah?" Frank wasn't really interested in hearing about his sisters sexual preferences, but was wondering whether Sophie might. On balance probably not, but you never knew. That night all four got quite drunk. The two women didn't understand why, but both could tell that their husbands were maudlin, yet not really depressed. They couldn't tell what the matter was, and that in turn worried, and even irritated, them.

"What were you talking about before we got here?" Sophie eventually asked in desperation.

"Fantasies," said Frank shortly, answering only because the alcohol had loosened his inhibitions. "Impossible fantasies."

"What? You mean like screwing Cindy Crawford?" asked Jennifer tartly.

"No," answered Andy absently. "Wife swapping and crap like that."

"Wife swapping?" Jennifer looked shocked. "With whom?"

"No one. That's why its an impossible fantasy."

Sophie looked confused. "Why impossible?"

"'Cos we both married the wrong people."

Andy looked up and qualified his friends statement. "A long time ago, while we were in Hong Kong, we made a stupid pact. One that we can't keep." Again it was something he would never have said if he hadn't been slightly drunk. He smiled slightly, even the alcohol not repressing the fact that it was a daft thing to have said. "One we should never have made, never have even thought of."

"Mmm," nodded Frank.

"And that's depressing you?" Sophie looked cross. "You wanted to screw someone else's wife didn't you? You men!" She said angrily. "All you think about is bloody sex!"

She crossed her arms and sat back, fuming. Jennifer looked a little surprised at first, annoyance starting to show in her face, but all of a sudden she began to laugh. "And what do you find funny?" Sophie asked.

"I think you missed the point," gasped Jennifer. "They wanted to screw each others wives," Jennifer was bent double now, having to force her words out, she was laughing so much. "And look at who they married? Each others sister! Virtually the only person they wouldn't be able to swap with." A combination of the alcohol and Jennifer's laughter soon had the other three laughing like drains as they finally saw the funny side.

Eventually they stopped laughing, it was hurting too much. "That was worth far more than any real wife swapping," whispered Frank, and within moments they were off again.

They continued to drink, but not as fast, and their evident good humour, and the ease with which they all began to laugh had people all around staring at them in wonder. The two girls weren't quite such good friends as their men folk were, but for all that got on well together, so when married quarters had been allocated, they had requested, and received, adjacent apartments. That evening, the stares they were receiving from the others in the bar made them decide to leave early. They sat around in Andy's apartment, drinking and laughing even more.

It was Sophie, in a drunken moment, who made the fateful suggestion that would change their lives forever. "Maybe we should," she giggled. "It'd be a laugh. The four of us."

Jennifer screamed with laughter and promptly tried to take off her dress, but was too drunk, and all she succeeded in doing was getting caught in it. Frank lurched upright to help her while Sophie sat on Andy's lap, squirming her bottom into her brothers crotch. Andy just grinned, not really sure what was happening, and by now far too drunk to really take in the fact that his sister was on his lap. He put his arms around her waist and tried to kiss her. Sophie was sober enough to know exactly what she was doing, but also drunk enough to not care. She kissed her brother hard, pushing her large breasts into his chest, and when Andy's hands began playing with them, and then sliding up her legs, underneath her skirt, she just giggled and let him carry on.

Frank was fully aware of what was happening. He'd never fancied his sister, and had never been curious about her sex life, but he did recognise that she was extremely attractive. His inhibitions removed by the alcohol, he helped her untangle herself, and then began to fondle her, kissing her small bra-less breasts and causing her to gasp in pleasure.

It took a while with the laughter and the alcohol, but soon all four were undressed. Andy was far too drunk to get hard, so after a while Sophie came back to her husband. Frank had managed to get hard, but only just, which was a relief as Sophie was not fully aroused when she sat on his prick. Jennifer carefully sat on her brothers face, and made him lick her out, giggling uncontrollably, and very excited. No one actually came, they were all too drunk for true arousal, but both women allowed their brothers to fondle and kiss them all over, Sophie getting just as big a kick out of having her brothers face in her crotch as Jennifer had had earlier. Both women tried to get their brothers prick inside them, but neither man could get hard enough. Eventually Jennifer did manage to get her brothers prick inside her, but he remained almost completely flaccid, despite all her efforts to arouse him further. Sophie just screamed with laughter, the sight of her husband and his sister fucking, albeit rather unsuccessfully, she found so funny in her drunken state. By twelve, all four were virtually asleep, but Jennifer managed to stagger off to the bedroom and dragged two huge duvets out, which she draped over everyone as they lay exhausted on the living room floor.

Six o'clock the following morning the alarm clock woke them all up. Both men had been curled up with their sisters rather than their wives, and at first all looked apprehensive. In each mind was the thought, "did we really do it?" None could remember for certain.

"Since we don't know for certain," Sophie said after a few moments, "the only way to be certain, is to do it." With that, she pushed Andy on to his back and began to lick his shrunken cock. Andy looked at his sister in amazement, but then began to erect hard, and all thoughts of shame and worry left him.

Jennifer looked at her brother, and in a moment of recklessness, kissed him hard, taking hold of his cock and wanking him. She rolled onto her back, taking Frank with her, and spread her legs wide. As Sophie straddled her brother, and fed his hard prick into her suddenly sopping wet pussy, Frank grabbed his sister, kissed her hard and slammed his cock into her. Jennifer gasped and wrapped her legs around her brothers waist.

For three or four minutes they all just fucked in silence, all of them getting the biggest kick they had ever got from sex in their lives. All four climaxed in varying degrees, but then a more distant alarm, next door, could be heard. Andy looked up at the clock over his head. "I'm sorry," he said quietly, almost apologetically, "but me an' Frank have got to go."

Sophie slid off her brother and gave his prick a quick kiss. "Go on," she grinned. Andy blew her a kiss and walked off into the bathroom.

Frank pulled slowly free of his sister's body, and kissed her gently. "Thank you," he whispered. Then "I'm sorry." He lowered his eyes, a bit of embarrassment showing in his eyes. "Actually, I'm not sorry about what we just did," he said after a few moments.

Jennifer looked at her older brother and grinned. "I'm sure we'll do it again sometime. Somewhere more comfortable. Now go, 'cos I want to fuck my husband before work."

Frank and Sophie got quickly dressed, slipping on the bare minimum to be able to go out into the hall and next door without any adverse comments if they were seen.

Shortly all four were in their own respective showers, fucking their own spouse. The men were due on parade at seven, and both got there with seconds to spare, neither looking at, or speaking to, the person who was nominally their best friend.

The two women on the other hand spent the rest of the morning in Jennifer's kitchen, both skipping work for the day, and talking. They were completely open and frank with each other. Both had got a big kick out of fucking their own brother, though neither would have been able to do it if the other hadn't been there.

"But will it ever happen again?" Asked Sophie. "I heard what you said to Frank, but will we really?"

"Do we want to? Was it really good enough? Was it exciting enough to want, to need, to do it again?" asked Jennifer.

Both women began to grin. "Yeah," they both said together.

"Okay. When?" Asked Sophie.

"We can't do it here. It'd soon get out, the army's too close knit a society. It'd have to be on holiday."

Sophie nodded her agreement. "We should arrange a joint holiday. Go to the sun somewhere, and bonk our brains out."

Jennifer giggled. "Yeah, I like that. Had you had any plans for next summer?"

"No. We've been saying for a while we should go somewhere hot, but apart from that we've done sod all."

"Hmm. When does Frank have his next seventy two hour pass?"

"Not sure. Couple of weekends time I think. Why?"

"I think Andy's is about the same time, I know they normally try and get them at the same time. We normally head back to the UK and go visit families, I don't know why, both sets are always trying to split us up, but we go anyway." She sighed as Sophie nodded her agreement. "How about this time we meet up somewhere and try and arrange a proper holiday?"

"Why wait until we get back to the UK. There's travel agencies in Germany as well."

Jennifer smiled. "Ah. Well I just happen to know that the regiment is transferring back to the UK in four months. So we'd have to travel from there anyway."

"How'd you find that out?"

"I do work part time in the adjutants office."

"Oh. Yeah. You've never said anything about what happens there."

"I'm discreet. If anything should come out, it would be one of the two civvies who work there who would get it in the neck first, so neither of us talks. This is a special case though. I do know more than I've told you, but I'd rather not actually say any more. In any case, most of the details will be posted in about six to eight weeks anyway, and a movement order will go out in four days time. You'd have found out basically what I just told you then."

"Oh. Right." Sophie looked a little nonplussed. "I guess we'll have to wait until we're back in the UK. Of course," she grinned. "There's no reason why I couldn't go back earlier, and try and sort something out before hand. I only work in the sergeants kitchen, so I can get time out easily enough."

Jennifer shook her head. "Nice idea, but it would be better if we were all together so that we can sort it all out in one go."

"Okay. It was just an idea. What do you reckon the boys are thinking about right now?"

Jennifer shrugged. God knows. Either trying not to think about it, or talking it over as we've done, but in a more roundabout fashion. You know what men are like."

In fact she was wrong.

Both men were in fact thinking very hard about what had happened, and both had permanent semi erections. Fortunately no one else noticed, but for once the two men kept quite apart, unsure what the others reaction might be. The other men in the platoon noticed the distance the two supposed friends were keeping, and guessed that they'd had a serious fight. In fact both were having similar thoughts, both were a little jealous, but at the same time both wanted to fuck their own sister again, and each wanted to watch both their wife and their sister being fucked by someone else.

By knocking off time both had got over their worries, a tentative approach from Frank had not been rebuffed by Andy, and both were relieved that it had not destroyed their friendship. Instead of heading to the NAAFI, as they usually did, or to the corporals mess, they both headed into town and into the first bar they came across. The bar keeper was not very pleased to see them, and ordered them into the darkest recesses of the room, only allowing them to stay because they both ordered soft drinks and paid up front.

The two men talked quietly for about half an hour, fully aware that there were some less than friendly eyes on them from the local Germans, though no trouble was made. Although they were more circumspect and roundabout than their wives had been, both admitted that they wanted to repeat the experience. Neither was sure what their wives would say, so just before eight they headed home again to find out.

There was a note on Frank's door. "With Jennifer. Sophie." He read out. He took down the note and showed it to Andy.

"Okay. Come on in."

They went in to find that the table was laid for four people, with wine and candles, and a lot of steam coming from the kitchen. Jennifer came out at the sound of the front door. She grinned at them.

"You're a little earlier than we expected, come on in." She gave first her husband, then her brother a kiss. Sophie came out a moment later, carrying a spatula.

"Dinner'll be about ten minutes. The gravy's only just gone on, but there's some garlic bread first. That'll be a few seconds." She also kissed first her husband, then her brother, before vanishing back into the kitchen, Jennifer following her.

Frank and Andy looked at each other, and then grinned. "Looks like we might get our wish after all," said Andy. "Do you want a drink?"

"Yeah. 'Ang on. I've got a bottle of apfelkorn next door. I'll go get it." Jennifer came out of the kitchen again at that moment, carrying some plates with the garlic bread on.

"No," she said. "We're having one bottle of wine between the four of us for this evening, and that's all. Okay?"

"Uh. Right. Okay."

"Good. Sit down. This is hot now."

Over the excellent meal, Sophie and Jennifer told their husbands and brothers what they had decided. Andy and Frank agreed whole heartedly, and by the end of the meal, they had come to a tentative agreement that they would look for a holiday in somewhere like the Bahamas or Jamaica.

Afterwards they spent a long while on the two couches, one had been moved from next door, their arms around their respective spouses, talking about what had happened, why, what they had felt, and anything else that came into their minds. There was even a bit of gentle kissing, and when Frank slid his hand up Sophie's skirt, and stroked his wife's thighs, no one objected. About ten, Jennifer got up to make some coffee. Sophie helped her to bring it in, and then both women, quite deliberately, sat down next to their brother rather than their husband. At first both men were startled and uncomfortable, but each woman just wrapped her arms around her brother exactly as she had around her husband, and soon the men had relaxed again. It wasn't long before the gentle kissing started again.

After about fifteen minutes of this, it was Jennifer who took the lead. "This will be the last time this ever happens while we're on army property." She lifted off her dress to reveal a simple pair of silk panties and sat on her brothers lap, kissing him slowly but firmly. Frank responded eagerly, his hands stroking his sisters back, buttocks, and finally her tiny, sensitive, breasts.

Sophie followed suit, revealing what her husband had often referred to as her armour plated bra supporting her large breasts, and extremely skimpy knickers. She began to undress her brother almost immediately, and it took just five minutes more for Andy and Sophie to start fucking, but Frank and Jennifer were still kissing, still in their underwear, Frank's hand only just beginning to slide into his sisters panties.

Andy filled his sisters cunny with his spunk, just as he watched his wife slowly sit on her brothers erect cock, slowly guiding it into her as she sat down. The sight of his wife fucking her own brother not ten feet away had him hard again in moments, to Sophie's evident delight. What surprised Andy though, was that he got more aroused watching Frank and Jennifer fucking, than he got fucking his own sister, delightful though that was. He couldn't decide what it was that turned him on particularly, watching his wife fucking someone else, watching his best mate fuck his wife, or the fact that he was watching a brother and sister fucking. He finally came to the conclusion that it was a combination of all three.

Frank and Jennifer were wholly occupied with themselves, paying no attention to their spouses across the room and in that respect they were the exact opposite of Andy, getting far more aroused fucking each other, than they did watching the others. After about half an hour the two women swapped back to their own partners, all four feeling the difference between sibling and spouse. Not better, nor worse, simply different. They swapped a couple more times during the evening, both men fucking their sisters twice and their wives once each over a three hour period, finally getting home and to their own bed's shortly before one in the morning.

That first evening was such a resounding success, and all four were so delighted with it, that they came together the following evening, despite their original decision about never doing it again on army property. This time they started much earlier and there was little build up, and by half past seven Jennifer had her brothers cock in her mouth, while his mouth and tongue were doing incredible things to her pussy. Andy and Sophie, both naked, watched them, kissing gently as their spouses writhed on the floor. Ten minutes later, as Frank fed his erect cock into his sisters sopping wet pussy, Sophie finally straddled her brother, driving his huge prick into her. They didn't stop until close to midnight, by which time not one of the four had more than glanced at their own spouse. The entire evening having been dominated, for all four of them, by their own sibling.

After that, although there was much petting, kissing and fondling, they kept all of their wonderful incestuous lovemaking for their holidays. There was one single exception about a year after their first contact. The regiment had been moved back to their home barracks in the north of England, and both couples now lived off base, but unfortunately about a mile apart. One Saturday afternoon, quite by accident, Frank and Jennifer bumped into each other in the supermarket. They pecked each other on the cheek, and fell to talking.

Both knew that Sophie had had to go rushing back to her mothers because she'd had an accident, and they also knew that Andy had been unable to get away as he'd been on a training course.

"Andy's at home doing some gardening at the moment. He got back from his course an hour or so ago, but was too revved up to go to bed." said Jennifer. She lowered her voice, "he's not expecting me for another few hours."

Frank gaped for a moment at his sister. "Okay." He said after he'd got his wits back. "Would you like to come back to my place?" he whispered.

"Of course."

They very quickly finished their shopping and within an hour were tucked up together in Frank's bed. Frank had long since found that his sister's taller, more slender body was much more of a physical turn on than his wife's shorter more rounded figure, and he lived for the times when he could touch her, play with her, fuck her. They made love for over an hour, both coming to more than one delicious climax, before getting dressed and heading into the garden to sit in the sun. It was just as well they did so, because about twenty minutes later, Andy came round, wanting to invite his best mate out for a drink. Frank and Jennifer had tall glasses of home made lemonade in front of them, and to Andy's eyes they had probably been sitting like that for hours, so he made the obvious assumption that nothing had happened. In fact, even if he had known, it wouldn't have bothered him in the slightest, but to keep matters simple, Frank and Jennifer let him think nothing had happened.

"Sophie rang just after you went out. She said she won't be back until the day after tomorrow. So why don't you come and stay with Jennifer and me?" He lowered his voice and then grinned. "There's plenty of room in the bed."

Jennifer felt her already damp pussy swell and get even wetter at the thought, but Frank shook his head. "No. I thought I'd get the lounge painted today and tomorrow, while she's away. I haven't started it yet, so I'd sort of planned on doing it this evening."

"Oh well, coming for a drink now?"

"Yeah, why not. Jennifer?"

Jennifer smiled at her brother. "No. Not just yet. I might join you later though." She looked at her husband. "Where are you going?"

Andy shrugged. "Probably the dun cow."

"Okay. Might see you later. Jennifer walked through the house to her car, Frank and Andy just behind her. They stopped her just before she could open the front door, and Frank picked up his sister and kissed her, hard, fondling her bum as he did so. She felt his erection against her belly and giggled.

"We'll have to do something about that." She put her hand down and stroked her brothers erection. Andy just grinned as he watched his wife and her brother fondling each other quite openly and explicitly right in front of him.

Frank gave his sister one last kiss and put her down again. "See you later." He put one hand lightly to her denim clad crotch, but Jennifer just laughed and opened the front door. Much as she wanted to make love to her brother again, she had things to do. In any case, the four of them were going on holiday together again in a little over a months time, and they should have a lot of time for that then.

None of the four was in love, or indeed ever really fell in love, with their sibling, but this closeness brought the four of them together in a way none of them had ever expected, and their sex lives grew and grew, even, especially, with their own spouse.

All four were very different in the way they had reacted to their new found eroticism. Although Andy loved screwing his big breasted sister, mauling and playing with her breasts in a way he was unable to with his much smaller breasted wife, even fucking her cleavage occasionally, it was always Jennifer, his wife, he felt more comfortable with. On the other hand, he could tell that his sister was actually reacting to him and learning from him, more than from her own husband, which secretly quite pleased him. He could never get enough of watching Frank and Jennifer screw, and watching Frank and Sophie screw was nearly as exciting. He soon realised he was very much a voyeur, enjoying taking part, but preferring to watch.

Jennifer and Frank on the other hand were completely comfortable with each other right from the start, enjoying the physical sex with each other just as much as with their respective spouses. Frank never felt more than fraternal love for his sister, but fucking her, making her orgasm, was the most exciting thing he knew simply because she was his sister. For him it was the very fact that she was his sister that drew him on. He loved watching her make love, whether to him or to her husband, and while he quite enjoyed watching his wife have one of her squealing orgasms whilst impaled on her brother's prick, it wasn't the same thing as actually fucking his own sister.

Jennifer was a little bit in love with her brother, but for her the real pleasure was just feeling the difference between her brother and her husband, having two men vie for her favours. As Andy had guessed right from the start, Jennifer would have been up for wife swapping with very little prompting. She adored sex and for her simply fucking someone other than her husband, with his consent, was the overriding factor, the fact that it was her brother she was fucking, simply added that extra bit of highly enjoyable spice.

Sophie was by far and away the least skilled at sex, the only one of the four to have been a virgin on her wedding night. She knew her brother particularly liked her breasts, and she in turn particularly liked his much fatter cock than her husbands, but in the end, like her brother, she too preferred her own spouse to her sibling because of her natural shyness. She adored Frank almost to distraction, and was the only one of the four to ever feel even slightly jealous. But she wanted her husband to be happy, and if that included letting him have sex with his sister, while she in turn had sex with her own brother, she was more than willing to oblige. Surprisingly, she also found that it was Andy, her brother, who taught her to truly enjoy sex for its own sake, and though she liked watching Andy screw his wife, it took a while for her to truly enjoy watching Frank and Jennifer fuck. For all her uncertainties and insecurities though, she wouldn't have changed anything.

Frank and Andy left the army as soon as possible, though it took them another three years to work out the rest of their service. That one incident, and what had resulted from it had made them both completely turn their backs on the army, and neither ever regretted the decision for a moment.

The four of them went on holiday together for many years afterwards, and every time at least one complete night would be spent alone with their sibling, and another one or two with all four together. Neither man ever got tired of making love to his sister, and the women found that having their brother moving inside them, brought them closer to both their husband as well as their brother.

When the men were discharged, the four went on an extended holiday, and fucked themselves silly, both women becoming pregnant as a direct result, Sophie with her second daughter, Jennifer a son. Sophie eventually had three children, two girls followed by a boy, while Jennifer had a boy then a girl. Sophie's son was the only one for whom the father, in this case Frank, was absolutely certain. In all the other four cases, the children were born about nine months after their summer holidays. Holidays in which both men had made love to both women many times, and so the father could not be certain. All four hoped that both men had a child by their wife as well as by their sister. Each man liked to think he'd had a son by his wife and a daughter by his sister. The women didn't care which way it happened, just so long, they hoped, as it happened.

Jennifer was almost forty, and had been fucking her brother for nearly seventeen years, and in fact they were slowly making love at the time, when she came out with the most important statement of their lives in all that time.

"The four of us are one family. In fact the nine of us are one family. We shouldn't ever think of ourselves as two families. We're too important to each other."

Ten feet away, Sophie and Andy were curled up together, having just finished making love. "We should get a large house together," said Sophie. "The kids are always at one house or another, they treat all four of us equally as parents, I'm sure a couple of them have forgotten who their real mothers are, and even we only know one father for certain."

There was silence for a moment, broken only by the sound of Jennifer's soft climax as she felt her brothers cock quivering magically inside her.

"Rather than get a large house, get two adjacent houses and knock a couple of doors through," said Frank after a while. He still hadn't climaxed yet, but as he looked at his sister's sweaty face beneath him, and the evident pleasure on it, he finally came with a soft cry, filling her with his hot sticky sperm. All four had now been sterilised, so there was no chance of there being any more children, but that didn't stop him from imagining his seed, his sperm, forcing its way into his sister's womb, there to meet one of her eggs. That thought alone soon had them both gasping in a second climax.

When he slid into his wife's body some ten minutes later, and looked into her eyes, he knew that it wasn't his sister, it was his wife he wanted to curl up with, his wife he wanted next to him, for all that he loved fucking his sister. "I love you," he whispered.

Sophie smiled gently up at her husband. "I love you too."

It took them another fifteen months to find adjacent houses in an area they were prepared to live in, and from then on, as well as their holidays, they spent much more time in each others beds. They knocked two doors between the houses, as well as putting a gate into the fence between the two back gardens. One door was put between the two lounges, the other, which the children didn't know about for many years, was between the two main bedrooms and hidden both sides by built in wardrobes with hidden doors in the backs. In this way it wasn't all that uncommon for the two men to slip into the other bedroom, and share a bed with their sister for a few hours before coming back to their wife.

The one thing neither Jennifer nor Sophie would ever do was to make love to each other in front of the men, despite requests to do so. What the men didn't know, was that before they had left the army, when their men went on the short term postings overseas that meant wives were left at home, the two women had regularly made love. Since then it had been a much more casual and infrequent occurrence. Eventually though, for Frank's forty seventh birthday, the two women relented and decided to give them a treat. Andy's birthday was only nine weeks later, so it would be a joint present.

As it was Frank's birthday, they made Andy stay to one side at first. The two women spent half an hour making love, grinding their pussies together, kissing passionately, their hands roaming all over each others bodies, finally rolling into the sixty nine position and slowly eating each other out. Frank, and indeed Andy, was delighted and amazed at the sight, his erection harder than it had been for years. Slowly he slipped it into his wife's pussy, feeling his sisters tongue on his balls at the same time. Moments later it was inside his sisters mouth and her experienced tongue began to draw out his climax. He hadn't finished though, pulling free of her, he moved around the other side and presented himself to his wife's mouth. After all these years she was just as experienced as her sister-in-law. With only moments to spare he finally slid into his sister's pussy, filling her with his spunk moments later even as his wife's mouth found his balls to suck on.

After a short pause, Andy joined them on the bed, and soon he too had filled Jennifer's pussy with his spunk. Sophie pretended to pout, both men had come in Jennifer, and she was getting left out. At that, both men pounced on her, and before she had stopped laughing, her brother was in her pussy, her husband in her mouth, and when Jennifer began to stroke and fondle her breasts, she came with a howl.

Sophie's eldest daughter, Marion, now nearly twenty one, burst into the room on hearing the noise, and gasped in complete shock at the scene in front of her. Ten minutes later she was on her back taking the man she believed to be her father into her, and twenty minutes after that the man she believed to be her uncle, loving both experiences.

Marion was enjoined to secrecy, "for the time being at least," explained Frank. She agreed, and over the next year and a bit, often joined her father or uncle in bed. During this time she learned a little of what had happened, but much of their story, and in particular her clouded parentage, was kept from her.

Finally, that Wednesday afternoon, everything had conspired for all nine to now be sitting naked together.

The two families, as was their custom, had gone on holiday together again, this time hiring an old country house in the Cotswolds for their summer break. For a week and a half of their two week break, the weather had been wonderful, and all nine had gone off for long walks, usually in two's and three's, with camera's, fishing rods, and mountain bikes. Most evenings, the five younger ones went out to the pub, whilst the four older ones would spend a couple of hours making love before joining their children at the pub for the last round or two.

Twice the younger generation had gone off after lunch, leaving their parents, to spend a whole afternoon making love. The second time Marion had guessed what had happened as soon as they got back, and realised that the five of them had been packed off out of the way without their even realising it.

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