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Incest Sex Story: the car bonnet was cold against my naked backside. why can't i end up in some warm bed for a change

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   .

I sometimes think that I must have 'Victim' tattooed across my forehead, for here I was being taken once again. Tonight I was stretched across some guy's car, my knickers gone and my skirt up around my waist. Guy number one was thrusting into me while guy number two was waiting his turn and their buddy guy number three was holding my arms tight above my head. The night started ordinary enough, a night out at the local club with two of my work mates. God I wonder where they are now, no time to worry about them now for guy number one was coming to his big finish, so to speak. The car bonnet was cold against my naked backside, why can't I end up in some nice warm bed for a change. Ok guy number two was now thrusting into me, this one was definitely a boob nut for he had pulled my top down and was squeezing mine like there was no tomorrow. I would like to say something but experience has told me to keep my mouth shut at times like these that is unless they want to push their hard cocks into it. My arms are now free, for the guy who was holding them, that's guy number three if you're keeping up, was now between my legs and going for gold.

I'm alone now; my knickers are gone for good, a trophy for one of my new lovers and to cap it all Lucy and Diane hadn't even missed me. Time to go home and have a hot bath and wash away the smell of three more men in my short life.

How did I end up being a victim, well there's must be something about me I suppose, a smell, a look or something that triggers guys to want to take me; the first was my brother Barry. How long ago now, no more than four years I suppose. It was the summer I turned fourteen and I was very happy with all my new curves. My bust was not that big that I had to wear a bra all the time but big enough to get me noticed. My best bits were my legs and bum but that's just my view. Anyway let's get back to that summer, for the first time I was wearing my new two piece swimming costume and boy did I look good. My brother thought so too for I noticed him looking at me strangely for the first time. He didn't stop at looking for long, school was out but mum and dad were still at work leaving Barry and me alone all day.

That first day it was hot and I decided to sunbath for a while. I put on my new bikini, checking myself out in my bedroom mirror, if anything it was a bit on the small side up top for I was in danger of popping out if I wasn't careful. Anyway there was nobody around to see, I lay down on the grass and I had just about dozed off when I was disturbed by Barry rubbing my back. He said he was rubbing sun block on and he said he didn't want me to burn. At first he rubbed my back then my thighs but within a few minutes his rubbing had gone beyond putting on sun block. He roughly turned me over and his hands were now squeezing my flimsily encased boobs. I told him to stop and tried to fight off his hands but all I got was my top torn off and my naked boobs man handled. Of course it didn't end there, he dragged me indoors and pulled down my bikini bottoms and threw me to the lounge floor. I was still a virgin at this point but not for long. Without any finesse he dropped on top of me, forcing my legs open and he thrust into me. The pain was quite intense and I cried a lot. My cries didn't stop him banging into me until he spent himself. Afterwards I thought he would feel sorry about what he had done to me, but far from it. He just lay on top of me thus stopping me from getting up and just as soon as he had regained his erection he was in me again. This set the pattern for the rest of the summer; I had become his personal sperm bank to use and abuse at his will. I suppose I could have said something to our parents but what would have been the point they were never there to protect me as Barry forcefully pointed out to me with his hand around my throat.

Just as soon as I could raise enough courage I saw the nurse and went on the pill, the last thing I needed was to get pregnant by my own brother. I suppose some of you out there would point the finger at me and say I was asking for it by going on the pill, but that's not how it was. I was just being practical getting preggers at fourteen would have been no joke. For a while I was Barry's private fuck slut but it didn't last. I found out latter that he bragged about me to his mates and was called upon to prove it to them. So one afternoon I was surrounded by four extra cocks all waiting to take their turn with me. I cried and I begged but all I got was my clothes torn off and my legs roughly pulled apart. Barry went first then he watched as one by one his schoolmate had their go.

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