Strawberries For Breakfast
Chapter 1: Friends

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, BDSM, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Friends - Jody was wearing very sheer pantyhose. But over the pantyhose, a white garter belt and long dark brown stockings contrasted sharply against her skin. Her panties had loose, flared legs and were a wisp of see-though nylon with a lace pattern suggestively enhancing her curves. She turned slowly before us and walked into the dining room to add brandy glasses to her tray.

I could just hear them; saying good night in the foyer beneath our bedroom. Jody giggled quietly at one of George's parting jokes and then fell silent. That silence would mark the goodnight kiss that sent George off to his wife and responsibilities. The heavy front door clunked solidly and then the sound of a glasses clinking into the dishwasher and the click of lights being turned off.

I smiled in the darkness, thinking over the evening reminiscing around our coffee table. We have been friends so long that the stories of adventures and misadventures could be numbered; we could just give the number and it would evoke a laugh. The habit of gathering around our big marble coffee table in three soft, comfortable barrel-shaped swivel chairs had become a comfortable ritual.

George and I have worked together for the last few years and we frequently stop for a drink after work; sometimes at a friendly bar and sometimes here at our house. Jody is always happy to have George visit. He is a natural salesman, talkative and empathetic, and they liked each other from their first meeting. After a few drinks, their mutual admiration becomes even more obvious.

"George, I adore you, you know that!" Jody slipped easily onto his lap and drew her feet up into the chair. She kissed his grinning lips and hugged him. "Don't I always say that, Jack?"

"It does seem to me I've heard that before. Do you two want to be alone?"

This conversation had become a ritual, too; with me kidding the two of them and their feigning serious thought about the offer. Jody continued sitting curled up in his lap, being cuddled by her favorite "teddy-bear" of a friend who was also my best friend.

"Well, I'm off to bed, anyway. You've worn me out."

I yawned heavily, picked up my shoes and headed up the stairs, leaving the two of them chatting in that comfortable embrace. I sometimes wonder if I am really offering them the opportunity for time alone when I go to bed early like this. It is slightly erotic to imagine them together; I admit that.

"Goodnight, hon." Jody reached up to me for a goodnight kiss, but remained in George's lap.

"Goodnight, Jack, see you in the morning. I have to get going too," George sighed.

"I must be losing my allure." Jody pouted. "Or are you two getting old?"

"Not bloody likely," George reassured her in his best fake British accent.

"Well stay and have a nightcap with me."

And so they had lingered in the candlelit room as I gave a tired wave from the balcony at the top of the stairs.

The dishwasher door was firmly slammed and I heard Jody padding up the stairs and into our room. Without turning on a light, she undressed. I felt her weight on the bed and then body joining me under the cover. Her soft cushiony breasts pressed against my bare back and she spooned close to me. She lay there waiting to see if I showed signs of waking, her breath hot and slightly annoying on my neck. The warmth of her naked body snuggled against my back and thighs.

"Jack?" she whispered.

I didn't respond, remembering how soon the alarm would go off.

She lay quietly for a minute. Then I felt her hand on my hip. She snuggled closer; I felt her tummy against my ass. Her hand slipped around in front of my body, making me jump as she touched a ticklish point on my waist. Her sexily feminine hand slipped along my cock and cupped my balls in a delightful greeting. My cock began to enlarge slightly. She giggled against my neck and then began toying with my prick with long delicate fingers, pinching it into life.

"I guess that means you are awake, darling, after all." She said, her hand continuing its erotic stroking inside my shorts now. "Were you pretending to be asleep?" she chided.

"Just dozing. Just dozing." I said.

"I feel sorry for poor George. Don't you? I think he stays here rather than face the problems at home."

"I think he stays here because he likes you, sweetheart!" I reached for her round bottom and pulled her closer.

"Oh, Jack, he does not." She giggled, but I knew that it was a pleasant thought to her.

Her hand was stroking me slowly, from the base of my cock to the tip and then occasionally slipping her fingertips along my scrotum before returning to the path along the underside.

"George is too sweet and faithful to think like that." She said after a silent pause.

"Ummmm-hummmm," I said, and turned over on my back.

"Well, it's true! I know my dear sweet George!"

Jody pulled off the covers and then yanked hard on my shorts to get them off my legs. Her lips found the tip of my cock and I slipped my hand between her legs.

"Hmmm, seems to have got you very wet, though!" I said. "Ohhh!" I reacted to her lips closing on the sensitive groove behind the head of my cock.

She parted her legs and I slipped two fingers between soft lips and into the inviting heat of her vagina. It was creamy wet. She turned her body and straddled my face. I reached to kiss between her legs and she struggled to get low enough to help me. My lips found the curly hair of her mound first, then the softness of her pussy. Her body came to rest on mine. Jody's big breasts flattened against me as my tongue began laving between the fleshy lips of her pussy in the same motion as her mouth was now stoking up and down my cock.

"Oh, Jack. That feels... so... oh... so... good!"

Her creamy moisture was a pleasure to taste and I slipped my tongue into her vagina. She pressed against my mouth. I felt her gasp with pleasure around my cock.

I squeezed her bottom and gently guided her movement in time with my tongue.

"Oh, jeeze, I want you now, Jack. Let me... no,... just lie there."

She slipped a pillow under my ass and then lowered her drenched pussy toward my waiting cock.

I felt her hand grasp me and guide it up and down her slit twice before pressing down over it. She gasped slightly as the bulbous head slipped past the taut entry. She paused, then dropped down until I was completely swallowed inside her hot tunnel.

She began to ride me slowly, her breasts dangling heavily toward me. I grasped them and began massaging; rolling circles around the succulent globes.

"You are so good with my breasts!" she said. "I've always said that, haven't I? Oh! That's it baby, squeeze them."

Is George good with your breasts, dear?" I teased her and squeezed firmly.

"Silly! George wouldn't do that. You better quit it or I will let him try, though." She was thoughtful for a moment.

"He only bumps them accidentally once in awhile." She giggled wickedly.

I moved the back of my hand against her nipple. "Like this, accidentally?" I said.

Jody giggled again and thrust herself firmly onto my cock.

"Yesssss." She said with pleasure. "Or, sometimes like this." She took my hand and put the palm under her arm so that it just touched the side of her breast where it swelled from her torso.

"Never like this?" I cupped both breasts, lifting their weight.

"No, of course not!" Her rhythm increased. Her pubic bone slammed into mine as she fucked onto my cock.

"Almost there, Jack,... almost... there!"

She shuddered and thrust harder, slipping off my cock and then urgently guiding me back into her as her orgasm broke over her. I thrust up into her, hard and fast, and my cum spurted into her.

Jody continued slow, deliciously fluid movements of her pelvis, practically milking my cock with her snug vagina.

She lay on top of me, her lust satisfied. I felt my cock slacken and slip, wet and soft, from the familiar warmth of her body.

Jody rolled off me. She kissed my cheek and murmured a contented "g'night."

Now fully awake, I lay staring into the blackness. Her sleepy breathing grew regular. I slipped my hand under her body to cup her mound, still wet with our juices.

"Well, that was a bit of a revelation," I thought. Not that George copping a surreptitious feel would be completely unexpected, men being men and women being women, I mean. But it was new that Jody let me know that she thought about it. More significantly, she admitted that it made her very hot sexually.

I found myself fantasizing about the close friendship the three of us shared. My mind roamed over many pleasant evenings we had spent together. It was only a small leap to imagine what those evenings might have turned into with just a tiny push.

There had been a similar evening about six months ago, for example. Melissa was out of town and Jody had fixed dinner for George and me. We were regaling Jody with stories about a recent weeklong business trip. The week had been full of entertainment and late nights. We always had a good time on trips together and often shared those tales with Jody.

"George made me go to a topless restaurant with him." I told Jody, casting the blame entirely on him.

"Oh, poor baby, he twisted your arm really hard, I'll bet." She replied, smiling at George.

"I admit it. I cannot tell a lie. I did it!" George admitted. "It wasn't really topless, though. Not quite."

Jody looked at us expectantly.

"The waitresses wore panties, bras and stockings." I supplied the details.

"I don't know why you guys go to places like that! Was the food any good?" Jody wanted to know.

"I don't recall," George said, pretending to give it deep thought. We laughed loudly at his comment.

"You are terrible." She said. "And you are making me jealous, George. I thought you were always faithful to me."

"Oh, I am, I am!" he reassured her. "No one compares to you, dear. These are just girls, you, my dear, are a WOMAN!" George was in fine form tonight. His compliments flowed smoothly and sincerely, too. He really could be a very charming guest. I envied his easy way with words.

"I could do that too, you know. But I concentrate on the cooking!" She went to the kitchen to check on dinner.

"Oh, don't promise things like that. I will get so excited I can't enjoy your wonderful meatballs." George smiled glowingly at her as she returned with a fresh drink for him.

"Oh, you think I'm too old for that, eh?"

"Not at all. Now stop, you'll drive me crazy with the mental image." George replied.

"What do you think, Jack? Could I get a job in that place?" she asked.

"Hmmmm, well, I don't know..." I teased by lingering to think about it.

"I don't think I could ever do it, though, it's just a fantasy." she continued.

"Well you could practice among friends first..." I grinned at George. He didn't respond, but looked away with a small grin.

"You... Would you like that? Shall I?" She sounded tempted. "Maybe I could do that! What do you think?" She waited for our response, her face reddening, her lips bitten between tense lips.

"What do you think, George?" I taunted him.

George just grinned, quietly staring out the window.

"George, are we embarrassing you?" she asked, laughingly.

"No, no, not at all. I just... I just... Well, no comment!" George's face reddened.

Jody looked at me, a questioning look on her face. I could see the wheels turning in her mind. She was half tempted.

I decided to nudge her.

"Well, it would liven up the dinner..." I said with a grin.

She pulled her blouse away from her chest and looked down. "I do have a pretty bra on," she said. We all laughed, but I was starting to get a view in my mind of her in that pretty bra. I think that George was too.

We continued our easy banter as the odors of dinner grew invitingly from the kitchen. Jody went to check the dinner once more and was gone for several minutes.

"OK, my two handsome dears, dinner is served. Jack, pour the wine, please." I was pouring a nice Cabernet into large crystal goblets and George was continuing a story. He stopped in mid-sentence, his mouth still open. I turned to find Jody leaning seductively in the doorway. She was wearing a long fluffy terrycloth bathrobe cinched tightly by the belt at her waist. She wore a smile mixed with equal parts of mischief and tentativeness. I could see by her posture that she had changed into high heels and stockings, as well.

"You didn't think I would do it, did you?"

"You haven't." I said with a grin. "Yet."

"I need a little encouragement, she giggled self-consciously. Maybe it's not a good idea?" Second thoughts were creeping into her eyes.

"I'm dying to see what you look like under there. I don't know about George."

George looked longingly at her. She looked at George. Their mutual admiration society was in full swing. He nodded slowly.

"I think in my restaurant, the clients have to do it too... , " she said, recovering her bravado. "It's only fair. So... get dressed for dinner, boys, I'm hungry for hairy chests tonight." She disappeared into the kitchen.

George looked at me questioningly. I opened my eyes wide and shrugged my shoulders. Slowly, I began unbuttoning my shirt. I nodded at him.

"I don't think she's kidding, better get your clothes off, Pal."

George rose slowly and began unbuttoning his shirt, suddenly not so sure of himself.

"You sure?" his brow wrinkled, but I could sense the eagerness he was trying to hide.

"Yes. This could be... interesting." I said.

"Everything," he said.

"Shorts," I replied.

George is a bigger man than I am. We both have a lot of hair on our chests. I noticed that George had a bulge in his jockey shorts where his hands were crossed in front of him.

"Well, if she likes hairy chests, she came to the right place, eh?" I said.

Jody came in carrying a steaming platter.

"Wow, this is going to be neat. Look at those hairy chests. I see why you go to those places, now. It's exciting." She laughed. "What more could I ask for than two handsome dinner companions? And I have them all to myself. Not shared in a crowded restaurant."

I saw her eyes flick downward to the bulge in George's shorts and then to me. Her face reddened a little more. But, she was beaming with excitement, too.

"Sit down gentlemen. Have we got everything?" Her eyes scanned the table. "Oops, the asparagus, forgot the asparagus."

When she returned, I thought that she would have lost the robe. I was disappointed to find her still wearing it as she put the hot dish on the table.

"Didn't you forget something? They didn't wear robes in the restaurant." I voiced my disappointment.

"You didn't really think I could do it, did you? But I got you both out of YOUR clothes. I love it. You two look so sexy. I'm really going to enjoy this."

We both groaned and complained loudly as she sat laughing at us. We had been completely duped. But, we continued the meal, the two of us nearly naked and Jody holding court. She would get up and serve seconds and pour more wines, her body exuding temptation, her perfume heady in our nostrils. We were able to laugh good naturedly at being so completely taken in. And even in the bathrobe, Jody was delightfully sexy.

She stood pouring wine into George's goblet and let her free hand slip around his shoulder and down into the hair of his chest. George looked heavenward for strength.

"I love hairy men!" Jody said leaning her hip against him and waited for his arm to circle her hips. She stood teasing his nipple as she very slowly poured the wine. It was a very sensual sight. I craned my neck to see how George's bulging cock was responding. It stood nearly straight up against the restraint of his shorts. Jody had noticed too, and glanced quickly at me, her eyes widening as she mimed astonishment at his erection.

It was my turn. I could feel my nipples bristle as her hands stroked my chest and then pinched one nipple as she poured.

"Mmmm, another lovely chest." She purred. I slipped my arm around her hip and realized just how sexy it had been for George. My forearm explored the joy of her bottom through the robe. My cock jumped with excitement, even though it was my own wife. She leaned lower and kissed my head, her hand finding my hardness and caressing it gently.

"The guy who's paying the bill always gets a little extra attention! It's not fair, but that's the way of the world." George pretended to pout at the waitress fondling me.

"Oh, George. I shouldn't be unfair, should I? Should I?" She said, looking into my eyes for permission. I smiled agreement into her eyes and her lips pressed easily against mine her tongue slipping sinuously between my lips.

She returned to George's side and let her fingers fondle the curly hair of his chest once again. I watched as my beautiful wife's fingers slipped down the centerline of hair over the slight bulge of his stomach. And then, as time seemed to stand still for a moment, she touched the head of his cock. Here fingers sampled the feel of it, and then withdrew slowly, almost reluctantly. She immediately went back to her seat at the head of the table, a look of triumph on her face. George looked partly shocked, and thoroughly delighted.

"You are wonderful, Jody." That was all he could say. "Wonderful, and gorgeous."

"Thank you, kind sir. So are you!"

"Now in all fairness, dear, don't you feel a little sheepish tricking us like this?" I said.

"What ever do you mean?" she pretended shock, looking innocent-eyed at me. It's the same as your restaurant adventure, isn't it? Just in reverse?"

"You got me." I muttered. "But still, it would only be fair if you had the same costume as the waitresses."

"We might never feel the need to go back there again, you know." George added, wistfully.

"Hmmm, well, maybe for dessert." She said coquettishly. "Does anyone want dessert, by the way?"

"YES!" Our reply was immediate and emphatic. We looked at our beautiful hostess expectantly.

Jody took a deep breath, looking from one to the other. Slowly, she loosened the belt at her waist. The robe gapped open slightly. Her lacy white bra came into view, the cups emphasizing the valley inviting our gaze. George and I stared longingly at her lovely breasts round and lush between the collars of the robe. She seemed to bask in our attention as she leaned forward to rise from the table. Her breasts looked soft and velvet soft in the candlelight.

She returned with bowls for strawberry shortcake.

"The shortcake is Melissa's recipe." She said. "Jack's favorite."

Our eyes didn't leave the loosened folds of the robe as she ladled the strawberries over our shortcake. The movement opened the gap still more and we could see the French cut bra with shoulder straps down to the side of the cups, leaving her breasts wonderfully viewable, as if on a stage. She was breathtaking.

"What's the matter? You've gotten awfully quiet." She was enjoying our obvious excitement at the sight of her breasts.

George and I exchanged a glance, then returned to our slavish fascination with the beautiful sight she was allowing us. We nearly devoured her with ogling attention. Neither said anything for a while.

"You really are beautiful, Jody." George said.

"Yeah, honey, you really are..." I muttered, my mouth dry.

She sat in regal splendor, thrusting her chest slightly forward. The scene borrowed from the dinner scene in the old movie "Tom Jones". Jody took one berry from her spoon. She savored it between her lips and looking into George's eyes, then seductively sucked it slowly into her mouth. Her lips were bright red and she held them pursed at him as she rolled the berry around in her mouth savoring its ripe flavor. She turned toward me and repeated the sexy gesture.

"Mmmmfh,"George said, almost whimpering with pleasure. We glanced at each other, and then returned our eyes to our hostess.

"This is sooo much nicer." He said. "Better than the restaurant, I mean."

Jody looked quite pleased with herself.

"More..." I urged plaintively.

Jody reached for the strawberries.

"No,... I mean,... more!" I said. George and I looked like puppy-dogs drooling at her throne.

She bit her lip and stared from one to the other. She took a deep breath and shrugged her shoulders. The robe slipped down her arms. She looked beautiful as she struggled to get her arms out, and lovely as she put her elbows on the table framing the brim-full cups of her bra and sipped her wine. The candlelight cast a ruby highlight through the half full glass onto the space between her gorgeous mounds. She had never looked lovelier.

George gulped his wine. I re-filled his glass.

"This is,... lovely, isn't it?" He said quietly.

"That is so sweet of you, George. You always know the right thing to say! And, I think so too. Lovely."

"Here's to you, kid!" I intoned, mocking Humphrey Bogart.

"Aren't toasts supposed to be made standing up?" she said, teasingly.

George and I looked at each other and then, slowly, a bit unsurely, rose and faced our darling, sexy hostess. We raised our glasses.

"To beauty. To Jody!" he said.

"Hear, hear," I said.

Jody's eyes moved without embarrassment, from one jutting pouch to the other. She smiled and slowly looked up to us, holding her glass high.

"How about brandy for a nightcap?" I said. "Would you get the glasses, dear?" I suggested.

She thought a moment, struggling with the decision to let us see the rest of her.

"In the living room, then?" she said.

George and I returned to the marble-top table and sat waited self-consciously in our still-jutting underwear.

I saw George's eyes light as he stopped in mid-sentence, and stared mutely over my shoulder. I turned to see a vision of loveliness standing with a serving tray and a bottle of Cognac. She paused for effect, pointing one toe in the fifth ballet position, like a model.

Jody was wearing very sheer pantyhose. But over the pantyhose, a white garter belt and long dark brown stockings contrasted sharply against her skin. Her panties had loose, flared legs and were a wisp of see-though nylon with a lace pattern suggestively enhancing her curves. She turned slowly before us and walked into the dining room to add brandy glasses to her tray.

George and I swiveled our chairs and sat silently admiring the curve of her bottom, as she opened the hutch and found three brandy snifters. Her stockings had long seams, perfectly straight up the back of her lovely legs.

She returned to the table and then crossed one long beautiful leg over the other. The light glinted off the nylons as she dangled the high-heeled pump from her toe. George and I were dry-throated and silent. I poured the Cognac and handed one to each of them.

Jody clinked her glass against George's, smiled into his eyes and turned to me. She caught me staring at the dark patch just visible under the panties. She touched her glass to mine and then we brought the three glasses together.

"To friends!" she smiled.

That was as far as the episode had gone. It had left all three of us breathless with pleasure and sexual arousal. After George had gone and we were alone in bed, our sex had been extraordinarily exciting and vigorous.

Returning to the present, I continued my thoughts, staring into the darkness. The hall clock struck three.

"Would Jody actually consider a threesome?" I mused. I took Jody's hand and, placing it flat on the bed I rolled so that her hand held my cock as she slept on. My hand caressed her breast as I joined her in a deep and restful sleep.

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