Making a Baby: The Old Fashioned Way

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Pete and Lana have one child already but she's a few years old now and they're ready for #2. So, with that in mind, they put their daughter to bed, and start their new project.

Chapter 1

Pete and Lana had been married for nearly 10 years, and they already had one child who was 8 years old. Their little girl was rather spoiled and they'd put off having another child because they weren't sure if they were ready for more than one or not. Finally, both Pete and Lana began to independently feel that they wanted another baby in the family and one night Lana broached the subject with Pete when they'd gotten their little girl safely to bed.

Pete was a tall, good-looking guy with dark brown hair and a well-built physique, and his wife Lana was so sexy that it was hard to take your eyes off of her. She was a natural blonde with a very petite figure and a nice ass and an awesome set of tits that were at least B-cup in size. She'd really enjoyed being married to Pete and their sex life had always remained vibrant and hot even through her first pregnancy and the 10 years that they'd been married. Lana was very pretty and she knew that Pete thought she was really hot when she was naked with him and they were preparing or actually making love. She and Pete continued to make love at least 4 or 5 times every week during the eight years since their first child had been married but Lana had been on birth control to prevent her from getting pregnant again until they were both ready.

The night Lana finally decided she wanted to convince Pete to have another baby with her, Lana had gotten up to their bedroom first after she'd put their daughter to bed, and she'd brushed her short hair out and put on a sexy teddy with nothing else on underneath it. Lana loved that her nipples were sort of dark brown even though she had fairly blonde hair and she knew that Pete would be able to see the dark circles of her aroused hard little nipples through the material of her teddy when he came into the bedroom. Lana could also feel that her pussy was already growing wet and she'd shaved her pussy fresh that morning so the hot cunt between her legs was as baby smooth as it could be. She knew that Pete loved her pussy to be baby smooth and she couldn't wait for him to slide his fingers between her legs, then his mouth and finally his large hard cock when he was ready to mount her and fuck her.

When Pete joined Lana in their large master bedroom, she was lying there on the bed waiting, looking as hot and as desirable as she possibly could. She knew that she and Pete were hot and lusty for each other regularly but the knowledge that she wanted to fuck with Pete and to conceive another baby with him that night made her much hotter and much more aroused than she realized she normally would be. her pussy was literally seeping with her own lubricating juices, and she knew that would really turn Pete on as well. Pete sensed earlier in the evening that Lana had something special in mind and he'd stripped down to only his boxer shorts before he'd ever climbed the stairs to their bedroom on the second floor. He'd peeked in on their daughter and affirmed that she was well on her way to sleeping before he joined Lana in their bedroom.

Pete thought Lana looked totally fucking hot as he pushed their bedroom door closed behind him. He loved the sexy yellow teddy she had on and he felt his cock growing hugely thick and hard as he could see the dark circles of her nipples through the material of her teddy. Pete joined Lana on the bed and quickly took her in his arms, and began kissing her lips and down over her neck and upper chest as she reached inside the waistband of his boxers and groped the thickness of his horny cock. As Pete kissed Lana's lips and let his kisses wander downward, he reached down and unsnapped the crotch of Lana's teddy, popping it open to gain access to her pussy. The instant Pete heard the two snaps come unfastened, he felt his cock jump and he knew he was so horny it wouldn't be long before he and Lana would have to be fucking. When he felt the crotch fastening open, Pete let his fingers slide down between Lana's legs and he loved the feeling not only of his sexy blonde wife's hot wet pussy but the awesome smoothness of her shaved cunt that nearly drove him wild every time she shaved it for him and he knew she'd done it with just his lusty desires in mind. Pete slid his fingers up and down over Lana's wet pussy a few times and when his fingers were amply wet, he slid first one and then two fingers together into Lana's tight hot pussy and began sawing them in and out of her tight cunt while he rubbed a third finger over the aroused nub of her clit. Lana began moaning and pushing her pussy against his caressing fingers and Lana began to talk naughty and hot to Pete to get him even hornier and more hungry for her pussy than he already was.

Lana had left off her birth control for several weeks and she'd calculated her most fertile time of the month to ensure that even on their first "getting pregnant" fuck, she'd stand a good chance of conceiving their second child. She knew she was very ripe to be knocked up tonight and she hoped it would "take" the first time. But if she didn't conceive, she knew that she and Pete would just fuck unprotected and open to his babymaking cream until she did conceive.

As Pete finger-fucked Lana's pussy, she got her hand down his boxers and was stroking his hard cock to get him worked up and ready to fuck her. Then, Pete climbed off the bed, pulled his boxers off and helped Lana get out of her teddy as well. The vision of Lana's sexy naked body there in front of him was more than Pete could handle. He loved Lana's shapely sexy body and he thought that seeing her pregnant again with another baby on the way would make him even hornier. He was right.

Lana lay back, exposed, horny and looking so beautiful in front of her loving adoring husband. She knew he loved her, she knew he desired her and she knew both of them wanted another baby right now more than anything else in the world. Knowing all that was a natural aphrodisiac to Lana more than anything could be. Her nipples were totally hard and she could feel the natural juices seeping from between her pussy lips. Pete joined Lana on the bed and he leaned over with his face in her crotch, spreading her thighs apart slightly and then he licked up and down across the wet tight slit of her smoothly shaved pussy. Lana let out a deep throaty moan as she loved how Pete licked and ate her pussy. It felt wonderful. Then, after he'd brought her to the heights of sexual arousal with his tongue and lips, Pete moved up over Lana, taking his cock in his right hand and rubbing the head of his swollen large thick cock in the ample wetness of her hot pussy. Lana loved that they were that close once again to making love and she knew now that it was only seconds until she'd feel Pete's big horny cock spreading her tight pussy and filling her as he began to fuck her. Pete looked down at Lana, drinking in the sexy nakedness of her mature womanly body, loving the view of her hot smooth pussy and her sexy rounded breasts. And then he wedged the head of his cock in his wife's horny pussy and began to push the head inside her and then several inches of his cock shaft. Lana moaned and moved underneath Pete's impaling cock and she reached up to encourage her husband to fill her pussy full on his first inward stroke and to then start fucking her really good.

Pete knew that this first fuck of the evening wouldn't last long. They were both much much hotter and hornier than normal. He got his cock fully buried inside Lana's hot pussy and he loved the hot wet tightness of her horny cunt around his long hard cock. Then, reaching down to cup both of Lana's shapely rounded breasts in his firm muscular hands, Pete started pulling his long dick out of his wife's snug pussy until only the head of his dick remained inside. Lana was loving his fuck with her. She moaned and Pete instantly started pushing his cock back inside her tightly clasping pussy once again. The husband and wife quickly began to move with each other and in only a few seconds, the couple were moving together, hotly fucking each other, and Lana quickly found herself exploding in her first orgasm. She loved it when Pete's fucking cock brought her off and she knew it was only the first of many climaxes she'd have that evening. Then, with Lana already over one sexual milestone for their fuck, Pete grabbed Lana's ankles and he pulled her legs up and away from her body at an angle on both sides of his thrusting body between her legs. He held her legs there as he really started to pound his hard thick cock in and out of her hot pussy. Lana was giving herself totally to Pete's hard dick driving in and out of her cunt and she thrashed her head back and forth as her sexy husband controlled their fuck and their rutting movements together.

In about 20 minutes or so, Pete knew he was going to spurt his first load of hot babymaking sperm deep inside Lana's hot pussy and he moaned to her that he was going to cum. Lana could barely respond but she told her she wanted him to give her another baby. She wanted all the cum he could spurt deep inside her so his sperm could enter her womb and make her pregnant. Then, Pete felt his balls release their juices and his cum spurted six different large thick globs of his jism inside his wife's waiting pussy.

They didn't know it for sure then, but three months later the baby that Lana and Pete had created that night was visibly growing inside Lana's tummy and everyone knew what Pete and Lana had done that night. They were so happy that Lana was pregnant again and could hardly wait until their new baby arrived. Pete had been right about his own reaction to Lana's being pregnant again -- now he couldn't get enough of her pussy -- and Lana wanted to be fucked every time Pete turned around.

Chapter 2

Pete and Lana had thoroughly enjoyed their first fuck that evening. And, yes, the result of their evening's activities did result in just what they'd been hoping for -- Lana to be knocked up and impregnated with Pete's seed to conceive another baby inside Lana's womb. But, their first fuck was just that -- the first, but it wasn't the last fuck of that evening by any stretch of the imagination.

Pete and Lana had been very active lovers with each other throughout the 10 years they'd been married. But with the desire to have another baby had also come a burning deep desire to make love and to fuck each other that seemed far stronger and far more insistent than any sexual hunger they'd ever experienced before.

In public, Lana was a sort of shy and quiet woman, but she had the petite physical beauty that caught every man's eye and she wore her sexuality and her innate beauty so that it wasn't blatant or overbearing. It was the kind of sexuality that made men want to fuck Lana but also made them know that it was never going to happen with them. Pete was the only man who was going to get to sink his horny hard cock in this hot babe's cunt.

Lana's tight beautifully shaved pussy was seeping Pete's cum from the first fuck that they'd just finished only minutes earlier. Lana didn't want to stop at only one effort to get her pregnant. She wanted Pete to slide his hard thick cock inside her pussy and fuck her until either his nuts could't spurt any more babymaking sperm or they both were so exhausted that further fucking became out of the question. In no time at all after their first fuck, Pete was totally hard and more than ready for Round 2. He and Lana had simply laid there on the bed, kissing and caressing, and Pete had slipped down between Lana's thighs, licking and sucking on her pussy where he'd just fucked her. He licked her and he didn't care if he licked some of his own jizz cause he knew that the sperm deep inside her was what was going to knock her up, not what had leaked back outside.

Lana was equally aroused and she was loving being naked with her sexy husband, having a hot freshly shaved pussy that she knew really turned Pete on and that felt so sexy to her as well. Seeing that Pete's cock was so hard and already fully thick and ready to slide inside her tight pussy and fuck her royally, Lana took the initiative on this round of "babymaking" and she pushed Pete back fully on his back, reaching down and stroking her soft hand up and down the thickness of her man's dick. She could hardly wait to get Pete inside her pussy and she leaned over quickly, kissing and licking the head of Pete's cock and then Lana swung her leg over her hubby's body, guiding the swollen tip of his cock straight into the swollen lips of her cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Lana moaned as she allowed Pete's cock to gain entrance to her wanton horny pussy and she quickly allowed her body to move downward, taking the full length and girth of his dick completely inside her body. As Lana began to ride up and down over Pete's cock, she pushed her chest forward towards him, giving her husband full and eager access to her fully exposed round breasts. Lana had gorgeous B-cup rounded tits and she hoped their fucking tonight was going to result in her having some much larger swollen titties from the pregnancy that she so badly wanted to have happen. She loved shopping for bras a size or two larger because she was carrying a new life inside her belly. Lana couldn't wait and she could hardly keep from thinking about going shopping for all kinds of new maternity clothes and lots of sexy lingerie to turn Pete on and make him want to fuck her the whole time she was pregnant.

Pete was contented this time to let Lana control their fuck. He kissed and caressed her titties and he loved how hotly she was bobbing up and down over the shaft of his cock, her breast jiggling and bobbing along with her up and down fucking movements. Lana's cunt was so tight around his cock that Pete quickly found himself getting very turned on and he knew his balls still had several cumloads left fo him to give to his wife. He couldn't wait to see her pussy overflowing with all the cum he hoped he'd get to shoot inside her hot pussy tonight.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Pete, you hot baby, knock me up, lover, give me a big pregnant belly, give me your baby, Pete," Lana moaned as she clinched her tight pussy even more firmly around the pistoning length of Pete's thick cock as she lifted herself and then dropped quickly back downward onto the penetrating girth of her man's dick. She couldn't get enough of Pete's cock and she hoped he was going to fuck her all night long.

As she was thinking that, Pete moaned he was cumming again and then Lana settled fully down on top of Pete's cock, feeling his nuts spurting one thick blast after another of his white hot cum deep inside her fertile pussy. Lana knew they were giving this impregnation their best shot. She hoped they succeeded.

Chapter 3

They'd begun the evening with a blast -- of Pete's hot thick cum spurting deep inside his wife Lana's pussy to try to get her knocked up with their second child. And then Lana had climbed on top of Pete's re-hardened cock after their first lusty fuck and she'd ridden her horny husband's cock until he blasted his second cumload deep inside her knowingly fertile pussy. Now it was time for Round #3 and both Pete and Lana were as horny as they'd been when the evening began.

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